Not only have I been blessed in my life to have one amazing, larger-than-life, and loving father to teach me many valuable lessons, but I also have been lucky enough to have 2 incredible dads doing the same for my four children. Every single day these guys are wonderful examples of hard work, dedication, and unconditional love to our children, and today is my day to show them just how much they’re appreciated :). Instead of a tacky tie or a set of golf clubs that’ll go unused, I wrangled up all 4 kids and put together a little video to show both Chris and Derek just how much their kids love and adore them…and show just how much they know about their daddies! Check out the video below to find out how much Cash thinks Chris weighs, what it is Marley does that ALWAYS makes her daddy laugh, and of course, what these kiddos love SO much about their dads!

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All of us