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Baby Name Dilemma

POSTED ON September 27, 2013

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Chris and Heidi Powell are looking for names for their new baby girl - Learn more at http://HeidiPowell.net/3590

Thanks to my inability to filter this mouth of mine, it is now known that the Powell Pack will be bringing a baby GIRL to this world in November ☺. While we are beyond excited (who doesn’t love ruffle buns and bows?), I am totally stressing about one of the most important parts of having a baby: choosing the name!

I am asked on a daily basis if we have names picked out yet. I feel bad answering NO each time, but let’s be honest – there is some pressure to this decision! A name is important. Once we choose this name for our little girl, she is stuck with it for life – or at least for18 years, at which point she can go change it if she doesn’t like what we chose. LOL.

Let’s face it: humans are judgmental creatures. If a name is tease-worthy, you better believe that little 6 year old is going to get teased on the playground. What parent in their right mind wants to give a child a name that might add to their risk of getting teased or bullied?

As adults, we also judge based on names. Before we get to know a person, the only bit of info we have to judge by is their name. Some names sound powerful, some sound weak. Some sound prissy, and some sound sassy. Some are boring, some are wacko. As a parent, how can I be sure that the name I choose for this little innocent bundle of joy helps her more than it hurts her?

Oh the joys and stresses of parenthood.

I need your help with some suggestions! Please, please, PLEASE comment here with your baby names. Heck, I’ll even throw in a prize of some sort…I don’t know what yet, but if you throw out a winning name, and you’re the first one to suggest it, I will contact you after the baby is born and send you something awesome ;). Be sure to suggest a first, middle and last name!

Other Things to consider:

Matix and Marley both start with M. Cash is a C (obviously). Does baby #4 need to start with a C? If her name starts with an M, will Cash feel left out?

Marley and Cash both have names that come from famous musicians – Bob Marley and Johnny Cash. Poor Matix is left out. Will we need to make sure NOT to give baby #4 a name that can be related to a famous musician?

So much to think about. When you share your name suggestion, if there is a significance in why you picked it, be sure to let me know!

Comment away!!!!

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Stuart Wallace says:

Hello Heidi …..loved your article on names and appreciate your sensible approach.
My own home was once called Ashputtel and my present home is called Arcasaid.
Ashputtel is a German derivation of Cinderella and Arcasaid is a Gaelic name for Anchor. ………And to me Ashputtel Arcasaid Powell sounds perfect.I have also know of Powell being used as a Christian name in Germany for a girl…..so you have options here. But having said all this I note I am too late and the beautiful little girl is known as Ruby.I wish Ruby and Mum and Dad well……Stuart

C says:

Love the name ruby! I was curious where you got the name matix? It happens to be the same spelling of our families name! It’s very uncommon! Love it!

Jamie says:

Yay! You picked Ruby!

Congrats to the Powell family on a beautiful girl with a beautiful name!

Rosi Viquez says:

Cailey Ann Powell
Caitlan Reese Powell

I just like the names!

Linda Coon says:

My five children are Kevin, Chris, Kimberly, Katie and Kenlee. I didn’t intend to tie them together. Kevin was my first pick, Chris was suppose to he Kristi-(girl) and turned out to be a Christopher. My favorite girl name when Kim was born was Kimberly. Katie was a surprise baby so I had to give her a name to sound like the rest. 17 years later I had another surprise—how could I not give her a K sounding name! You will pick the right name—don’t worry what it sounds like—you may have to pick a few and see her and see what fits!!

Cheryl H says:

Lillian Hope Powell

Lillian derived from the flower name Lily. Symbol of innocence, purity, and beauty. (My grandmother’s name, which is uber feminine in my opinion. Plus I love the nickname Lily.)

Hope – Trust, faith (Christ is our only hope.)

Lisa says:

My suggestion is Hailey Anne Powell. I have 2 boys and never got to use the girls name I loved! And I don’t plan to have any more children since my body likes to brew large babies (both over 10 pounds and 1 was 2 weeks early)! I also like the name Hope but stuck for a middle name with that one…maybe use a family members name?

Kelli Smeltz says:

Her name should start with H…. the reason is Marley and Matix, Chris and Cash and lastly Heidi and H……!!! Everyone has a pair! IDK the other kids middle names so I will just give a name I like without a reason. Her name could be Hannah Elyse Powell. Good luck!

Rebecca Morgan says:

Cali Rose Powell

-Cali means Beautiful! And I’m sure will be because both of her parents are gorgeous!

Cree Summer Powell
Cree Violet Powell
Caroline Zoe/Zoey Powell
Caroline Madison Powell
Caroline Autumn Powell
Caroline Hadley Powell

I’m sure you guys will come up with an awesome unique name!

Rebecca Morgan says:

Cali Rose Powell

kb says:

Just saw a cute name…Journey. Journey of life and transformation AND there was the band Journey. :)

Maelina says:

I know youve probably already gotten a name picked out. But, i wanted to share my favorites. I like Harper Adelaide Powell
Tinsley Jayde Powell
Kinsley Rae Powell
Callaway Christine Powell (nickname: Cali or CeCe)
Calliope Rayne Powell

Caragan Leigh Powell

Cheryl H says:

Crimson Eve Powell

Crimson: strong, bright, deeply colorful

Eve: Life

Amanda says:

Caitlyn Alexis Powell

Lisa says:

*Hendrix (middle name= grandma or female relative’s first name) Powell. She will rock just like her other siblings and have the honor of a family middle name. Named after Jimi Hendrix!

Lisa says:

Hendrix sound like she fits right in with your adorable crew! :)

Candice says:

Candice Olivia

Candice says:


Heather says:

I like Piper. Piper Leigh Powell

Paula says:

I don’t think it is necessary to keep up a pattern of specific letters. The name is special and unique to each child. Some favorites of mine: Carlin and Maven. Middle names….I would look at what your middle names are and see if one of them fits with it. If not, how about Christopher after Dad, or Christian…how sweet to break the rules and use a male name for a girl. Another favorite name….one of my granddaughters is Jetta Ray…(middle name is Daddy’s name)….Best wishes and God bless you all, prayers for a safe delivery.

Cara says:

LOL I’m partial to the name Cara. I’m Italian but I’m the only one in my family with an Italian name and not named for anyone in the family. My father was named for his uncle. My brother was named after my grandfather (dad’s dad) and my mom was named for a saint. She’s French Canadian. My name was chosen out of a baby book by my father. My full name is actually Cara-Ann. However, when they were filling out the birth certificate, my mother eliminated the hyphen so instead of it being one name, my first name is legally Cara and my middle is Ann. I do hyphen it though when writing it.

Cara means “friend” in Gaelic and “dear” in Italian. In Spanish it means “face”. If you go with Cara Mia that means my friend, my dear or my beloved. IT’s also a famous song from the 60′s by Jay and the Americans.

Growing up in the 70′s I was the only Cara. Now the name is very popular.

LOL but that’s just my opinion.

bailey hagner says:

Genevieve Athena Powell :)

Jae says:

Cyra: Latin for ‘like the sun’
Cara: Latin for ‘beloved’

I think either of these would be beautiful and meaningful names for you daughter. It wouldn’t leave little Cash feeling left out, and since they are not for musicians-Matix will also not feel left out.

Beth says:

Don’t worry about trying to tie the name in with the boys, she is a girl so she stands out on her own. Kids don’t care about that stuff as much as we do! :)

Beth says:

Some favorites of mine – Aubrey Elizabeth…I found this name for a co-worker of mine and loved it so much that he said I better keep it for myself – my first daughter is Aubrey! I have always liked the name Macy..I kind of like Macy Rae. If you are looking at “C” names then maybe Cambria as a unique name. I like Cayla too. One very cute name is Kynslee, happens to be my nieces name, it grows on you! Good Luck!!

Vili says:

Candice :)

Maxine says:

Any name you choose that has a meaningful story is what I feel matters. I love that my names have a story. I was named after one of the Andrews Sisters, a 30s-50s boogie woogie group. My middle name is both my grandmothers, Lillian Jean. After my grandmother passed, my Mother has bought a bouquet of Lilies every year on her birthday. I ended up getting a tattoo of 3 Lilies for myself, my mom and my grandmother.

A name with a story she can be proud of. Thats what counts =)

Shea says:

Cameron Harper Powell

Allenia Allen says:

Hi Heidi,

I, like you, think that there is a LOT to a name. My husband and I were very careful in our choices. We have our oldest Judah and our (for now) youngest Josiah. We think about the meaning as much as the rist of teasing and such.

You guys have chosen such unique names so why stop that now. I live in England with my husband and half his family is Welsh, they have some incredibly unique names. One I have to say is an all time favorite of mine is Carys Elise (pronounced Karis). Carys means: To love. Elise means: My God is a vow. It flows nicely as well with Powell. I always practiced for when I needed to use all their names… silly but it worked for us. No matter what you choose it will be perfect for her! Sending love and prayers from our family in England to you,Chris and the children. x

Jonathan Strobel says:

Simone, Emma Christina, Christy, Annie, Piper

Jen says:

*Colbie Eileen
Coryn (or Corinne) Adele
Ciera Elise

Jen says:

Calya Danielle (pronounced cal-ee-yah) It sounds free spirited and unique
Cole Elizabeth (I like that it’s typically more masculine, and only one syllable, and Coley could sound cute as a “nick”

Marci says:

Cora Caroline Powell

Steph says:

I like Caydence or Kaydence. It’s a musical term, so would go along with Cash and Marley, but it isn’t after a famous musician. Cammryn for a middle name? CaMMryn… you have the 3 first letters of your other kids names in the middle name.

FCG says:

How about Felice or Felicity? They mean happy, and really, does it get any better than that? Congrats!

viviana says:

I think Celeste, Ellinor or Irene are very sweet

Julie LeBlanc says:

I think you should name new baby girl, Christena, partly after her Daddy

Rosa says:

My suggestion would be Calla, it means the most beautiful and it can remind you of a calla lily.I also like Cayla.
Calla Powell
Cayla Powell

Mindi says:

Carly or Casey

Danette pimperton Bramlette says:

Tomanee Taylor Powell

Stacey says:

Kennedy Hope Powell or Hope Kennedy Powell.

Claudia H. says:

C&H combined:

Calla Hue Powell
Helina Calix Powell

Leslen Acevedo says:

Emma Marie
I have two boys and I have lost hope that I will ever have a girl. So take the name I picked out!! It is super cute!!

Sarah M. says:

Audrie May
Tessie Quinn

These are my girls names. Although my Audrie’s middle name is actually Maebh pronounced Maeve.

Sherry says:

Cecilia Heidi Powell
Amelia Christine Powell
Aria Renee Powell
Camille Lorraine Powell
Hannah Grace Powell
Cheyenne / Shawnee Louise Powell

Susan Burton says:

What about Tatum Faith Powell

Tricia says:

How about Autumn Raine Powell :)

Sandra says:

I think it’s totally fine for her name to start with a letter different from her brothers and sister! Emerson (Emmy) Amelia, Avery Nicole,Paige Anne… Just some personal favs;)

Chantal says:

Matix & Marley letter M.
Little Cash carried down the C from his daddy’s name.
I would go with an H from mommy :) … Harper Grace Powell!

Jeneale Hutchins says:

Unless your set on having the kids names be a pattern with the letters of first names I wouldn’t worry about it! I don’t think the kids would notice and if they do Cash and Chris both start with C so he wouldn’t feel left out :) we have an Adaline (some spell it Adeline) Elizabeth Hutchins and if we have another she’ll be Penelope Rae Hutchins. We really like Paisley too! First names are just names we heard and like and middles names are after family members! Good luck! Names are fun but difficult to decide! I’ve kept a list of different names I’ve heard and liked for years and add and delete names all the time!

Jaime Beekmann says:

I would go with another C. We have 3 boys and a girl, and our first two boys are Tucker and Tyler, so with the third boy, my husband insisted on another T and Trace was chosen. Our daughter was named Cheylynne (Shea lynne)when she came to us at 7 weeks, and my niece’s name is Shaila, so she became Laney as a nickname to sorta sound like the name her biological mother gave her, so that’s not necessarily the name we would have chosen otherwise, but it fits her well! Anyway, my suggestions are: Channing Elizabeth Powell, Camryn Harper Powell, and Conley Grace Powell. Can’t wait to hear what y’all choose!!! I love your kids’ names!

Laurel Wright says:

I also like Kendall Kay and Jerilynn Rae for girl names.

Laurel Wright says:

I happen to love my name….Laurel Mae. I get compliments all the time about how unique and beautiful it is. I have three daughters, Mackenzie Marie, Lylah (lie-la) Mae, and Addyson Hazel. I love your unique names for your children already. If it were me, I would pick another “C” name or have Cash choose the name for his baby sister from a list of names that you guys narrowed down to. My suggestion would be Harley Cheyenne. It has the “H” from Heidi and “Ch” from Chris. And you are also more than welcome to use any of our names :-D God bless and safe delivery!

Rachel S says:

Carleigh Harper Powell
That way she has a ‘C’ like Cash (and Chris), her middle name has the first letter of her momma, and her last name is the finishing touch of a member of the Powell Pack

Jane Delgado says:

Oh you want full names….. ok… Ayla Mae Powell or Jade Christine Powell or Holly Marie Powell or Jasmine Rae Powell or Sara Leann Powell or Caitlyn Jade Powell ( the last one is my favorite, don’t know why it just is. )

Jane Delgado says:

You each make a list of your favorite names ( say top 10 favorites ) then you both compare to see if there was a match and work from there. If you don’t match then go thru both lists to see what works. We wrote down 2 names we liked then when the baby was born we went by what he looked like. I have 4 boys so that wont help you at all. :) Although I do like : Ayla, Jasmine, Sara, Marissa, Alyssa, & Jade. Wish I had a daughter :) Best wishes to you. Have fun choosing!!

Tara says:

Carly as in Carly Simon

Lyla, Quinn, Harper, Sloane, Aveline says:

Not all those names together lol but those are my top five :)

Jamie says:

Cally Marie, Caty (Katie) Rae,

Tracey Hewison says:

Cash get’s his ‘C’ buddy, it’s not related to any famous musician (at least I don’t think it is!) and I think it’s cute :-) And I confess, our son Callum is usually called Cally around here ;-)
Whatever you choose will be perfect!

Michelle Thrash says:

I pick Cashlynn Sha Powell it shares Cash name so he feels like the BIG Brother plus I just love that name and Sha is my daughter and granddaughters name but I dont know your middle name so you could add that in place of Sha. God Bless All

Marissa says:

Quinn, Harper, or Piper are my suggestions!

Rosie Stief says:

Trinity Hope Powell
Good luck in finding a perfect name for your little girl.

Lisa Hughes says:

Cassandra (Cassie). No significance but it seems to go with Cash

Tamara Guillot says:

Oakley Jayne or Oakley Rose ;)

Ki Kruk says:

Go with an “H” name!
I like Harper, Henley, Hope, Heloise, Hunter.
Middle name could be after a relative or one of your middle names.

Olivia says:

I like the name Cosette. Jami would probably approve : ) You could also go with Carley. A “C” name, and the girls would be Marley and Carley :D

Cosette Renee Powell
Carley Jennifer Powell
I’ll add in:
Cara Roselyn Powell

Traci Patton says:

Dakota Lynn Powell
Emma Lynn Powell

Krista says:

Aubrey Evelyn Powell

Lenka says:

My favorite name is Daniella

Elizabeth says:

Reese. Simple and classy.

Gary Edwards says:

How about Camille Elizabeth Powell. Marley and Cash are both musicians. Matrix is a movie and Camille is a movie (a love story). So that is why I chose it.

Heather says:

HAVEN Rose Powell

Katie Callahan says:

Cambria Hope Powell :)…both of your initials and the middle name is what you two represent for so many people

Denice A says:

Ari Christina Powell

Joanie Judd says:

Cecily is my favorite!

Mary says:

My youngest son’s name is Carson, but I have heard of Carson being used as a girl name as well. Love and prayers for a safe delivery. I’m sure she will be beautiful as your whole family is beautiful! : )

Kara p says:

Linley (pronounced Lynn-lee)

Kim o says:

I wanted to name my daughter CARLY but hubby didn’t like it…we ended up with Kelly which fits her but I still love CARLY :)

Ashley says:

Hey! So I don’t know if you have picked a name yet or not or even when your baby is due. I don’t even know if you have time to read this (I’m shocked at how many comments are here). I just wanted to say that any name can be made fun of. The only thing that you can do other than doing what you have already done (being aware of the issues that come with picking a name) is to teach that little girl how amazing she is regardless of what others say about her. From what I have seen of this website you won’t have any problems with that. You are a great Mom. My name is Ashley. I was called Ashhole, ashtray, As*lee and a billion other things in school. I was an average kid with an average name and it still happened. I have a great mom. She taught me that I knew who I was regardless of what others said about me.
My only other suggestion in picking a name would be to maybe name her in some way after someone you admire in your family (deceased or alive). My sister named her daughter Kahlan Flora (pronounced Kay-lan). My grandmother’s name is Floris which is an old name but I like how my sister modernized it while still naming her after someone amazing. Hope You Have a GREAT Day!

Melissa says:

I have a whole list of baby names (not even pregnant yet) and none of them start with a M or a C! :) I married into the lucky last name of Smith so I try to think outside of the box a little. Here is my list…

October says:

I was teased a lot as a kid because of my name. Everyone always had a remark for it and it made me insecure. Now that I am older all the comments I get (which are a lot) don’t bother me. My name is unique and it’s mine. I think the baby name should not start with a M or a C, or named after a musician. It should be all her own. You will laugh when I say this because coming from a girl who’s name is October (also born in October) you should expect something like this from me…..Name her November, caller Ember :) beautiful I think.

Kaylene Larson says:

The names you have already chosen for your children are beautiful and unique. I love my name and still, even in my 40′s, people say they haven’t heard of my name before and that it’s beautiful.
My name is Kaylene and pronounced Kay-leen. You could spell her name a “C”, Caylene or Caleen.

Bevil says:

Roberta, Emily

karla says:

Hadleigh, Harper, Hollyn, Cambree, Cadence

Denise says:

I think sticking to H names fixes both issues – Chris and Cash, Matix and Marley, Heidi and H____. You could try Henleigh, Harley, Hannah, Hayley, Hope. Any H name really. Blessings to you and your family during this exciting time!

Allison says:

Since you did do M’s for the first two and a C for #3, I think you really need to do a C for the 4th! OR you could give her a name starting with an H. That way Chris and Cash both start with Cs and you and baby girl both start with H! And Marley and Mattix have the same letter as each other! Perfect balance. And I think you should make it a non-musician name!

Laurie says:

I just had a baby this Summer at 40 years old. I had a Boy but if I would have had a girl I would have named her Lily. I love that name.

KIm Buckosh says:

Campbell as in Glen Campbell. It would be keeping with the music theme and a cute nickname could be bella…

A says:

Chyler (pronounced the same as Kyler)

Tawni says:

Charlotte (Charlie for short and sporty!)

Jessica says:

I’m going to be induces November 4 and my sons name is Callen. My husband and I came up with his name but picking and deconstructing names of people we love! My husband and his dad both share the same middle name Allan, then I have an uncle and grandfather that share the name Calvin. Presto change’o you get Callen with an E to have a little of his own flare! Be creative! I know you guys have it in you! Now I just have to lose a ton of weight after I have my son!

Chiray says:

I happen to be pretty partial to the name Chiray — pronounced sure + ray — b/c it happens to be my name! LOL!
BUT it does seem to fit your requirements of not being music-related and starting with a ‘C’.
I have also seen it spelled Cherae.

Sue says:

Ho Heidi I wanted to share 2 favorite names of mine they would be my choices if I was having a girl. I really like the name Caroline it just sounds so innocent and pure, and the name Nova which I think is fitting because all babys are little stars that are given to us to care for Nova means the birth of a star

Helen says:

I think Clohe Marie!

Rachel says:

Hello Powell family
how about these?

Abigal (Her Father’s Joy)
Bethany (The House of song)
Shakina (Beautiful One)

Roxanne Bailey says:

Charlotte Grace Powell…beautiful name! :)

Camille says:

Oops, just realized I also needed to volunteer a middle name. So here’s my final suggestion: Camille Rose Powell ;)

Camille says:

I felt the urge to volunteer my name, Camille. I am French, and been living in the US for 4 years now. Because of that I appreciate that even outside of my home country, people are familiar with my name and its pronunciation, which I think is an important aspect of baby naming these days. Think of her studying abroad later on! Congrats to you and Chris!

Erika G says:

Channing or Caroline .. love both of those for a baby girl :)

Sharon Noonan says:

You should name her Cambri……good luck in picking one!

Jordyn Arismendez says:

What about Marilyn Cadence Powell? The Marilyn has the M and plus Marilyn Monroe was considered a singer. Cadence has the C for Cash too. So it kind of ties everything together. :) Hope you find the perfect name!

Tashlyn says:

Anneke Pronounced: AH-neh-keh :Anneke Jude Powell or Sadie Joy Powell

Amber Smith says:

Christina Lee Powell…you get the “C” name, plus it’s after daddy as well :)

Jessie says:

I agree that you need either another C name so I’m suggesting
Casey Lynne Powell you could also spell it Casie instead. Thought it sounded pretty, Good Luck :)

Jamie says:

I love baby names. My dream job would be naming all those Cabbage Patch dolls!

Ruby Mae

My husband and I both really liked Ruby for a girl… But we already had a Max. And there’s a TV show Max and Ruby. We never would have lived it down! So we ended up with our Avery Mae instead! I am also a preschool teacher and have a Ruby in my class. She’s an absolute delight!

I wouldn’t worry too much about sticking with certain letters/ musicians. Just pick a name you love!

Best of luck!

Paula Wolf says:

Cassidy Mae. Cassidy is connected to Cash. Mae, gives Matix and Marley a connection. Hope you like it.

Marie Sundin says:

Here some suggestions, Mathilda Alma Cecilia and Elin Ida Henrietta…

might be weird in english but for me they are very special, my twins middel namnes (who are born on 9/11-2001, 11 weeks premature). They are real fighters and Mathilda means strenght and Elin = bright shining…

And of course my youngest sweet girls name Signe Hilma Augusta she is a boundle of energy and lights up our lives with a smile that melts our hearts =) The name Signe means new victory and the blessed.

I hope everything goes well for you! =)

Jessica J says:

I think you should do another C name. How about Calista? :)

Jami Long says:

Norah Valor Powell :)

Pennie Breadmore says:

I have always loved the name Aubrey Rose… it is unique and I love for children to have unique names to know they are special. Its nice thought because it isn’t one that could be made fun of…. Just my little bit… Congratulations and God Bless!!

arielle says:

Mecca Grace Powell

Christy says:

BRADLEY!!!!! My oldest daughter has a great friend named BRADLEY and at first I thought WHO names their GIRL Bradley then I saw her and now I absolutely LOVE it. She is so beautiful and the name is now my favorite!

Rebecca Blunt says:

I went to Chris’s rival school in Vancouver, WA, what a genuine person which is seen in his show and dedication to making other slices healthier! Congrats to your family and kiddos on what blessings you both are to people struggling with their weight and nutrition.

I’m biased and love my daughters name Henley James. I also love Noa, Evan and Scarlett. For middle names I love Lane. Evan Lane Powell you can call her Elle for short, her initials EL.

Good luck!

margaret olson says:

I have a nephew Cash and they had a beautiful baby girl who died of kidney disease the day she was born. Her name was Clara. I think its so cute and Cash and Clara could be a cute little pair!

Erin Hage says:

Caroline Grace Powell

She’ll have her own song…Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond !

reynosa says:

I wasn’t going to comment, but after reading some of these, I feel I must say something…. Some of these suggestions are just too off the wall, like the guy who wants you to name your baby after a baby who has downs and her father wanted to abort her because of his ego…the child’s name was Paisley. Or the name that sounds like a harlequin romance novel, Harley Quinn. Or God forbid… MCHAMMER!!! You can see from my name that my mother did me no justice naming me, so when I had my twin boys I wanted simple easy names. So my boys are Sam and Jess. If they would of been girls they would have been Samantha and Jessica. It is truly up to you what you name your child, but of course I have a suggestion….. Christina, and call her Christy, that is of course if your husband would allow you to use his name. My ex would not let me use either of his names, which now I am thankful for, they only have his last name to deal with. Hope this helps…. LOL

Lizzie says:

As I went through all the other posts I think I only saw this first name once. My hubby and I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years. We have a bunch of names picked out but this is the one we have agreed on the whole time. Capri. We love this song and we were sold the first time we listened to it together. http://youtu.be/v-6HXmTuu50 What would be nice for you is that it is not after a musician but a musician’s best friend’s baby, so Matix wouldn’t feel left out :-) I think a couple ways with a middle it would be beautiful is Capri Rose Powell or Capri Elizabeth Powell. Good luck! So excited for you!

Erin Lanza says:

Calliope Powell
Finley Powell

family name for middle?

Hollie J. says:

Our little girl was born in August and I love her name. We named her after my paternal Grandmother who was a strong, independent and assertive woman. Her name is Emilie. I love it and would suggest Emilie Christine(to honor her father) Powell. :)

Lisa Tilton says:

I don’t think you have to match or make sense/reasoning. Pick what you love….I suggest, Ella Grace Powell

Anne-Sophie Lachapelle says:

Hi Heidi,
I’m proposing Ariel (it means lion of god in hebrew) just like the little mermaid. I really love this name!!! If I have a baby girl someday, I will definitly call her Ariel. It sound soft and it’s original just like your other kids name. I believe that if you call her with a name that start with C … I feel like it’s gonna be 2 teams … Team M and team C wich is not a good idea in a family (my opinion). Good luck for the big day!!!
(Sorry about my english, I’m a french canadian)

Kimberly says:

I say let her be unique just like all of your other children. Whats in a pattern. Name her Lochlyn Powell.

Cindy says:

Carley or Coco

Michelle says:

You could do both, C for the first name and M for the middle that way you have two M’s and two C’s like each kid has a partner (in crime) Like Matix and Marley Cash and C (Babies Name)and the middle name being M it ties the older kids into it. But if it gets hard to find middle names with M then maybe pick something with meaning to the family for the middle name but keep the C.

Celia “cece”

Maydis Skeete says:

I forgot to include the middle and last name in my last post so here it is. Chloe Elise Powell or Chandler Michel Powell. Good luck.

Maydis Skeete says:

The names Chloe or Chandler are nice “c” name for girls. Think about selecting one of those names. Thanks for letting us be a part.

Amanda Baker says:

Wow! You asked for names and you got them! There are so many beautiful ones suggested. I have three daughters, Mandalyn Rose, Tenley Marin (Muh-rin not MAIR-in)and Bryndi Adelia. I think they are beautiful names so I thought I would share. Good luck finding a name. What ever you choose will be beautiful and will fit your sweet little one perfectly. :)

ryann says:

i like Ryann :) for a girl :)

Suzanne says:

I suggest Lily Grace Powell. My name is Suzanne (means graceful lily of the Valley) My middle name is Grace after my grandmother. It just sounds so classic. what do you think?

Christi says:

Let us know what you’ve picked!!

Debi Lofstrand says:

Hi Heidi, what about something totally different form C or M.
Pearl Rose Powell after my beautiful first born daughter?

Anna says:

Cherish Martika :)

Jillian says:

So Cash doesn’t feel left out maybe look into another 4 letter name like our daughter’s name:

Shae Elizabeth (Powell)…..or spelled Shay

Her brother is Cael Michael (we like the four letters for some reason lol

Good luck choosing a name!

Rhonda says:

or you could go with a completely different initial (neither m nor c) so it doesn’t appear over planned or matchy matchy…

Ashley Hunsucker says:

Cadence or Coley

Diane says:


Jill says:

If my last baby was a girl I was leaning towards Rowan or Maya. My 2 girls are named Wynter Starr , and Glacya Angelique . I think they are all brilliant names! Good luck! Love you guys! :)

Jennifer says:

My little girl is named Claire. Claire Elisabeth. So excited for you all! What a lucky little girl to be born into such a wonderful family!

Jen Brobst says:

I have been in love with the name Cali for a few years now. It means beautiful and we know baby Powell will be beautiful! I believe it is a newer name but is still unique. It can be short for something or just Cali. There are also variations of the spelling; Calli, Callie, Calie or even a K, but C would be perfect because Cash is a C! :) I like Cali Anne because Anne is a family name, or you could choose a middle name that has meaning to you and Chris. Cali Anne Powell!

I copied this from a baby name site!
li\ as a girl’s name is a variant of Calista (Latin, Greek) and Callie (Greek), and the meaning of Cali is “cup; fairest, most beautiful; beautiful, lovely”.

Carla says:

How about Charley (or Charlotte if you want it to be formal with a nickname, but I would opt for Charley) It rhymes with Marley and it can be after Charlie Daniels ! :)

Or Coco (after Coco Chanel ~ although her real name was Gabrielle, but everyone called her Coco)

Stephanie G says:

How about…..McCartney. It is an M name like Matix and Marley, and a musicians name like Marley and Cash. Best of both worlds! Good luck I have named 4 kiddos myself…never got easier!

Jade O. says:

Jade Rose… ;) So she’ll grow up to be a strong-willed, happy, playful, wonderful lady like me!

Kelsie says:

Blakely or Chrystler

Megan says:

Maja , emma, sanja,

Cynthia LaChance says:

I like Kahlia and Haydee and Hayden ..

Cami Bilderback says:

I love the name Caylee Jade. I also love Wynter Marie.

ruth ray says:

Kyree (Cree) or Karis (Caris). Goes very well with Cash

Colette smith says:

Phoebe powell, phoebe is greek for the brightest shining star.

taylor madden says:

I am prego n having a baby girl n nov too…olivia hope is what I chose…u could use that too.
my other 2 names I considered was carson riley or charleigh.

Bethany says:

I think the following names are so cute:

Caia Grace
Cadence Elise
Courtney Shaye
Camden Rose

Congrats and happy baby naming! :)

E.V. says:

Lisi Grace Powell!
It sounds sweet… A hug from Italy :)

Maral says:

Chloe or Maxine ! :)

Kim Clark says:

Remy, or if you want to stick with a C name, Camryn.
Those were our 2 picks but we never got a chance to use them since we ended up with 3 boys!! <3

Darcy says:

Cora or Emma are both very simple, unique, and timeless names….
Congratulations, your family is truly beautiful, and God bless to each of you….

Lane Pederson says:

Selecting a baby name is simultaneously exciting and frustrating, no doubt. Thankfully there are billions of options and never a wrong choice. :)

-Carsyn Olivia Powell
-Carsyn Grace Powell
-Emercyn Grace Powell (I think Mercy is a darling nickname and what better attributes than mercy and grace, right)
-Cambria Rose Powell
-Charley Mae Powell
-Calista Grace Powell
-Corinne Ellis Powell
-Scarlet Grace Powell

(I could go on and on and on…)Best wishes to you all!

