Meet the Powell Pack – Episode 3: The Peeps

By far one, of the best parts of Chris’ and my job is the amazing group of inspirational people we get to meet along the way. So many of our “peeps” have become like family, and we feel so blessed to have created such valuable, life-long friendships with them. I often joke that our peeps transform us as much as we transform them…yet it’s not much of a joke. It’s truth. Our peeps are there for us in countless ways, and we are so grateful to have them in ours AND our children’s lives. View the video below for a quick glimpse into life with our peeps!

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  1. Heidi,
    I just wanted to say thank you to both you and Chris! I am a teacher and sometimes I get so pulled down with all the negative around me–whether from my profession or just life in general. This summer I discovered your pages, books, and show. I am drawn to them simply because of the positivity you both put out into the world! I have spent my time recharging with your energy and it has meant the world to me! I do exercise, but now I exercise watching your show. I generally cry because your show restores my faith in humanity! So, thank you very much for sharing your light with us all! I will strive to pay what you’ve done for me forward!
    Wendy M

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