Meet the Powell Pack – Episode 5: The Globe Trotters

Over the last five seasons of Extreme Weight Loss, travel-mode has been in full effect. While life on the road can be tough, Chris and I definitely have been blessed with quite a few amazing opportunities to travel the world and visit some incredible locations. These travels have allowed us the chance to not only learn about and experience so many other cultures, but also to bring our kiddos along for these adventures. Now, to be to totally honest, hundreds of hours of airplane flights, long nights in cars, and lots of foreign grocery shopping with our 3 littles in tow can be scary!! But this has been the foundation for some pretty darn incredible memories, that is for sure.

?Enjoy this episode of “Meet the Powell Pack,” about exactly this!



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  1. Hi Heidi & Chris, I’ve been a yoyo for along time now.. I too, like Alyssa gainned weight (over 100 pds) after my mother died. I used to say, “my mothers death ruinned my life”. It took many years before I could even attempt to try to get it off. I did go to wieght watchers and lost 103 pds…a few years later I gained it all back. I’m now attempting to lose it again. I’ve lost 37.6 pds since Jan. 2, 2013. I still have a hard time because, I just don’t understand my body.. I workout everyday in the pool. I jog with my knees upward then I run kicking my legs back, for 16 songs, which is usually 70 to 80 minutes. I also do curls for biceps & triceps as I run.. I walk the dog for 30 mins to 1 hour on cooler days and for the past 2 weeks I gain over 1 pd each week. SMH..not understanding why..What do I need to do to lose every week…I’m 54 years old.Started at 252.4 now I’m 217.8 because of my gain.I deserve to be thinner.. I deserve to be in the 100’s. It’s been 22 years since my mothers death, it’s really time to let go move on and be happy! Your show has been very inspiring for me..I just wished you showed more on eating healthy so I could see maybe what I’m doing wrong. I love you both, your AWESOME! I too hope you can help me.. Thank you for being the people you are and not judging fat people but, wanting to help them instead.
    Love ya Sandi! <3 <3 🙂

  2. We do the same thing, we drove from Denver to Tuscon in April. Once we got halfway to Albuquerque we did the same thing, family time in the hotel gym!

  3. I hope they pick you all up for a series, if you ever want it, I would so watch that! It’s so good to see reality with people who are into health and fitness, changing people’s lives, good energy instead of stupid cat fights over pointless stuff, and how many shoes they have.

  4. In the name of Jesus I pray that nothing but blessings come upon this family. Every child will one day step up and take their parents place. You provide a heart light for one another that no one else could . Blessings to you both. Oh yeah, baby pictures when you deliver please.

  5. How exciting! I love your blog! Heidi I cannot begin to tell you how much your husband is an inspiration to me and gives me the encouragement to keep trying and believe that I will lose weight. I enjoyed the episode with the boy with one arm. It was encouraging to see someone on the show that faces physical challenges as I do. Of course I have all my limbs but suffer from deliberating pain due to a work injury and a faulty forklift. So for ten years i have struggled with pain… I never cared for pain meds. I did not like the way they made me feel. So the alternative was to lay in bed and try to not focus on the pain. So with that came depression not being able to do what I use to and to lose contact with so called friends because they did not understand because I look normal and hide my pain well. In 10 years I have put on an extra 250 pounds from eating fast food and laying in bed. So in January a good friend invited me to come stay with her for a year because it cost money to eat healthy and that’s hard to do on disability. Anyway, so things haven’t worked out like it was proposed to me. But I am grateful for the one year gym membership… it has been incredibly hard for me to make steps to go anywhere without knowing anyone…. You have no idea how many times people have said why don’t you just have weight loss surgery? But I feel that is a cop out and a quick fix. Anyway this gym has indoor pool so I go to pool classes and do water exercises. The food situation where I am staying has not worked out like it was proposed… there are A LOT of temptations! Cookies and chips, etc.. but I have to say I have only slipped a couple times and have a cookie or a brownie. I haven’t lost like the people on the show but I have gone from 422 to 377 in three months. I go to the gym 5 days a week and do 2-3 hours of working out in the pool.
    I am hoping before the year is up I can lose at least 100 pounds and I have to go back home. I just wanted to tell you and especially your husband… Thank you…. I love every episode.. I cry with them and they encourage me to keep going… Because I so want to live again! I have just been existing for so many years! But thank you.. You both seem incredibly compassionate and caring! Keep doing what your doing! Maybe I will be a future participant on the show.

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