Marielle says:


ruth ray says:

I heard the name” CREE” on American Idol last year, and fell in love with it. Cash and Cree….both simple and sweet. Not sure what would go for a middle name with it…How about Cree Arabella?

Corinne Jodrie says:

I have always liked the name Christina, which starts with a C or you could use a K, Kristina. I think the name Addison is also nice, it seems like a strong name. Good luck and best wishes to all of you. Your show is great and very inspiring. I have 20 pounds to lose. I just received the book choose more, lose more. I am on my second week and have lost 6 1/2 pounds. I am not as good at doing the shapers every morning as I am on the food choices. Some days I really don’t feel like eating that much but I make myself because it really does seem to help. I walk/run 5 or 6 days a week and have been for quite a while now. Keep up the great work. You have saved so many lives and given hope to so many others. Thank you!!!!!

Karoliina says:

Sofia Karolina Powell. Like it my own name so want to share it with you. I have four Boys could not have any girls..so lacky you! hope you all the best for having a new baby <3 Greetings from Finland!

Jeanne says:

I see some unique names from my students. I have a Shali, Aysia, Kaylnn. When I was pregnant with my son they had told me he was a girl and I was excited to get to use my girls name; Amelia Grayce. But I have an Ethan instead! Good luck on your choice!

shelby says:

I always wanted a baby girl. I ended up having two precious boys. But, I always hoped i would have a little girl because of the name Cayenne. I think it is such an elegant name. I love it partly because porsche makes this name for a car. I just feel like it is everything a girl needs. It is strong elegant and doesn’t sound silly if your 5 or 50.

Cayenne Rose Powell :)

or you can always name her Shelby Lynn. Its an awesome name too. not just the car but steel magnoila with julia roberts was amazing!! Powerful! :)

Polly Bullock says:

I think a C name would be perfect so Cash doesn’t feel left out and a name that is not related to music would help Matix not feel left out either. Since the 3 oldest kids have unique names the new baby should as well. I personally love less commonly used names. So here are my C names for your new baby girl-
Carrington (means beautiful)
As for a middle name you could always go a little more traditional, if you choose a unique first name. Middle name suggestions-

Whatever name y’all choose will be perfect for your new little girl

Stephanie Merkley says:

Sage Lynn – Sage has many meanings, we thought of it like sage brush (her nickname), hardy, pretty, many uses and Lynn is my middle name
Sariah Marie – Sariah is the name Sara is derived from, it’s found in the scriptures and I fell in love with the name years ago. Marie is my mother’s middle name.
Denim Rose – Just something I thought up and liked the ring
Sonora Rayne – My husband and I are both from AZ and thus it fits for our family, wherever we may be.

Good luck. I hope something strikes you and I don’t mind sharing my children’s names :)

Victoria Echols says:

Last comment – should be Cadence Grace Powell – jeez!!!! Sorry about that!

My daughter’s name is Eesten (pronounced Easten). That would be okay if you chose that name!! Just sayin!!!



Victoria Echols says:

I say Cadence Grace Howell.



Mandira Friesen says:

If you’re looking for an “M” name you could always use my name – Mandira Joy and then I guess Powell would be the last name


IF I should ever have a girl I wanted to name her Amariah Leeann, somehow I think I will end up with all boys though. lol Feel free to use it, I think it’s so beautiful and I am completely obsessed with it, meaning is “Gift From God” which she most definitely is! Last name of course Powell…lol

Denise Bottoms says:

I think Cash may feel left out at sometime in his life.
A nice name is Catelyn. Or…you could use my main charater’s name from a book I am writing……Catlyn, Cat for short.
Whatever you choose will be perfect!
Much love and respect to you both,

Tanya says:

I love Cadence Grace or Harper Isabelle. Both are strong beautiful girl names!

Niki says:

We just named our little girl Ellison! Love it, not many around and for the time being she is Elli for short…..Congrats on your little bundle, cannot wait for her arrival! Pls feel free to use our little girls name!
All the best
oh and Morgan… love that one too!


Kylie says:

Hey Heidi:
Honestly I think Honour or Hope are beautiful names.

ingrid says:

I like the name Carly

callie says:

I see a lot of people are suggesting “Callie” as your baby name…I’m all for it, as long as you say that you named her after me! :)

Erin says:

If you want a “c” name, I love Callie or Camry!! But since you have Cash and Chris, Matix and Marley, you need another “h” name! How about Hadley or Hayley?

Randall Henciak says:

The name I choose is Paisley Grace Powell! I chose Paisley for the simple fact that the link to the following video http://www.faithit.com/this-guy-writes-a-confession-letter-to-his-down-syndrome-daughter-that-will-break-your-heart-in-100-ways/ is such an inspiration to any expecting parent whether it’s your first, second, third, fourth, etc. child! Love has no barriers! The middle name of Grace signifies that YOU (and Chris and family) have been graced by the presence of this child in your lives! This little bundle of joy will bring much happiness to the already busy lives that you all live! And you are all such an inspiration to the ENTIRE WORLD that the last name just HAS TO BE —- POWELL!!!! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and I wish you ALL the best in the arrival of your new little girl!

Rhonda Means says:

What about Heather Christine? I love the name Heather, and it has the H from Heidi and hmm, where did I get Christine??

Jackie says:

I love the idea of an “H” name. Personally I think Holly is great, and also Hopper! It’s a fun and original name. For a middle name I say do something that has special meaning to the two of you, perhaps a family name or the name of someone you find inspirational? You can’t go wrong, whatever you choose for her will fit her personality to a T once she’s here :-)

Vicki says:

My best choice is Callie Grace Powell.
Matix, Marley, Cash, and Callie :)

Eilish says:

Ok I love your kid’s names they are awesome!! My mum is called Madeline and she’s a very strong, funny person! I also think its a lovely name! Good luck with your new little lady :) xxx

Cassie says:

We named out youngest Caemlyn Elaine Taylor. Caemlyn is out of one of my husbands favorite books and Elaine is my grandmothers middle name. I have always wanted to name one of my children after my grandmother since she was such a huge part of my life. I also think the names Harper and Finley were cute!

Brittney Upton says:

Two of my favorite little girl names that start with C, are Chesney and Carsyn. I have a son named Cooper and have seen several little girls with the same name lately, so that could be an option as well! Good luck with whatever you choose!

Suzanna says:


Margaret says:

We named our youngest girl Kaitlyn Brooke Sell… you could spell it Caitlyn or Caitlin Brooke Powell. I think it is a strong name

Nikki Crites says:

I already commented but gona comment again that I LOVE the name HALLIE BRIELLE (pronounced hallie as in halle berry)and I also love HADLEY then enter your middle name, Heidi! HOPE I WIN!!!

Deana Coffey says:

I say definitely a C name – I like Camille, Claire and Caryse (Ka-reese)
Camille sounds soft a beautiful, it is a timeless nam. Claire – I have always loved this name, it too is timeless and classic .. my friend has a little girl named Caryse, she is always laughing and having fun, she is a girly girl that can handle her own.. which Is what I see for your little bit.

Kathy Powell says:

How about Cherish for your daughter’s name? It has to be something unique since the rest of the kids have unique names. Congratulations to you and Chris!

Tammy says:

Chelsea Brynn Powell
Corinne Harley Powell

Andrea says:

Delaney Olivia Powell
Brynn Linae Powell

Meghan says:

MC Hammer! U can’t touch this! :-) Totally keep with the musician themes. She needs to complete the initials with a H (coincidently, a H name would also tie up initials of 2 each) so Perhaps Harley or Hadley or bring back 70/80s Heather.

Middle names, I vote a family name. Last name, I’m traditional and say Powell but if you’re wanting a different name, Swann has a nice ring to it. :-)

Now you can thank me for getting Mc Hammers song stuck in your head. :-)

Rebecca says:

Honor Powell below. Sorry for the typo!

Rebecca says:

Cameron Powell – Yes for a girl! Love the name. or if going for H name- (1 C and 1 H) how about Honor Power….

Hattie was suggested earlier in another post. love that one as well. No middle name suggestions.

Giorgia says:

Dear Heidi,
if you like names that start with C I suggest Celine, Courtney… and my favourite, Casey!!!!

But I think that the best solution for your family is to find a name that start with H……

Heidi-……Hope? Heather? Hayden? I really like the last one……

Let’s see…… Hayden Powell…… It’s sounds cool!!!!!!!!

Holly says:

Hattie! I also like Ryann, but it would break the “mold” of your system. :)

brie says:

Kylie Nicole Powell

amanda o. says:

what about *carson powell* or *hollis powell* {my son’s name is hollis {named after a dear friend}…but i’ve heard of people using it as a girls name. i love it either way ;) } not sure about middle names…i always feel like those can be great opportunities to use family names. my daughter has my middle name {ava lee} & my son has my husbands middle name {hollis ryan}.

Patty says:

Here goes my two cents. I love babies and baby names! How fun but yes a big responsibility! I spent years working in labor and delivery and always enjoyed asking what the chosen name was? I really love the name Malina. It has a few meanings and origins. The Hawaiian meaning is peaceful. Another origin meant little raspberry, which is what your tummy looks like now(glad your ok). A nice middle name could be Caelyn. So many variations for this name. I believe I read its background was Greek mythology a goddess who was close to her brother? How nice that she will have three brothers to look out for her. I wonder if they have any name input? I like Malina Caelyn Powell

alexandria says:

Hello, I’m pretty sure that you either have a name already or are so overwhelmed by all the responses that you don’t want to see another baby name but i’m gonna give it a go anyway, I think
Calei alicia Powell Meaning free and sweet, pronounced caley alisha, or calei analicia with analicia meaning graced with GOD’s bounty. well good luck I know whatever you pick will be the best one for you baby, I too have four children two boys and two girls and i wanted their names just right as well I chose names with meanings that i pray they live up to, Alexander, samuel, Siarah, and Arianna, so i get the two m two c thing.

Shari Murnane says:

Congratulations on the newest member of your pack! I think it’s awesome that you’ve stayed fit and strong during your pregnancy. It’s an inspiration to women everywhere.

The name we had picked out if we would have had a girl was Arianna Grace. I also like the name Ciana (See Ah Na) Grace.

Best of luck naming your beautiful daughter!!

Jennifer says:

I would suggest naming her after Chris. Like Christina. Or maybe use a combination of yours and Chris’ names…like use your middle name as her first name and make her middle name Christina. Or you can also use combinations of yours and his parents’ names.

Paula says:

Powell is a Celtic surname, so maybe go with something like Coleen, Cadee, Cailin, Cambree, Cathleen, Maureen, Maeve, Moira,(from Peter Pan.) Also, I am throwing this in just because it is so strange.. no vowels at all.. no clue how to pronounce it.. just weird.. Crwys.

Brenda says:

Earlier I suggested the name “Harley Quinn Powell”. This name would take care of your musician & start with “C” dilemna as well. You will have “Marley & Matix”, “Chris & Cash”, and finally “Heidi & Harley”! How’s that!?

Brenda says:

I have 7 children in total so we’ve seen A LOT of names! Without being ridiculous, I like to play a little with them. It just makes them more memorable. My last two children were actually twins and I wanted to name them Jackson & Jillian but I was out-voted. I would like to suggest the name “Harley Quinn Powell”, it’s got a nice ring to it don’t ya think?

Kat says:

Another unique name that came to me: Serzabelle! This is the name of my Spirit Guide who came to me while alone in my tent during a severe thunder/lightning storm while on my Vision Quest up by the boundary waters in MN for a Shamanic retreat. She is a beautiful willowy woman from a print that still hangs on my wall today. Ser- (serenity), za- (Zarayn; my former beloved horse’s name) and belle-(beautiful woman.)She stayed with me throughout the storm and continues to make herself known to me.

Kaylee says:

Rylee, I wanted to name my little girl that ( if I ever have one) but my sister-in-law took it from me.

Mary says:

Hi Heidi,
Carly Simon Powell is the perfect name! I always like to put all my children’s names together to see how they sound…… Matix, Marley, Cash and Carly Powell. I love the sound of that! How about you?
PS you have a beautiful family!
PSS Thanks to both Chris and you for changing my life thru carb cycling!

Stephanie Newell says:

I love the name paisley. I have 2 girls and their names are Brianna Yvonne (yvonne is mine and my mother’s middle name) and Camryn Aaliyah.

Heather says:

Carly! My daughter’s name is Yzabella pronounced like Isabella. Congrats

Alesha says:

If you decide to go with a C name, I love and the name Chaney! Its different, but goes with the other kids names. And you could put a common middle name with it, such as Elizabeth. Some other pretty names that don’t start with a C: Adler, Avery, Delaney, Emme

Renee says:

Cherish, Cristalyn, melanie, madeline

Christine says:

A couple of girl names I love are: Eden & Shayne both are beautiful, Eden sounds like a beautiful girly girl, but Shayne is a beautiful tomboy name…

Kat says:

Had I had a girl I was thinking about Denali Jaye. I have not yet heard of any girls named that yet. It was the name of a rescued wolf at the WI Wolf reserve that my mom and I adopted for a year. Jaye is my middle name. I ended up having a boy, named after my father, who unfortunately didn’t make it. Best wishes to you and the family!

Jodi says:

That last comment accidentally got sent early.. oops! As I was saying I also like names that come from your ancestral heritage. It will make your little ones question where their family came from!

Jodi says:

I just got married in March and we don’t have children yet but when we do I want them to have strong names, especially the girls. Unfortunately we live in a man’s world and our little ladies need all the help they can muster to get a leg up these days. I like girl’s names associated with women who have done big things to make a difference in this world.

Eleanor (Roosevelt)
Julia (Child)
Rosa (Parks)
(Mother) Theresa
Susan (B. Anthony)

Or I like girl’s names

Regina says:

I love traditional names like Eleanor Olivia. Her nickname can be Ella or Ellie

Lori Risk says:

I think that since the two older children are beginning with M’s, the younger two should balance it out… Yes,Marley and Cash are named after musicians, but it doesn’t mean that the last one has to be, right? What about just a really pretty C name to balance out the M’s and the C’s? What about Cassidy Michelle? That has a really feminine ring to it, and has both C’s and M’s represented? Or maybe not THOSE names, but a combination of three syllable C names and a two syllable or one syllable middle name. (that balances it out in sound)

Kristie says:

First of all congratulations! Second of all, I love baby names and finding out what people have named their baby. I definitely think you should go with a C or an H and it should be unique.

Carys, Cleo, Charlotte (call her Charlie), Caroline or Carly

Harper (love, love, love this name but it doesn’t flow that well with Powell), Hayden or Haleigh

Hannah Nelson says:

Joy! That’s my middle name and it is my name for a reason I was adopted and my parents said that my middle name is joy because of how much joy I have brought them

Lauren says:

I like the ‘H’ name idea – I love the name Harding, it means hard working/strong.

Adrianne Bridges says:

i just recently had a little girl, and we had a hard time choosing her middle name. her first name had already been chosen but we had to choose between two middle names. We decided on Cali Page. She is named after the state of California (Cali) and Bettie Page (Page). We couldn’t decide between Monroe and Page for her middle name. But i think that Cali Monroe Powell would fit nicely in your little pack. Than you would have another C name, so Cash wouldn’t feel left out, if it ever came to that. And she would be named after a famous singer, but not the first name, the middle name, so Matix wouldn’t be left out.

Tiffany says:

We went with Emma and Adeline(Em and Addie for short) for our girls. I like the older names. Maybe look at your grandparents or great grandparents names. Feel free to use either.

Kim says:

I think the name Faith would be very appropriate for your little girl. You both have so much faith in others so I’m sure that inner strength and kindness will shine through your little angel as well.

Samantha says:

I think Clara is a beautiful name and wouldn’t leave Cash or Matix out! :) Good luck with your decision! I never realized how difficult a decision it was until we had our first!

Michael says:

Defiantly agreeing with several people in regards to a name beginning with “H”

Your family is beautiful! Many Blessings. .

Since you already have two M names and two C names in the Powell pack. I think you need another H name.

Heaven Lee Powell

Clpamela souza says:

Crystianna mechelle

mary hoskins says:

I think you should go with a “C” name since the other 2 children are “m” names you don’t want to leave Cash out… personally I love the name Ciara Jade Powell or Catalina Nicole Powell.. I like names that aren’t your every day names, I named a friends daughter when she couldn’t decide on an L name she liked… so I suggested Leiloni Marie.. All of your other children have unusual names so keep in line with that and try not to pick a generic name for your newest little angel.. congrats and cant wait to see her! luv the show ..

Tiffiny says:

I think you should go with Tiffiny… I happen to really like it! ;) and I always get compliments on it… what a girly girly name and always revered as the most beautiful glasswork. :)

Yvonne R. says:

I like the name Grace Marie; Grace just sounds so girly.

Bianca says:

You should maybe consider an “H” name. Cash has Chris and Matix and Marley have each other. Who does Mommy have? Hayley, Holly, Harlow, Hope, Hannah, Haven, Henley…

Nicki says:

I just had a baby girl 4 months ago and I love her name so you can steal it, I would be honored. Its Brynn Novalee. When naming a baby there are a couple things to consider, at least this is what I did. First could you picture this person with this name at age 5, 15, 35, 55, and 105. The second, which I think is way more important is; your child puts his name on the top of a resume and emails it somewhere. They have no clue what your child looks like, what does that name say with out putting a face to it. Hope this helps and your family is so beautiful. The new bundle sure is a luckily little gal.

Jessica Bevil says:

Charleigh (Charlie) Grace
” ” Beth

Samantha Campbell says:

I think that your baby girl needs a name “C” since the Matix’s and Marley’s names start with the same level. There are so many beautiful names to consider. If you and Chris have a special place or memory that starts with a “C” that would be the first place to start. If not, then consider to looking to family names, even last names. I would suggest that you have a couple of names selected and then when you meet her you can give her the name that best suits her. Here are some of my suggestions. I have not read any of the other ones.
Callie, Catherine, Camilla, Cecilia, Cameryn, Cassidy, Cassie, Carsyn,Caitlyn, Charis, Caroline, Carolyn, Carolina, Carly,Carleigh, Carlie, Charlotte,
I know you were looking for full names, but I hope that helps.

Megan says:

Claire so you have another C name so cash doenst feel left out.

Matilda says:

Matilda (like someone suggested) – since it is my name :)

Just kidding (though I love my name). I understand the logic with naming her something that starts with c and doesn’t emidiatly gets associated with a musician. I also see the logic behind a name starting with H.

My suggestions would be: Celia (Short for Cecilia, but the other children have quite short names so Celia would be better)
Hilda – the Nordic form of the German name Hilde meaning strong. (It also matches the other children’s name well AND goes extremely well wih Heidi)

Melinda says:

Nevaeh, HEAVEN spelled backwards! Since all your recipes are so heavenly!!!!

Melissa says:

tough one – i think you may need to see her before you name her.
Also, i don’t think you should worry about why you choose her name.
I’m due same week as you – best of luck. Kind of like the idea that the name is tied to you somehow – maybe she should have Heidi as a 1st name.

Miranda says:

How about Maya, Chloe or Caitlyn.

Lori says:

Charlotte Rose Powell

Jenn says:

Why not let her be unique?!? :) Our kids each start with a different letter as I didn’t want them to start with the same letter (growing up my family was all J’s).

Are there women that were/are in your lives that you would like to honor (grandmas, mothers, mentors) that without them you wouldn’t be who you 2 are today?!?

Our daughter’s first and middle name is a mixture of my mom and my MIL’s middle names. Without these 2 women we wouldn’t be who we are today and they are both a strong presence in my daughter’s life.

Karen says:

Scarlett – Strong, but feminine, and memorable without going too far.

Alison Lyall says:

I love Harper, Capri, Devin, Caris (means grace) when I was pregnant, I was told I was having a girl. We picked out the name Devin Marie. Then the next month I found out it was a boy. Which we named him Dawson. I think Dawson would be a cool girl name too!

Knowing says:

I think Johanna Powell would be a beautiful name :)

Danielle says:

Ciara or clara

Allison says:

Camryn Waverley Powell – I saw somewhere that Cash’s first name is William, so I thought Camryn Waverley would go great with William Cash.
Carina Star Powell – I was looking up names and Carina is a name of a constellation in the southern hemisphere.
I am also a preschool teacher and I had a student last year whose name was Calista. I think Calista Grace Powell.

Rebecca says:

My choice for you guys is our Daughter’s name…unique but I still love it…..Aliana ( pronounced just as its spelled Ali…ana. not in the baby book)… we call her Ali for short. And maybe your middle name?

Holley Ladymon says:

Connor Reese Powell
Autumn Rose Powell

Kathy Green says:

I think a beautiful name for your little girl would be Addison (Addie for short).

I am very happy for you and your family.

Kathy Green

Kristen Liggins says:

Claire Monet Powell
Caelee Monet Powell
Chloe Monet Powell
Caitlyn Madalynn Powell
Courtney Monet Powell

I chose a first name that begins with a C so that Cash won’t feel left out and I think a middle initial of an M would be cute so that the other children will be included. Iit would be nice for her to have all aspects of her siblings included in the picking of her name!

Kimberly says:

Lyrik Christina Powell

amie says:

i think the name Cayden would Compliment Cash’s name and the baby being a girl would give her name the same edge her siblings names have.

Rachael says:

I have a a friend who has a unique name it’s Agena sounds like Gina but put an A in front of it.

Rachel Hoalcraft says:

either a letter “C” name to go with Cash or a letter “H” name to go with Heidi but I am stumped on girl “H” names here are some girl “C” names: Cali Nevaeh Powell -or- Corinne Nevaeh Powell -or- Corissa Nevaeh Powell – I have a “Chelsea Marie”


H = not sure sorry….

Tammy Lynn Albrecht says:

I think that you need a H name. Cash has Chris, Matix has Marley. My favorites are Haden it’s English and means from health. As for a middle name find an older name in your family genealogy that you both love.

Heather Walker says:

I love the name Vivienne or you can spell it Vivian the traditional way. ( that’s my daughters name) or I love the name Charley for a girl. I wish I would have named my daughter Charley instead of Vivienne. Instead, my son is Charles…or Charlie. Congrats and good luck!

Irene says:

My mom came from a family with all her sisters and brother with D names. I initially felt like Hope would be a good name, because the fact of the matter is one thing that you an Chris create is Hope….but then I thought about the M’s and names. I think a C name would be nice, and even it out and keeping away from musicians might even it out also. Matrix is kind of a unique name so what about Cadee (which means pure) Hope Powell? Again this is just a thought. I think you are amazing for the record, and I hope for all the joy in the world to you and your family. I have been on the healthy path, and have gotten so much inspiration from your family, and you amaze me. I have a way on my journey, and I thank you for all you do! Good luck and Thank you for all you do!

Lisa Goad says:

Hope is what both of you give to people everyday. I think Hope would be perfect!!

Julie Clark says:

Presley Madeline Powell – (cute name and musician, Middle name w/ M, and also trying to keep syllables in mind.)
Presley Madison Powell
Presley Mia Powell
Presley Morgan Powell
Presley McKinley Powell
Presley McKenzie Powell
Presley Ella Powell
Presley Emma Powell

Kathy says:

You should stick with a “C”
Callista, Celeste, and or Caitlyn

Melissa says:

Definitely steer clear of musician names.
I like the name Morgan Elizabeth Powell. To me, this name exudes sweetness, character, intelligence, and independence. It is the name I would have used had I had a girl. It can mesh well with your “M” theme you have going on, and you can boast to Cash that his name starts with a “C”, just like Chris! Then, he will have that to hold on to as special :)

Stasha says:

I like Ciara Marie Powell, it’s C and M :)

Madalynn Hope Powell is my name suggestion. Madelynn means “tower”. Hope means (well we know the importance of having it) to have trust and faith. Tower of strength with hope, trust and faith. My opinion, this is the true meaning of a personal transformer specialists, such as her parents! Good Luck and Much Love to you and your family!

Tonia says:

Charlee (Charlie)

leighton walls says:

the name will be Evangeline Powell.

Cyndi says:

what do you think of Lyla Hope Powell?

Mary Teresa says:

This was my moms name I lost her to cancer on 8/30/13 to cancer. I can not have any kids. It would be an honor as she loved Chris’s show!!

Liz says:

Caitlyn Elizabeth Powell sounds nice to me :)

Lorna says:

‘Sarai’ is a pretty name for a girl makes you think of a water lily blooming after a rainfall the fresh look of a new beginning.

Lorna says:

‘Lily’ is a pretty name for a girl makes you think of a water lily blooming after a rainfall the fresh look of a new beginning.

PENNY says:

My Grandmas name was. Adria Marie. I almost used it for my daughter. I love the old fasshion way it sounds I have a few names


Hope this helps got some out of the box names

Jean Treadaway says:

Christine Heidi Powell

NaKosha says:

“NaKosha” is a unique name. It was my grandmothers name passed down to me. It is actually an Indian name. I am not 100% positive on the meaning. It means either blue flower, blue sky or blue ocean. Anyway, it’s a very fun name and one of a kind. :)

brian says:

I think you should name the baby girl “Hope.” That is what you and Chris give to lots of out of shape people. Congrats!


Melissa De Jesus says:

Marianna and Reese are both beautiful names for girls!!

Alexandria says:

Hi Heidi,

Congratulations on your baby girl on the way! I think Diamond Powell is a great name. She will be strong and beautiful like her parents. I’m not a big fan of middle names since I have two and my name is very long. Although, my mother did it right to keep her maiden name as her children’s middle names so that her family name is not forgotten.
Thank you and Chris for all you do! You both are not only transforming lives, but saving them! Best wishes to you both.

Lexie Boaz says:

Charley Maeson Powell! Charley is such a beautiful sweet name. I picture a playful, energetic yet very sweet girl with the name charley! And that’s exactly what you and Chris are! An amazing sweet family.

Shannon Bogan says:

Chris and Heidi, I was never able to have any children. I always wanted to name my little girl liberty grace. It is such a beautiful name. I chose that name because everytime I see the statue of liberty I get chills and tear up.

Brittany Bergman says:

I think sticking with a C name is your best bet so maybe… Charlotte, Cassidy, Charmaine, Cheryl-Lynn (or variation of), or Cierra.

Good luck in making this difficult decision! I look forward to hearing about what you choose!


Jacquee Skurdal Sovereign says:

Tiffany Christine Powell sounds nice! :-) & I think names from the 1970/80s need to make a come back. There are too many “unique” names out there now.

Teresa Philbrook says:

Hi Heidi! Again congrats to you and Chris on the new addition to your family! I hope all these suggestions you will find helpful as I understand the importance of choosing a name, so far my favorites that I’ve seen out of all the suggestions are first H names like Harper Grace or Halenha Nicole, but I also like Cadence McRae or Cadence Faith, all sound fitting and I think would fit into the other children’s names, good luck on your search! Whatever you come up with will be beautiful and perfect for your new addition and the family! ❤️

Kim Paul says:

Here are some ideas:
Ella Grace – My baby girl’s name
Jordyn Grace Powell
Gracelynn Or Grace Lynn Powell
(Can you tell I love the name Grace?)

My son is named after family members and I tried very hard to find family members with beautiful names for my daughter, but there just weren’t any at all. I firmly believe that I got pregnant after struggling for 2yrs by the Grace of God and that is why I wanted Grace in the name. I fell in love with how feminine the name Ella is, and that it is from the 1800′s, once I put the names together I was sold. I had the same concerns you do about the fact that my son is named after Family and Ella isn’t, but once I explain why, I know she will be okay.

Cadence is a beautiful name if you wanted to go with C and Cadence Powell sounds good together. What is your middle name? Could you give her the same? Or maybe one of the Grandmother’s middle names or first names?

Another way to look at names is by your Heritage. I am Irish, so I searched hard for Irish names that I liked. I busted there too. But my last name is hard to work with.

Good luck, Heidi.

DeeAnna Rice says:

Chloe Powell sounds great!

Linette Thibeault says:

Carley Havannah Powell is my suggestion :)

Kira says:

I have 2 boys :) These were my girls names for them:
Alexa Baylee
Josslyn Grace

I also like McKenna. Good luck!!!

Loukia says:

Ceidi Powell
Mary Ann Powell or Maria Ann Powell and you can call her Marian or Marion Powell
Anastasia Powell
Stacey Powell
Melody Powell
Hope Powell
Love Powell
Michelle Powell
Constantine Powell
And also Lucy Ann Powell and you can call her Lucianna Powell is the same…
I choose Ceidi from (C)hris and Heidi,hope is a beutiful name full of hope :p ,and Love is a great name(here in Greece we say Agapi),i love Michelle as name and Melody, and Mary,Ann,Anastasia,Constantine and Lucia is one of the most important saints in my country with great meanings and Lucia is also italian so…i also suggest these!!!If it was a boy i would say Kurt from Kurt Kobain :p . Most of alla i wish all the best for all your kids and to be healthy,happy and full of love…
And congratulations!!!

Shawna says:

Hi Heidi – I posted the other day with the suggestion of Adriana – I don’t think you need to worry about your children’s names starting with the same letter. I just thought I would suggest my own name, since when I was growing up, it wasn’t all that common and I still get people telling me what a great name it is. :)

Hayden!! I believe Hayden is a unique name, as I’m thinking for my first childs name, although my boyfriend doesn’t agree on it… yet. (: Another name I really adore is Grace Elizabeth. The name is super pretty yet flows great!! Good luck and have fun choosing baby Powells name for it is a fun process. (: As my boyfriend says, she’s not a dog- you can not name it over night!!

MeganG says:

Corinne Lilia Powell :)
Cydney Ella Powell
Avery Grace Powell
Caidence Avery Powell
Emerson Hope Powell
April Luna Powell
Elaine Christa Powell
Emlyn Chloe Powell
Charlotte Molli Powell
Charity Hope Powell
Kinsley Isla Powell

Loukia says:

Oh! And also Lucy Ann Powell and you can call her Lucianna Powell is the same…

Patricia says:

that would be Cassidy Marie Powell

debby van rooijen says:

Lisa Marie Powell
Angel Rose Powell
Debby Powell ;-)
Wishing beautiful baby Powell a wonderful life full of joy, love, good health and love!

Debby from the Netherlands!

Loukia says:

Ceidi Powell
Mary Ann Powell
Anastasia Powell
Melody Powell
Hope Powell
Constantine Powell
And congratulations!!!

Patricia says:

I think Cassidy Marie is pretty. In has both a C and an M in it, it flows and it has both modern and old fashioned in it :)

Amber says:

I LIKE THE NAME CAYDENCE FOR YOU GUYS. IT STARTS WITH A C.. so cash isnt left out. If we ever have a baby girl she will be Olivia Paige.

Cody Michelle says:

As a female Cody, I have to throw my name into the hat. It’s more than just a name, it’s an identity.

