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Meet the Powell Pack – Episode 1: Beginnings

POSTED ON May 8, 2013

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It’s finally here! Our premiere webisode of Meet the Powell Pack. Each week on ABC.com, join our modern family as we embark upon our crazy adventures. You’ll get a true, behind the scenes look into our lives as we juggle kids and careers while traveling around the world transforming lives :).

Episode 1 |  Episode 2  | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5 | Episode 6

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Lori Kipp says:

Hello I’m a very big fan from British Columbia Canada. I would like to ask if there is a way we Canadians can watch your Powell Pack videos?? I would be most grateful.

Thank you we up in Canada love you guys

I am a family member of Josh and Kathie’s and I was a fan before they were chosen as I also struggle with weight..( its winning right now) but after watching these I have fallen more in love with our family! :)

Mona says:

Hello! im from argentina and i would love to see episode 1. it seems to be blocked for my country… :(

Tina Francis says:

So disappointed that I cannot watch this in Canada. Hope you guys can make it accessible for Canadians :)

Linda Carol Baker says:

Thanks for being versatile in the methods you use to help people. The episodes that I have found the most beneficial is where you had the person focus on restored health instead of lost pounds and the weight still came off!

Having been let down by the medical community, even having been a weight loss consultant for 3 companies (Jenny Craig, Prism, Heathy and whole) and working with teens at my church, at 63 I find myself over 300 lbs. swollen up like an elephant and wondering what happened? I tell my church teens I am over 60 going on 30. They say I am going on 16 ;) ,

So, seeing your show and methods give me some other options to think about. I can see it does not always have to be so scary and intense… it can be at a more gentle yet progressive pace. Do you ever work with people my age?

God bless and protect you and your family.

Kathy Bridges says:

Good evening I am writing you Chris and Heidi, I am on a wt loss program with my natural path Dr. She has put me on a 1000 cal diet and doing some exercise.Since June 8 of this year I have loss 29.6 lbs. I am walking arrowhead mall, some swimming but would like to get an exercise program for my arms and poss my legs. i can’t run never have liked it but will power walk the mall. The mall is 2/3 of an mile and today I did 21/2 laps in 17 mins. On Sunday I walked for endurance and did 41/2 laps in 60 mins. I looking for some help on my exercises and some eating tips and would love to met with you both if poss. I know you are both busy with your work but I would live to sit down and picked your brains if the is OK with you guys.
Blessings Kathy Bridges

Eric Baptiste says:

Heidi, I am writing to you to tell you and Chris we enjoy what you do and try to emulate your healthy habits. Just wanted to say thank you for everything you do. I am on the board of directors of the Gilbert boys and Girls Club if you ever wanted to help in the community I am in Gilbert AZ and we would love to have you guys maybe come teach something to the kids regarding Exercise and health. Most of the kids there come from an environment which lacks structure and direction. We would love to have you. Again thx for everything.

Mendy Drown says:

I love getting to see your family and that you are just down to earth people who want to use your talents and knowledge to help others. God bless

Cathy Wanner says:

Can’t wait till you are a 6 pack family! Congrats to you both!

You guys are such a sweet family! <3

Kristina says:

My family loves Mac n cheese! Not a bad idea!!

Amanda Perez says:

You both have such a wonderful family!!! So great to have the love and support for each other!!!!

Kate Pierce says:

I really love that Heidi has been brought on and there’s a team of resources. Please keep inspiring and motivating! You are changing lives!!!

Crystal says:

I wish I could watch these but it says that it’s not available in my country! Sad! :-(

Ashley says:

I’m a teen struggling with weight and I just want you and Chris to know how much you inspire me. You two are truly blessings placed on earth to help people change their lives. What you do is incredible and I can’t thank you enough for being such amazing role models to me! I would LOVE a copy of Chris’s book! I enjoy reading and I’m sure I will be able to learn so much more from this book! It’s so great that Chris is willin to share his knowledge through this book! I hope I win! Thanks!!

Emma Gibson says:

I love the show and watching these videos just makes me love them even more!!! :)

Jeannine craddock says:

Love your stories. You are an inspiration

sarah says:

Wow! Beautiful family. wish your show was on more often really enjoy watching and learning from you two.

Beth says:

OMGosh, I need to watch this! I had no idea. I really love that you are becoming more of a figure on the EWL epesides. I enjoy getting to know you a bit more! better watch out Chris!! Lol

Marissa Rimes says:

Yay! Can’t wait to watch this :)

Tammy says:

I can’t wait to watch and catch up.

Lindsay says:

I felt the same way, my husband has two kids and I fell in love with him to a different level when I saw him with his two kids. I knew right away I had to have children with this mean. 7 years later we have two of our own and our “pack” is complete.

Wanda says:

Great to be able to follow your family as it grows. Have watch Chris for many years and you before and after the wedding and now following the family.

michele kaniarz says:

I am so honored your family shared so much of your private life.

Devin says:

This is my favorite blog post because it shows how a blended family can work and mesh together. I loved hearing how honest Chris was about taking on kids. My husband was the same way when he not only got me but also my five year old daughter. I loved seeing the kids involved in workouts!

Emily says:

This is one of my favorite posts because I really enjoyed watching Meet the Powell Pack. Will it come back for another season?

melissa Rail says:

Bonjour !
J’aime beaucoup tout ce que vous faites vous et votre mari, mais c’est dommage de ne pas avoir accès à vos épisodes Powell pack et le programme de chris…
A quand la disponibilité de tout ce que vous faites au Canada ?
Merci ! Bon succès ! Vous êtes magnifique !

Admin1 says:

Thank you! We’re working on it. :)

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