If you haven’t noticed from our social media whirlwind, things for the Powell Pack have been busier than ever. Between existing commitments, new business ventures, Chris’ and my personal goals, and of course, our family’s needs…I feel like I am literally being swallowed by my to-do list.

With so much going on, I figured I was due for a restart… something to refresh and rejuvenate me and remind me of the less hectic times and more important things in our lives. Enter scene, one of our long lost videos Chris and I shot MONTHS ago about our favorite family traditions. I can’t believe I haven’t shared this yet, and the timing to serve as a little emotional pick-me-up couldn’t have been better!

To find out what some of the Powell Pack’s favorite holiday memories are, our absolute must-do traditions, and Chris’ baby name list (what?!) check out the video below!



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