Danielle Robinson says:

I Think That You Should Give Her A Name That Matche Matix. What Is The Origin Off That Name? That Is AGood Place To Start.


(Cambree Lyn Powell), (Presley Mae Powell), A Little southern flair. Yes, I am from the south. LOL Congratulations on your baby girl. Good luck with the name search, There are a lot of great names to pick from, here are mine to consider!

Kristen Liggins says:

Claire Monet Powell
Caelee Monet Powell
Chloe Monet Powell
Caitlyn Madalynn Powell
Courtney Monet Powell

I chose a first name that begins with a C so that Cash won’t feel left out :) and I think a middle initial of an M would be cute so that the other boys will be included as well. since she is the first girl, it would be nice for her to have all aspects of her brothers included in the picking of her name! :)

sherri says:

Hannah Olivia Powell….

Kate says:

I think you should keep with the musician theme and name her Presley after Elvis. Good luck!

Kristin says:

Congrats on your exciting news of having a baby girl! My suggestion for a name for your sweet baby girl is Charlotte ! I realize this is an old fashioned name but it is beautiful and you could call her Charlie ! Plus if she’s a tomboy… She has options! I have a daughter named Jolyn but we called her Joey! Now that she’s an adult she likes Jolyn! Good luck! Hope your last weeks go fast!

Kenna says:

I vote for Hope! You have 2 C’s, and 2 M’s, add another H into the mix!

Alicia says:

Cassidy Lynn
Cadence Olivia
Christina Marie

amber dixon amerson says:

Nevaeh= Heaven spelled backwards!

Kristin Leigh says:


Rachel says:


Laura says:

Might still need a middle name. But.. Anna Belle Powell.

Maybe middle name could be grandmothers first or middle name?


Kelsey says:

(& one of your parent’s names [or middle names] as her middle name).

Carol pitcher says:

Caitlynnn Marie Powell. I love the name Caitlynnn. One meaning for it is. Gentle princess. Modern name for Kathryn. To me it is a beautiful and sweet name.

April says:

April is a awesome name!!! Also I was born November 6th it just works! lol <3

Kendra says:

Chandler Tyra Powell
Carmen Elisabeth Powell
Camille Paris Powell

BobbiJo says:

Chelsea is such a pretty name, and starts with a “C” so Cash won’t feel left out.

jody says:

Madison Grace
Emma Grace
Aubrey Grace

Bobbi Diers says:

Scarlett Monroe Mandy Mikaila Morgan Cori Marni Chloe
Natalie Madison Kylie Marti Lori Candi Michelle Kendall
Violet Emily Kaila Kimberly Dani Micki Jasmine Lexi
Emerson Emma Kaelani Mallory Jamie Roni Jacklyn
Spencer Toni Diana Nikki Jessi Leah Julie
Olivia Teri Veronica Mercy Cara Lana Sarah

Sharon says:

Mckenzie Marie is a good name for a girl

Tammy says:

One more – Tammy Rose Powell
Good luck!

Cinna says:

People here seem to love the name Christina, so I need to throw something more special in! I think it would be great if the name still started with C – no one would feel like an outsider. And if the second name starts with M, that would be pretty awesome combination!

I love the name Calliope. It’s not very common so your daughter’s name would be as special as she will be! :) You could call her Callie and it’s always good if you think about nicknames before the baby is born. Calliope means “beautiful voice”, “beauty” & “voice” in Greek. Maybe she would become a singer (or a radio presenter). :)

Second name could be just something that you find beautiful but also something that goes great with the first name. I love names Misty (this name became more popular after that awesome jazz song ‘Misty’, so Calliope Misty would be a combination of voice&music), Meriel, Marlee, Mariah… Someone also suggested Marcina and why not? Calliope Marlee Powell, Calliope Mariah Powell, Calliope Misty Powell or Calliope Meriel Powell… Gosh, such beautiful names I created! ;)

Congratulations for the new arrival and good luck with choosing names! :) Whatever name you choose is the right one for her.
Best wishes, Cinna.

Tammy says:

Carrie Ann Powell
Mia Rose Powell
Liberty Bell Powell

Tammy says:


Amber Feeley says:

Charisma Faith
Cherish Elizabeth

Esmé says:

I think Lea is the perfect name! :)

Lea Powell

OR Zoey/Zoë Powell
OR Maddy (Madeline) But then there are 3 M’s in the family…

Best of luck!

shantnu says:

i guess you can name the baby after a person who inspires you a lot unless its Chris. I guess you could go with Heiris ( HEI from Heidi and RIS from Chris. it sounds lovely though Heiris Powell and as they say youngest kid is closest to Mom and Dad. congratulations to both of you …..

Celine Christine Powell

(Celine of Celine Dion, Christine named to her daddy and its with a C!)

Desiree Barents says:

Amy Powell or Candy Powell (watch your candy!!)

Tammy says:

Carly Hayden Powell (C-hris & H-eidi)
Peyton Joy Powell
Diana Grace Powell (after Princess’)
Congratulations to you and Chris! :)

Molly Thomas says:

Harper Grace

Amber H says:

Harper Grace Powell is beautiful too :)

Abby says:

Not sure if anyone already mentioned it, but I think the name Camille is both beautiful and strong…and I thought this before I ever heard of Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet ;) (Although she does prove the point haha)

Victoria says:

Posted this on the previous wall…but here it is again!

Lilly Powell / Camila Powell / Bianca Powell / Alissa Powell / Elise Powell

or you can just use my beautiful name…Victoria…Victoria Powell!!! hahaha, I will let you pick the middle name…it can be something meaningful to you and Chris…I have 7 names myself and I love all of them…my mom actually had a total of 14 names (1 first name, 12 middle names and 1 last name) I’m her only daughter and she wanted all the names she loved to be carried by moi, and when my dad went to register me he cut in half…so I have 7 names!! It’s awesome and I love, love, love it.

I agree with you that naming your children is a very important thing…it’s what they will carry for life…or 18yrs as you said…I’m with the rule that, though not all need to like the name you choose, some names out there are just a call for having the child be bullied when they grow up…so I say nothing too crazy! hehe…and I don’t think you should stress over matching the initials…just pick a name you love…and practice by saying the name and beautiful feelings towards the belly…maybe she will kick or something and give you the answer you need! = )

Either way (or name), may God bless you and your family…I hope this baby will bring you guys much much HAPPINESS!! You look fabulous pregnant btw…here is to a beautiful and healthy baby girl!! CHEERS!!! Xoxo

Susan says:

Lily is a beautiful name (my Mom’s name was Lily). She was strong in mind and tenacious but also very fair and fragile like a Lily. She lived through World War II while living in England so she was strong and brave. My name is Susan and in Hebrew it means Lily (I am not Jewish but love the connection between the names).

Lilly Green was a fairly famous Christian singer in the 70′s.

GiGi Rivera says:

“McRae” after jazz singer Carmen McRae. And it encompasses your other children’s initials and themes. Good luck!

Anne says:

How about Claire Elizabeth Powell :)

AnnMarie Richard says:

AnnMarie = Ann Murray?

Actually I love traditional girls names.

Mary, Sue, Sarah, Abagail,Elizabeth, Ann,

So many nice C names Cassandra, Catherine, Cathleen, Christina, Carolyn, Cynthia, or C names can be like Cher, Carly(simon), Carol (king), (Sweet) Caroline,

M names Mary, (Anne) Margaret, Melody, Melissa (Ethridge), Maura, Melanie, Matilda, Marissa, Monique,

So many beautiful names to choose from. I love Grace Ann Powell or Christina (Call her Tina) Heidi Powell.

I will pray that you will look at that beautiful little baby and know she her name will bring you great joy no matter what it is.


AnnMarie (ok so I like my own name, always have.)

Kindra Davis says:

Carleigh Temperance Powell
She will be beautiful!

Erin says:

Haven Hope
Haven Grace
Haven Olivia
Can u tell I like the name Haven? :)

Mari says:

I’m sorry! it sounded too good to be true! lol, named her after her mum ! How about Hilary
( Hilly ) Christina ?

Mari says:

Heidi Christina Powell

Kristin says:

Christina Jessica Powell. I have no idea why, but the name just sounds like it belongs. Congratulations!

Shari Leslie says:

First of all congrats on having another girl!! My suggestion is Shayla Lin Powell :) I am partial to the name because that is the name we choose for our beautiful daughter 10 years ago. My parents saw the name on a nurse’s badge and thought it should be in the running for our daughter’s name. My husband and I loved it instantly, however we choose our spelling because her’s was a little difficult to figure out and I didn’t want people to butcher it :) so…it’s a great name, with a spelling that is easy, and it’s not a common name however it’s not a bizarre name either like Apple or North..lol. Best of luck in your name hunt and the best to you, baby girl Powell and the rest of the family. :)

Marcina says:

I love the name Marcina, it is perfect for a girl! :)

Alison says:

I didn’t realize I needed to pick a middle name too. How about Christina Presley Powell. Katherine Haven Powell. Justine Elizabeth Powell. Samantha James Powell. Presley Nicole Powell.

Alison says:

Christina, Haven, James (I have always loved that name for a girl), Andrea.

Rere Wams says:

Christina Joy Powell
Haley Christina Powell
Junia Leanne Powell (Junia was said to be a Apostle??? some scholar argue, not sure if she was or not, but I like the name)
Christa Janae Powell… this one’s my favorite.

Kristy says:

Amaya, Grace, Bridgette, Emilia


Sarah Hansen says:

Hey there! My baby name suggestion is Catherine Marie Powell (more traditional) or Cameron Marie Powell (like Cameron Diaz, a little less traditional). Catherine has always been one of my favorite names and I don’t have kids so of course I never got to pick out their names. Cameron Diaz seems like a great person and would be a fun name for a girl. Congrats!

Marine says:

Marine, a cute french first name coming from the sea

Dawn Redmond says:

I think you should name her Riley or Rylan. Elaina is a nice name :)

Carrie Dance says:

I think the H theme would be fun to stick with! I have a couple of friends who have girls with adorable H names…one of them is Hadley which is cute and the other is Haven. I’m sure whatever name you and Chris choose will be a great one though :)

Suzanne S says:

My suggestions are: Gwynn Rowan Powell, Halina Irelynn Powell, and Michayla Cameron Powell.

Sarah says:

Although using a C is “cute” I think in the long run it creates a separation between the 2 older kids to the young 2. As to say- this is a connection with you and Chris they don’t have. My opinion would be decide on a name you love and has a story/meaning behind it- no matter the letter, your musical name, etc. As long as there is a meaningful story behind the name to tell your little girl- that is what she will appreciate! Just my 2 cents! ;) Good Luck and Congrats!

Rebecca Sain says:

I had two boys which I named Travis and Wade. I had girl names picked out, I wanted a girl so badly, but I never got to use them so maybe you would like them. Shelby Renee Powell, Anastasia Renee Powell (nickname = Stasy), If you want an M then you may like Maegan Cathline Powell. Good luck and Congratulations.

Angie says:

I like the idea of a C name. I think Courtney would be a beautiful name. Not sure on middle name, I had all boys and used my husband’s name for first son’s middle name & grandpa’s names for twin’s middle names, so maybe you could use a family name for middle. Good luck :)

Jamie Pletka says:

or Maybe

Lorinda kaye Powell =]

Kiersten Marie Powell

Caitlin Mackenzie Powell

Otherwise I think you need another H name in the family! ;)

Hailey Rose Powell

Hally Madison Powell

Hally May Powell

Harley Ann Powell

kris says:

i always thought the name Honor for a girl was really cool

pam says:

Cassidy Ann Powell- a “C” name to go with Cash

Layla Grace Powell – just a name I like

Anastasia Coley says:

I love the name Harley Reese Powell

Lynn Kovalchik from Atlanta says:

I already commented but I wanted to give my “two cents” again. Just reading through some of the suggestions, I really like Sloan. I heard it one time and thought it was so unique and then when someone else suggested it, it jogged my memory. I know it doesn’t have a “c” or an “m” or an “h” but still very cool name!

Sarah says:

Carley Grace Powell

faith says:

theres a faith hill marie osmond mariah carey jennifer nettles of sugarland

Cindy says:


Candy Rodriguez says:

Savannah Dixie Rae Powell

Amanda B says:

Carson! Such a great little girl name.

Cadence – means music :)
Sabrina ;)
Breeny – it was my nickname growing up.

Kim says:

If you want an unusual “C” name I like:

Carsten Elaine Powell

Camela (Rhymes with Pamela) Rose Powell

I also like the idea of an “H” name to even things out. My favorites:

Hillary Grace Powell

Harper Renee Powell

Annette says:

I’m not big on theme names so I didn’t pick C or M. I believe each child is unique so I thought Quinn Marie Powell or Emily Quinn Powell.

Amanda Cronin says:

Carley Anne Powell


CHRISIDI is a combination of both of your names. Chrisidi Lee Powell.
Also like Hunter Morgan Powell.

BJ Colquette says:

Baby Girl: Cailin means happy! You both are very happy and excited about her birth.

Anya Herron says:

I say Carly after “Carly Rae Jepsen” :).

Wendy says:

I agree with the others that have suggested an “H” name. I love the names HOPE and HAYLEE.


Other names I love: Amelia, Ava, Brianna, Caitlyn, Callie, Cara, Cecily, Danyelle, Mia, and Mya.

Tiffany Grizzle says:

I had the same problem (letters being the same/not being the same) – I think each kiddo ends up getting the name that is perfect for them, no matter what/how their siblings got their name.
What about Phoebe? Phoebe Powell – P squared! ;)
I love Emerson too – that was one that my hubby vetoed :(

I’m sure you’ll come up with the perfect Powell moniker!


Tracy says:

Vivian or Gia, both pretty and feminine names.

Lisa says:

I love the name Clarine (pronounced “Clarina”) as well as Catrin. Names of two very close friends of mine from HS & college! Best wishes to you and your growing family! Love the relationship that you & Chris have! It’s exactly what I wish for myself!

Kelly Tracy says:

If you take the names Chris and Heidi and use an anagram, you get Cherish. Which is symbolic of your love and begins with a “C” :)

Jennifer says:


The name that first came to mind was “Casey”. It’s cute but not too cutesy, and you can’t shorten it so it would be teasing resistant :) It’s also girly but has a tom boyish quality to it as well. The only musician connection i can think of is Casey James from AI. Oh well. Maybe it’s just meant to be!

Good luck!!

Jamie Pletka says:

I’m so excited for you guys!! *HugeFan!!* My daughters name is Skylan Kaye Vivian Paul, why not Skylan Kaye Vivian Powell?? lol! :D or Skylan Kaye Powell if you aren’t into two middle names. Hope you like it,, Don’t feel rushed & settle, pick the first name that feels “right” when you say it. Good luck!! :) <3

lorann says:

Brooke Taylor or Ruby Grace

Michele says:

I like the name Magnolia, just a beautiful flower.

Hadil says:

The letter is diffrent but i like those names, and the meaning of it..!! Goodluck with choosing a baby name for your little baby girl..!!
Tara = meaning star, Ella = meaning bright shinning one. Tara Ella Powell or Ella Tara Powell
Mayra meaning queen, Zara= meaning princess lady and also a flower- Mayra Zara Powell

ashley bradford says:

I love the name autumn, i plan to name my future future daughter that…lol autumn marie powell, hope elizabeth powell christina marie powell…hailey or skyler nicole

Dawnette Arsht says:

Bryn, Camille, Carleigh, Carlie, Carley, Carys, Cayleigh, Cayla, Celeste, Charleigh, Corbin,

Amy Greenwald says:

I named my daughter Mikahla Elizabeth. But I’ve always loved Alexis Jordan or Phylicia Marie

Lisa says:

Christine Marie Powell would be a lovely name.

Taylor Stokesberry says:

Harper, Madison, Ellie, Emma, Jamie, Maddalyn, Abby,Grace, Ally, Danielle, Zaire, Lizzy, Taylor :)

Sandy says:

The name will be your decision but almost 25 years ago and after many months thumbing through the Bible for a name I found the name “LEAH” for my daughter.

Laurie says:

Caelyn Avery Powell
Calia Mae Powell
Camdyn Rose Powell
Caralynn Margaret Powell
Carrigan Marie Powell

Sharon Gainer says:

Hi Heidi & Chris
These are some of my suggestions:

Justine Renee’Powell
Maycey Anne Powell
Ayla Grace Powell
Kennedy Joy Powell
Rowan Lane Powell
Cayleigh Nicole Powell

Ruth Adams says:

I have a few favorite names of powerful famous women. Amelia an achiever and daredevil woman pilot. Josephine a famous empowered Aunt of mine who as a spinster at 40 years of age on vacation with her brother and nephew wound up meeting and running away with a wonderful man who took her on journies all over the world while he was on secret meetings. She inspired me at five when wearing a Japenese kimono to go around the world before I got married. Also the hero’s name in little women. My great Aunt was a teacher before she left on her adventure. I also love the name Katherine. Remember Katherine the great? Your name is great too she’ll be inspired by the great person you are. Deborah is the most popular name of executive women. Bob is for men. I would not recommend Delta Dawn. I also like Drew. I just like how velveteen rabbit real she is. I just think she’s adorable. Remember teachers have been on owned to favor children with easier to remember names. I know you want something unique and special. Sarah means princess. Take care hope this helps.

Paige says:

how about Chloe Madison… that way she has a “C” and a “M”

Melissa says:

I think an H name would balance all the letters out and make it even. I like Harlow, Harper and Hadley.

Tamalyn says:

Bailey, Bailey Powell. Strong (like mom and dad), individual (not an M or C), and still sweet.

Ashley Hunsucker says:

First names: Caylee, Casey, Coley, I love Coley.

Angie Harvey says:

Harper Lee Powell
Haleigh Marie Powell
Hadley Marae Powell

Laurie says:

Havannah Marie Powell
Hadleigh Anne Powell
Helaina Lynne Powell

Lynn Marie Brown says:

Kadlin Sophie Powell

Laila Ann Powell

Amelia Ann Powell

Lulla Belle Marie Powell

Camilla Elizabeth Powell

Elsa Grace Powell

Lori says:

Using the first few letters of each of your names I came up with “Cherish”.
Cherish is the English vocabulary word meaning “to treasure, prize”. The English borrowed the word from the French around the 13th or 14th century. It’s ultimately derived from the Latin “carus” meaning “dear, beloved”

Annellie says:

Some of my favorite girl names that start with either C or M: Cora, Marigold, Calista, Magali. Names that I think are pretty: Aurielle, Sylvia, Emeli, Felice, Salome, Lilith, Pia, Honor, Vivianne, Elise, Nettie, Felina, Dea, Tamsin. :)

Jane Thomas says:

How about Hunter Riley Powell

Melissa Golden says:

Colby Renee Powell

Karen Lovett says:

I like Cassidy Brenee (like Renee with a B) or Kylee Brianne

Katie says:

I just love these names…

Hailey Marie Powell
Hope Anne Powell
Madison Mae Powell
Casey Marie Powell
Cadence Marie Powell
Chloe Lynn Powell.

Those are my choices. :) Best of luck! <3

Janna Koziol says:

We have two girls. Their names are Audrey and Olivia. Audrey means “strong and noble.” Olivia means “holy.” God bless your family!

Janna says:

We have two girls named Audrey and Olivia. Audrey means “strong and noble” and Olivia means “holy.” God bless your family!

Tracy says:

Claudia, Charlotte, Charlie, Cora, Caroline, or Nora!

Melissa says:

I love the name Emberlynn, but also thought of some H’s and C’s that I like too.

Lora Wright says:

Hi I have 3 sons so I never had the chance to come up with a girls name. But I have a couple I like my Mom’s name is Marysa pronounced ( Marie sa)I love it.Then there is Elyse, and Annalese. Oh I think thats it. Good Luck with the baby I am sure she will be healthy and perfect. Hugs ((( Lora)))))

Tiffani says:

Caden Harper Powell. It means fighter. You and Chris definitely give people the willing and drive to fight and I think God giving you a “fighter” is just perfect. It can signify her growing up to fight for herself and others like her parents have done. :) I like the name Harper a lot for a girl. I just means “harp player” but who knows, she may be a harp player down the road! :) I thought that was unique, like Caden. :) Praying for a healthy and happy baby for you two. You have been an amazing inspiration to so many! :)

Shayya says:

Nayvie Rae Powell (: Different but adorable!

Chim says:

I like unique names….. Clover Skyelark for a C and Harlequin Grace for an H!!

Alessandra Vaughn says:

I think you should name your daughter Isabella Rose.

I love this name, of course her nickname can “Bella” beautiful. Hope you like my pick.

Jenn Schenk says:


Don’t have any middle names for you , I’m having a hard time coming up with one of my own (due around New Years and still playing the name game). Best of luck to y’all!

Janet Nay says:

Oops, forgot one:

Holly Anne

Angelia says:

I truely don’t think you can name a child till you see them sometimes the name you might have i mind doesn’t fit the baby when born. With that said Emma is very cute for a girl no reason other than its what popped in my head reading your post above and when I saw your belly picture seems like might be a small petite new born so thats it Emma

The perreiras says:


Tami says:

my suggestion is Elizabeth Marie Powell. Its a regal name and she deserves a regal name among her three brothers.

Janet Nay says:

Malia Rose

Sabrina Marie

Shannon says:

Christian Angeline Powell

Sticking with the C and it’s adorable that she’d be named after her daddy

JG says:


Matix is an uncommon name, so why not pick something uncommon. I always said if we had girls we would name the first one Pherbia (pronounced fair-b-ia) Marie. Pherbia was my grandmother’s name and Marie is a variation on my mother’s name.

Sheryl Briggs says:

carley marie!!

I cant have kids due to enometriosis but always dreamed of a little girl named Carley Marie….

Audra burgess says:

Jadelin (pronounced jade Lynn)

Patty Welch says:

btw loving Bobby Jo’s suggestion of Hannah! 2m’s 2c’s 2h’s!! Love it!

Jenny Newell says:

I definitely think you need to stay with a C…and Matix is cool cause it’s different…so a C name that is different would be cool…then you’ll have 2 and 2. So how about Chayce Elizabeth Powell…I think it has a nice ring to it.

Patty Welch says:

My twin granddaughter’s wanted me to post:
Karmen wants you to name her “Chloe”
Emily wants you to name her “Paige”
I would like to suggest “Chelsea Joy”

Janet Nay says:

Malia Rose Powell

Sabrina Marie Powell

Holly Anne Powell

Laura Marie Johnson says:

What about “Hope”… middle name could be something traditional like “Marie” for example. Have fun with it! I think “Hope” is very fitting because you and Chris both bring so much HOPE to people! Your contestants re-discover themselves in a sense, through living a healthier lifestyle, they find HOPE again!
Good luck :-)

Elizabeth says:

I go with the below comment go for an “H” name. Two of each letter. Plus then only the girls will have H names. Hannah is adorable, as is Hailey and Hope.

****Hailey Michelle Powell****

Chris & Cash, Matix & Marley, Heidi & Hailey!

Renee says:

I like the name Cassidi Powell, which has a strong presence yet feminine. The other names that I like are after my two daughters, Kristi Michelle and Kaci Marie.
I like drawing hearts where the i’s are in these names. :)

Miranda says:

Here are some suggestions:

Jill Stets says:

Chayse Victoria Powell
Cassidy Rae Powell
Charlotte Olivia Powell (Charly for short)
Caroline Ainsley Powell

Jodie says:

Charlie :)

I love the name because it’s super cool and it has letters from both of your names. Congrats on your beautiful family!

Debbie says:

How about Christina Faith Powell.. Its a C name and it has her Daddy’s name in it. :)

Rachael says:

You already have a C with Chris, so now you need an H to make everything even :)

I vote Haleigh Leanne Powell
Or another spelling, like Hayley
I think the middle name should come from a relative though

Haylee Beller says:


Renee says:

Airabella or Oriah comes from the star orion

Heidi Christina Powell

Joseph Gamino Jr says:

Alexandra Heidi Powell
I figured if she became a tomboy. Her nickname could be Alex. And her middle name after her momma! :-)

Michelle says:

Charley. I always wanted to name my daughter that.

Carrie says:

I suggest naming her Coralee (or any variation of the name). It’s a C name and you can call her Cora for short if you wanted to.

Holly says:

As I saw someone mention before, I would go for a H name that way you will have 2 Ms, 2 Cs, and then 2 Hs! It’d be cute!

Holly Lynn (my name, so that’s a suggestion anyway)
Hailey Rose

Some random names:
Katalina (or Catalina)

Whatever you decide, I’m sure it’ll be great. All the best to you and the rest of the Powell family! =)

Amanda Kirk says:

Just had to share like someone below – Me and all but one sibling start with A’s. Amanda, Andrew, Adam and Natalie (my dad’s namesake) My mom wanted Amen, seeing as she was a surprise and definitely the end.
I’m a traditionalist when it comes to names. Some of my faves are:
Elizabeth (Eliza)
Olivia (Livy)

Natasja says:

I gave my girls old english names Denise, Wendy , Skylar

Elizabeth says:

also like Mackayla, Mackenzie,and Maci

Victoria says:


Danielle says:

Heidi, I think you need another H name in the family seeing as how you already have 2 C names & 2 M names. My suggestion is……
Harlyn Grace Powell

chenoa yancey says:

Adelaide means noble

Drusilla – meaning “strong”

Minka- strong

Zephyra- strong

Jo-Ellen Jamieson says:

My sister’s name is Katrina. I think Katrina Powell would be a cute name. You could call her “Kat.”

Stephanie says:

Hannah Grace Powell

zeina says:

I like Cassie Holly . This way you get the “C”
And, all 4 kids have an “A” as a second letter.And why not get “H” in there for you mommy Heidi!! “)

Amy says:

I LOVE the name McKinley.

Sinei says:

Ayah Powell
Camilla Powell
Ryley Powell
Antara Powell

Elizabeth Marie Powell says:

Lizzie is my granddaughters name, she was sadly taken from us far to early. The meaning is either oath of God, or God is satisfaction. I think that is a pretty good name. (Josephine is also a beautiful name)

Jackie Lund says:

Jacqueline because that it my full name & I was named after Jacqueline Kennedy; but I also like the name Emily.

Corinne Milligan says:

Corinne is a great name!!

allie says:

Carrie. There for you have your 2 m names and 2 c names.
Matix, Marley, Cash and Carrie

Anne Knapp says:

I love the name Kaylie (KA-LEE) for a girl. You could spell it with a C…Caylee or Caleigh or Cayleigh to go with Cash. Both of my boys are J names and I think they like having that connection! Best wishes for you new little bundle!!! :)

Sarah says:

Ava Grace Powell

Breann says:

Give her a name that starts with H. Chris & cash. Matix & Marley. Heidi and…..

Corlene Veach says:

I like the idea of doing a C name to go with Cash, but you also already have 2 C names because of Chris. So you could also go with an H name so then you have 2M, 2C, and 2H. So here are my top favorites. I think you should go with HOPE or FAITH for a middle name. I suggest those because that is what you both inspire in some many of us, whether we have met you in person or not! and perhaps this little girl of yours with also instill HOPE or FAITH in others as well, and live up to that name.

Cadence Hope/Faith Powell
Camden Hope/Faith Powell
Callie Hope Powell
Ciana Faith Powell
Cora Hope Powell

Haylee Faith Powell
Hadley Faith Powell
Harper Grace Powell
Hannah Grace Powell

I cant think of any better ones than that. Well I guess I could suggest my name after all its not a common name that you here every day!! CORLENE HOPE POWELL. LOL!!!

Sherry Kirkpatrick says:

Adelyn Rose

Michelle Barkdoll says:

Something different and unique, Jacobie Lynne Powell.

Christina says:


Elliot says:

I have a few ideas, all beginning with C (I really like C names): Cody, Camille/Camilla, Cassidy, or Corinne!

Jon Mullins says:

My suggestion is Caroline Hope Powell. Caroline comes from “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond. Hope comes from the hope you, Chris and your family give to many, many people, including me!

Katie says:

Charlotte Grace Powell

Jenell says:

I like the idea of sticking with a name that stars with a C. So my suggestion is Caris Angela Powell. I just think Caris is a beautiful name. But all in all you have to pic a name that you love and not let anyone influence you otherwise. I wanted to name my son Shane my daughters name is Sheridan I thought Sheridan and Shane would be nice . No one liked Shane so I settled on Jacob and I will always regret it. I totally understand now why people want to keep their baby names a secret, :)

Desiree says:

Bristol Powell
Aven Powell
Chase Powell
Naomi Powell

Julie says:

Combination between chris and Heidi “Chrisdi”

amystevenson says:

My daugther’s name is Autumn Hope.Autumn because its my favorit time of year and my husband and I just love the name Autumn. Hope is a little town in AR were my husbands grandmother was born and raised. She raised him from an infant so it was a way to honor her.:)

Bobbie Jo says:

Hannah! So your fam will have 2 m’s 2c’s and 2 H’s!

Meredith says:

Sierra Rose Powell or Morgan Rose Powell. Those were the names I had picked for girls but ended up with boys! Rose was my dad’s biological mothers name. She passed when he was 13 and I wanted to honor here.

Charlotte “Charlie” Rose Powell was another one I wanted! That goes with the “C” problem you are having.

Nicole says:

Ava Penelope is our girl name

My mom named all of us with a C (Carlene, Cynthia, Catherine and Christopher). She wanted to name my brother Caboose because he was the last one, but was overruled by my father.
Obviously I love the name Carlene with a C, but I am a little biased. Carlene is not a very common name. However I know that you will know the right name for your daughter to be when you and Chris gaze upon her face. What about Christine or Christiana. So happy for the both of you. I will be a grandmother again in April, looking forward to the birth of our grandchild. Girl name set. Boy name up in the air. Blessings to all of you and your soon to be bundle of joy!

Lily says:

Hi. For some reason I doubt that you will actually read this, but hoping you do. I have 2 girl names within my extended family, that everyone seems to LOVE when they hear them. They are unique but not weird. I think you may like them:


Malin (pronounced Mall-Lynn, say it fast together now)

My full name is unique, it is: Lilias

Good luck to you guys.

Gins says:

Oh I belive the name just comes to you at a moment when you least expect it ,but I have allways like the name Jenny or Jennifer . I also feel the middle name should be after a family member that is no longer with us a way to rember and cary on there memory ! I wish you the best when choosing a name :)

Stacy Calvin says:

My fav girl name is Fiona and since I had boy, Calvin, I will never have a girl named Fiona. But if you go with the C name – Clare or Clara, Chloe, Carly, Caitlyn, Colleen are all beautiful.

Miriam Johnson says:

Miyane Powell

Candee says:

Candalena and Candalena Marie. It has the C and the M. The name is unique and not after any musicians, Which would go along with Matix. both unique! Good Luck!

Camebridge says:

I named my daughter Camebridge 16 years ago and have never heard anyone rise with that name. Totally original!

