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Day 17: I’m Thankful for 4 Hours of Sleep

POSTED ON November 21, 2013

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Ruby Lane Powell

I’m thankful for the 4 hours of sleep I got bundled together last night. This might sound like I’m being facetious, but I assure you that I am not. With so little sleep over the last week, 4 hours was a total dream last night :).

Thank you, Baby Ruby, for sleeping a little longer than usual last night. xoxo

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Day 10: I am Thankful for My Health

POSTED ON November 15, 2013

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I am so thankful for my health. This post could go on forever, but I’ll keep it simple. I am grateful for the body I’ve been given that loves to move, lift, jump, climb, run, handstand, and burpee.

I am thankful for the knowledge I have to keep my body healthy. Without this, I would be lost. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share this knowledge with whoever will listen, in hopes of creating many more happy and healthy bodies around the world.

I am so appreciative of the machine I call my body, and so amazed at the potential the human body has.

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Day 9: Today I am Thankful for…

POSTED ON November 14, 2013

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My bed.

Maybe because I was so darn tired last night when I went to sleep, but gosh…it felt the most comfortable bed in the entire world. And it seems to every night. It’s nothing fancy, believe me. But it is my bed – and was such a heavenly spot that I did not want to leave this morning when the alarm went off ☺.

Day 9-My bed

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Day 8: Thank You, Oh Thank You…For Costco

POSTED ON November 13, 2013

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Costco – yes…today I am grateful for Costco ☺. I never knew what it was about this place that drew people in – almost magically – to spend way too many hours, way too much money, on way too many bars of soap, Sonicare heads, and rolls of toilet paper ☺.

Yesterday, I was initiated. And I’m a member for life. Oh my goodness…it took Chris and me 30 minutes to get past the first 2 aisles because we saw a “need” for just about everything we passed! Scary…but we withheld…for a while at least ☺.

The foods there…goodness gracious. Too much for a pregnant woman to handle. We had to pass the baked goods quickly to find some really amazingly priced (and high quality!) lean meats and fresh produce! SO much of it – which is perfect for Thanksgiving ☺

This place. How could I have been missing out on this for so long? I also saw you can buy diapers in bulk for super cheap there! I only had one cart today, so diapers will have to wait until my next visit.

The trick, I see, is to get out of there without breaking your budget on the abundance of great deals you don’t want to pass up!

I. Love. Costco.

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Day 8: I’m Thankful for My 3 Brothers

POSTED ON November 12, 2013

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My brothers - Gmo, Darryn and Denver

My brothers – G-mo, Darryn and Denver

Another day of gratitude :). Believe it or not, this is getting harder and harder to write each day. There are so many things to be grateful for, I have a hard time choosing each day. I feel like these posts might need to go on for life, just to express all that I am thankful for.

How can I not acknowledge the three boys that gave me thick skin? :) G-mo (yes, pronounced GeeMo), Darryn, and Denver are, without a doubt, the best brothers this world has ever seen. I smile, laugh, and cry as I type this (and cringe…I know I’ll get some kind of crap from them for being so mushy ;)).

These boys taught me to never take myself so darn seriously. They taught me to laugh at myself when others (or they) laugh at me. They taught me that blood is thicker than water. Some friends can come and go…family is there for life. They taught me that we can fight like cats and dogs one second, but we’re all hugs and high fives the next. Nothing will ever change how much we all love, support, and got each others backs. They taught me that there is no one I’d rather fight for me than my brothers (alongside Chris, of course)…they take family seriously, and no one better mess with their sister (except them, of course).

They remind me each day that I will always just be their little or big sister…and help keep me grounded with all we have going on in life. These boys will never let my head get too big no matter how crazy this roller coaster gets, and for that, I am forever grateful.

They remind me daily by their examples that family is the most important thing in this world.

They are the best family I could ever have.

I love and am so thankful for my brothers :)

Heidi :)

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Day 3: Thank You for Technology

POSTED ON November 7, 2013

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Chris Powell using technology to connect with the family while traveling. Learn more at http://heidipowell.net/5101/
I so often take for granted this thing we call technology. I know many of you see me on my phone often, and may be thinking, “dang, Heidi…enough of the technology!!!” But in reality, this is how I maintain close relationships with those that matter most. Phone calls, text messages, emails…these are all done on the pink, black and white Polka Dotted Phone w/ white earbuds that make an appearance all-too-often in my social media posts.

I wouldn’t change it for the world. Yes, I believe we need balance…and there are times where technology needs to go to bed while we build our in-person relationships. But with the busy lives we lead, I couldn’t be more grateful for the things that make communication possible from thousands of miles away.

Without technology, our kids couldn’t see or talk to their dad while he travels.

Without technology, Chris and I wouldn’t be able to talk to our Extreme Weight Loss peeps as much as we do to help them along their journey. Heck, technology makes the show possible!

Without technology, Chris and I wouldn’t have the relationship we do.

Without technology, we wouldn’t feel so safe in our home at night (security systems are a HUGE blessing).

Without technology, I wouldn’t have the privilege of connecting with you guys!

Thank you SO much for technology.

Now help me find balance ;).

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Day 2: Today, I am Thankful for YOU!

POSTED ON November 6, 2013

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I am thankful for you, our fans! Learn more about the Powell Pack at http://HeidiPowell.net

The title says it all. You, my friends, make all of this possible. Truly. If Chris and I didn’t have your support, we wouldn’t have show viewers. If we didn’t have show viewers, the network wouldn’t pay to make the show. If the show wasn’t a reality, Chris and I couldn’t help so many people in the capacity that we do each and every year. The few people that we would be able to help wouldn’t have near the reach that they have today. Audiences wouldn’t be touched, viewers wouldn’t be inspired to make a better life for themselves and their friends/family.

YOU change lives. We cannot thank you enough. We love you all and are so grateful for your love and support ☺


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Day 1: The Month of Thanks

POSTED ON November 5, 2013

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November is one of my favorite months. Why? Because it is the month of thanks. We should all be living in a “lifetime of thanks”, but with the normal chaos of life, it’s often hard to sit in a place of graciousness for too long before it’s time to discipline the kids and run them around to all of their practices ☺.

Chris and I love to try our best to live with an “attitude of gratitude”. No better reminder than Thanksgiving month to appreciate what we have before we are forced to appreciate what we had.

In honor of this month of thanks, I am following suit of a sweet girl in our family’s life that showed quite the example by posting her 30 Days of Thanks. I’m a little late: today is November 5, so we will only get 26 days of thanks! I’ll do my best to remember to post daily…I’m not perfect, so forgive me if I miss a day or two ☺.

To make up for my tardiness, I have jam-packed my first Day of Thanks with a few things I’m grateful for.

My family. This family. Although these aren’t my only family members, I think this is such a wonderful place to start.

Without these people – all of them – I wouldn’t be where I am. They make me smile and laugh everyday. They are the reason I get up and work so hard, and my biggest source of support in all that I do. A couple of them are the silent “heavy lifters” that help me make it through my days, and make my kids feel even more loved and special than I ever could alone.

These people make one happy, warm, and loving home.

I am a blessed and lucky woman. Thank you to this amazing family of mine. I love you all ☺


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