EWL: Our One-of-a-Kind Pearls!

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*Every Pearl is unique, no two are alike.

*There is no way for an oyster that hasn’t been wounded to produce pearls, because a pearl is a wound that has healed.

*Pearls have been highly valued as gemstones and objects of beauty for many centuries and because of this, the word “pearl” has become a metaphor for something very rare, fine, admirable and valuable.

Remember that you are like a pearl…imperfect but beautiful. rare and unique, admirable and highly valued. When life gets hard and you feel “wounded”…turn your situation into a pearl.

I am so proud of you!

Put your pearls on and push through!



It isn’t a coincidence that Tiffany naturally adopted the nickname “Pearls.” She truly is imperfect, but beautiful, rare and unique, admirable, and highly valued. Pearls has chosen to use her wounds and scars as ways to become stronger. This note (above) was one Pearls gave to me at the 90 day mark along with some pearls. Needless to say, Pearls always has a way of making me cry.

Sweet, funny, relatable, kind, generous, authentic, spicy, hard-working, absolutely stunning, and one-of-a-kind are just a handful of the many words that describe my sweet friend. As amazing as her episode was, I have to say she is even better in real life! The kind of mother she is to her incredible son, Mason, is unlike anything I?ve ever seen before. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know and work with Pearls over the last year. We connected and related on so many levels beyond just trainer/client: We are both mothers that have experienced divorce, both in recovery from severe eating disorders, and both have passion and love for life itself. There was NEVER a dull moment with this lady, and it is safe to say that she will, indeed, be a friend of mine for years and beyond!

I haven?t yet watched this video to see what Pearls says about her year with us, and about Chris and me in general….Should I be nervous?? Eek?let?s take a look!

Pearls, I love you dearly! Here?s to many more happy, healthy years ahead of us!



Pearls_Collage1PearlsCollage2PearlsCollage3PearlsCollage4EditedCollage3PearlsFinaleCollageConnect with Pearls on social media here:



Pearls and I have received so many questions about our finale dresses! You can find Pearls’ here?and mine here!


26 Responses

  1. Hi Heidi, I watch the show every week, i have been suffering off and on for years with anorexia. I am 51 and was a junior in high school when it took on a life of its own. I have never been comfortable in my own body and not sure i ever will be. I have tried getting help, there is not alot out there for people who can not afford and cant take time off work. Mine is too long of a story and i dont really want to put it out there because i dont like how it sounds, makes me sound like im feeling sorry for myself or making excuses, im not it just feels like im hitging a brick wall every where i turn. I just wanted to say how much i enjoy the show and am amazed at the trasformation people make. You and Chris are wonderful people.

  2. I love this show, & am inspired by all the Powells do to help people turn their lives around and inspired by the clients! I loved Heidi’s dress at Mitzi’s reveal. Can you please share the link?

  3. Can anyone tell me where Heidi’s grey and white striped shirt is from that she wore in this episode with Pearls, when they were waiting for her to go back for her skin removal surgery? It’s ADORABLE!

  4. First off amazing transformation, by far one of my favorites, and secondly, Pearls seriously looks way better in that dress than the model on the website. Strong is beautiful! Congratulations !

  5. I have been doing the turbo cycle for 5 weeks now and the pounds are just coming off really slowly. I know that the low carb days are the days where the magic happens, so what would happen if I just did a full week with no high carb days? Would I see bigger results?

    1. It’s not a good idea to do a whole week of low carb days. The program is outlined for weight loss success, and so it’s best to follow your carb cycle as it’s outlined. Please remember that it can take your body a bit of time to adjust to a new way of doing things too, so please be patient. Make sure you’re following the Turbo Cycle exactly as it’s outlined: weekly reward day, daily calorie and portion size recommendations, water consumption, exercise duration and intensity, slingshot week every 4th week, and you’ll reach your goals!

  6. Omg Heidi I desperately need to meet you. I’m one of your biggest fan. Your my make a wish. If I was dying which I’m not but if I was it would be to meet and hang out with you and Chris. Oh and your family you have got amazing kids cash ruby Marley matrix. Rudy is a mini you and cash is a mini Chris. You and Chris make beautiful babies. Are you going to have more. Heidi it’s my dream to hang out with you and Chris. and do an actual work out together. I have never been in a gym. Never done any exercise. I’m out of shape. I would like to be Pearl. You have changed her life completely. I NEED YOU HEIDI AND CHRIS. I’m listening to one of Chris’s books on audio book. Email me anytime your not busy. [email protected] talk to you tomorrow

    1. Hi Belinda: Thank you for posting! Chris and Heidi aren’t taking on clients right now, so they’ve put all the tools they use on EWL–their carb cycling program– in their book, “Choose More, Lose More for Life.” You can learn all about their carb cycling program here: https://heidipowell.net/9060. Their book outlines everything you need to know and do to achieve your own transformation! You can do this – start today!