Rachel says:

Rinnah (pronounced ren-nuh) Nykole Powell

JeAnna (pronounced jay-anna) Mae Powell

Stella Rose Powell

Heather Lannom says:

Journey Grace
A girl needs a strong name. Something she can stand on. Plus you need to make sure it hollers good! Cause you know your gonna listen to yourself say it a LOT!!
Mama to 2 spirited southern girls
Sarah Jane 17
Ahlivia Scarlett 4

jennifer says:

I like Cheyenne or Cecily.

Ashley Schnier says:

Paisley Lorelai Powell :)

Mackenzie says:

Since Matix and Marley are both M’s…. i like the idea of the new baby girl and Cash having the same first letter. Maybe:

Michelle Patterson says:

Aashna Mae Powell
This was my first service dog’s name. It is a little hard to pronounce but her nick name was ash

laetitia says:

The name of my daughter is Eden because she’s my love, my heaven, my miracle. Good luck to find the perfect name, it’s really hard.

Juleen says:

Cora Joy Powell

Ashley says:

My son is named Memphis, which is also a girl’s name. Also, Caisa or Lennon or Paige.

Lindsay Askew says:

Charis Marie Powell
Charis means beauty and inspiration, a perfect fitting to this family and Marie so she would share an M with her older siblings!

Eliana means, “He answered me”
Renee means, “Rebirth”

So, Eliana Renée Powell is perfect!

Konstantina says:

How about Aphrodite by the greek goddess of love and beauty!!!

Misty Ellis says:

Nevaeh Rose Powell

Azaryha Rayn

Melissa says:

Caris (it means Grace) or Cadence, Cheyenne, Chandeler, …I like the idea of the C name…You could do Caris Hope Powell …I think that’s my fav. Good luck!!

Stephanie says:

I have two ideas, I have been debating them for a while. The first idea has become a source of debate between family members. Emma-Leigh Grace Powell. Some say there those who will think her name is Emily. Emily is also a beautiful name =) The second name is Savannah Grace Powell. That name comes from my favorite movie when I was a child, Savannah Smiles. I wish you the best of luck with your newest addition. I am sure her name will be a perfect fit, no matter what you choose! =)

Brandy says:

London Victoria

Olivia Faith

Madelynn Victoria

Emily H. says:

The name should definitely come from your heart! Something sweet just like I imagine her to be :)

Barbara larimer says:

Lyla Grace Powell

Jennee says:

I think Cecilia would be cute and you can call her CeCe–which is even cuter! :) Good Luck and Congratulations!

Liz says:

Charly…cute, feminine and spunky. Like the powell fam.

Annie LeMaster says:

I say go “C” Here are my suggestions. Cadence, Carlie, Chloe, Cambree, Capri, Cailyn, Caitlyn.

Julie Sica says:

Callie Marie Powell

Katrine Buhl says:

Madeleine Powell.
Called Maddy :)

Kayla W. says:

Carstyn Hadley Powell

amanda says:

Isabelle Madison lee Powell

Alice C Aguilar says:

Paisley Christine

Megan says:

Hi!! How about Cheyenne Powell.

Beth Wyatt says:

Christina is a lovely name for a girl and as you see it starts with a “C”. But I love the name ” Emma ”

Good Luck !!

Noreen says:

Stella…. Because it will sound cool when you are calling her home for dinner ;-)

Steph DiRodz says:

How about…

Myrina Cashley Powell

She would have both letters. Myrina was taken from the Greek Mythology. She was an amazon warrior. A tribe of women dedicated to war. Cashley… well I just mixed Cash and Marley… LOL!

Many blessings! :)

Belinda says:

I say not to worry about themes even if it SEEMS that you’ve started one… Name her a name that you love. How about Indiana Cruise Powell. I love the name Indiana for a girl. Cruise as in keep moving. I chose Powell b/c I think that is the last name you gave your other 3 children… if not, I would need to know the other names you and Chris went with before I can give another choice.

Everly Rose Powell
Lennox Sky Powell
Haven Leigh Powell

Tammara Montano says:

Cambry or Cambria!

Shane irwin says:

I thought of another one over the weekend. First name with a C, middle with an H after mommy…

Cherish Hope

not only does it sound good, the message is rather clear wouldn’t you say.

Chancey Steckel says:

Chancey Lynn Powell – or another middle name with family meaning- unique!

Mia Sels says:

Hadley ilaria is what we just named our daughter. And Mia is a pretty cool name :)

Angeline Kirk says:

Cherokee Sioux is a great name. That is what I named my youngest daughter and I always get tons of compliments on it. It’s different and not commen.

Audrey Josey says:

How about Ava Claire Powell -

Ava – means LIFE
Claire – means bright, clear

Sarah says:

The name Josephine has been used in a recent country song and folk song, but it’s not related to any musicians.

Hazel is another good name.

Christy Morris says:

I love the name Cadence Hope Powell. I like Cadence b/c I participate in triathlons, so I relate the name to biking and working out in general. The name means “rhythm” and the term cadence means “the beat, time, or measure of rhythmical motion or activity.” :-) Also, I am very OCD, so I would probably choose a name that starts with “C” to even it out. Haha! As for the middle name, I love Hope. Hope b/c it starts with “H” like your name, but also b/c your family is all about giving hope to others. Good luck choosing the name! :-)

Cassandra says:

I think Amera is beautiful and unique it means princess

Toni says:

I like Hannah Grace.

Cami Smith says:

Casia Mae Powell
Cambria Kae Powell
Caelyn Powell

Stella says:

I am vain enough to suggest that Stella is a great name. It’s popular but still very unique and not overly used.

Other suggestions:
Sky or Skylar

Stacy says:

Go with a name that has a connection to a meaningful person. Both of our mothers were deceased at the time we had children (we have 2 girls). Their middle names are our mothers names. It is a special way to remember and honor our moms and is something I treasure as a way to connect my girls with their angel grandmas. My 2nd daughter was due on Christmas Day (born 12/30) but I loved the name Noelle for her. And you can never go wrong with Grace – since we all need to live each day in God’s grace.

Tina says:

Just a few that I like -



Good luck!

Lori says:

Hadley, Harper, Ava, Jenna, Olivia …all the names I loved when I was pregnant with a lil boy :)

Priscilla Shuster says:

I like the name Catrina Marie Powell or Chloe Elise Powell. I love Alauna Elise Powell too!

Lonneke says:

Hannah (with H from Heidi, 2 M’s, 2 C’s and now 2 H’s).

For some reason I also like the name Mae for your family.

Greetings from The Netherlands!

Christina says:

I like Cariad (car ee ad). It’s Welsh in origin and means “Love, Darling”. I find the name to be very pretty.

Duh No brainer…. Christy!

Dianne Rowe says:

How about Chelsey, Clarissa, Courtney, Chloe, Camie or Carley … May The Lord Bless You ALWAYS!

Dawn says:

Cairi Ann Powell (Japanese) Yearning, one love, loyal

Linda M says:

I like the H idea, then you have two of each letter in the house. Maybe Hope, Holly, Hunter, Hannah, Hayden…or Haven, that’s different and you seem to like different names. Haven Celeste Powell, there ya go ;)

heather roher says:

Charlie Hope Powell
The C name can keep it in the pattern you have going. The middle name with the H is for her beautiful momma.
Her name would also rhyme with her big sisters!

Carol says:

I really like the H idea! altho it is very hard to find an H name…I do like Hamilton! I think its a pretty cool name for a girl!!! Helaina is different! Haidence!!
But if a C is what you’re set on C then I suggest Carissa, Clarissa, Calissa, Calista, and Catherine!! Connie is a lil old but I’ve always liked it!!
My granddaughters name is Mercades and I love it! I also have a Lucy!
We have a grandson Maddix but he passed away when he was only 6 months old, on Christmas day 2006 :(
congrats on the little bundle of joy!!! Can’t wait to see which name you choose!!!
I love your hubby!!! and I’ve really enjoyed seeing you help him with some of his clients on the show!!

Nancy says:

Peyton Christina Powell

Leah Karre says:

Ekho Kristina powell

Leticia Rampazzo de Castro says:

Hi Heidi! Put Clarice!!! It’s a beautifful name. I have 3 boys and if I would have a girl, woild be Clarice. Good bless your family

Megan says:


Caitlin says:


It goes with the C name, it’s from the Last of the Mohicans. The character is strong and brave.

Jenn Johnson says:

Since you already have Chris and Cash and Matix and Marley, I think you should have Hiedi and H…. What that H is I don’t know but it just seems right. :) Maybe Hayden (like that cute blonde girl on the tv show Nashville). Here are some other cute options: Harper, Haddie, Halle, and Harlow. As far middle names go I like “ley” sounds like Kinsley (which is my daughters middle name, it was the name of the street that my husband and I first lived on together) or Tinsley. Good luck, I have no doubt you will pick a name that suits her, and honestly who cares what other people think even the boy named Sue turned out alright.

Catherine Rea says:

We named our little girl Brooklyn Cate. We love that it isn’t common.

Yasmin Iide says:

Charlotte Zoe Powell
>>Charlotte \ch(ar)-lotte, charl(ot)-te\ the meaning of Charlotte is “free man”
>>Zoe \zoe\ as a girl’s name is pronounced ZOH-ee. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Zoe is “life”

Christine Zarya Powell
>>Christine \ch-risti-ne, chr(is)-tine\ the meaning of Christine is “follower of Christ”.
>>Zarya \z(a)-rya, zar-ya\ Mythology: Zarya is a water priestess and protector of warriors.

Callie Marie Powell
>>Callie \c(al)-lie\ the meaning of Callie is “beautiful, lovely”.
>>Marie \m(a)-rie\ as a girl’s name is of French origin. Variant of Mary (Latin) “star of the sea”.

Shannon says:

I love the name Christian Angeline Powell (has a C like cash but also has Chris which to me is adorable to have a girl named for her daddy).

I have a Paige, Katelyn and Brooke.

Christina says:

Christen Sierra Powell
Christen Mikayla Powell

Congrats, Powell Family & good luck with the name game. :)

Deanna Kutz says:

Cassidy Faith Powell ;)

Liz Cummings says:

Given your dilemma, here is my humble opinion. I love Caren and Jennifer as the middle name, but you could have a musician as a second name like Michael like Michael Jackson, or Marsalis as in Wynton Marsalis.

faith says:

my name is faith renee my moms darlene ann so hope those works for ya

Crystal Kirby says:

Eliana (pronounced as el e ohn ah)is the name we gave our daughter for her unique middle name, which means God answered. Her first name is Emily for the old fashion name we wanted to have.

Elizabeth araujo says:

Maya Paige

Jennifer says:

When thinking of Girls names I love the name McKlaryn Lanae. McLaren is a car, however the name for a girl to me is a strong and confident name. I can’t have anymore children but if I could I would name my next one McKlaryn Lanae. and of course for you McKlaryn Lanae Powell

Elizabeth araujo says:

Kora Emily

Caryn M. Dalton says:

Mesa Cherish Powell.

I had a chance to stand on top of a Mesa in my travels to New Mexico years ago and I have flown over the Grand Canyon of Arizona. While the mountains are beautiful, I personal prefer the views from the Mesa and what I saw of the Grand Canyon. It was a “high point” in my life. I know you and Chris “cherish” each other and your family. Sending prayers for a healthy and happy little girl. Peace.

Heather Forcey says:

My husband is Eric and we named our first son Evan. If we had had a girl, her name would have been Hannah Lindsay Rose. When we got pregnant with our second, the girl name stayed the same, but then I wanted to come up with a boy “H” name to go with my name of Heather. (We didn’t choose Evan to make it and “E” name for Eric. We just liked the name.) In any case, a friend suggested Hudson, and we love it. We had a little boy, so he got named Hudson Hartman Forcey. Hudson for the H and because we like the sound. Hartman is my maiden name and it is also a Catholic saint…an obscure saint, but a saint none the less. I have always loved Hannah. Lindsay is my middle name and also my grandmother’s maiden name. Rose would have qualified for the saint name. Ahhh, those crazy Catholic families!

Long story ending: (my vote is for an H name…I’m kind of partial!)
Hannah Lindsay Rose Powell
Hudson Powell

I came across the name “Clara” which is beautiful, but also the name of a German composer: Clara Wieck Schumann, Clara Josephine Wieck Schumann was an immensely talented German musician, one of the leading pianists of the Romantic era. Though often identified only as the wife of eminent composer Robert Schumann, she herself was also a composer of immense capabilities. Here is a link to her: http://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/clara-wieck-schumann-393.php

Good Luck to you all, I will pray for you all! You and your husband are an inspiration!

Jennie Gavin says:

Charlotte Emily Powell
Nickname = Charlie or Charlee

Danielle says:

Caty – because it starts with a C, doesn’t belong to a famous musician, and is of English Origin (like Cash and Marley – I couldn’t find Matix’s name to search for it’s origin). :)

Congratulations to you both! I’m sure whatever name you choose will fit your little girl (and family) quite well! :)

Anjela Egan says:

You already have very funky names so you need another one. Doesn’t matter about the letter just needs to be pretty for your pink baby, I hear so many names being in Early Childhood for 22 years , but I have never had a Matilda , Brooklyn, Xanthe and I really Ike these names .

Melissa B. says:

Autumn Lane Powell
Lane Autumn Powell
Caryn Lane Powell
God bless!

Jessica W. says:

Hi Heidi…I named my only child Chloe Anne(my middle name). I also love these names as well:
Emma Grace Powell
Honor “your middle name” Powell
Honor Leigh Powell
Cherish Haven Powell

Caryn M. Dalton says:

Cherish – A baby is to be cherished and loved. We all need to cherish the life we have and those in our lives. May the birth of your daughter be a true blessing to you and her siblings.

Lisa Kelly says:

Clementine Honey Powell

Carrie Nelson says:

I love the name Auden (AW-din). Its sooo pretty! Different without being too out there.

Casara says:

Name her Casara…

Nikki says:

What if you went for a non-repetitive first name but where the nickname fits the ‘c’ theme…like Nicole, but call her Cole. :)

Katharina says:

Cassandra Powell

Courtney Franklin says:

Okay here are some names I love!
Camden Alexis Powell
Camryn Brielle Powell
Chloe Marie Powell
Cambrie Elise Powell
Courtney Arianna Powell

The first one is my favorite! I hope one stands out to you, Good Luck <3

Joanne says:

Ruby Rose Powell

Geri Messerschmidt says:

Cameo Lei Powell

Cameo means a sculptured gem and shadow portrait. This precious little girl will surely be a gem with parents like you and Chris and she will be a shadow of the love that created her. Lei means a flower bud. She will grow into a beautiful flower as she is nurtured by 2 wonderful, inspiring people who share their lives with others by inspiring and believing in all.

Danielle Bortmes says:

You should name her Christina Marie. And call her Crissy for short.

Jeannine Koski says:

My mother’s name is Leora (lee or a). I so wish that I had named Kimberly (my daughter) Leora Kimberly…but I did not. It is such a pretty name, but then my mom is such a beautiful woman.

Leora Lee

bernadette says:


Reading through all this postings, there are so many nice and lovely names. Important to me is the meaning of a name and the fitting to its family name – less or not at all the first letter.

My favorite names are DARLEEN DOMINIQUE (comes from “to dare” and Dominique is the french form of “Dominic” and used by males and females and has the christian meaning of „belonging to the Lord“. If there has to be a nickname: Dary

However, l wish you a safe delivery and healthy child. God bless you.

Jessica Ratzloff says:

What about Chloe Ann Powell if you want a C name. Or since Cash and Chris have the Cs you could do an H… Hayden Lea Powell or Hannah Marie Powell

Paula Degitz says:

I agree with the others I think you should give her an “H” name, I like Hadley Rose, but if you go with a “C” name I like Chantilly Lace but I know what ever you pick for her name she will wear it well and make the name beautiful. Congrats to you and Chris.

Ashley Culton says:

Sophia “Sophie” Lane Powell, Peyton Michelle Powell, Hayden Marie Powell, Lilly Marie Powell, Felicity Marie Powell.

Karen says:

My sister has 4 1/2 year old twin girls. Cameron Rose and Charlotte Marie (Charlie for short). My mother’s maiden name is Cameron and we live in Charlotte, NC. My father’s sister Rosemarie passed away before the girls were born and this is how my sister chose to remember her. My suggestion is Cameron Grace Powell or Charlotte Faith Powell. Good luck!

Tara MacDonald says:

When I was pregnant with our one and only child (so far anyways) my hubby and I picked out names for both a girl and a boy. Turned out we were havin a boy :) I knew I wanted to honor my dad in some way in the baby’s name. My dad’s middle name was “Roy” so for a boy we had picked the name “Royce” in honor of my dad. Ian Royce was born in May 2011. I still love the girls name we had picked out. My dad had sung the song made famous by Bette Midler called “The Rose” at my wedding. He actually went to a studio and recorded it so we could dance to it as the father-daughter dance. Because of this I knew I wanted the name “Rose” as one of my daughter’s names so we chose “Saeda (pronounced “Say-da) Rose” if it was a girl. My dad had passed away quite suddenly and unexpectedly 3 weeks after my husband and I were married. Okay so that was kind of a rambling story but that was the significance in why I chose those names for us :) Best of luck and congrats on the newest pack member :)

Claudia says:

Cadee or Caden.

Amanda Powell says:

It is obvious that you’ve already created a neat pattern in giving your kids names. That in and of itself should make are your kids feel special. I think you should make baby #4 being with a “C.”

Caitlyn (or Caitlin) Roseann Powell
Cammie Roseann Powell

I hope your baby is blessed with the perfect name.

Julie says:

Celeste June Powell

Debbie says:

I think a pretty name would be Charis Joy Powell. Charis is Greek for Grace or the grace of God. Joy is because that what she will be to your family and is an expression of your love.

Leann Miller says:

Clara Bell Powell

Harper Grace Powell

Celisa Robertson says:

Well my name s Celisa, it’s very unique. It’s pronounced C-lisa if that makes sense.. I have 3 girls myself and thy have unique names as well Kadrynn, Melynn, and Collynns. I am not a famous musician but I am a personal trainer in utah!

Kim Jacobs says:

I say name her Hope because that is what mommy and daddy do for people…they reestabish the hope and happiness for total strangers and help many learn to love themselves…..love you all!!

Dawn says:

Congratulations! Not sure if it has been mentioned but I think Claire would be nice.

Claire Eliana Powell

Amanda says:

penni Christina after ChrisPenn

kdj says:

I vote Keegan Rae Powell!

The name Keegan brings the luck of the Irish and means fiery. I think it is important for all little girls to have a little fire and spunk to carry them through!

Rae reminds me of sunshine rays… Something I think all parents would agree that we hope for our littles – many rays of sunshine in each and every day! Your family certainly sends rays of sunshine and positive energy into the lives of people all across the nation!

Good luck to you in your name selection process!! And congratulations! :)

Carmela Bryant says:

Billie Peyton
Alanis Rhea
Dusty Kaye

Kristy says:

How about a mixture of a ‘c’ and an ‘m’ name so poor Cash doesn’t feel left out but you can continue with the ‘M’ trend. My suggestion is:
Claire Megan Powell
Best of luck-you’ve got alot to choose from! :)

Niki Rittenhouse says:

Celia Danielle Powell

I think you should go with a C and non Musician. I think that it is important to make their name seem like a theme. It will help keep them Spunky. :-) Celia means Heaven. She is a little piece of Heaven for you guys. :-)

Kirstin says:

Love the names Piper, willow, lola, trinity, summer, lily

Amanda Delaney says:

I really like the names Charlotte, Claire, Carly, Chloe, or Carrie if you’re going with C names. Here are some ideas.

Charlotte (Charlie) Anne Powell
Charlotte Elizabeth Powell
Claire Olivia Powell
Carly Alexis Powell
Carly Sophia Powell
Carrie Leah Powell
Carrie Danielle Powell
Chloe Mackenzie Powell
Chloe Amelia Powell

Mix and match to your hearts desire lol all pretty names :)

Elizabeth Barfield says:

Isabel Lyann Powell

Lyn says:

Enslie Ryann Powell

Kystal says:


I think that Clara Marie Powell is very pretty. There is also Good luck on the new arrival to you and your amazing family!

Felecia says:

Catherine Elizabeth Powell
Megan Mikala Powell

Amanda says:

Just to share our idea if we ever had a 3rd (2nd) girl. We thought about naming her Charlotte and calling her Lottie (very princess and the frog) or Charlie. Good luck picking a name!

Deena says:

Alanna Joy Powell (Possible nickname–Allie or Allee)
I first heard the name Alanna (Uh-law’-nuh)when I was 12 years old. I loved it then, and vowed that if I ever had a daughter, I’d name her Alanna. I eventually DID have a daughter, and I DID name her Alanna! :) Alanna is a soft, feminine, yet strong name. Any Joy (first or middle name) that I have known has had a joyful, happy personality!

Tatyana says:

Tatyana Powell or Chugs Powell =]

Cynthia says:

Cassidy Marie Powell
Christina Lee Powell

Dina says:

Cassandra, Olivia, Savannah are the top 3 names I like.

Sonia says:

Marley Maddox Powell

Seocha says:

Hello, sorry for my english, ’cause I’m french!

I named my daughter Aëlynn ( like this it means “angel” in Bretagne, France)

With C, I purpose Clelia, Carmina, Cyan, Cyanna, Cyrilla and one of my favorite: Cybele ( the Great Goddess for Greeks )

My youngest daughter is stunning in soul and spirit- we named her Lesaya ( la say ah) Jayelle ( jay el) Jael was a very brave woman bible character a

She is 23 and wise beyond her years
Just an idea :-)

Amanda says:

I’m all about the equality. We’ve got 3 kids all with the letters, ‘and.’ Our last name has ‘and,’ and my first name too (Me- Amanda The kids- Landon, Chandler & Anderson) I personally would do 2 Ms and 2 Cs and no famous musician. Since Matix can be a last name why not choose another last name for a first name? Steal our daughters name, Chandler! It’s unique like the others. And the 2 musician names can be sandwiched by the last names. Our kids all have family names for middle names, so maybe a maiden or favorite aunt or grandparent. Your maiden name would be perfect. Btw, I can’t believe I commented. Sometimes I crindge when I read some of the stuff people say to you guys on social media. In the end whatever you choose will be perfect but people will always have something to say! So just love it anyway!

Bernadette says:

Teaghan Lynn Powell

Carolyn Kelton says:

Lydia Grace Powell…..I really just like the way this name flows, it’s old fashioned but yet sounds graceful.

Allison says:

What about Camille? I also like Chloe. I like middle names to have some kind of significance, like a family member or someone you really love or respect. Or even give her your middle name. Good luck!

Jessica says:

Cassie :)

Gabby Z says:

Isla Camille Powell (the “s” in Isla is silent). I also like Sienna… Good luck!!

Tjitske says:

Cadence heidi powell

Heidi says:

Charis Joy Powell. Charis means “grace” and is pronounced “karis.” Your lives are certainly filled with beautiful grace :). And I’m guessing she has already brought you more joy than you could ever express!!

Martina Verhoeven says:

My daughters name is Forginzja but her callname is Ginger

April Hunt says:

I have three daughters.

They are

Flannery Caroline
Eloise Eliza
Blythe Arizona

We used family names or forms of them.

Flannery means warrior, Eloise means battle maiden, and Blythe means happy!!

Kelly Cox says:

I like the name Cella(pronounced with Ch like Cello the string instrument)
Cella Leigh Powell!

Jessica Sargent says:

Haley Elizabeth Powell……you will then have 2 C, 2 M, 2 H’s in the fam!

Meredith says:

My oldest daughter is Charlie and it is a strong, unique, and beautiful girl’s name if you want to have a “C” name. In the end, the name needs to be one that you and your husband love and can share with your sweet girl down the road why you chose it. My Charlie is named after my dad, who never got a chance to meet her and we faced a lot of resistance to her name in the beginning, but now it is becoming more popular while still not completely mainstream and I can’t imagine a better name for her. good luck and congratualations.

Earl B says:

Courtney Lynn

Crystal Roman says:

I’m really feeling her name should begin with an H like mommy! :)

Thaís says:


Lori says:

Congrats on your new addtion to the Powell family! I have always loved the name Linnea. It was my grandmother’s name. I think it is a little different but not too different. You could name her Linnea Christina/Christine Powell.

jessica says:

Tessa, Pearl lucia

Lyna says:

Hello Heidi, I’m french and my name is Caroline.You could spell the baby Carolyn Powell…lots of kisses !!

jessica says:

Harriet, Taylor

Marilyn Carpenter says:

Calista Powell “Calli” for short

Julie says:


Savannah says:

How about the name Lydia?! It’s a beautiful name!

Shari says:

When I had my last child, I didn’t have a name either. I had a c-section and while I was in the operating room, we had an ice storm. As I was coming awake, the sun was just coming up and as I looked out the window, it looked like a “crystal city”…I knew right away her name was Crystal Dawn! Anyway since you asked…my thoughts are you have 2 M’s and 2 C’s (Chris & Cash) so I am running with the “H”. Here is my humble list: (1) Heavanleigh Lyric (sent from Heaven and words of a song) (2) Harmony Jade (A beautiful blending and a precious stone) (3) Honour Isabella (Honorable and God is my oath) (4) Hannah Rayne (favored by God and abundant blessings from above). But whatever name you chose will be perfect. Will be praying for a safe and wonderful delivery. May God Bless you all!

Dori says:

Tyger Lyllie Powell

Brenda Lamb says:

Cora Elizabeth Powell and call her Cora Beth.

Bev Pettinger says:

Heidi, thank you for caring about your daughter’s well-being enough not to stick her with a name that she will be bullied about. It’s too bad more parents don’t think things through a little more and be kinder to their kids when choosing a name. I would like to offer the choice of Carrie for the first name. It’s a cute way to link her to her brother, but shouldn’t cause bullying because it is a perfectly normal-sounding girl’s name. You could choose Christine or your own middle name for hers. Of course, her last name is Powell. Thank you for the inspiration that you and Chris give to those of us who need it! I watch Extreme Weight Loss and have begun my own transformation. I am down 30 pounds and found Bob, the Wisconsin Police Officer, to be the contestant who has inspired me the most.

nathan says:

good luck with the decision :)

Maria says:

How about Cadence?

nathan says:

Cassandra, Julianna, Powell
Julianna, Marie, Powell

June Thompson says:

Abigail Elizabeth Powell

The name Abigail is a Biblical baby name. In Biblical the meaning of the name Abigail is: The father’s joy.

Elizabeth means: Devoted to God.

jessica says:

Heather, Mia, Luna, Kathryn ,camryn, Eden, Cassidy, Sienna, Lorelai, Gemma, Bailey, Courtney, Christina, Mackenzie, Kristen, Willow, Brooklyn, Genevieve, Emmalyn, Londyn Anne…

Randi Tuck says:

I think you should name her Zoey it means life and it is a very unique name. Good luck

Adrianne Garcia says:

Hi Heidi!

I think Christianna Helene Powell is a beautiful name. Christianna is, obviously, the female version of your husband’s name. I thought about using your first name as the baby’s middle name but it didn’t roll freely off the tongue with Christianna. After some thought, Helene came to mind. Helene is not pronounced like Helen. You pronounce it as if it were spelt Helane (long “a” sound). My vote is for Christianna Helene Powell!!
This name is more traditional than your other kids’ names but beautiful none-the-less!

God bless you and your whole family!

Teresa says:

I named my daughter Jacqueline Nicole after soap stars and we call her Jackie. That worked out well because my father’s name was Harmon Lee but everyone called him Jack. She named her daughter Lindsey Nicole but also liked the names Sarah, Taylor and Emily.

Samantha says:

Chasity Breanne Powell

Chasity Nicole Powell

Chasity Grace Powell

Nadia mayor mase says:

my parents named me Nadia, an unusual choice in 1956 and still quite uncommon at least where I live (Switzerland). It is a strong name (think Nadia Comaneci) but can also be softened into Nadejda, Nadouchka, etc.
I always loved it.
Wish you all the best.

Kimberly Clarke says:

Christina Grace?

elena says:

Cassady Mari Powell

Tara says:

Ceclia christine

Melissa Silva says:

I think that Charlotte Mae Powell is cute and “Charlie” for short. Or Grace Lauren Powell and call her Gracie. God Bless your family :)

Cathy Hackett says:

Hi congrats on the upcoming arrival of your baby girl!! I think another “C” would sound good with Cash (since you have 2 “M”s already.. What about “Cameron” you could call her Cammie for short.. Now say the names all together in a row, sound pretty good huh? Well, no matter what you name her she will bless your wonderful family..

Cindy awater says:

My doughters name is Izzy.i like it….izzy Powell

Cassidy Bordash says:

Name her CARA LEIGH :)

Linda Romeyn says:

I have a granddaughter by the name of Destiny Jo and she is amazing and some day she will have a destiny in life.I think what ever you name your baby girl she too will have a destiny in life and with God’s love and with the love with her parents she will.

Kourtnie says:

If your sticking with the C i like- Cadence, if not Audra or Audrianna-is cute and it means strength. Congratulations!!



Claudia Unkle says:

Her name should be Christine, yes a C and yes after Chris. That’s my suggestion.

Mohane says:

I just want to say the mean of my indian name.
Rare beauty, that heat the heart and bring happiness.
I wish this for your baby girl. And all dear family.

Amber Eaken says:

Woops…I forgot a middle name…. How about “Hayden Alayna” Powell or “Cori Harper Powell”?

j cline says:

Wynter Elizabeth

Sonja Kuhn says:

I grew up with a Patty Powell, a Joy Powell, Jill Powell. I like the name Madison Powell. There are also the possibilities of Christina, Celia, Chelsea, Callie, Catherine, Caden, Clara, Cara

Amber Eaken says:

I think a name with a “C” would make sense for Cash’s sake since there’s already 2 with “M”‘s. I love love love the name Charlie for a girl believe it or not. I also love the name “Cory” (Cori, Corie, If I had a little girl though, I would probably name her “Harper” or “Hayden” since those are my two most favorite names. Ok, that’s my input….hope you like them :) BTW congratulations!!!

RaeSunShine says:

Hope or Faith

meg says:

Name her Amber, thats the name of my little girl. It is simple and beautiful!

Bethany says:

Harlow Jolie Powell
I just thought it sounded pretty and strong…Jolie means “pretty one.” And I do think it would be nice with your other family names:)

Zeta Boon says:

Cienna love that name

Cambree-Carson-Celeste-Cree-if you go with H Harley sounds tough fun times ahead Congrats Powells!

Tonya says:

I think you need an “H” name to pair with your name too! I work in a school setting as well and love the name Hennessy. Pair it with a middle name that has significance to you, Grace, Faith, or a family name. She will be a blessed little one entering a family with such abundant love!

