Love Who You Are.

Coming from a woman who seemingly has it all together (key word: “seemingly”), I can attest that this is much easier said than done! All too often we find ourselves striving for the love and approval of others, thinking this will make us feel better about who we are. Each attempt most certainly yields the same results…the same emptiness, unhappiness, and lack of fulfillment we felt before. I read a great post on IG not too long ago by I don’t remember who—it said something to the tune of, “Even a million ‘likes’ won’t be enough if you don’t like yourself.” In a world where social media drives existence for many, and comparison—usually between your reality and another’s highlight reel—happens far too often, I personally know the truth of this. Enough “likes” might give instant gratification for that moment, but it fades as quickly as it comes. Instead of posting what WE like and what WE are passionate about, we tend to focus on what we think others will like. What about focusing on loving who YOU, and ME, and WE are…no matter what anyone else says?

I’ll admit, I struggle to find this balance day in and day out. I too find myself getting caught up in chasing accolades, compliments, and the acceptance of others. I will never forget what a good friend of mine told me when I called him crying, unhappy, and slightly depressed, totally unaware of the root. He said (lovingly), “Heidi…this might hurt to hear, but the truth is that you are trying too hard to find love in places it doesn’t really exist because you’ve simply forgotten the value and importance of loving who YOU are.” His brilliant advice was, “the best way to find yourself, and love yourself, is through serving others.” Boy, was he right. This conversation, my friends, was the beginning of my “Love Who You Are” campaign and the beginning of this becoming my own personal tagline and motto. It’s important for all of us—women and men—to know just how valuable we are and just how perfect we are in our imperfect state.

Thank you, Cents of Style, for supporting my mission and for so generously creating these shirts with me— and for me—to help spread a message that is so near and dear to my heart. And if you’d like one of these super cute shirts as a constant reminder of how amazingly lovable YOU are, head on over to Cents of Style right now!

Is there something you do to remind yourself to Love Who You Are? Please share it in a comment below—I wanna’ know! And…you’ll be helping us all to find ways to remember how valuable and loved we are! 🙂



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