  7. You guys are amazing and this weeks episode really hit me hard with Pearls. I am a single mom of a 7 year old and 3 year old little boy. My husband left me just after I had my 3 year old son. My 7 year old is autistic and both boys are dealing with Cancer.
    I realized after my divorce that I was in a very bad marriage and even then it took a bit after that to admit that it was even abusive. I actually didnt even admit the abuse to my family until last summer. Since then I have put my focus on my boys and getting moving. Last summer I was over 300 pounds and just had no motivation and very poor self esteem. Now I have been using a fitbit to track my activity level and am making small changes to get myself moving more and I am trying to teach my kids to get moving now too. I weighed myself last week and I am now down 25 pounds! I was shocked when I weighed myself and saw the scale said 276. I know it isn’t a big weight loss but I have to admit I am VERY proud of that. On Sunday I suprised myself and had over 20,000 steps in that day because of all of the yard work I had done!
    This episode with Pearls had me in tears because I watched it and was like OMG that is me! I give and give and give to everyone else and don’t focus on me. I still look at myself in the mirror and feel like I am big, fat and ugly but to see how I looked last year compared to the picture from last week I know I am going in the right direction. I think the turning point for me was when I ran my 1st 5k last August. I crossed the finish line in tears because I stopped so many times during it thinking there was no way I could continue but then I got moving again and ended up finishing it in 45 minutes. I am signed up for another 5k this September and can’t wait to run in it again and am hoping with the fact I will be at least 25 pounds lighter than last year that I will do it even faster this year.
    Thank you for all that you do for people. I wish I could meet you just to give you a hug and let you know how much of a role model you are to me Heidi!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing and inspiring story with all of us! You are doing an awesome job, and you WILL achieve your transformation goals. You got this!

  8. Heidi & chris — you two are angels sent from above & you have beautiful kids..i follow you all on Facebook! Thank you immensely for helping thousands of us unhealthy people! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  9. I was on my 20 mile ride this morning and reflecting on the show. I love each of the challenges, all are great stories. But, I was thinking during the show if you put up captions, like Chris’ or Heidi’s tip or challenge with a little face bubble. Or even a comment from the contestant, about their breakthrough or realization.

    For instance, when Perals was challenged to run the 5k in order to be chosen for the transformation of her life. Heidi can put up a tip ” When we all set goals and stay focused we can always achieve them” Then set a challenge to the viewers. Especially when you break them down to, have realizations on how or why they have gained the weight. This way viewers like me can interact with the show and live tweet or retweet. This can help grow your fan base and make the show more relatable to anyone.

    Thanks for letting me think outload. Looking forward to next week.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas with us! And thank you for watching the show. πŸ™‚

  10. Pearls is amazing! Her episode will be one that I’ll be keeping safe on the DVR to watch over and over. She spoke some very wise words in regards to be the example for our kids! Way to go Pearls!!

  11. This woman touched my heart because that is the exact size I am right now and I want to be where she is. I truly wish, however, that phase four is shown and we can see what happens after surgery. Recovery, maintenance, healing, what the skin looks like now etc. It is the one thing about your shows that I always feel is missing. You let us into the lives of these people but we don’t get to see that last three months. I only hope I can be as fierce as Pearls and achieve my goals too. Way to go girl!

    1. Thank you for your thoughts – unfortunately, there’s only so much that can be shown in a 2 hour show. And thank you for watching!

  12. I have to say, each new episode I see I think that one is better than the one before, and I course I think this one was the best. Pearls was awsome. Really a motivator for her son. Loved it. Both Chris and Heidi are “Rockstars”

  13. I’ve known Tiffany since she was a young teen in our church in Wichita Falls. She has always been a beautiful person both inside and out. I was transferred out of Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls in 2007 and have only got to see her once since then. Thank you for helping my friend achieve her goals. May God bless and keep you always.
    Bryan Raines, SMSgt USAF Ret

  14. Powell pack Yall are truly a inspiration!!! I am going through my journey also to lose weight and when I feel I need that inspiration I rewatch a episode or I turn to the book choose more lose more for life! Heidi and Chris , I don’t know you in person but , yall are a rock for me!!! Thank you for sharing your lives with all of us!! Yall are a BLESSING!!! ??

  15. I need help with my weight loss I try so hard but I don’t have enough energy what should I use.

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