Jodie Haist says:


Ashley L. Altshuler says:

Hello Powell family!!! For starters, Ashley is a great name. As a guy, growing up I was a bit sensitive to the name being so popular as a girls name, and was constantly reminding people that it started as a southern gentleman’s name – and if they didn’t believe me – to watch or read Gone With The Wind. As I’ve grown up of course It doesn’t bother me at all as it is a great name. Also, I would recommend Chloe, a beautiful name as well. Have fun with the name search, and all the best to your family.

Nicole says:

Courtney Michelle Powell. My youngest is named Courtney; it fits her personality perfectly! She is full of positive energy, loves life, super kind, and beautiful. I’ve met some adults names Courtney and have asked them how they feel about their name as an adult. They all have said that they love their names and the nicknames used for Courtney – especially Court.

April says:

Hey heidi!! Congrats on a baby girl, so sweet :) when i was pregnant and thinking of names i had ella, aubree, calista, cambria and kaydra picked out!! I love them all!! Good luck

Lori Campbell says:

I think you should name your sweet baby girl Laurel, beautiful yet not a common name like all the other names that are out there.

Leyyah says:

Nadyne, Ava, Liyanah, Daneen, Ariana, Zoë, Aliyah, Leyyah, Sumeen, Sameera. All have beautiful meanings and most of the names aren’t your everyday Jane’s. Good luck.

Sara says:


I really like the name Emma Grace Powell or Gracie Lynn or Elizabeth Grace. To me these names are very classy. Your daughter needs a name that means something.

Sofia says:

Look at your post “Baby DilEMMA name”, why don’t call her Emma? I also like Arianna (that’s the story of this name http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ariadne), Angelina, Charlotte, Zaira, Bianca, Mia.

Anna says:

If I ever have children I plan to name my daughter Ariana Dawn (Dawn was my Granny’s name)

Hope says:

I do not think you need to use a same pattern, but I do know there are not a lot of Hopes out there. I absolutely love my name and the few Hopes I’ve met in my life have been inspirational people that love their name as well.

Jenn Reich says:

If you go with a C name, I suggest Camry Rose.

patty says:

How about a girls name, Trista mehgan. That’s my daughters name trista is not a name much heard. Good luck

Andreia says:

Hello, great news you having a baby girl… I have a couple of sugestions: Sara, Rosa and Emilia!!! All the best for you and your family! Can’t wait to hear wich name you choose!!! Kind regards

Gram says:

How about Christina Heidi. That way she has both do you in every way:)

Hacu says:

The first name that popped into my mind even before reading your entry was “Carissa”. Checked the meaning and it’s “beloved / grace(= favor / blessing)”. Second that came to me was “Alina”, meaning “light”. Third, which actually would go nicely in the middle of the first two was “Ester”, meaning “Star”.

So, all together: “Carissa Estel Alina”. After all, she is and will be a beloved blessing and your little shining star! ♥ :)

Rachele says:

Cadence Hope Marie Powell

Roy says:

Corrine Harper Powell?

Katrina Rainwater says:

Going by the C suggestion…I like Cadence Autumn Powell. Autumn is just because I love the name and she will be born during that season.
Or with an M… Madeline Grace Powell, and nickname her Maddie Grace
Or even Catherine Grace because Catherine means pure, that’s where my name derives from

Lisa Niesen says:

Oh, I forgot to say “Congratulations!!” I hope you and Chris find a name that you not only both agree on, but love. Good luck!!

Lisa Niesen says:

In my opinion Talithia, Faith, Hannah, Rose, and Sabrina are some of the prettiest names that I can think of off the top of my head. I personally believe a persons personality often (but not always) coincides with the meaning of their name. I know Hannah means grace or favor. Sabrina Rose Powell sounds really pretty.

Helen says:

How about Julianna Hope and her nickname can be Jules Another beautiful name Harlow Rose. What ever you decide to name her I am sure her name will fit her perfectly! Congrats and God bless!

Bay says:

Name her Carrie and then you can introduce your children as Cash and Carrie.

Helen Putterford says:

You have Matrix and Marley, Cash and hubby Chris, you are Heidi therefore baby should also be an ‘H’!
Hannah Paige
Harmony Rose
Hayley Anne

Whatever you choose she will feel special because you will all love her and encourage her individuality!

Aalia Daneshmend says:

Call her Aalia after me ;-) it means the highest one.

Wendy Carlton says:

I had 2 boys so I never got to use my girl name ideas. So my favorite was first name KRISTALYN (all one word) & there are several ways you could spell that with the letter “C” if you wanted & for middle names ROSE, MARIE, or NICOLE. My favorite was KRISTALYN NICOLE. We also liked the name MEAGAN it’s beautiful but more traditional. For an “H” name I like HALLE or HALLIE like HALLIE BERRY the actress. My mother had a very beautiful & unusual name I have never seen anywhere else: ALORA her middle name was MAY but you could put other names with it as a middle name instead. If you wanted her initials to be a C & H you could use HALLIE CHRISTINE. I hope you find a beautiful name for your beautiful blessing! May God continue to bless your family for the many wonderful blessing you & Chris bestow on so many others! By the way I know you are careful to look for names or initials that would cause her to be teased make sure the first names works well with the last name. My dad had a sense of humor I guess when he picked out my name first name WENDY last name (maiden name) KNIGHT. Funny thing was one of my friend’s in grade school, her name was STORMY DAY! :P

Rolan Cranford says:

Harlow Ann Powell

Tyler Pearce says:

Stella Powell or Heartlee Powell.

Karen says:

Hi Heidi (and Chris),

Congrats to the both of you!

I have always loved the name Cassidy.

Best wishes to you both!

Liane says:

You are being very considerate in choosing your baby girl’s name. :)

Taking all you wrote into account, I don’t think it is necessary to give #4 a C name but it could be nice. With that in mind, here are some suggestions (I apologize in advance for the lack of middle name ideas. I have never been very good with those and I’m not sure what style, theme or meaning your other three children’s middle names may have):

I came across Carys (pronounced ca-riss), which is a name I have never seen before. It is one of the softer C names I’ve seen and feels uncommon. I don’t think it is a name that would easily lend itself to teasing but I could be wrong. It also means love or loved one.

Some other C name ideas (in alphabetical order):

-Cady (I like that this feels a bit tomboyish)
-Cai (pronounced like pie with a k sound I believe, rather than Psy. This is a unisex name.)
-Calandra (or Callie for short). Inspired by the book 10 Kids, No Pets!
-Chloe (I think Chloe Powell looks nice in writing)
-Colbie (like the singer)
-Coralee, Coralie or Corley. I think these names sound nice with Powell.
-Courtlie, Courtley or Courtly (I like the blend of masculine and feminine in this name.)

I like Beth’s suggestion of maybe incorporating an important place to you both, into the name.

Wishing you lots of luck and hoping you find a name that feels right for your new bundle of joy. You may only know once you see her! :)

Julie Anne says:

Julie-Anne (everybody says I have a beautiful name) ;)
Julia Sky
Lili-Anne or Lilianne (my grand-mother’s name. She’s an amazing person!!!)
Amelia (Amelia-Rose)

Kendra Clingerman says:

congrats on your baby girl! I love the name Cailyn (or could be spelled Cailin) Rose Powell:) Praying for a quick and easy delivery and a healthy baby girl!

Amy says:

Kelsey Brooke Powell I love it and my husband and I were blessed in 2004, with twin girls. I really don’t think it is Gods plan for us to have any more children. May be surprised with a miracle but never prevented pregnancy since girls were two so for 7 years and no conception. I have PSOC so they are truly blessings. Took us three years for pregnancy. Anyway I have always liked Kelsey but we decided two m&m’s Madison & Mallory. Therefore I haven’t had the chance to use Kelsey. However ours have “b” middle names but not Brooke so that was the third one I had dreamed of using. Also have to let you know I am so excited to see my friend and your mutual friend Kathie Morton and josh tomorrow. Congrats on your precious baby girl & I know y’all are so excited for her to be home with y’all in November.

Autumn Higbee says:

I am a teacher and I have heard some cute girl names at school. They are not your traditional names. Navi, Jersi and Jordie. My sister never had a girl and she always wanted to name her girl Aubry Elizabeth. Whatever name she receives will be beautiful. Congratulations.

Amy says:

Callie, I have always loved that name and only know 2 people named that. Also the meaning for Callie in Greek origin, is Beautiful!! It is also of English origin, where the meaning is “Most Beautiful”. How awesome is that!?! :) You could do Callie Michelle Powell, Callie Rose Powell, Callie Fay Powell, Callie Kay Powell. Whatever name you choose will be perfect! Congratulations on a baby girl and best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy!!

Jenn Brown says:

Cyan – it’s a beautiful name that is also a beautiful shade of blue, found in a box of Crayola crayons. I always wanted to name my first little girl Cyan, but my husband didn’t like it!!! We chose Emma instead.

suzanne hobbs says:

Not a famous name, does it begin with an M.
I vote for: “Heidi Suzanne”.

Jeny says:

I am a substitute teacher & see hundreds of names a week. I have a thing about names. I am liking some of the more old fashioned names, like Rose, Helen, Lydia, Jade, & such. Girls are hard. There are a lot of cute names. Just please, don’t give her a weird spelling. She will be in kindergarten. At 5 years old, with a long phonetically incorrect name is difficult for children. That doesn’t mean it needs to be 4 letters or less, just under 10 would be nice. The cute names like Ava, Eva, Avie, Evie & such are extremely common. Do something unique, but not enough that people ask you to repeat it or ask you how it is spelled. And I do not think the first letter of a name should be a consideration. Each child is unique. Pick a strong name. Don’t pick a weird one because you are a celebrity because I think that child will have a hard time in the real world. I strongly recommend family names. My oldest (21) Is Spencer Alan (Spencer Tracy + Alan after my DAD), my daughter (19), Becca, is named Rebecca. My mom’s name is Rebecca (Becki) and my middle name is Rebecca. Our youngest is Nolan Garland (14). Nolan to go with our Irish last name & Garland is a family name.

Janine Gentile says:

I strongly agree with the person who posted “You have Marley and Matrix (2 M’s), Chris and Cash (2 C’s), now I think you need an H name to match you!”
You deserve your little girl to have an “H” name to be connected to you in a special way. I would suggest a middle name starting with the first initial of your maiden name but I do not know it, so therefore my suggestion is:
Harleigh Jayde Powell
I also suggest you do a little numerology before settling on a name, I did not check the numbers on my suggestion btw. A name is a very powerful statement, choose wisely :-)
Whatever you choose, congrats and blessings to you all!

Robin Vosler says:

Hi Heidi (& Chris)! That’s funny that you let it slip that you are having a girl. My husband and I actually found out the gender of our child LIVE on The Today Show, so a ton of people learned we were having a boy at the same time we did. Matt Lauer and Jason had “a moment” when the package I opened was full of blue things!

Love the names have for your other children! We recently had our first child and named him Cross. We were looking for something biblical without being one of the popular boys names from the Bible (that everyone seems to be going with these days – like Noah, Elijah,etc.). I know you are having a girl, but I think Cross works for a girl, too. :)

I don’t think you have to go with a C name though. If I had a girl we were going to name her Royal, which also works well with your last name and your other kids’ names.

Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy! You have such a beautiful family, and the work you and Chris do is amazing!

PS – We moderate #AddictionChat on Twitter and one of your contestants from Extreme Makeover has been a speaker (Mike Guillanis) in the past on his Food Addiction. We’ve been on a bit of a hiatus with the baby, but I’d love for you to speak about your eating disorder. We have a worldwide audience and get over a million impressions weekly. Shoot me an email if you are interested! You can do it right from the convenience of your home.


Stephanie says:

How about: Cassandra, Cecelia, Addison, or Everleigh! Good Luck in choosing a name.

Tammie Arend says:

Caitlin Marie Powell

LaNae says:

I LOVE the name Kaitlyn Denise and you can spell it with a C :)

stacy says:

Kerrington is my daughters name and you could go with Carrington or Cerrington to have another C name.

I have a passion for writing so for characters I have a list of girl and boy names, I don’t know if you just want names that start with C but here are some names. Addison, Anabel, Aubree, Bryleigh, Candice, Caroline, Clarissa, Collins; I really like the name collins because of the movie the blind side. Emersyn, Emilee, Skylar, and tate, and taylor. I have the name Addison Tate picked for my baby who will be arriving in in November as well!

Brandon Nussbaum says:

How about Zoe? As far as middle names, thats where Y’all can get creative… Think of initials :) which in turn can make it fun for her and most likely everyone she knows in the future for example Z.I.P. or Z.A.P… Just a thought…. Also you wont have to worry about anyone being left out… Even Matix….

Zoe Angelina Powell or Zoe Alexis Powell , Zoe Alexa Powell, Zoe Izabella Powell

Zoe Angelina just so happens to be my God-daughters name

Amanda says:

Heidi’s name means “noble” and is from German origins. If you take the same characteristics, you could come up with:

Adele (to fit the musician’s theme if you choose to go that route)

If you wanted a name that started with H and fit in with a musical terms theme, you could go with:


And although I’m just having fun, maybe try a theme where the first name meshes well with the middle name ‘Crossfit’ ala all of the backlash Heidi has endured. Only joking in fun, but I am glad she has cleared up these misconceptions! :) .

Yazmin says:


Tammie Arend says:

Cassandra Marisol Powell

Cheri says:


Cheri– means dear one, darling (and its my name)

Chrystianna – means very beautiful

Casee- (ALMOST) like cash means brave and vigilant.

From phoenix, you guys rock!
good luck.. watched you on the 3 tv days

Sonja Wittlieb says:

If you are looking for a name with C I always thought the name Cambria was a beautiful name. I have 5 children and naming was always a long journey. :-)

Elizabeth Lorick says:

I like the name ‘Amelia’. It is a classic yet timeless name and means ‘to strive’ or ‘to excel’. From what I can discern from you and Chris as individuals and as a couple, you strive to excel in all that you do and want to instill this in your children. Whatever Amelia chooses to do with her life, she will be reminded to put her heart and soul into it. There is also a softness to ‘Amelia’ the way it rolls off the tongue, but knowing that Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic means that it is a name of strength, persistence, and determination.

Just some thoughts. But, Amelia Powell rocks!

Lucie says:

I really like Ayana, and Hailey. Briana is cute too :)

amanda says:

Isabelle Catherine is the name my husband and I picked had we had a girl:)But we have to beautiful boys instead.

Gina says:

I think y’all should go with a “C” name. Collette

Kellyn says:

Helena, Annabelle, Caleigh, Cecelia, Lily, Carmen. Sometimes you won’t know until the little one comes into the world.

Casey says:


Carrie says:

Hi Heidi and Chris!! First off, congrats on your new baby girl. She will be a wonderful addition to your beautiful family!! I have always loved the name Carly….I have 2 cousins with that name, so I will never be able to use that name myself. I also like the name Cassidy, which is my best friends daughter’s name. Can’t wait to see you baby girl and hear what name you choose! All the best!!

Heidi lynn Nichols says:

Personally Heidi I think our name is great.My name also is Heidi. Marley and Matrix have each other Cash and Chris have each other and your hanging out with a lonely (H) so I think you should name the baby girl starting with a (H) and not a (C) I thought of Harper Willow Powell or Hallie Comet Powell – If all else fails you can name her Cinder short for Cinderella . Good luck in your search and my pray for the best for you ,family and your new bundle of joy…

jill says:

Charlotte (charlie for short?)
Cecelia (ceecee for short?)- this was my mom’s middle name

Sarah says:

My suggestion is Sarah Rose Powell. I love my name (Sarah) and honestly can’t think of too many people who actually say that about their given name. Sarah has a deep ancestral heritage. It also means “Princess” which I love to remind myself of when I need to be reminded I am radiant and deserving of the best. Why Rose for the middle name? That is not my middle name, but I think a flower name is beautiful.
On a side note, I would not stress anymore about having a name picked out before you deliver. Because when you see her face it may just be the moment where you can really know. LOVE!

Brionna says:

How about Analee

Robin Boswell says:

Henson Mae Powell, Henson McKenna Powell My grandaughters name is Berkley McKenna. Good Luck to you!

Jessica says:

Cadence Ann Powell
(I have a Cadence Ann, so I’m partial to that name!) :)

Stephanie says:

Savannah, Brianna, Scarlett, Ashlynne, Madeline

Gladys Ngugi says:

Cynthia Ann Powell
I love this combination of name. I chose the first name as Cynthia because it is unique and I know that you guys like unique yet pretty names. Plus the last name Powell is sexy!!!

Grace says:

Felicity means the state of being extremely happy or joyous.

Gladys Ngugi says:

Cynthia Ann Powell
I love this combination of name. I chose the first name as Cynthia because it is unique and I know that you guys like unique yet pretty names. Plus the last name Powell is sexy!!!

Susan & Josey Irwin says:

You have Marley and Matix (2 M’s), Chris and Cash (2 C’s), now I think you need an H name to match you!

Here are my daughter and my suggestions:

First Names and their Meanings
-Harper: Unknown Meaning
-Hadley/Hadleigh/Hadlie: meadow of heather
-Haleigh/Haylee/Hailee: peaceful
-Hayden/Haydan: Unknown Meaning

Middle Names and Their Meanings (in no particular order):
-Eden: place of pleasure
-Amelia/Emelia: Unknown Meaning
-Ann/Anne: Unknown Meaning
-Madisen/Madison: Son of Matthew
-Penelope: Weaver

Danny says:

I like Danielle Powell or Michelle Powell :D Also Nicole Powell and I like this italian name a lot: “Chiara” it’s pronounced “Kiara” but it’s a beautiful original “C” name and I believe it also goes with Powell ;)

Cynthia Ann Powell says:

I love this combination of name. I chose the first name as Cynthia because it is unique and I know that you guys like unique yet pretty names. Plus the last name Powell is sexy!!!

Michele Mueller says:

Camilla June Powell

I think having June tie into the Johnny Cash inspiration is fun. I have always liked Camilla. It is feminine but would fit any personality she is born with. The name meaning is “attendant for a temple” which in a way suits what you and Chris do by helping others learn how to take care of their own personal temples (bodies).


Susan & Josey Irwin says:

You have Marley and Matrix (2 M’s), Chris and Cash (2 C’s), now I think you need an H name to match you!

Here are my daughter and my suggestions:

First Names and their Meanings
-Harper: Unknown Meaning
-Hadley/Hadleigh/Hadlie: meadow of heather
-Haleigh/Haylee/Hailee: peaceful
-Hayden/Haydan: Unknown Meaning

Middle Names and Their Meanings (in no particular order):
-Eden: place of pleasure
-Amelia/Emelia: Unknown Meaning
-Ann/Anne: Unknown Meaning
-Madisen/Madison: Son of Matthew
-Penelope: Weaver

Natalie says:

donna, dana, amelie, cecilia, natalie ;), claudette,

Sarah Inman says:

My 5 year old daughters name is Zoe Faith
Zoe means “Eternal life”
Faith means “trusting all that God promises to be to us”
Good luck :)

Jen says:

Paisley, Violet, Cassidy, Madeline :)

Rosanna says:


Lonna says:

I must say, when I was a kid I wanted to be like every other kid and be a Susan, or Sarah, or Amy. A familiar name that others had! Little did I know how much I would grow to love and respect my name and get so many comments on how pretty a name I have. My mother named me after Miss Huntington Beach at the time I was born because I was her little princess. My name is Lonna, and I love my name. It is actually Lonna Renee (first and middle name), just kind of rolls off your tongue doesn’t it? It is definitely an out of the box name.

Mary says:

Carlie Love Powell :)

I think you should name your baby girl MISTY DAWN! :) Yes its my name, but it also is super cute to call her foggy morning. Get it!?? LOL My aunt would call me that all the time. I would say its my Indian name. :) Just a thonght, whatever you decide will be perfect for her! Good luck and congratulations to you both, God Bless! Misty Dawn Longenecker

Rachel says:

I think it would be great to have another H in the family! You already have two Ms and 2 Cs. Cash has the C like Chris. This sweet little girl could have an H like you! I think a name like Hayley Marie Powell would be nice. Harper is also cute. You could still add a nod to music and to the Ms with the middle name Michelle (Beatles song). Hayley Michelle Powell? Harper Michelle Powell? I also think you could name her after you Heidi! Maybe choose a totally different letter for the first name but middle name for mom? I always loved the names Eloise and Audrey. Eloise Heidi Powell?? Good luck! Love to you guys!

Kristina says:

My favorite girl name if I ever had a daughter is Elianna Grace Powell. Simple love it. You can go with Eli for short or anna. I simply think it is a very pretty name

Kristin says:

Powell Pack, two pack, pairs…..2 m’s, 2 c’s so following suit we need another “h” with 2 sylables and Heidi is German while both Chris and Cash are English….so Holle – meaning Beloved. I also like Hollyn and I think Maeve as a middle name. Hollyn Maeve Powell or Holle Maeve Powell

Angela says:

I named my daughter Gracie after my uncles mother. She was an elegant, lovely woman who was caring and so thoughtful and a positive influence in my life. Being a teacher, Gracie was and still is not too common of a name. I wanted her to have a name where hopefully there wouldn’t be 2 or 3 in every class. It’s sweet for a little girl. My Gracie is very much a little lady and loves wearing dresses, but she sure can hold her own when it comes to her big brother. We won’t be having more children, but I’ve always loved the name Olivia too. I don’t think you have to follow the first name rule. If you do, Charlotte with the nick name Charlie would be perfect. Best wishes.

Valerie Converse says:

I Love this C name Carina Jo Powell, I also like the suggestions of using Colbie Rose Powell but I like the Idea of using Callet even Better Callet Amaya Powell, I Love the Idea of using an H Name for her to round the family out as well Hunter Eden Powell, Haden Marie Powell; Henslee Quinn Powell,

Carina Jo Powell
Colbie Rose Powell
Callet Amaya Powell
Hunter Eden Powell
Haden Marie Powell
Henslee Quinn Powell

and the names I always liked
Catalina LeeAnn
Lillian Margaret
Brooklyn Irene
Paisley Dawn

my granddaughters names
Emily Elizabeth Marie
Zyleigh Mai

Cant wait to hear what you choose, everyone has given you some amazing suggestions and information.

Names are so powerful. We have 3 children.Tommy, not short if Thomas, Kendra and Charles. I didn’t find out with my third if it was a boy or girl, I wanted to be surprised. Had 2 names picked out. I was wavering a little on the girls name, so was glad it was a boy. Here are the names Kerie Dawn( sounds like erie but with a k) the second I had picked out was Cherokee Dawn. Both were good I thought but now I like the name Lindsey Lorain, my hubby says LiLo for short. Good luck, it will be great no matter what u choose.

Judy Giger says:

I agree with the people who think that the baby’s name should start with H. It makes things even. I love the name Holly it is simple and pretty. I also love Hannah. I think Holly Christine is awesome!!! You could also get the two older kids involved by letting them choose the middle name.

Alison Schaefer says:

I always loved the name Savannah Rae! I’m done having my children so feel free to use it :)

Claudia Strickland says:

My mom would always share a story about my name, she said from the time they told her she was expecting she wanted to name me Veronica Nyree, it was a name she just loved but after I was born she took one look at me and decided to name me Claudia Michelle as she felt it fit me better. My daughter has a very unique name she is Nazeneen Marcela with a nickname of Nazee. Good luck on finding that perfect name for your wonderful blessing.

Kelly says:

I vote for Paisley Powell!

Kristi Morgan says:

Clementine (clemi) Paige Powell !

Pam says:

How about the name Christine(a) ~ for daddy!

Ronda says:

For no apparent reason, I like the name Paisley Marie Powell, I like Jade Roma Powell

Lisa Lea says:

I LOVE the name CARLY for a girl. It does start with a C like Cash and it can be after the singer Carly Simon. Classic and beautiful! Its not too crazy like celeb baby names but it’s not boring either. I am also born in November! November girls are always the best! Good luck! And I’ll pray that no matter what you name her, she will be born healthy. Love you guys and the show!

Cynamon says:

My father chose the name Cynamon, just as my parents chose me (I was adopted). Dad said that he wanted a name as unique and special as I was. Sure I got teased a little bit on the playground, but it wasn’t extreme by any means. Now, I love it. When you mention the name Cynamon to anyone who has ever known me, they no EXACTLY who you’re talking about. Choose something unique and special, and it will be perfect!

Sandy Cuffy says:

Patience Joy Powell. Because,like in getting fit and healthy,which you both promote as a family,Patience can lead to great Joy.

Holly says:

I’ve always liked my name,…it was uncommon but not unusual like some. Not trendy either. My mom read the name Holly in a book and liked it so much that choosing my name was not a choice at all. She gave me her middle name of Kathryn which is more traditional if I had ever chosen to go by that (which I didn’t). I like the idea of something you really like for the first name but giving a more traditional name for the middle so if her middle name would be more suitable for her future endeavors, she still has that to use. I was never blessed with children, but like all girls, I had my names all chosen. This first one I’ve only heard one time, but I’ve always thought it was beautiful.
Carissa Joy Powell (Just makes me smile. Also works well as C.J Powell for a power name, example: The Law Offices of CJ Powell)
Harmony Brooke Powell (I love music too.)

Patti Marshall says:

Maybe an H to balance the C and M family members, perhaps Hannah or Holly. A cute C name is Charlotte which could be called Charlie. I have an Ashley Marie. I also like Amy Lynn, Avery, Emily, Emma and Taylor. Hard to find a first and middle name that flows with the last. Best of luck!

Jaelle says:

-> Iris Ann Powell
With a play of the sounds of your 2 first names, may I suggest: Iris (pronounce EERis) is the French for a purple flower and the Greek for Rainbow. Characteristics: compassionate, intuitive and humanitarian. And it seems that you like short names, the “ee” sound and nature:) Heidi, Chris, Matix, Marley, Cash and Iris Ann.
God bless you and your family!

I love the idea of an additional “H” name to go with Heidi. We have a Hadleigh and love the unique yet feminine feel to her name. I think Hadleigh Danielle Powell or Hadleigh Rae Powell or Hadleigh Grace Powell would be pretty and sound so nice with your last name. It’s origin is English “Hadley” and also can mean “heather meadow”. Your family spends lots of time outdoors so the meaning of a “meadow” is appropriate. I am a teacher and have yet to have a Hadleigh amongst my students….not a “weird” name but yet very unique and sweet.

Natasha says:

Haven Elise Powell – I went with an H name because there are two Ms and two Cs and only one H so far… It gives the family a nice balance. :) Plus it was the girl name I had picked for my child – but I had a handsome boy!

If you like C names here are a few… Caledonia (Callie for a nickname), Cilena, Camilla, Cassidy, Cadence (Cady for a nickname)…

… I also like Carys Mae Powell, with the way Carys is pronounced (Care-iss) the first and middle names kind of sound like Charisma. :)

Camilla says:

For C names I like: Claire – it’s so classic and beautiful.
For a middle name I like Annie, Mae, Jane (she could be nicknamed CJ with this one). Good luck!!

The Name Diva says:

First of all I want to say congrats!! Naming a baby can be so over whelming!! You can’t just love a name you have to love the meaning of the name also! You have wonderful naming style and it when you see the name hopefully you both can agree on the perfect name for your little lady! I love Harlow, Scout, and Piper. I also love Berkley, Paisley, Eagan, Emerson, Isla, Ireland, Sadie, and Jules. Good luck to you can’t wait to see and hear her name!!

Shirley Greene says:

We have two boys and never got to use our “girl name”. We have Dominic Kyle and Gabriel Quinn. A girl would have been Anastasia Joy. We did name our kitten Annie… :)

Kelli Fox says:

Well, as a whole family you have 2-M’s 2-C’s and one H so what about an H name?

Hayley is super popular right now so what about Halanna- it means victory of people

Halanna Autumn Powell—- she will be born in autumn right? Then her initials would be HAP- the start of happy/happiness
female rockers since you have two classic people already I would go for Joplin after janis

Sharon says:

Congratulations on your baby girl, My favorite girl name is Lucinda Rose. I first heard Lucinda on a movie when I was a young girl ad Rose Just makes a pretty middle name. Good luck an have fun with all your choices!

rachel says:

Clover, carter, charity :)

Sharla Mwinyelle says:

Well, my name is unusual and I have not met more than 5 people with it spelled like mine and I was never teased about it growing up. My name is Sharla. My daughter who will be born in just 2 weeks will be named Adisa (a-dee-za) after her grandmother. That name I have never across either.

Lori says:

Cassandra , Calliope, Caitlyn, are beautiful names. I agree a name with a C would be best.

Casey says:

Perhaps a C name to make things match! Casey as its my name? Haha. I was actually named by a nurse who I do not know. But, I’ve liked it since its unisex.

Jenn says:

We just named our daughter Avery. I love it! Modern but not trendy. Feminine but not prissy. :)

Bonnie says:

How about the name Cadence?
Cadence means flow or rhythm as applied to language, music, or movement. In music, a cadence is a sequence of notes which indicates the end of a phrase. In the military, a cadence is a chant performed while marching or drilling.
I also like Emersyn Lake, Peyson Faith, Sophia Maria or you could go southern with Emma Grace! I think any name you choose will be peefect!

Sharon V says:

Ciera Morgan Powell

Jaclyn says:

Cecily Grace (CeCe for short) Charleigh Nicole if you want to stick with a C so cash don’t feel left out or you could tell cash that him and his daddy has the same first letter so you have a Chris and Cash, Matix and Marley and then Heidi and and the baby will have the same first letter and you could name her Hadley Shay Powell, Harper Eliana Powell. Good Luck with whatever you decide to pick..Can’t wait to see what you decide!

Sarah Stephenson says:

Colette Ayanna Powell maybe?

Tamara says:

My daughters are Guinevere Annabelle and Kaitlyn Abigayle. Both my husband and I are fan of Arthurian legend, hence Guinevere. I honestly took a lot of flack from my family for Guinevere (although everyone LOVES it now) so we chose Kaitlyn for our second daughter. If I ignored the comments, I would have named her Juliet Maybelle.

Choose a name that means something to you and strikes a chord with you and Chris. Don’t let anyone second guess your decision!

chloe says:

I’m a teacher, so I am picky with names as well. If your looking for a c name….I thought of Chloe. I had a student named Chloe and she was very sweet!

Jill Stoddard says:

I have 3 boys but if I had had a girl, I would have named her Swayze. Yes, as in Patrick Swayze. Not because I love him necessarily but I knew a little girl named Swayze several years ago and just fell in love with it! I dont think it has to be a C name.

tracey says:

My daughter’s name is Kayton Lynlee. It is not very common and we get compliments on it all the time. She loves her name, too! You could spell it Cayton if you want it to start with a C. Best of luck! I’m sure whatever you choose will fit her perfectly. All the best, Tracey

Betty says:

I think it should definitly be a C name…Cillian ( pronounce Kill EE an) who was my very first Irish friend..

good luck!

