Happy Father’s Day Chris + Derek!

Not only have I been blessed in my life to have one amazing, larger-than-life, and loving father to teach me many valuable lessons, but I also have been lucky enough to have 2 incredible dads doing the same for my four children. Every single day these guys are wonderful examples of hard work, dedication, and unconditional love to our children, and today is my day to show them just how much they’re appreciated :). Instead of a tacky tie or a set of golf clubs that’ll go unused, I wrangled up all 4 kids and put together a little video to show both Chris and Derek just how much their kids love and adore them…and show just how much they know about their daddies! Check out the video below to find out how much Cash thinks Chris weighs, what it is Marley does that ALWAYS makes her daddy laugh, and of course, what these kiddos love SO much about their dads!

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All of us

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  1. Hey Heidi! Sorry I’m not contributing directly to your cute kiddos and Father’s Day! But I had a question about carb cycling…
    I’m sticking pretty religiously to yours and Chris’s carb cycling instructions – I bought “choose more, lose more for life” and am loving it! A few things, though: usually I don’t stick to more strict plans if I don’t notice immediate results (bad, I know. But I like fast!) but I promised myself I was going to stick with this for at least 4 weeks. I just finished week 2 and the main issue is the end of reward day and the day after. I LOVE getting my rewards after a week well done, but I always feel extremely bloated and like I’m taking two steps back at the end of sunday and into monday. Is it normal while my body is still adjusting? Is it just normal all together because of the reward? Should I be watching out or doing something differently? I don’t have much weight to lose anyway (im 5’10” and 150 lbs. – my goal (for about 8 yrs now is 135) – but I do think I have fat to lose.
    Could just use a little guidance/advice 🙂

    1. Hi Megan: It’s very common to feel a bit differently after your reward day, but keep on doing those days because they are a key to reaching your weight loss goals. Don’t forget to add in the slingshot week every 4th week too, and only weigh yourself on the morning of day 6. You can do this!

  2. Oowww……soooo cute….its a lovely video. Their daddies would be so proud. Love the way how ruby responds ……love you powels

  3. Happy Father’s Day to your beautiful family! I love how your blended family gets along and sets and example for others to share everything and not letting it be a negative thing as so many do! What a blessed life you live and what a blessing you are to so many others as well! Beautiful children! I think I will do this with my children for their daddy too. 🙂

  4. Heidi, they are so precious. you a have a beautiful family. hugs to all and have a great weekend! happy fathers day Chris! 🙂

  5. that was the most incredible video I have seen. I wished I would of done that when my kids were little. From the outside looking in your family is so blessed and full of joy. I am glad I am apart of ewldbc learning to have your spirit. Thanks for the gifts that you bring to many

  6. that is the sweetest video. Both dads should feel blessed to be a part of the wonderful kids’ upbringing. You are doing a great job!

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