Top Ways an Attitude of Gratitude Can Transform Your Life

I know Thanksgiving has come and gone, but I want to make it a goal during this season of my life to continue this season of gratitude.

Because honestly, guys, having a grateful heart can improve your life in SO many was. I promise you this.

Which is 1000% what this post is about today. I want to take a minute to talk about something that’s so dang important. And if you’ve been a friend here for a while, you’ve probably heard this already. But stick around because it’s worth the repeat, and I’m going to share it in a way that’s different to how I’ve talked about it in the past. Plus, we all need these reminders every now and then. Even me!

So, what is it? You might’ve already guessed, but it’s…Gratitude.

Having an attitude of gratitude can truly change your entire world, and it can turn your frown upside down. Corny? Maybe. Worth it? Completely.

I get asked a lot how I maintain such a positive and happy attitude. Let me be real… I do have a great life. But, I also believe that my life appears to be so great, and why it is so great, is because I choose to focus on the parts that ARE great.

Top Ways an Attitude of Gratitude Can Improve Your Life

Are there difficult things in my life that I deal with? Yes. We all go through tough times. But I’ve learned that my perspective, my demeanor, my joy, and my peace are all completely dependent on whether or not I’m choosing to focus on the good in my life or on the bad.

I’m not saying to completely ignore the bad. Those experiences are there, and we need to know about them and process them and learn from them. But we also need to make sure that we’re grateful for the good. Otherwise, it makes the good times in our life irrelevant if all we’re doing is focusing on the bad.

Gratitude Improves Your Relationships

This is SO true. A simple “thank you” is so powerful in building connection and fostering relationships. Don’t believe me? Then I challenge you to try it. Watch what happens when you start saying, “Thank you” more often.

This is a practice that my mom actually instilled in me when I was a child. She would have me write thank-you notes every single time I received something, and I’ve continued that practice to this day. I never even realized that wasn’t a normal practice for most people. I thought it was something that everyone did. All the time!

And yes. It does take away precious time every now and then when I’m focused on those cards. There’s a reason my mail pile is so laughably full! It’s because I know I won’t open or put away a gift until I have the space to write a proper thank you note. Expressing gratitude for someone’s thoughtfulness towards me is a big deal.

Even when Chris and I were on the show, people would send us boxes full of things. There was not one box that any company ever sent us that ever went without a thank you note, and so many business relationships have happened since because of the result of me taking the time to say thank you.

Gratitude Improves Your Overall Health

  • It helps your physical health because those who are more grateful tend to take better care of their health, simply feel better, and experience improved health overall.
  • Gratitude improves psychological health by reducing negative emotions such as jealousy, regret, frustration, depression, and anxiety. And yep, you guessed it, gratitude can increase how happy you feel!

Bonus: Gratitude also increases empathy and reduces feelings of aggression. What’s that saying? Holding a grudge is like drinking poison but expecting it to hurt the other person. Give it up. Wish them well. Let go of those feelings of hurt and resentment and practice gratitude instead. Those moments of pain ultimately make you stronger and point you toward the path you should be on today.

Gratitude Improves Your Sleep

Guys. What if every night before bed you took just a moment to write down three things that you’re grateful for? Imagine how your life could change! Practicing ending our day with a grateful heart can actually help us sleep better. And that’s an idea I can get behind.

Gratitude Increases Your Self-Esteem

This one can be so tough because it’s easy to get stuck in the comparison game, right? We can easily find ourselves stuck in the lie that if someone else is great, it means we are not. But when you can practice telling someone else how great they are, how much you appreciate them, and give them that moment of gratitude, you are going to become more confident in who you are.

So I encourage you to try it. Reach out to a woman in your life and compliment her. Tell her she looks amazing. That she’s doing great. That she’s a great mom. All those women who appear to be confident and have it all together? You can be that person too.

I’m all in for being grateful this season. What’s one way you’re going to start practicing and showing gratitude?


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