Sometimes, by the end of a long day of shooting, Chris and I get a little stir crazy—which either results in a lot of fun or the need for some marriage counseling (lol…but seriously). I think this fourth installment of our Rapid Fire series proves that on this particular day, we were anything but cranky and maybe a little bit too crazy!! Seriously, you’ve gotta’ know Chris is missing his nap time when he starts to suggest the Powell Pack may be growing! We keep this Q&A light and quick with a touch of random and silly to keep it interesting.

To find out the answers to some of our readers not-so-burning questions like: Salty or sweet? Night owl or early bird? And whether or not Chris and I will be expanding the Powell Pack, check out the vid above.

P.S. One of us wants more kids. One of us doesn’t. Can you guess who??

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