Paula Becker says:

I really love old fashioned names like Sylvia and Ruby- those are always fun. BUT – my FAVORITE idea for a girl’s name is Lincoln – it’s strong and unique.

kat says:


I think Caylee is a nice name that goes along with Marley, and Cash very well. What about Carrie? Cash and Carrie? ;)

infini says:

I propose alexia, his feast is February 17
Here lce that means his surname, Alexia is distinguished by his intelligence. She loves activities that allow them to fully exploit their intellectual abilities. She is also drawn to the study and believes that life is an eternal learning. It has its own criteria for choosing his friends, as it has a constant need for brain activity. She forges friendships with intelligent people who are likely to be exciting and informative discussions with her. She shared her life to the people whom she has full confidence. The name Alexia is celebrated on February 17 in honor of Alexis Falconieri, one of the founders of the Order of Servants of Mary.

Sarina says:

K…I also have to add that I do get a lot of compliments on my name too. “Sarina”..meaning serene.
As well as my daughters name, “Madisyn”.

More to choose from :)

kris says:

Christina Heidi

Kim Kinney says:

Some names I love and might have used had I had more girls instead of 7 boys and 1 girl are: Michelle Joelynn (my daughter’s name…her middle name is a combo of my middle name and her Dad’s). Madison Brynn, Marsden Isabella, Heidi Christina (hey…mommy and daddy), Malana Raelynn. i like all of these because a lot of them are not very common and of course I think all of these sound excellent with Powell!

Sarina says:

Hi guys…I love the old fashion girl names. There is a simple, innocent and pretty beauty about the names from that time. We like “Olive”. Pair that with a two syllable modern middle name and you got the old with the new. The meaning of Olive is “Peace”.
Good luck!

Kim says:

Our daughter is named Brynna (Brin-uh), it is a Welsh name meaning ‘strong one’. Brynna was conceived through in-vitro fertilization after 5 long years of trying to conceive. She was one of 3 embryos transferred back to me and she was the one that held on and made it. We are so blessed, she is our miracle. We love the name. Brynna Lindley is her name. Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy Heidi, you look awesome!!

Althea says:

I LOVE the name Charley for a girl. Then her name would be strong yet still feminine and follow suit with Marley and Matix. Marley, Matix, Cash and Charley.

Joanna says:

Madison Jade Powell

Jackie Coughlan says:

My favorite girl name has always been Emily Grace, but if you want to stick to a name starting with C, I would name her Charlotte and call her Charlie.

Danielle Hickey says:

I like the names Crysta Madelynn. Then both the C and M are included. Congratulations on your newest addition. You have a beautiful family.

megan says:

Marilyn Rose is my daughters name. I would be happy to share. It is a beautiful name.
Also Candice Rose…..good names…good luck!

Kim Benetton says:

How about Caci? It’s Gaelic for strong and you two are strong physically, emotionally and as a family unit. :)

Ilana Grenda says:

It’s always important to make sure that you try and avoid rhyming names and names the have initials that spell something. For instance, you probably don’t want Christina Ursula Powell (C.U.P.) or Stephanie Amelia Powell (S.A.P.). Lol. Good luck on the baby name hunt! Maybe you could name her after yours and Chris’s mothers? Don’t know their names but that is my suggestion.

María Obeida says:

Hi im from Venezuela.. de names the i like..
Camila means “that which is in front of God”

Good Luck!

Jenny says:

Casey is cute, thats my cats name…
Casey, masey, mika, mikella, mira, miela, cadence, cierra :)

Kali Moore says:

The name I suggest is, Hadley Raelyn Powell. I love this name so much. This is what we were going to name our baby if it was a girl. I can not have anymore children after this baby boy ,so we will not be using this girl name. I’m so happy for you!! You inspire me as a wife and mom!

Sabrina Cavalieri says:

Emmanuelle Powell

Deanna Davenport says:

I think a name starting with a C would be good. Two Ms and two Cs. How not sure matters Im sure having two from musicians and 1 because you liked the name and the 4th … Cassie, Carlie, Ceyona, Ciana but its what speaks to you two when you meet her for the first time. God Bless

Cindy says:

I really like the names Isalie, Aussane and Malia
Isalie is a french name. You prononce the beginning like Isabelle.

Debra Nelson Braun says:

Delila Gracin , Dalila means delicate/gentle, Tempest Storm , Tempest means prankish spirit, Luciella Chistina (Lucy) means bright, my final pick Vittoria Neila , vittoria means winner/victorious, neila means champion

SHELLY says:

Carley Jo

sally rogers says:

Matix, Marley, Cash, and Carly :)

Julie says:

I think my favorite girl’s musical name is Presleigh, after Elvis. It doesn’t hurt that the Presleigh I know is a beautiful young girl.

Brandi calovich says:

Hello Heidi! So I am willing to share my fave girl name! It’s CAPRI it is my daughters middle name and I picked it bc of the beautiful song by Colbie Callet! It is about a mamma that is pregnant with a baby girl. It brought me to tears every time I heard it! You tube it! And it’s a “C” so that works with CASH! Xo

Pamela says:

The fact that my name has no meaning and no family connection bothers me. The baby name books all say it comes from Greek roots, means “all honey” or “sweet as honey” but it doesn’t. It’s just a name a novelist made up centuries ago.

My brothers’ names don’t have very significant meanings or family history, but they at least have an ethic connection to the surname, which is nice, but not… special.

There are so many wonderful names with deep meanings. The Hebrew names especially have multiple layers of meaning. Each Hebrew character has not only a phonetic value, but a numerical value, a pictographic meaning and what’s called a ‘rabbinical’ meaning.

The character for ‘n’, for example represents a nail, and rabbinically that stands for a covenant. So each name has its superficial meaning, like the name Channa (in English: Hannah, Ann, Anne, Anna, Annette, Nancy, Nannette…) means “Grace” superficially. The characters mean a covenant with God, and… I think a sacrifice… (I don’t recall exactly and can’t find the book) The whole name can be read to mean a sacrificial covenant between God and mankind and can be extrapolated to be read as an honoring of the Atonement.

On the other hand. Our culture does not put such importance on the meanings of names and I think we have lost something that can be a meaningful gift to a child, even to generations after.

In contrast to the old traditions of our ancestors, the popular baby name books like to say nice things, even when they aren’t true. Kenedey means ‘deformed head’; Cecil, Cecily and Cecilia mean ‘blind or dim-sighted’; Claude and Claudia mean ‘clumsy’, Calvin means ‘bald’ Madison means ‘son of Matthew’, McKenzie means ‘son of Kensie” and Andrea, comes from Andrew and means ‘manly’. There is also a popular Irish name (don’t recall if it’s Brandon, Brendan or something similar) that means ‘stinking hair’. I found a book on surnames once that told the truth, but the baby name books tell a whole lot of pretty little oversimplifications and lies.

In any case, I encourage you to look for names from your family history that are meaningful, and be sure you check out the real meaning of the name. Also note that with a two syllable surname, one or three syllables first names sound most poetic, though two and two isn’t bad like the awkward staccato beat of one and one.

Also be sure to check this site for naming trends and current most popular names. http://www.babynamewizard.com/ I hated being one of three girls in my forth grade class with the same given name, and my surname is common too, 32nd in the US. Powell isn’t unusual enough to saddle your kid with something too popular. (There are at least a dozen women in my area with my same given and family names, and believe me, it does cause trouble.)

Last suggestion. I have a niece named Marina because her parents met at the beach in Gibraltar and my brother followed her into the ocean. The name has no historical value to our family before that, but it always will afterward. Their name of their second, Sofia (which means wisdom), was chosen before she was born, but of everyone in that family, she has always been the least reactionary, the most careful and prudent. Her name may be too common, but it certainly suits who she is. The third, Alma, was also named well before her birth, and while our side of the family is predominantly from the British Isles(mostly Scot), the mother is Spanish, and my father’s mother was named Alma. In Hebrew the name’s superficial meaning is ‘little girl’. In Spanish it means ‘soul’. It has a meaning in Irish as well, but I don’t recall it (just that it’s a good one). She was born about three hours after the World Trade Center came down, and though few in the family liked the name, it also has come to suit her perfectly. There is poetry in the Spanish meaning and the goings on of that terrible day, but it also turns out that she looks almost exactly like the great grandmother for whom she was named.

Anyway, give your child a name that will be deeply meaningful to her, let your consideration be a symbol to her of your love for her and your anticipation and joy in welcoming her to your family and to this adventure we call Life. Don’t let yourself be confined to any particular beginning consonant. Follow your gut feelings and when your hearts are settled and at peace with the decision, know that you’ve chosen correctly.

Then, don’t tell anyone your choice until the child is here and named. Otherwise… you know, there are always people who disapprove, and some feel a need to say so.

Oh, wait, one more story:
My youngest brother and his wife had their list of names for their son whittled down to just two: Declan and Aidan. Both have the ethnic identity and they thought both were uncommon enough to work with our pathetically common surname. My sister-in-law was in delivery and they still did not know what his name was going to be. My brother was praying, literally, that they would have a name for him when he arrived. When he quieted himself enough to listen for an answer, he heard a voice in his heart speak quite clearly to him, “I’m Declan.”

My other brother says that Alma chose her own name to.

Be open to that possibility.

(Oh, and while they thought they were coming up with something unusual, Aidan turned out to be the number one boy name that year.)


Well, I have looked at many of the suggestions. They are all great! I don’t really have any more to add. I know you and Chris will find the perfect name for your little girl. You may not know the perfect name, until she comes into this world. :)

Amy says:

I think your next family member needs a name that begins with the letter H. You have two C’s, (Chris and Cash) and two M’s (Marley and Matix) and only ONE H… Heidi. So, you need another H.

I suggest a name like your others that is not gender specific, but one that is still feminine, strong, and unique.

The name I think you should go with is:
Hollan Lieke
Hollan McKenzie.

When I look up the name, “Hollan” some sites says it’s a boy’s name, but who cares. I cannot find a meaning for it, other than it is short for Holland. There are many spellings for it, Hollyn, Hollin, Hollynn… but I like Hollan best for a girl. I looked up middle names, and there are several nice names that would go with Hollan that are popular in the Netherlands (just to keep with the theme of the name) one that I thought was cool was Lieke. Pronounced: Lee-kah, which means, “Messenger of God,” Dutch origins. It is the #3 name in the Netherlands according to several websites.

If you’d rather not go with the “Dutch” theme, McKenzie makes a nice middle name as well, and then you’d have another “M” and “C” to go with the other names, kinda wrapped up in her middle name… okay, maybe that’s stretching it, but I think McKenzie goes well with Hollan. I can see a girl named Hollan could possibly be called Holly, as a nickname, which is also very cute, while she is young. Good luck!

Bonne Mclean says:

Congrats. to you and Chris on your new baby girl. Baby Girl Powell (BGP) Betty Grable Powell,or Special Girl Powell (SGP)Susan Gail Powell.
Good luck on this big choice. Your right in considering all the ramifications, and stigmas that may attach. Can’t wait to hear what you’ve chosen. Good luck and best wishes with the birth as well.

Diane says:

how about carey. Takes care of the c and a great singer Mariah Carey.

Courtney Scaggs says:

How about you guys give her a name that has the first initials as Chris and Heidi?

Clarity Hazel Powell :)

Joyce Jarrett says:

My granddaughter’s name is Amaya. People always comment how they love her name.

jessica says:


Maria says:


karen says:

Caren Michelle Powell. You still get the m name and a c name. I always wanted my name to start with a c. And michelle is just a nice addition to a shorter first name.

Donald Kohoutek says:

Laura, Yvonne, Sarah, Linda, Lindsey, Lucy. All are names that are both significant and awesome to me.

Pam Matheson says:

I like Charlotte because that was my grandmothers name. But would call her Charlie. I think that is a cute, different girl’s name. It also falls in with the 2M’s and 1C Good luck with picking a name and I’m sure she will suit whatever you decide to name her. All the best to your growing family.

Gianna (Gee_ah_na) is Italian and means God has been gracious. It’s my 6 year old daughters name. I’ve always had a love for Italy and all things Italian. My older daughter Courtney picked it out and I always get compliments on her name everywhere I go.

Caris (sounds like Paris) was another favorite. But I didn’t use.

Valerie says:


cathy pennington says:

I am thinking you should use both the c and the m in the name…for instance Cady Morgan Powell or Clarity McKenna Powell. However, if you do go with H, I like Henslee or Harper with maybe Grace as the middle name.

Catherine says:

Caitlin is cute and timeless. And if she doesn’t like it she can cut it short into Catie which is also cute. Kaylie or Kayla. We all had C names haha Carla, Christie, and Catherine and our brother just had a K sound :) Kenneth. I would stick with something where they can find their name personalized easily. Haha Caris is a cute name and sounds grown up too. Casey is a cute name and it’s not used a lot anymore. Kylie, Brylee, Bailey, Christin, I love baby names :) I was going to use Bradley for a girl or Macie but I had a boy haha and named him Brady Ryan :)

There is 1 female name that I can find pretty unique and cute:

Ellen says:

I would name her Merrilee… It is different enough but still “normal”… It means “Happiness”…


Pat says:

Ella…simple, elegant and beautiful…like her new family!

Jocelyn Joslyn Clarisa Cora

Good luck finding the right name…you will know it when you find it.

Cash has Daddy as another C, how about an H to go with Mommy?
Hannah, Haley, Heather, Haidee, Harley, Hollie

Jessica says:

If you want to go with a “C” name, I LOVE Colbie! You could play around with the spelling, or even go for a “K”. So, how about~ Colbie Love Powell? I’m a sucker for virtue middle names (Grace, Faith, Hope)! A special family name would be really meaningful as well! God bless your amazing family!!

Kerry says:

My parents gave the first 3 kids, (me, being one, the same initials). I never think about it. The youngest 3 have obviously different initials. It is never a topic of conversation except the fact that we mock our parents here and there.
As for names… My brother named his son Dylan, after Bob Dylan and it is a unisex name. Would be cute on a girl. Good luck with whatever you choose. Love your family!

Kimberly Ritchie says:

I love all three of my girls names..Eva Jean, Addisen, and Kennedy Grace. I named my Kennedy Kennedy because my dad died when I was fifteen and his name was kenneth. Any name you name her she will be beautiful and loved! God Bless!

Darcie Morin says:

I like the name Kaya Grace Powell.
Kaya means pure or good field.
Grace means good will.

Considering all the good that you and Chris do in our world, I think that a name that means good and pure is perfect because that little girl would know that her name represents her parents and the legacy they are creating for her, her sister, and her brothers.

valentina says:

I’m italian and usually we don’t pay a lot of attention to the starting letter, at least not in the northern part of the country. if you want to chose a name related to musicians.. well Iris is a name I love, and Bono Vox’s mother name.. “almost” a musician, isn’t it?
I like italians names of course, but I understand it would be quite difficoult.. I like Viola, which is translated with Violet, I also like Emma, which is an italian by the way! Starting with C… why not Cleopatra? :) :) :)

Dhana says:

Another thought … Catherine — like the new princess — and call her Cat. Cute!

Pamela Weiland says:

Cassadi Marie Powell
I love this name. If it would have been a boy I love Austin James Powell..

Carmella Jacobs says:

I love Extreme Weight Loss. You both are totally awesome.
I wasn’t able to have children, but I had two beautiful names picked out, so I thought that I would share them with you.

Aspen Mackenzie
and Phoenix Angelina

I love names that are unique. Best of luck.


Becky says:

My daughter is spunky and full of full of life. Her name is Sawyer Grace. But Lennon is one of my favorite girls name for a singer. Named after John Lennon.

Sallyann Bilsborough says:

I love these two simple but beautiful names Savannah Jade and Charlotte Maddison :) just add Powell heehee. Congrats and good luck sweets xo

Judy Jay says:

As I was reading about the name crisis, the name Camilla Grace popped in my mind. My moms name was Grace and she was a wonderful woman. I think Camilla Grace Powell is a very elegant and graceful name!

Cynthia Marcela says:

Cristiana Grace

Janette says:

I always thought Raina Marie was a good name. Although if you want the C and M names you can make her a Carli Marie?? Okay I like Marie..

Lynnette Keefe says:

Cora…..Let me know if you need a postpartum doula!!:):)

Angel says:

Clarissa Rose Powell and for a nickname call her Riss or Rissa

Natasha says:

I also love these H names…Hazel, Harper, and Helena. I really suck at middle names so im not even gonna go there, already I have seen some really adorable ones.

Aimee Hatteberg says:

While Matix and Marley are both “m” and Chris and Cash are “c”, so the baby should be named with an “h” since no one shares with Heidi. Heather sounds pretty or Haleigh.

Amy Throckmorton says:

Bless my hwart I put boy names….even tho I think
Creed is a cute girls name too

Crystal says:

How about Cadence? Music related without the musician & starts with a C. :)

denise pollnow says:

Having a son name Jason Lee and then a daughter Jeni Marie who was only with us for a short year, I then had a beautiful healthy baby girl, but my husband being a teacher and every name reminded him of someone, I finally told him to pick a name, Jamie Dee, she is the most wonderful young lady and always has been. She is loving, strong everything we want our daughters to be. She is a middle school teacher and we all know what that takes.
Thanks for listening. By the way she is 34 and that was when the bionic woman was on.

Leslie Henderson says:

I am a fan of the old names not matronly, but not a name everyone else has. name. Audrey, Chloe, Eliza, Frances, Celeste, Ruby, Elise, Lucy, Abbey, Honor, Paige Phoebe.
Any other day I can come up with tons, but I am just drawing a blank.
You will know her name when she gets here. It just comes to you. She will tell you.
Can’t wait to se “her”.

Tina says:

Millie (Camille,Camilla)

Amy Throckmorton says:

I like all these C names

Jen says:

CoraLyn, Carley, Charlie, or Cadence

Sherry says:

My daughters names: Katelynn~Name her this because I liked the name Kate, and my grandfather who passed away was named Lynn. I was going to name her Kayla, but changed my mind at the hospital.
My Daughter Alexa is named after Billy Joel”s storm front album & his daughter.
My daughter Hannah is a bible name.
And my daughter Emily Rose both my husband and I liked the name

Danielle says:

Celeste, Christiana

Mindy says:

How about Christdi pronounced Christie. I’m a combination of Chris and Heidi!

Ashlyn Lewis says:

My advice would be if you can’t think of a C name then just go with a different letter other than M just to avoid the possibility of Cash feeling left out. The music theme is obviously your decision. I personally LOVE all of your children’s names.

My suggestions for a C name: Cadence Emilia Powell, Cassidee Haven Powell, Cara Brookelyn Powell, Cali Leanne Powell-(my favorite for you guys).

I hope you find a name that suits you guys. Congratulations

Lorraine Best says:

Maci May

Amy says:

I LOVE little girls with Boy’ish names. My daughter is Mason so she gets the nickname of May, or Macy. Or others that are normally boy names Charlie, Cameron, Ryan. When they are older they are cool names to have. I feel like my name is still a little kid name. I like names that shorten into a nick name too. Good luck in your name decision!

Tori says:

My oldest of 4 is Raina Jade so when baby 4 came along we wanted to name her Adi Rain well baby 4 was a boy.

Jody says:

Cassidy Harper

Melissa Goldstein says:

Baby girl name: Christina Heidi Powell.
Christina (Chris for her Dad’s name) and middle name her Mom’s name.

Laurie says:

I love Harper, Avery, Quinn, Cassidy (Cassie is a cute nickname), Lauren, Rachel, and Caroline. Good luck!

Lanay says:

Charlotte Kay Powell, she can go by Charlee! I like this because i feel like its a strong classic name.

Natalie says:

Some names I like are Harlow,Gracie,Ginger,Ava,Lana,piper,Charlie,Sophia,Ella,Violet,Jordon. Good Luck

Jody says:

Cassidy Harper

Jorge Rosario says:

Baby name Seidi What Does Name “Seidi” Mean
You are spiritually intense and can sting or charm. Your name brings love and new starts into life and attracts money. In business, you are the creator and promoter of original ideas and usually enjoy considerable financial success. You have an eventful, exciting life. You are versatile and have the ability to learn easily.
You are always looking for a chance to do your own thing, to be your own person, and to have things done your own way.

Robin says:

I love the names Abigail and Megan also Johanna

Adewyn says:

Christina .. the girl version of chris….or Catriona…Caitlyn…Catianna…Candis….Cassie…

Pat says:

Name her Miriam Abigail… a little different! Cash will feel fine—he is in a league of his own! Actually I have five children and they all like that I used uncommon names!!

Karie Tolman says:

Here are a few: Addlee. Mikkel, Anika, Baily, Breea, Karie, Karlie, Hadley there’s a few for you.

Tammy says:


Shane irwin says:

Autumn Rose

I know others through the list have probably suggested one if not both of these names, but for me it is a little close to home. My real name is a boy’s name and growing up I hated it. As an adult it was ok, but still considered to me gender specific. I named my daughter Cheyenne because I always thought that a very pretty name. A couple of years back when i first started social netwroking, I needed a screen name. A friend suggested Autumn because of my red hair and my moods that sometimes change with the seasons. Lastly, I love autumn, to me it is like God’s way of reminding us that there is beauty in change, and that the process of life includes shedding the old and making room for the new. Then the rose is a flower that symbolizes the beauty in strength and diversity. The rose comes in so many colors and all have a beauty of their own. The rose, while one of the most beautiful flowers also has thorns for self-defense. It reminds me that I can be beautiful, classy, loving, and giving, but that doesn’t mean I have to be a doormat, I can stand up for myself and should when necessary, and doing so does not make me less beautiful, rather it makes me ten times more so.

Other suggestion:
Paisley Rayne – just because I think it is a REALLY cool name and different.

Tammy says:

Kaylee Dawn, Mackenzie Anne, Brianna Nicole, Jenna Lee, Makayla, Cheyanne Marie. If you want to go with music you could always go with Presley Jane Powell after Elvis Presley.

Annette says:

Corah, cierra (my 7 yr old Addison suggested that) or Celia – mostly all bc they’re just c names that are pretty, different and could go with your other names ;)

Macey says:

I like the name Malayna Aubrey. Just think it’s sweet and beautiful.

Erika Rae says:

Elsa Powell (middle name should be named after a grandmother or godmother)

Ami says:

We named our little girl Aubriella. I never have heard this name before but we get so many compliments on it. There are so many “short” versions our daughter will be able to use when she gets older if she doesn’t like it….Ella, Brielle, briella, Aubrey, bri etc. hope this helps! You are a very inspiring couple! Best wishes!

Trish says:

I would suggest you wait til she is born, we didn’t and when he was born he didn’t look like a Bradley, that being said, I like Erika Elaine, or Charlotte and call her Charlie…. Blessings for you and yours,….Trish

laurel porter says:

If you have a girl, the perfect name is “Capri”…..

LaDawn says:

Bianca Renee Powell
Danica Renee Powell
Hannah Grace Powell
Aria Danielle Powell

Barb says:

Carlie is cute and Charlotte is cute but call he Charlie. As in Good Luck Charlie :) Your job just got harder since you are a public figure. I feel for you, but know whatever you decide she will be entering the world surrounded by love. I am hoping for a NOVEMBER 11th birthday to share with this angel. :)

kris Mcdermott says:

I love the name Cariss said as “Care-iss” meaning Love. Sounds so beautiful and fits well with Cash.

Dawn Todd says:

Brandi Kristiana

Natasha says:

I don’t think Cash will feel left out since daddy’s name starts with C. However mommy might feel left out :-( I suggest an H name to make it all even, 2 M’s 2 C’s and 2 H’s few I like are: Harriette, Hannah, Hailee/Hailey, Harmony, Hykah, Honor, and Harrah.

Kari says:

I like the name Cheylea (Shy Leah or Shy Lee) Nicole Powell. My middle daughter has this as her middle name. I came up with it by combining her 2 older sisters first and middle names. Nicole is my last daughters middle name. I always look at the intials since our oldest daughter has the initials HAM and the second one has LIM.

Kristen Quinn says:

I love the name Abigail. I have never been blessed with children and am reaching the age that it will probably never happen. Since I was young, I always wanted to have a girl named Abigail. Then for the middle name, my middle name, Leigh.

Keisha says:

If the baby’s name starts with H she will have the same initial as Heidi. Cash has the same initial as Chris. I suggest Harper or Harrison or any H letter name.

Rita says:

I like Mina, Morgan, Marina, Colette (my beautiful sister who passed away, that was her middle name:), Carly, Camile, and Charlotte, to name a few. Good luck, she will be beautiful :)

Linda Capener says:

I named my girl Starla Kristine way back in 1983. We had a Portuguese friend whose name meant Star in English. I added the la to it to soften the sound of it. Every time my daughter tells someone her name they always comment on how pretty it is.

maggie says:

Name her Bridget, also spelled Bridgette; if you want to go more exotic, use Brigitta – nick name could be Bibi. It is a warm and feminine name, not common these days, and appropriate for a child as well as an adult. Also sounds good with Powell.

Mandy Hunt says:

I don’t think you’ll need my help there are some awesome names on this list, but I’ll give it a shot ;)
Korbyn/ Corbyn
Copper Lynn

Scherrill McNutt says:

My suggestion may sound corney, but, it’s my name ~ Scherrill ~ pronounced Cheryl. I suggest it for this reason,it is an unusual spelling to a more common name. My great-grandmother named me and my name was to be my name no matter my gender. The spelling is German. I have only once, in my whole life had someone spell my name Scherrill, and she was a German lady! :-) Having an unusually spelled name has given my a lot of grace with people in my life, taught me patience, kindness, and walking in love! I love my name, and I’m grateful to my mom for having my great-grandmother name me. I am, also, a midwife, following in the steps of my great, great, and great-grandmothers!
There are only about a dozen people in the US with the spelling of Scherrill.

I LOVE your show, and the information that is shared on Facebook!
Thank you!

Kathy Koss says:

Thinking about what the two of you do for so many others, I think the names Hope,Charity, or Grace would be really appropriate, because you give it and inspire so many others. Your baby would have a name that reminds her every day of what loving, devoted parents she has, to her, along with so many other people you have helped along the way, with your devotion and love.

KB says:

Kathleen is a beautiful name, do not nickname, always call her Kathleen

Susan Blaha says:

I also like Caldwell, Cassidy, Charlie & Creed

Krystal Baggs says:

Christiana Faith Powell would be cute! It’s hot daddy’s name in it and is just simple beautiful!

k says:

Oceanna Christina Powell

Jill says:

Rylee…..in Irish it means courageous and valiant

Ian says:

We relly liked the name Lowynn Reign flows really well together just a thought

Laurie B. says:

Forget about the C. Lorie is a cute name, common but not overused!

Susan Blaha says:

Hey Heidi….how about Cagney?

Vicki Schweinhart says:

I like Chloe Marie Powell.. or maybe Marie Shae.

Barbara Wright says:

Kristen Nicole Powell

Christa says:

Oh P.s her full name is Victoria Lucia Petrosino

Christa says:

I named my daughter after my grandma. Victoria! Victoria is known and beautiful in many countries, such as Russia Mexico and Italy.Victoria is a name of strength and victory! Since naming my daughter Victoria I have met many very smart, strong and beautiful people with this name. My daughter is all these things and she amazes me everyday. Go with a classic <3

Jeremy Egger says:

Name your new baby girl Madaline.

Kim Bulin says:

Jennifer Ann Powell You don’t need to stay with the M or C! Break free and choose a new one!

Sara says:

Me and the Hubby don’t have kids yet but for some reason I’m drawn to these names

Stella, Cassadee, Cambree

Elizabeth Doubleday says:

Christina Powell
Alexandra Powell
Audrey Powell
Alexis Powell
Mia Powell – I like this the best :)…maybe with Elizabeth as a middle name.

Stephanie Pickett says:

Personally I like Emmalynn Marie Powell. But in the end its up to you guys. Good luck

Shannon Fortner says:

Chriseidi Lane Powell!

Brenda Clevenger says:

The previous post of mine goes along with what you and Chris are looking for in a name, but if I had another baby, and it was a girl, I would name her Emma!

Shannon Fortner says:

Chriseidi Lane Powell

Christine says:

Hello, thanks for allowing us to help you with a name. I have always loved the name Cheyenne Alexis Powell. I wanted to name my next girl this but never got the chance. I also love the name Shayla Nicole Powell. They borne make me think of what a special little girl you will have. Wish you both all the best with everything…

Josh Harwood says:

First of all let me just say I don’t care about winning anything. I just want to help and personally I like the names Charlotte and Grace. Second, if you were to incorporate the name of a famous musician’s name that began with a “C” I’d go with Cass for Mama Cass Elliot of the Mamas and the Papas (born Ellen Naomi Cohen) which could be short for Cassandra. For an “M” name you could go with a name of Marilyn. Marilyn Monroe was more known for her acting than her singing, I suppose. I just like the name. Finally, in considering that you neither want Cash or Matix to feel left out, then start with Marilyn since she is not necessarily famous as a musician so Matix isn’t left out and Cassandra for a middle name so you can incorporate both a “M” and an “C” name. Cassandra can be shortened to Cass as a nickname if it would suit her later on. Her name could thus be Marilyn Cassandra Powell.

Beth says:

How about Kaleigh. (Irish, Gaelic) Meaning beautiful, lovely.

It is the name of our second born daughter. She is now a strong, beautiful 11 year old. She loves the Lord and is a beautiful talented gymnast.

Emily says:

Addison Noelle
Reagan Emily
Carrigan Faith

Amren Patterson says:

I absolutely love my first name…. Amren. You’re probably wondering how to pronounce it. It sounds just like Cameron but without the c. I’ve never met anyone with my same first name. It’s unique but not weird like most unique names. When meeting new people, I always get, “oh that’s a beautiful name.” I’d gladly share it with a Powell!

Andrea F. says:

I have always been partial to the name Catherine. If you wanted a nickname you could call her Cate. I agree that naming your kids is one of the hardest things you have to do! I’m sure you’ll find some inspiration and you’ll know itnis perfect. Much luck to you all :)

Audra says:

Lennon after John Lennon :)

Jennifer says:

Jazlyn … Congratulations on baby #4

Sandy says:

Who was Matrix named after!! The movie, which I doubt, but you never know? You can give you baby girl a movie name, but with a “C”. Charity, Charley, or maybe you might like Cujo, lol just kidding. Good luck and God Bless your family and your new baby on the way. Thanks for all you and Chris do to teach us and keep us healthy!!

Spring Autumn Johnson says:

My fathers name is charles and if I had another girl her name would of been Carlie. Thus Carly Simon.

Audra says:

How about Christina? You dont hear it very often and its my middle name :)
Or if your going to name after a famous musician Lynn after Loretta Lynn. Or you could go a completly different route and look ar your family tree and pick an old name.

Michelle Wright says:

Hey there. I have always loved the name Alyssa. I have loved that name. What ever name you choose, let it be because you two love it, not because the world loves it.

jody says:

O my — you have a lot of reading here.
I love your hubby — I’m 60, so I say that in a motherly way. :-) He is an inspiration to so many, and so are YOU! My suggestions are
Chrissy — named after Daddy, or Cristy (a little different spelling). Blessings on you and your family.

