“Running a marathon/half-marathon” is a goal that tops the fitness bucket list of many people Chris and I work with…and maybe even tops your list! Unfortunately, all too often this seemingly lofty goal falls into the elusive “someday” category, and falls between the cracks or by the wayside…only to never be accomplished!

Why does this happen? Why do we allow this fitness goal to seem more like a dream than a reality? While we find ourselves inspired by many who have run these incredible feats, we are oftentimes discouraged by one simple thing: A lack of information on a goal that seems overwhelming. We have no stinkin’ idea where to start…so “start” tends to never happen at all. Or even more common is to begin running, but after a week with no plan or training regimen in place, we stop altogether, telling (lying to) ourselves that “I’m just not a runner.” Trust me! I’ve tried to tell myself that too ☺.

I have news for you: We are ALL runners if we want to be. It takes hard work, dedication, and words of wisdom from those who have been there. One of these wise people is my sweet new friend, Maury Harris, from myheartracesblog.com. I recently had the opportunity to chat with her about HER own incredible story on how she went from “I’m just not a runner…it’s not possible” to an avid endurance athlete! Just 7 years ago she struggled to jog a few miles, but today this amazing lady stands a proud finisher of 18 half marathons and 18 full marathons! Remarkable, right? I’m telling you, if you’ve ever considered a running event of any length or duration, you’ll want to hear her advice. So put your running shoes on and PRESS PLAY!


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