Fun in the Sun: Healthy Summer Popsicles!


The temperatures here in AZ are deadly hot and only getting worse, and my kiddos are constantly begging for a cool summer treat to beat the heat. Although I love a classic Otter Pop or Ice Cream Truck favorite, I would much rather fill my kids’ growing bodies with a treat that’s equal parts nutritious and yummy! These fruit juice popsicles are just that! They’re made of all real ingredients, have no unnecessary dyes or preservatives, are super delicious, and easy to make with your little ones! With 4 hungry kiddos always searching for a snack, we doubled the recipe and it made plenty to go around. Adjust as fits your family’s needs!

What you’ll need:

1 large, ripe banana peeled and cut into bite-sized pieces and frozen

12 large strawberries – cut in half

1/2 cup pineapple or orange juice (or you could do a 1/4 cup of each to really mix it up!)

What you’ll do:

Blend all the ingredients together on high until smooth ?(about 2-3 minutes). Pour mixture into popsicle molds. There are so many to choose from but we love the?Zoku Classic Pop Molds?and?Popsicle Molds – Mamasicles! Pop in the freezer for about 2 hours and add sticks while firming. Place back into the freezer and freeze for 8 hours or overnight. Enjoy your yummy summer treat!

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Nutritional information per serving (doubled recipe makes 12 popsicles): Calories: 20.5, protein: .32 g, carbs: 5.05 g, fiber: .7 g, fat: .1 g.



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  1. Combination of fruits are endless! Great idea for my grandbabes when visiting this summer. Thanks for the healthy tip:)

  2. My Daughter is 4 and she loves popsicle so this is perfect and more healthy for her ad me thank you Love you Guys

  3. Good morning Heidi, I absolutely love the Weight loss show I don’t get to see it very often as it doesn’t air on my network as I live in Ontario Canada. I would die in that heat unless I was close to a body of water or pool….. I really don’t like the taste of banana’s in a smoothie is there anything else I could use? I enjoy almost all fruits and I do try to have one smoothie with protein a day. I’m totally lost when it comes to my diet and food in take. That it’s got me all confused and stressed out. I have lost 110lbs but now I’m starting to gain it back. And before you ask I had gastric bypass surgery in March 2010…. I did very well but for the last 2yrs I have fallen into a deep depression with anxiety not to mention I am totally alone I have no support at all. I am getting better as now I’m able to take my Basset hound for a walk. I do have a few medical disorders that gets in my way and I try hard not to let them get in the way. When I was approved for my surgery I was to get the whole program with Psychological and Psychiatry to teach me about the Obesity illness and all the other help to teach you how to eat as it was part of becoming a healthy individual all around. All I got was the surgery so now I’m lost and everything has become confusing. You & Chris make me cry every time I watch your show for so many reasons. But bottom line you also give me hope…. Any help, knowledge or inspiring wisdom you could pass along would be greatly appreciated and taken to heart.
    Thank you for reading and acknowledging my email. I wish you much love and friendship.
    Rachel Charron

    1. Hi Rachel: Congratulations on those 110 pounds gone – that’s amazing! Here’s a post about Chris and Heidi’s carb cycling program (the same one they use on the show), and it outlines the steps you can take to develop healthy habits that will allow you to keep those pounds off for good! And please discuss this, or any nutrition and exercise program, with your healthcare team first, and then follow their recommendations. As for a banana substitute for the popsicles, I’m not really sure what you could use instead. Maybe try a fruit that’s the same consistency as a banana? Maybe a mango or a peach? Hope that helps!

    2. Hi Rachel, I’m on Ontario and watch the show all the time, I love the motivation!

  4. I love this idea! I make smoothies with those excact ingredients plus yogurt for breakfast every morning and these Popsicles sound delicious!! I just made some:)

  5. merci de l’id?e car je fais attention ? mon alimentation du a un l?g? surpoids et pas facile avec les gourmandises quand il fais chaud mais la je vais pouvoir en faire sans problemes merci

  6. Thanks Heidi! I have been looking for a healthy recipe since I am staying away from ice cream. How many Popsicles do they make ?

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