Kimberly says:

I have always loved Chloe (pronounced with the long e). What is your middle name or someone in your family that you admire’s middle name. Chloe XXX Powell

Brenda Clevenger says:

Matix, Marley, Cash & Corley!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Leslie says:

Charity, because of what you both do. And it’s a C name so Cash doesn’t feel left out.

Beth says:

As a teacher, I have a suggestion. Whatever you choose, just spell it the right way. I get so many “unique” spellings of names for students that just look ridiculous and the poor kids are going to have to spend their lives constantly correcting spelling or pronunciations. Having a unique name is awesome, but not if you have to explain how to say it to every new person you meet. You could go with a C name, such as Christina, and sort of name her after daddy! But, that’s not as cool as your other kids’ names. I’m reading a book where there are two main characters who are twins and they are named after the cities of Concord and Lexington and go by Cordy and Lex. Maybe there’s an important place that you could incorporate into the name! I thought those were cool names.

Michelle says:

The Greek word for grace is Charis – pronounced Kar-is. I love the name, but think the ch beginning can be confusing. So, I’d spell it Caris or use the welch spelling Carys – which also means “my loved one.”

I like Caris Elaine and Carys Renee.

I also like the name Corbin – but don’t know the meaning. Maybe Corbin Michelle, Corbin Joy, or Corbin Grace.

Heather says:

I like Emerson, Addison, Adelyn, Eden, Aria (are-e-uh), Rheana (1 n or 2) and of my baby girls name, Delana.

jyn veras says:

katia is a beautiful name. my newborn girl is named serenity but katia was a close second.

Kate says:

Cecilia Katharine Powell. (Nicknames could be CeCe or Ceely or Lia [Leah].)

Casey says:

I love the names Indee and Lyndie. They are both very individualistic and yet sound awesome with the other names of the Powell pack kiddos :)

Stacey says:

My daughter’s name is Micah and I fell in love with the name when I heard it. It is a Jewish boys name and a name in the Bible but not why I picked it I just thought it was different and not many with this name.

mindy long says:

cassidy, Briley, Bailee, Blakely, camryn

Tonya says:

Well I can also see another pattern forming here and that is each child has different amount of letters in their names. So I think since you have 4,5, and 6 that you should pick a name that has 7 letters in it. Christy or Chrystal would be a pretty name and as you can see there are 7 letters.

Kim Gallegos says:

I came up with Cherish Alexis Powell. Cherish came about using letters from Chris and Heidi’s name and Alexis came from using letters from all three of the kid’s names. Bonus is that Marley and Matrix share the letter “M” and Cash can share the “C” with Cherish. Good luck! I think your going to need it from all of the great suggestions I’ve seen so far!

Susan says:


Meghan says:

Casidee Mallory Powell

Kylie says:

Chloe Lane Powell

Mandy Barr says:

Kayleigh Alexia

Jackie Naudascher says:

Just came to my mind Kirsten like {kear- stin} could also spell is with a C it sounds cute Kirsten & Cash…..im sure there is other spellings too. also i would think about where and when you conceived if you remember that also helps come up with a name.Cant wait to hear what you choose have a safe and speedy delivery!

Cathy Hobbs says:

Hope or Holly. Cecilia, Christine or Catherine. Miriam, Marianne or Moriah. Caren(Karen ) Celine

Hannah says:

How about Cabot or Crosby.

Cynthia Dilworth-Helbig. says:

ohhh didn’t follow the rules.. Cookie Christine Powell

Megan Vanderlaan says:

Cassia or Carissa!

Cynthia Dilworth-Helbig. says:

OK, so when I hear the name Matrix I think of the computer.. so how about Cookie… every woman I have ever met was named Cookie was a really sweat person. She will have a duel meaning name something sweet and delicious and a small amount of data…. generated by you and Chris… instead of a computer. ( a little play on the definition)
Congrats on the new Baby girl on the way.

Christine says:

Our daughter’s name is Brinlee…we loved that it means sweetheart and thought it went well with the middle name we chose. Ironically, she was born with an undetected heart defect and surgery when she was 5 days old. I’d say it was an pretty good choice of name. Plus I know now of others who named their daughter this but spell it different ways. Good luck!

Kimberly Hopkins says:

I have been blessed with three boys, but I did pick out baby girl names before we knew the gender. :)

1. Bailee Rae Powell
2. Brooklynn Blue Powell
3. Katie Mae Powell
4. Kadence Adrienne Powell

Cynthia Tam says:

Carter June Powell

You get the other C and you reverse the name order of Johnny’s June so you have a strong gender ambiguous name for the first name and a very feminine name for the middle name.

If your baby girl turns out to want a more feminine sounding name she can choose to go by her middle name C. June Powell. You also have multiple nickname options (Carter-Carrie June-Junie or C.J.) and just as importantly the initials don’t spell anything and the letters don’t meld into each other so each name can clearly be enunciated.

Cindy says:

Kamaria was always my girl pick, but alas I had two boys. When I was pg with my first son, the nickname would’ve been Kami, but 15yrs later, when I was pg with my second son, I liked the nickname Maia. In my family middle names are family names, so you could come up with something of significance. BTW. Kamaria means “like moon”.

Anja says:

Vasilisa rose Powell

I’ve always thought that McKenna was such a pretty name for a girl. Especially since the nickname “Kenna” is cute. If you named her McKenna her name would start with an M, but just call her Kenna all the time and Cash wouldn’t feel left out haha but honestly I feel like as kids get older, they could care less if their siblings have names that start with a certain letter or something :)

Peter Mieris says:

i like to suggest the name Charlene Joy so there are 2 C- namesand may she bring joy to your lives, whatever name you choose i still want to congratulate with the new familymember

Sandy Hollis says:

I have always liked the name Hollis and then I became one in marriage.
Hollis Nichole Powell sounds nice!

claudia says:

Claudia :0)

Cindy Tudor says:

I love the name Faith Crystal Powell. I believe faith is what it takes to raise a family, especially girls when they get into their teenage years and are dealing with various emotions, hormones, etc. I also love the name because faith is what keeps a family strong. I chose the name Crystal as the middle name thinking Chris would enjoy having his name as part of her name, since she will probably be a daddy’s girl, at least initially. I have no doubt you and Chris will find a perfect-fitting name for your angel. God Bless you and your family.

Donna says:

hi Heidi yeah I think maybe it should start with C cause cash would probably feel left out but since you like the names of me Justin and people that sing stop how about Blake Shelton and name little girl Shelton Reversi I don’t know any little girl name Shelton its very beautiful name and then it will fit with all the other ideas that you and your husband have Chris I think might like that Shelton with the sea sounds very pretty for girl I think it’s gorgeous your friend Donna from New York god blesswhen I speak this tablet sometimes writes the wrong things what I want to say again Blake Shelton but change the first letter to SC cuz I know of other persons with the main Shelton and it starts with the C but no little girls and I think Shelton very beautiful name with the city so than cash in Shelton can start with C

Kailee says:

Omg I forgot Evelyn!! That’s my all time favorite.

Caitlyn says:

Caitlyn is a beautiful name beginning with C. It is the american twist on an Irish name that means Pure. If you are wanting it to flow well then Caitlyn Lily Powell, I think is beautiful. If this isnt what you are looking for good luck on your search!

Christine says:

Camdyn Briar Powell
It’s my girl name but I’ve only had boys and haven’t gotten to use it

Kailee says:

I love the name Meta (mayta) which means pearl. And I love Cora. I like that all of your names are 2 syllables! I’m not sure what you might want as a middle name. Not very good with those. But I think Ruth goes well with both names! Meta Ruth Powell? Cora Ruth Powell? Good luck!

Carisa Dixon Tate says:

Emmaline…personal fav. :-)

cathy says:

I love the name Teddy or Teddi. Theodora for long. Best of luck to you and your beautiful family!

Amanda O. says:

I always think meaning in names are fascinating. Are there any particular words or mantras that have specific meaning to you currently? I like the name Audrey Hope Powell. Audrey means “noble strength” and of course Hope means hope. It’s the message that you and Chris provide to the lives you touch, the hope that by harnessing our own “noble” strength, anything can be accomplished. By the meaning of her name, she would go through life, knowing that the power “to do” is first within her. It’s kind of cool. Happy baby name picking – I think it’s one of the most fun and important jobs of being a new parent. Congrats!

Rosanna Lindeman says:


Now here is something that growing up, I never thought I would do… CHERYL means “Cherished one” and while I wasn’t fond of my name as a child I always loved the derivative, CHERRI. Kids will ALWAYS find something to tease about a name (Cheryl Barrel was the most common for me), but Cherri Merry or even Berry isn’t such a bad thing!

I chose the spelling Cherri as it is the spelling of my oldest friend. Actually she prefers if I say, “her friend of longest duration,” which truly is more accurate! LOL We met at age 3, and are still good friends! You can use any spelling that appeals to you!

So here they are: CHERYL ANN POWEL, CHERYL LYN POWELL, (both can have nicknames of CHERRI or Cher if you want the musician vibe). Or just use CHERRI ANN POWELL or CHERRI LYN POWELL or CHER ANNETTE POWELL.

CARA LYN POWELL or CARA ANNE POWELL (I like the look of the e at the end here – Like Anne of Green Gables)


I do like the idea of another “H” name for your family.

HOPE MELISSA POWELL, HOPE AINE (pronounced Anya – it’s Irish) Powell, HOPE LEIA POWELL (Yes, that is like Princess Leia… what girl wouldn’t want a kickass princess name???)

Best of luck to both of you!

Monica says:

I love the name Savannah. This way, no one is left out, everyone is different! I like to use the middle name of someone in my family, so pick one of your moms names or aunt or best friend.

Susan Trevino says:

Matrix is a famous movie : ) Of course you don’t want to use Carrie or Christine since hey are scary Stephen King movies! I came across Carlin which means “little champion”. Your baby girl is destined to be a champion with such amazing parents! Carlin Marie Powell sounds nice…but you may have a family name you’d like to use. My daugter is named my maternal grandmother’s maiden name, Courtney and her paternal grandfather’s first name, Lee. It is a hard decision and this blog is a fun idea. Your three children have great names so whatever you choose, I’m sure it will be perfect.

Pam says:

Ambriel, Layla, Serria, Grace, Gayle, Chloe, Magdalen, Elisha, Winter Rayne (that’s the one picked out if I ever had a girl but never happened), Luna, Kavindra….or of coure PAM :)

Jackie Naudascher says:

I love the name charlotte aka charlie…..that was going to be my last childs name but i had a boy! Also love the name Scarlet Rose, and Skylar…SkY for short……also like the name Payton, Ava and you could always do a “C” for a middle name. Good Luck a Name will come to you and chris promise.

Samana says:

Joy…what a wonderful lifetime legacy to give to your child! :)

Roma says:

Chrissy Lane Powell

Aimee Robinson says:

Well I have always loved the name Brieanna Ann or Brieanna Marie for a little girl. I how ever got a boy so Quentin is what I have for him. It is also said that you will know what name is right for her when she is born and you first see her. Good luck andhappy snuggling when she arrives.

Janet Costanzo says:


Adrienne Merrill says:

Personally, I have wondered does a baby or child become the name or does the name become the child? I think if you can wait a bit till you see a baby’s personality it would be ideal but if you can’t here are some suggestions. As a girl myself with an androgenous full name I think those sometimes are cool but there are also very poetic names as well

Charlie Noelle Powell
Ava Madeline Powell
Kalea or spelled Khalia. – Khalia Joy Powell

Cathy says:

My favorite name for a girl has always been Amelia. It is timeless and elegent, yet exudes strength and confidence. It means “industrious leader”. I would go with Amelia Teresa Powell (Teresa after my sister’s best friend who just passed away – she was an amazing, amazing woman!!).

Sarah MacKenzie says:


Cathy says:


My boss had the last name of “Shay” & named his new daughter “Sara”. She was as beautiful as her name. I never forgot it, not for the past 40 years. If I would have been blessed with a daughter, I would have given her this name.

Characteristics: Princess, happy, soulful, high spiritual plane, intuitive, illumination, idealist, a dreamer.

Nichola says:

I think you should name your baby “Nichola”Pronounced Ni-co-la. This name is Italian. I came to the USA 16 years ago and pretty much every person that I have met, has never heard of this name. So this makes it Unique. Your other kids names are great, and I certainly don’t think that it needs to start with a C. Nichola means lovey…… happy, beautiful, caring, sensitive, forgiving, never gives up, works to their full potential, creative, but don’t mess with her cause she’ll will be you down. This too me sounds like the characteristics that you would like your daughter to have. Good luck on whatever you decide. Thanks for taking the time to read this, Nichola x

Finley Lee Powell or Elsa Lee Powell :) You could substitute ‘Lee’ for a family name of your own if you’d like.
I think these two names are both beautiful and Finley means ‘fair warrior’ which I just love!

Dawn Cook says:

Okay….How about MERITA for an “M”? CAILIN for a “C”? Merita is my first name and was my dad’s older sister’s name(she passed away at 18months. We carried the name on….don’t hear it that much. The Cailin, no reason, just liked it!! I thought that even calling a little girl CAI would be cute.
Either way, congrats to you and Chris(the kids too) on this new bundle of joy coming your way!

Teresa says:

I think if you use a C.. Carly LeighAnn Powell or another name Hattie Grace Powell…Ameila Hope Powell..

Tammy says:

I was unable to have a girl you are very blessed but it we did have a girl we would have named her Reagan its irish not sure of the meaning. You mentioned the boys were named after musicians but never stated how you arrived at the name Matix for you daughter, perhaps go the same route…??

Marie says:

Well, you have two that start with “M”, and Cash and Chris are your two “C” names. Soooo…..baby needs to start with “H”, to even it all out :)
I’m suggesting Heather Marie Powell. I pick my own name for the middle, because my birthday is in November as well (7th).

Cecilia De Villiers says:

I like the name Cecilia not because it is mine name as well but there are not many that has that name. IT is also a C and. She was also considered the saint of music. :)

Roma says:

Chrissi Marie Powell

sally rogers says:

Well, if you like ‘C’ and a musician, Carly (Simon)! :)

Wendi says:

Darly Tatiana Powell or…. Tatiana, means fairy princess… Darly and Marley would have a commonality in sound… but yet be different? =) Then everyone would be connected… yeah?!

Genevieve Marie Powell… she can have lots of fun nicknames… Jen, Jenny, Eve, Evie or Evie Marie…

Julie Yates says:

Autumn Rose is such a pretty name. I would have named my daughter this but it did not go with out last name :( everyone turned me down.
Oh well… good luck with the rest of your pregnancy

Leticia Rampazzo de Castro says:

Hi Heidi!!
Clarice is a good name for your baby girl, I have 3 boys and if I would have a girl, would be Clarice!
Good luck in your mission, it’s soo hard!!! :)

Maria says:

I suggest the name Carissa… it means the most beloved one.

Jennifer Bedner says:

Charlotte, but call her Charley! It is the “C” like Cash, ends in “ey” like Marley, and has no musician link, like Matix!

Starla says:

Violet…love the name

Emily says:

I’m having our baby girl next Friday if she doesn’t come sooner and Quincy is at the top of our list! Good luck!

Regina F says:


Allie says:

Aija. I heard this name today, it was a beautiful little Italian 3 year old and thought it was beautiful and unique. Say it out loud, if you can figure out how to pronounce it :)

jennifer says:

Charlotte. Starts with a C to keep it even. No musicians that I can think of. Not overly popular but not too unique. Its just beautiful.

Anisoara D. says:

Hello happy familly Powell,
I am mother of two lovely girls. The oldest one is Alina (3 yr old) and her name means “someone that will ease you up if you are sad”. I see that in other language’s means also noble, beautiful, bright and this is what they say about “People with this name tend to initiate events, to be leaders rather than followers, with powerful personalities. They tend to be focused on specific goals, experience a wealth of creative new ideas, and have the ability to implement these ideas with efficiency and determination. They tend to be courageous and sometimes aggressive. As unique, creative individuals, they tend to resent authority, and are sometimes stubborn, proud, and impatient.” .
The baby one is Mathilda (14 November she will be 1 year old) and her name means “Strong in war. Strength for battle” . “People with this name are excited by change, adventure, and excitement. They are dynamic, visionary and versatile, able to make constructive use of freedom. They fight being restricted by rules and conventions. They tend to be optomistic, energetic, intelligent, and to make friends easily. They may be changeable, restless, untidy, and rebellious.”

I wish you all the best! Enjoy the last weeks, is the greatest feeling for a women :)
You are a model for a lot of people (for me also), and thank God you exist.

Celina says:

I am in love with the name “Corinne” (with the “koh-RIHN” pronunciation, emphasis on second syllable. I hope to give a daughter that name, one day (possible as a middle name, right after “Audrey” as a first name, which was my grandmother’s name. Feel free to use either or both: “Audrey Corinne Powell” sounds nice, I think). Both are nice, classic, throwback names that I don’t believe drudge up images of old ladies. Finding that name sort of came about from not wanting to stick a child with a “filler” middle name, but still finding something that flowed nicely as a middle name. My middle name is “Marie”, which, along with “Anne”, I have seen a lot of as middle names. They’re not bad names, they’re just terribly common and “blah”.

I also very much like the name Hannah (or Hana, or Hanna, the latter being a short form of a recurring name in my family’s history, “Johanna”, which is pronounced with a “Y” sounds, because we’re Dutch).

Also, not to toot my own horn, just that I’ve been told I have a nice name, which I know isn’t terribly common (or recently invented), you can have “Celina”, which has a couple different meanings and origins. It has a “moon” meaning in Greek, I think, derived from “Selene”; the specific “Celina” spelling is also a short form of the Polish “Marcelina”. Other spellings include “Selina”, “Selena”, and I happen to know of one “Salena”. “Celine” or “Seline” would also flow nicely as a middle name, with a lot of popular 2 and 3 syllable girls names I know of.

Anyway, I hope that helps. Best wishes!

Roberta Russo (Italy) says:

Miryam Powell.

Barbi Hyatt says:

Savannah Nicole
Emma Lee
Kirsten Leigh

Lisa says:

My husband and I chose our daughter’s name from a TV show we both loved. We wanted a name you could not have a nickname or it be shortened. We went with LYLA MARIE and she is spunky and pretty blonde 3 year old : )

Kim says:

I like the idea of a “C” name to go with Cash. How about Camilla? It is unique like your other children’s names and you could always call her Cami for short. Camilla Grace Powell has a nice ring to it.

Jocelyn says:

If you’re looking for a unique name, I’ve always loved the Irish name Saorise, pronounced seer-sha. It means freedom – how cool is that?

Erin Saunders says:

I think your new baby should begin with H, my suggestion is “Hailey”. Two M names two C names and two H names!

Erin Saunders

Kylie says:

Callie Lane Powell (to keep with the m,m,c,c theme and because all your kids second letter in their name is “a” and it is made up of letters from everyone’s first names in your family)

Laney Christine Powell (after your maiden and Chris’s first name)

Camden April Powell (to go with cahs’s C name, a since all your kids 2nd letter in their name is a and April in honor of the month your dad was born)

Cammi Lane Powell (ca for cash (and Chris) double m for matix and marley and I to end in the same letter as your name ) :)

If I had had children and one was a little girl I would have chosen from one of these three names:
Gemma Jolene
Jolene Ethelynn
Carrissa LeeAnn

Good luck and congratulations. She will be daddy’s little princess for sure.

Heather says:

I have two boys and each time choose a girls name hoping to have a girls. It never happened but I always loved Sarah. It’s a strong, feminine name and a little old fashioned. My husband and I also liked Noell. We always got pregnant around Thanksgiving and Christmas is definitely a favorite time in our house. Whatever you choose let it be uniquely yours and be ment for your child. They are so precious and beautiful!

kelly harper says:

I like Heidi Christina! that way she can be named after both of you in a way, but you can call her by a nickname, like Tina. By the way, it’s not nice to post a pic of Chris with his shirt off holding a baby & then when we click you can’t see it. :)

Yoira Sanchez says:

I think a C name would be perfect….. my suggestion is Caryssa Lee Powell….any other one syllable middle name would go great! Good luck with your choice!

Angie says:

How about?… Caroline, Camden, Charlie, Cecilia, Cielo (means Sky in Spanish) or Consuelo

CaseyZ says:

What do you think of Jordan, Eve, or Regan?

Now with a middle name: Jordan Maria Powell,
Hayden Eve Powell, Regan Lane Powell

Sorry to add more to ponder ;)

Tiffany Coleman says:

If I ever had a girl, I wanted to name her Cholet. It is a pretty French name. Not common. However, my husband says no since our last name starts with a C. Not sure on a middle name, but Cholet Powell sounds pretty I think :-) Happy name hunting!

Karen says:

Congrats on baby #4! I agree that you should go with an “H” since you have two with “M” and two with “C.” This baby can share your “H” with you.
I like Harper Avan Powell
Harper for Harper Lee, author of “To Kill A Mockingbird” and Avan or Avyn, which I just made up because I like Ava but don’t think it sounds good with Harper. So, Harper Avan Powell. Initials would be HAP, like happy!

Karen says:

How about Willow? So pretty and an upside down M.

Kassie says:

Since you have 2 with M’s and only one with a C I’d go with a C this round! We are having a little girl named Karlie in January…. could always go Carlie! We also have a Kash but it’s with a K! We don’t have any significance in the first names but we use great grandparents’ names as middle names! Any name you choose will be perfect!!

Kerry says:

So my niece’s name is Jordan Mae after her great grandmothers so family names. So that is a great name or I’m Kerry Suzanne after the County Kerry in Ireland, you could spell it Cari so her and Cash will have the C or Megan Anne Powell just food for thought! Good Luck!

Petra Baski says:

Alisa, Alyssa, Rebecca

Candi Jarvinen says:

Brooklyn Riley Powell. These are 2 of my daughter’s names :)

Marla says:

Callie Rose
That name sounds like a little girl who is part princess,part rough and tumble.Someone who is fiercely independent,but also wants to climb up in Mommy and Daddy’s lap at the end of the day to get snuggles.She may be the smallest, but she will be mighty.

Shannon Rice says:

I think Ella Powell is a great name….it means fairy maiden…
Celina means always smiling….
Coralee!!! Just pretty and ifferent….BEST of luck to you!!!!

Joanne says:

Alyson, I love the nickname Ali
Dylan can be a girls name (as in Bob Dylan)
Congrats and good Luck!

Kelly C says:

Such a beautiful family. Here are a few suggestions.
Harper Grace Powell
Ivy-Kate Powell
Hadley Rose Powell

Erica Buros says:

Flynn Everleigh was my pick if we ever added another girl to our family but we are done with babies:) I also love the name Eden! My girls are Naia Skye and Mari (pronounced Mar-ee) Dawn… Good luck!

Charmaine says:

Here some ideas:
Sterling Shea Powell
Taylor Shea Powell

I think Lily is the most perfect girl’s name (named my 2nd daughter Lily). Other good ones: Charlotte or Malia (pronounced Mah-leeya)…one would match Cash’s name – the other, an “M” name!

Karen Richardson says:

I named my daughter after my grandfather and my sister. Her name is Raeleigh Nicole. My grandfather’s middle name was Ray and I have an aunt and uncle with Rae or Ray in their name. My middle name us Rae. I gave het my sister’s middle name. Then you could always put your other children’s names together like Catley.

Danielle Schlumpberger says:

My niece’s name is “Carlila Carrie” or CiCi for short. At first I wasn’t sure about the name since it is different but it has really grown on me! So I suggest “Carlila Carrie ( or Carlila Christine) Powell for your baby girl!! I am sure you and Chris will come up with a name that is perfect for her whatever you two choose!! Good luck!!

Shannon Lipely says:

Having two daughters of my own I can understand the importance of finding a name. My oldest who is 16 months old is Adelyne Marie. It has an old fashioned feel to the name which made me fall in love with the name Adelyne. Marie is a family middle name so naturally it had to be used :) My youngest daughter who is only 2 1/2 weeks old is named Sarah Ann. Sarah being a biblical name meaning princess just seemed to fit our newest little one. And Ann is another family name.
So hopefully you love one of these two names like I did. And congrats on your newest bundle of joy :)

Jennifer Christensen says:

I am so excited for your family. You have an amazing family and I love learning from you both. My husband and I had a little girl 2 months ago after 13 years and 3 boys. Her name is Finley and it was very difficult to decide on a name. One that was not too common or easily made fun of. I also thought about the names Willow, Kadence, Leighton and Torrence. All of which are beautiful. Sometimes you just have to wait until she is born and see what fits her best. Good luck!!!

Billie Jo Butt says:

Clearly I have an unfortunate name! It’s so hard to name a girl! I love Chloe, for the c for cash! I also love the name Veda… Good luck!

Connie Meyersburg says:

Twila= I love this name its unique, and I went to school with a girl by this name and she was such a beautiful girl, a twinkle in her eye, it was like the name twinkled.
Carma is another favorite of mine, not sure why, its just a neat name.

Amy Legge says:

I think it doesn’t matter if their name starts with the same letter, if they are named after a musician or after a star constellation. The names you have so far, are unique by themselves without having to be tied in relation to anyone or anything else. You pick the best name that you feel will fit with not only your personal tastes, but what will fit with the family name, how it flows, can it be shortened, if you’d want it to be, and one other thing I look at.. can it be made fun of (because let’s be honest.. kids are mean, and they look for anything to pick someone apart)

My choice would be Peyton Renee. Or Heather Raene (Rain). My middle name is Renee, and had hubby and I had kids of our own, we were going to use our own middle names as the kids middle name so that no family or friend could feel left out in any way. I love the name Peyton and have seen/heard it used for 2 actresses before. (Peyton Sawyer on One Tree Hill, and Peyton Kelly from the movie, “The Game Plan” with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson).

I’ve always liked the name Heather – it’s soft, pretty, gentle and comes from the English word for a variety of small shrubs with pink or white little flowers that commonly grow in rocky areas. You live in the Grand Canyon state – wink wink!

Raene is unique in it’s spelling, pretty, and also symbolizes nature, new growth, beauty, and peace (at least for me) It would go well with Heather because of what they both symbolize.

So, sorry for the novel here, but I hope you like these names! I’m very happy for both you and Chris and I wish you all the love and light in the world!


Marina says:

We named 5 little peppers. Kelsey Hope, was our first, and I pretty much let my husband choose. Christopher Richard, I always said I would have a son named Christopher, and my husband’s middle name. Sterling Hunter, who arrived 10 weeks early and I was totally sedated for 48 hours, my husband decided that the little nugget needed a strong name, so he chose. Gillian Faith, a spinning dervish of a girl, who suited her name just perfectly. Finally, Timothy Stuart arrived, all I can say is he looked like a Timmy. You will find the perfect name for your child, sometimes it takes looking at them before you know it, sometimes you have a feeling before hand. Trust yourselves, and don’t stress about it. Also, make it work with your last name, Polly Powell should probably be a no..If you’re going to do the C thing, how about Cameron Joy Powell?

Haley Roberts says:

Aubree Rose Powell
Allyson Renee Powell
Ansley Elizabeth Powell
Or since you have Cash which starts with a C like Chris you could do a H name for Heidi.
Haley Elizabeth Powell

Laura swain says:

Hey, I have just named my little girl Nancy, I named her after Nancy Sinatra as my nan had just passed away and she was a massive frank Sinatra fan so I just thought my nan would think if it was good enough for frank!!

Good luck with it all xxxx

Meghan Lloyd says:

Caylynn Elyse Powell :)

Angela says:

I believe that as long as you explain the unique way you come up with their unique name each child will love their naming story. I have 4 children also–2 boys and 2 girls with unique names. Try Cassidy?

Elizabeth Precht says:

Charlie Elizabeth Powell

I’m suggesting this because I have always thought that women with seemingly male names come across as strong. One of the most important things for women is to give them strong beginnings. Also, Kelly McGillis’s call sign in Top Gun is Charlie…and she was an instructor in a world and time where women were unheard of, plus, lets be fair, it’s my favorite movie. Elizabeth as a middle name because Elizabeth I was one of the most beloved leaders in England and embodied a strong but compassionate leadership style, especially after the horrors of Mary. Elizabeth II, being the current Queen of England, started her reign unexpectidly, and without any “grooming” because she was third in line for the thrown. Despite all this, she has grown to be one of the most beloved queens and shows great leadership capabilities to not only the nation, but to her family. Plus, Elizabeth is my name and that would just be too cool if you named your perfect warrior princess that!

rachel brooks says:

Melody might be a good first name. It starts with M and is musically linked. If you want a C musically liked go with Carrey. As in Mariah. She has really done quite a lot in her career while maintaining a decent reputation.

Kelley Seigler says:

I always said if I ever have a girl her name would be Irene Marie or Irene Daphne , congrats when the new Powell bundle comes <3

Karla says:

Aria Christina Powell

“As a female given name, Aria means ‘lioness’ in Hebrew, or ‘air’ in Italian. It also refers to “aria”, a self-contained piece for one voice usually, most commonly found in the context of opera.” Wikipedia

April W says:

I just named my baby girl Eulalie May. I don’t know any other Eulalies, but Poe wrote a poem about one and she is the mayor’s wife in The Music Man, so it’s not without culture :) We call her Lalie for short, and the name means “sweet words” or “well spoken.”

Good luck with the name and congrats on a girl–ruffle buns and bows are SO much fun :)

Claire says:

Sierra Rose Powell

Marla says:

1st Choice: Charlotte Elizabeth Powell
2nd Choice: Maya Renee Powell
3rd Choice: Grace Heidi Powell

Good Luck! After 2 boys, our daughter was almost named Abigail (Abbey) Joyce, but when we met her she looked more like a Kayla Anne.

Kelly Daily says:

Claire, Cassidy, Charlotte, Caroline,

Amber Edens says:

Hi Heidi my name is Amber and I love you guys! You are amazing and Chris inspires many people as well. However I love that you are giving all your fans a chance to give their ideas for your babygirl. As for me I am not going to pick my own name but I think Chasity June Powell is beautiful only because your baby boy is Willaim Cash. So thanks for taking time to read it!

Haylie Brown says:

chyler (pronounced like skyler)
kynsler rae
chloe lyean (my daughters name!) :)
madilynne ann
hailyn renee
Charlotte kae
hadley brynn

Amy Erickson says:

A few suggestions…
Ryanne Marie Powell
Gemma Rae Powell
Abigail Rose Powell
Carerra Asher Powell

Jamie Cotterell says:

It was hard to read through all of those, you have a tun of ideas! I don’t think this one was mentioned:


I’m not sure of a middle name, I always love to use family names. Maybe…

Harper Jane Powell?

Leigh Alison says:

Chloe Faith Powell, Chloe Grace Powell. Something like that. Go with a C name.. :)

Alexis MacKinnon says:


Vivienne says:

My daughters’ names are Tessa Jade, Kelly Nicole, and Asher Kaitlyn. Asher is probably the most unusual, it’s usually a boy’s name, but is pretty enough for a girl, and not too unusual to make it weird. Asher is a Hebrew name meaning happy and blessed. What more could you want, right? My name is Vivienne, which means lively, but Brangelina just named their daughter after me ;-) so you may not want to use that!

Kristina Youngblood says:

My husband and I were always very strong minded about what to name our kids and the importance of a good name, We wanted for our kids to have names that conveyed strength and intergrity as well as representing a small piece of who we are. When my first some was born we named him Darion RyeWolf Youngblood, after a guardian within my specific faith system, Then my second son was born Lucian Reign Youngblood which means Ruler of the light in Celtic. Then it came time for our daughter, this one we deliberated over for a long time. Ever since I was a child I wanted to name my daughter Serenity, this caused some controversy within our family with some concerns about teasing due to the unique nature of the name. We ended up deciding on something that would give her options as she grew Serenity Kayden Youngblood, as she grows if she has troubles with Serenity she can also go by Ren, Kay, Kayden or also she can use her initials and go by Sky, all of which I would be happy with because in the end she will always be my Serenity. Now when ever people see our children and hear their names they are not only impressed but immediately fall in love with them. Hope my story helps

Krista says:

I love the name Kaiya (there are multiple different ways you can spell it – In Finland, it is spelled Kaija and means “pure” or “life”). Or if you want it to start with a “C”, the name Cai is nice. I also thought the name Pippa went well the the Powell last name.

So my suggestions are:
Kaiya Powell
Cai Powell
Pippa Powell

As for a middle name, I think that should be something special to you guys :)

Rachel Horne says:

Madelyn Grace. It’s my daughter’s name, and its meaning is beautiful. Also, when I yell it, it flows really well. :)

Donna Bisaillon says:

Hi Heidi,
I think you should go with a C name. My daughter’s name is Cassandra, however I think you should name her Cady ? Powell. Maybe Rose, Lee or Ann as a middle name. Good luck on the name!!!

Wendy Powell says:

Keep the “M” theme going with the girl. Who know God may bless you with another one and the next one might be a boy. Besides as you know…Daddy is Chris, so there you go with the other “C” How about the name Madysen (Surname derived from Matthew ‘gift of God’ or from Matilda ‘strong fighter). We too our the Powell Pack. We are blessed with one son…his name is Noah Daniel which means “walk with God” and “Godis my Leader”. Good luck and God bless the other Powell Pack!

Rachel says:

I always loves the names Addison & Arabella, but some good names are Calynn, Bellatrix, Ariana, Calista,Charity, Sutton, Thalia. Hope that helps!

Missy Manning says:

Chyna Lynn Powell, After all she will look like a China Doll, but strong like a Ninja! I’m just saying!

Kathy Domash says:

I love the name – Chloe Grace – I wish i could have another daughter so I could name her that.

Deb says:

I like the names Christina or Hannah.

Natalie says:

Autumn Grace Powell. <3

Simone says:

Stevie Willow Powell

Kim Rogers says:

My brother is a Powell and has two girls. Grace Elizabeth Powell and Madeline Rose Powell. My daughter is Emma Katherine and that would go nicely with Powell.

Lynn Hoerres says:

I love the idea of you having two M names and two C names!! And if you go that route, clearly Christina named after your precious hubby would fit! ;-)He’s such an inspiration to so many…why not name your daughter after him. Christina Heidi…after two awesome people/parents! (Although, given the unique names of your other kids, maybe it’s too mainstream???)My daughter is MICHAELYN…named after a girl I went to school with…I loved the name…just happened to marry a Mike…so people think it’s our two names combined. My last daughter is Kira…named after Kyra Sedgewick…I had to change the spelling because everyone mispronounced it. I suggested it to my husband when we couldn’t figure out a name and I was weeks away from giving birth…I did it as a joke because he usually likes traditional names like Rachael and Rebecca…but he FELL IN LOVE with that name…so we named her that! Maybe you two just need to throw names at each other and if one loves it, go with it…it’ll grow on the other person…that’s what happened with us…I didn’t really like the name Kira…now I LOVE it! Good luck!!

Simone says:


All the best! Your family are an amazing inspiration!

Nancy Davenport says:

Caylee, Caleigh, Caley Tyler Powell. As for the middle name…you have 1 country name – Cash, 1 reggae name – Marley, now a rock name? – Tyler! (or Jett or Joplin!) Congratulations and good luck on the name game!

Emily says:

Haley for the first name and Emily for her middle name. Haley because it starts with H and then you will have 2 Ms, 2 Cs, and 2 Hs and Emily because that’d my name and I love my name!

Isabelle says:

Charlotte, Cecile, Amelia?

shellie says:

I to am blessed with two boys and two girls!I was hesitant to name my daughter Noreen nickname Nora. I thought it was an old lady name. she is now 4 almost 5 and I have never called her Nora! She was born at Arrowhead Hospital in Glendale in 2009 she had the most feminine name in the nursery, everyone was naming their kids unisex names. Everyone who see’s her says what a beautiful name!

Sandy Wilcoxson says:

Kaydentze Briley Lailah Powell That is my granddaughters name and yes she thinks she is a princess. We sometimes call her Kaydabri! I gave her the middle name Briley.

Kristina youngblood says:

My husband and I were always very sure of making sure that our kids had strong striking names, that represented a piece of who we are. When our first son came along we named his Darion RyeWolf Youngblood after a guardian from my personal religion, then came our second son Lucian Reign Youngblood, meaning ruler of the light in celtic. Then it came time for our littlw girl, ever since I was a child I wanted a girl named Serenity but my family was concerned about the unique nature of the name so we brained stormed ways we could name her what I wanted and still give her options in case teasing became an issue. We settled on Serenity Kayden Youngblood, this way if she wanted she could go by Ren or Kay or Kayden or by her initials Sky. We felt it was a happy compromise and now everyone is always amazed with our children and there names.

Whitney says:

I think kids become their names so don’t be too worried about it. My daughters are Harper (before the Beckhams) and Tatum. So naturally I like both of those but some other girl names I like are Audrey, Rory, Laney, Leni. Best of luck to finding the perfect name. Maybe you will have to see her first to know what her name will be?

Sarah Parks says:

My suggestion is Adelaide. My daughter is named Adelaide after her great grandmother. It is a name of strength and beauty. Two things that my daughter embodies. I struggled with PPD after her birth and continue to have trouble today but I know when I hear her name I am inspired to work hard to make her proud.

abby says:

I love Caroline Mae Powell…like sweet caroline… still a musical tie but not the artist. I also love using charlie as a girl name but dressing it up with a spelling like Charleigh Mae Powell. I do also love the fact that you have 2 m’s and 2 c’s so you need another H like Halley Mae Powell or Harper Mae Powell or Hattie Mae Powell

Lana says:

Lana Kay Powell has a nice ring to it too, Lol. I’m named after Lana Turner.

Melissa Harrelson says:


Vanessa says:

My daughter has suggested Lillian which is a very beautiful name; however, I would suggest Veda (which is my daughters name) The “e” makes a long “a” sound. Some people would spell it Vada because of the way you say it. Good luck and congrats!

Lana says:

my middle name is Kay and my ex’s middle name is Lee….so we combined and named our daughter Kaylee Nicole

Mel says:

I have 2 boys and I am not having anymore children, but if I had a girl her name would’ve been 1 of 2 names: Maeve (my husband is from Ireland and this is a Gaelic name. It’s pronounced Mayv). And, I love classical names that are very rarely used these days, so my other choice would be Evalyn which you could call her Evie for short. I wish you and Chris the best of luck. You guys are the best!!

Heather Zaragoza says:

I love the name Cadence

Janet Miller Buchanan, I don’t know if you’ll see this or not, but my name is Adrienne Lee Rubinkowski (Lee was my Mom’s name), and I am proud to carry on this name for your still-born daughter, even though I hated “Adrienne” while growing up, because NO ONE ever spelled it correctly, or pronounced it correctly (I was, and am, Andrea to dozens and dozens of people, to this day), and when it was misspelled (usually as “Adrian”), then people thought I was male…

May God Bless you, and your Adrienne Lee.

Stephanie says:

Chayla (Shay-la) is one I just heard and thought was unique but not weird unique. :) I also like Charlotte or Penelope (Penny for short). :)

Heather Zaragoza says:

I love the name Cadenc

Lana says:

Cayla Grace Powell
Makayla Grace Powell

melissis vales says:

I love you guys. My daughters name is Layla Larie and I would be honored if you picked it and she was born Nov 5 2011.

Ashley Lamphere says:

I love Hadley, Harlow or Hudsyn! You have 2 “M”s, 2 “C”s, and only 1 “H”!

Jessica Grace says:

I think the idea of balancing it out with 2 M’s,2 C’s and 2 H’s is great.
Hunter Joy
Hunter Rose
Hunter Faith
Harper Joy
Harper Rose
Haley Rose
Haley Jane

Coral Wiley says:

My parents named me Coral. I absolutely love my name. It is unique and I get compliments on it almost everyday of my life. It is a wonderful feeling to always be told your name is beautiful.

I suggest Coral. It starts with a “C” so her and Cash can be the “C” kids.

Tanisha WhiteEagle says:

Xaeleigh (zay-lee) Elizabeth Powell
Jayzlyn Michelle Powell
Aubrey Diamond Powell
Mystery Anne Powell
Lyric Richelle Powell
A’Leigha (uh-lee-uh) Rose Powell
Cylah (ky-luh) Mae powell

Kendall says:

Hey Heidi!
I would like to suggest my name Kendall. It is very unique and I have only met a few people with the same name. My middle name is Nicole. So it could be Kendall Nicole Powell. Good luck picking a name!

deveaux says:


félicitation aux parents alors pour moi sa serai Gwenaëlle

un prénom breton

Kristen says:


Pronunciation: kah-tah-LAY-ah (key)

Means Orchid in South America

Mandy Sperrey says:

I’m sure whatever you pick out will be perfect. I happen to be partial to my girl’s names. My eldest daughter’s name is Adia (pronounced A Dee Ah). It’s Swahili for “the gift” and she was named after a Sara McLachlan song. My youngest daughter is named Kharma because she is my miracle child and was just meant to be. She’s my good karma. We haven’t met anyone else with either of their names, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind sharing.

Brenda says:

I adore the name Charlotte and call Her Charley. Or perhaps just Charley. I also love the name Stella and Penelope. Good luck, it’s a hard call!

Ashley says:

First names:
Ciera (kheer-a)

Lynn says:

First let me commend you for being so incredibly brave to put yourselves out there like this and open yourselves up to criticism, scrutiny and well – probably some crazy people and suggestions :) With names like Matix, Marley and Cash, I highly doubt you will be opting for names like Mary or Ann. But don’t get me wrong, I like original and unique names but you make a good point when you say this individual has to live with that name for at least 18 years. With that said, I do like Cash. I live in Atlanta and it’s a pretty popular(southern)name; I also like Matix, however, I never seen it spelled that way, traditional spelling is Maddox. And as for Marley, sorry guys, love you to death but that is a dog’s name :( So onto the matter at hand which is name selection. My personal favorites are Morgan and Simone – but my suggestions for you are – Hayden, Sidney, Caydence, Kensey, Rylie and Charlotte (call her Charlie) I see someone suggested “Cade”. My cousin named her “son” that so I’m not so sure about that. Best of luck in bringing your little bundle of joy into the world. Love you guys!

Victoria Kidd says:

I think that her name should be Katalina….I like the sounds of it, and I don’t know to many people with that type of name….so it might be a good idea

Dawn Occhipinti says:

How about SAMANTHA ELIZABETH POWELL. I gave both my kids long formal names that sound nice when shortened. I personally like the sound of Sam or Sammi. Just something to think about.

Tia Stokes says:

I love the names Margo and Quincy for a girl, but could never get my husband on board. Daphne was also a front runner for us with the most recent pregnancy (we just had our third boy).

Rachel says:

Ok I just saw that three other people posted the name caelynn so even though I like I I thought I would suggest a more original first name. Here goes a few I haven’t read :
Colette Alexander(Alexandria) Powell
Channing Alexander Powell

troy thorpe says:

Name her Leeland

Stéphanie Vallée says:

Alicia Rose Powell :)

I wrote that a half hour ago but somehow it didn’t make it to your wall!!

Kathy says:

Cristina Marie, Chellene Madison, Charlene (Charley) Rose….I would suggest pick a few when you meet her you will know

Shawna says:

Brooke-Lynn Powell

Jessica Coole Crehan says:

Power with a touch of feminism: Harper Grace Powell
Feminine and Smart: Hannah May Powell
Trendy: Avery Rose Powell

Dawn Veenstra says:

Avery is a beautiful name for a girl. :)

Sara says:

Choosing a “C” name will give nice balance to the other children’s names
Camryn Rae Powell
Cassidy Reid Powell
Catelyn Jo Powell
Good luck!!!

Tiffany K. says:

You have Chris and Cash, Matix and Marley, so it only makes since to have Heidi and Harly. Full name could be Harly Olivia Powell – H.O.P. This would give her two names she can change at will, and who can make fun of any Harly.
The reason I like the name Harly. She was the name of my best friends youngest girl. June of this year all three of her kids where in a car accident, only the oldest lived. My best friend had to lay to rest Sky and Harly, both under the age of 10, the two where best pals and always had a smile on their face.

Lily says:

We have strict guidelines for our kids too. What about Capri, or Paisley if you want the music theme??

Jill Colbert says:

I adore the name Brynleigh for a girl.
Brynleigh Raye Powell

Guna says:

Well these might not be the winning choices but Dante :) could go closer to the matrix world :) Dante even a male character does represent strong belief in right thing and is capable to fight for it.

if not ->
Carla — Portuguese name meaning “one who possesses strength”
Kano — Japanese name meaning “one’s power; capability”


Sandra van Balen says:

Michelle cathy powell

Janette says:

I know exactly what you are going through but I had twins and wanted them to be uniquely individual. I had a boy and girl and knew I would name my son Michael Francis…but my daughter was a different story. I struggled on what to name her. I knew in my heart she would be unique and different from others and I wanted to give her a name to match what my heart told me. I had many sleepless nights and finally got up one night frustrated and was watching TCM where the first female name that popped up was CYNARA. So my daughter’s name is very unique and no one in the area has the name. Her name is Cynara Marie. Although most people want to change the pronunciation of the name she is old enough to correct them. (Sin-AIR-Ah) With my daughter’s name there is a poem with the name Cynara which is the poem Margaret Mitchell got the title of her book “Gone With The Wind”. My daughter loves her name. Good luck with your choice.

Oh and to go with Ciedi…I think Ceidi Lynn Powell sounds poetic.

Alyssa says:

I think she looks like a Cassidie. A pretty name for a pretty girl.

Lisa LaGrant says:

I reread you post and if you do decide on a C name I met the cutest little girl Charlotte the other day and I just fell in love with that name… maybe because she was so cute or maybe it reminded me of one of my all time favorite children’s stories… so my c name suggestion is Charlotte Rose Powell. :)

What about Ceidi? Pronounced like Ca-dee (like Katie with a D sound instead of T) Its a combination of Chris and Hiedi. :)Just for the record I think kids make far less of things then parents do. Unless they hear you talking, Matrix will never think about why his name is not that of a musicians. Cash will not wonder why he is the only C. I think kids just like to hear the story of how they were named and feel like its special and just for them. Good luck and congratulations!!!

Tonya says:

I like the idea of a “C” name to go with Cash. But not a musician to leave out Matix. I am done having children so I can give up my gems I saved. If my son, Mason, was a girl he would have been Cayden Rose (which I think goes nicely with Powell). Really I need to know everyone’s middle name and both your Grandmother’s names to properly name this girl. I am very sentimental and love incorporating family into everything. Runners up are: Coral Marie, Cora Michelle, Camilla, Chloe Jane, Charlotte (and go by Charlie), Cade, Cadence. I do like the idea of going with “H” too, to go with you- Harley Grace, Hadley or Harper Rose, Haven or Heaven. And lastly, I am from Colorado and you were in Colorado during your pregnancy. It was also near the time of the floods, maybe something reminiscent of that. Like: Aspen, River, Brook, Autumn, August, Summer, Terra.
Congrats and good luck! So excited to see your family grow together!

Sarah says:

Hope Elizabeth Powell.

Sweetie, I think you and Chris should just sit down, make a list of names YOU like, and WHY you like them (best friend growing up, favorite Aunt, whatever the case), and pick the combo that “feels” the best to both of you. Of course, you need to do the “initials test” to make sure she doesn’t end up with something offensive or guaranteed to get her picked on in school for the rest of her life, but beyond that… Then, you tell her the story of why she’s named as she is, and it becomes its own piece of family lore. You might want to chose two or three combinations, and then see which fits her best when you meet her! :-)

That said, personally, as a person with a legitimate, not-made-up name that no one could EVER spell correctly, with a last name that made it even more impossible, I am a HUGE fan of not making up creative spellings for otherwise “normal” names.

God Bless you all.

Netasha says:

Best wishes :)

Osceola says:

A name that you don’t hear much is Coral. BUT change the spelling to Koryl. The name is a beautiful name, and would fit your beautiful family.

Here is the meaning of Coral: Coral \c(o)-ral\ as a girl’s name is pronounced KOR-ul. It is of Latin origin. From “corallium”, the Latin word for the semiprecious natural sea growth, often deep pink to red in color. In Hebrew, the word means “fate, destiny, luck”. Late 19th-century coinage. Actress Coral Browne.

Read more at http://www.thinkbabynames.com/meaning/0/Coral#8KQU86P8zsYcquxI.99

Sheri says:

Cadee Maeve Powell

Cadee to go with Cash and Maeve to go with Marley and Matrix. She will be the one to link the siblings together : )

Congratulations to you both!!

Svetlana Rapaic says:

Katarina Tina Powell! All best to you, your baby and your family

Nancy Leon says:

Congratulations, what could be better than two of each!! How about Savannah and call her Savi for short. This is the name of a character on the show Mistresses and the name especially nick name has really stuck with me, kind of cute and sassy.

I envision a unique name for your little girl, but not something too outrageous. What about Hadley, Carly or Fiona?

Melissa Foglia says:

I think Caydence Powell is a beautiful name… Good luck and best wishes to your entire family

ASLPortland says:

I love the name Sahlie: It has a Pacific Northwest origin. Sahalie is a Chinook word meaning “heaven” or “sky” – “a high place” Sahalie Falls is a waterfall near the headwaters of the McKenzie River in Oregon. There is a sweet Ocean spot north of Pacific City down Sahalie street.
I always thought it was pronounced Sa-HOLLY. The Web says Sa-Hailey. Either is beautiful and gives the parents a pronunciation choice and a nickname choice, too. If I had had a second daughter, I would have chosen this. My only daughter is Sarah. I wouldn’t have done it for two S’s, but it flows and (personally), when I see this name all the Pacific NW images rugh to me and give me a smile. My 2 cents.

Dawn says:

Carrie Kay Powell, Carman Kay Powell, Casity Belle Powell, Casity Wren Powell, Casity Rain Powell, Cat May Powell, :)alright already this must stop…hahaha!I could do this all day…lol!

Beverly says:

If my twins weren’t both boys (Bradford and Fletcher).

The girl names would have been Charlotte Rayne (Charli for short), and the other name was Emmerson Grace.

Our other daughter is Madelyn Sky. Our son is Parker Lewis.

Congrats and best wishes to the family.

Paige Bearden says:

Okay, here is another idea for her name: Callie Nicole Powell. Callie is a girl’s name of Greek origin meaning beautiful or lovely; the name is derived from the Greek word kallos which was first created as a nickname for the Greek-derived Calpurnia and Calandra. Other variant forms of the name include: Calley, Callee, Calee, Cahlie and Calina. Nicole is a name that is often given to children of the female gender and it means people of victory.

Lisa LaGrant says:

Girl names are so much fun. So many great names to choose from. It’s “cool” to have a different and unique name when your a girl more so than a boy. When I had my son the girl name we had chosen was Faith Isabelle. Faith for obvious reasons to remind us to have faith and it is also a family name and Isabelle because I like Belle as a nickname. My daughter’s name is Kyleen Yolanda. Yolanda was a family name and we call her Kyle for short. I really like nicknames and family names. I also like the name Hope Elizabeth. But my all time favorite name is Kira pronounced Kee rah Kira Lynn. Another favorite is Lily Ann. Now that has a nice ring to it Lily Ann Powell. I love flower names… lily rose dahlia etc. Hope this was helpful.

Kellie Stang says:

Caitlyn Iris-Shay Powell
Caitlyn for the girl I never had
Iris-shay (letters from the Powell family’s first names

Amanda McPherson says:

I think your forgetting the fact that all three names are unique and they should feel special about their individuality. My daughters name is Shyla and I have only ever meet one other Shyla in my life after my daughter was born and she was in her 60′s!

Martina Powell says:

As a fellow Powell, I suggest my first name, Martina. Good luck and thank you for what you do.

MJ says:

Cayleafa= Cay means a small island made of sand and coral reef (which is beautiful to look at)and with Leaf which can pertain “new life” or “turning over a new leaf” Nicknames such as Caylea, Lea (lee) or Lea (laya)
Coraleah= Coral has a couple of meanings but one is “several colors similar to that of a gem with Leah which can mean “delicate” and is also Hebrew/biblical and very positive Put them together and you have a “delicate gem” and Nickname: Leah
Middle names: May(my mother’s twin sister’s name) or Mary (part of my name and my mother’s name who meant the world to me)
The best to you and your family! Congratulations!

Megancox says:

Hey heidi!
First of all I would like to say that everything you and Chris do is amazing! You have changed so many lives and are a great inspiration for everyone
But as for the name, you could’ve always go with Carly rae, haha. It starts with “C” and it has the famous person aspect.
However, if you wanted to go with a different name I doubt your baby girl will mind, I always liked the name Emma and that could also be paired with Rae. Emma Rae, then she could have her own unique name. Emma Rae Powell :)
Well, good luck with everything! :)

Amy Toppins says:

Emma Skye(Sky)

lizzette armendariz says:

Chole christine

joyce kyle says:

Monica Ann Powell, Lillian Marie Powell, Madison Anna Powell, Mary Elizabeth Powell, Beth Ann Powell, Donna Jo Powell, Phyllis Anne Powell, Emily Anne Powell

Aurélie Vallée says:

Rosa-Lee Jane Powell ;)

Theresa Bentley says:

I think you should name her Nicolette. It is my daughters name and she is the most precious baby girl ever, even tho she is now 31.
It’s sweet, yet professional and one of a kind.
God bless your family during this wonderful time in your life!! : )

Jennifer Burch says:

Margeaux Camden Powell…there done. I win!

Latesha says:

Hello Heidi, How about these :

Jadyn – pronounced Jayden ( this is my daughters name )


Christy says:

Hannah Grace Powell
Ava Belle Powell
Victoria Ivy Powell
Sophia Grace Powell
Amelia Lynn Powell

I could go on! I just love putting together names :) so pretty!

lori says:

Brooke or Isabella are both beautiful names also Madeleine ??

Raelene says:

Cienna Rae Powell (I personally like to use family names for the middle name so it has a little more meaning, I’d throw in your middle name, a variation of your maiden name possibly or grandmothers name that sounds good with Cienna.)

Heather says:

Cadance, Corrina, Catherine, Ceina, Courtney, Chrissa, Christina, Casey, Cassey, Cidnee,Casatiy, good luck cant wait to find out her name but for sure a C name

Catherine says:

Catherine like me ! And with the french pronounciation ^^

(I’m french ^^)

Lots of love for your family!

sylvie says:

Lara is nice (my daughter’s name!)

Beth says:

i think you should name her Trinity.. Matrix is kinda from the movie the matrix and Trinity is from the movie the Matrix.. i love the name and i always wanted to name my first born that name!!

Blake Odom says:

My suggestions is Ellie. This is not an M name so it doesn’t make Cash feel alone with the only none M name. It pairs with Matrix since Marley and Cash have a pairing, Ellie is an older Keanu Reeves movie title So you have a connection! I sort of like Ellie

Danielle Rice says:

Cambria [as a girl's name is pronounced KAM-bree-ah. It is of Latin and Welsh origin, and the meaning is "the people". Geography name: the Latin form of Cymru, the Welsh name for Wales]
That’s my favorite girl’s name. :)

Clare Flynn says:

Ciara and Caitlin as well as Catherine are all lovely Irish names, I am an Aussie with an Irish mum and I too have an Irish name, Clare, spelt without an “i” after County Clare. Ciara is lovely, pronounced “ki – ara”, a lovely addition for Cash to have a little sister. All the best.

Dawn says:

When you hear the name you will probably just know in your heart that its the “one” i did so say each name out loud to baby bump:)..started calling baby Maddy not sure if she would end up matty…went with Madison Noel Drew:)I have a Ryan Christopher, a Noah Clayton and a Dominic Evan:)Have fun and enjoy the process:)

Chelsey-Diane says:

Hi i didnt see a Chelsey so i would suggest my name as a girl name to keep the C. Lol or something like alice or Daphne

Chris Thomsen says:

Cameron Christine Powell

Lauren vetkos says:

I think you should go with C! How about Camdyn?

Leola says:

Ariel~Lioness of God

Athena~Goddess of Love

Maria says:

Luna. It means moon in Spanish, I just love it.

Shannon says:

I can appreciate the difficulty of picking a name!! We didn’t have a name for our daughter until it was about 3 weeks til her due date!! I also had a lot of guidelines like you!! I’ve noticed that your kids’ names are all pretty unique with a modern twist. A couple names that fit that, and are adorable for girls are Chase and Chandler. They start with c’s and I don’t think are the names of any musicians lol. Good luck to you guys!! :)

Alex says:

Kedzie Powell – done and done

Dawn says:

Drew sydnie Powell,Drew Abigail Powell, Drew Sadie Powell, Drew Rain Powell. Rain amilia Powell, Drew Love Powell, Rain Love Powell, Drew Poppy Powell, poppy Rain Powell…sorry giving you to many to choose from…lol

Rachel says:

I like the idea of a “C” name. I also like the idea of having a pretty name three other girls in her class are NOT going to have. For the middle name I like a strong sounding woman’s name.
Here is my suggestions for the new baby’s name:

Caelynn Alexander Powell

Shari says:

My suggestion is Faith. If she was a boy she would of been Cash.
It is beautiful Strong and a little country (Faith Hill)

Nikki says:

If you decide to go with a C name, Cadence is pretty. And, given its meaning, it goes well with the musical names while also not excluding the non-musical name.

Al says:

Lilly or Penny or Delilah.

Lillian Powell.

Liz Robinson says:

I like Elizabeth :)

Sally J. says:

Hi Heidi, I’m expecting a girl in October. I’m a German girl living in Norway and I’m married to a Norwegian. I actually had the Name for my first baby girl decided when I was 18 years. Now 10 years later she is no the way and my husband didn’t have much of a choice. What I like about my Name (Sally Jana) is that you can’t tell where I’m from. I noticed that my Name makes people courious about me and getting to know me and that’s what I want for my girl. I want a Name that can be pronounced in every country. Who knows, maybe she wants to travel the world. But at the same time I want her Name to be special, without being crazy. So i chose Milen or Milena. (Pronounced the European way like Elaine with an M in front – Melaine / Melaina. It sounds as soft as Mandy, but it got the exotic twist. Originally the Name comes from Eastern Europe and it means “warm-hearted” :) The short form is Mila. Like Mila Kunis. Mila Kunis’ name is actually Milena Kunis. And my little girl will be just as gorgeous. To be nice and involve my husband, he got to choose between Milen and Milena and we will have a little Milena :) The Name is not typical for Germans or Norwegians, but easy to say in both countries. I chose the Name for the meaning and sound, not a celebrity or nationality. I want the name to be as nutral as possible so that Milena can create her own identity and chose what traditions she wants to addapt to her life, but at the same time be special and the only one in school with that Name :)

Anyway, wish you all the best and god luck with finding a Name :)

Corinne Dulude says:

Corinne Angel Powell !!

Candy Wilson says:

Candace Louise Powell
Candace means “Brilliantly white, glittering white” suggesting that she will stand out with beauty and glow with her beauty, talent, and spirit to the world
Louise means “famous warrior” suggesting she will be strong, always striving to be the best she can be and face anything that comes in her path, no matter what it is.

Clare Flynn says:

As an Australian with an Irish m

Gloria Rivera says:

I love the name Phoenix or Summer.

Sterling Wood says:

Since your kids all have unusual names I would stay with that as a theme.

I am willing to share my name: Sterling Paige, in 39 years I have only come across 4 others (male) with the same Sterling. I am also willing to share my daughter’s name: Amelia Grace.
As for a last name Powell seems to work best. :)
Good luck!!

Holly says:

Here’s the names I suggest. Hope it helps! No matter what you guys pick, it will be perfect! Good luck!!

Melanie Calkins says:

Anniston Grace Powell

Kiley says:

I personally love the name Millie for a little girl. Millie Powell (adorable) but I would personally go with a “c” name for her. :) enjoy the naming process- whatever you guys pick will be perfect, and with you and Chris as parents and 3 siblings- no one will have a chance to bully her.

Amy Blakewood says:

I would be honored if you were to pick the name that I was going to name my 1st daughter but sadly I lost her 3 months into my pregnancy in my early 20′s.Her name would have been Summer Raine (Powell.)

Pamala Galka says:

Isabella Hope Marie
Emma Maxine
Samantha Marie
Caroline Elizabeth
Katherine Zoey

Jacqueline says:

what about a combination of first and middle names following your mothers or grandmothers names or maybe someone who has had a major impact on your life. Meghan or Madeline Christina for M and C, Or Christina Marie if you want to reverse it.

Alexandria says:

Ok so you have
Heidi&new baby name with a H
It evens out all letters
2 of each
So H names could be:

if you name the girls with M names and boys with C, then that way if you have any more boys, Cash isn’t left out.
Some M names could be:
Mackenzie (Mack) for short

I really am into unique spellings of names and I see you are too with Matix, which is genius

But anyways those are a few of my ideas
And never let anyone talk you out of a name. I loved Hayden for my son but no one else in my family did so I went with Zachary. I worry all the time if I picked the right one. Just pick something that YOU love and has meaning to you and Chris.

Julie Hordichuk says:

Claire Powell – short, strong, cute for a little girl but has jazz as she grows

Stéphanie Vallée says:

Alicia Rose Powell :)

Nohemi McGar says:

Elenor Jane Powell
Cristal Marie Powell
Marie Clare Powell
Gabriella Marie Powell
Madison Jane Powell
Camila Mercedes Powell

Adrienne Hayes says:


Beth Edberg says:

I love the C name Caydence.