A couple of years ago, I put this post together to share how my girls and I were making our own lip gloss. The ironic thing about it, and something I had no way of knowing back then, is that lips would become more important to me than ever. In a way, lips and skincare are my other baby thanks to Athia (and our kisser kit \\ on sale right now!). As I’m reflecting back, I still think the message remains the same: Spread love. Not gossip. From my lips to yours.

Outfit Details:

Rolling Stones Tee, Free People Jean Shorts, Vince Leather Slip-On Sneakers (budget friendly here), Athia Lip Plumping Gloss, Athia Kisser Kit 

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In the midst of everything else we have going on in our lives with work, travel, children, friends, etc., we try to be involved in our community. It’s a struggle more so now than ever before. Now…just being totally honest here…I could do a MUCH better job than I do, but I guess in this area, like many others, I am a work in progress.

Anyway, rewind a few years ago, when I was looking for activities to do with the kids, I came across a gossip lesson. I knew I HAD to share it with my girls. The lesson revolved around the theme “Sweet Lips Speak Kind Words.” Such a cute saying, and an absolutely invaluable lesson for girls at any age.

As we know very well, gossip and unkind words are spoken much too often in today’s world. Not just amongst little girls and teenagers, but amongst big girls too (Eh hemmm…just read the comments on a good handful of my posts, or anyone’s, really).

While it might give a quick bit of pleasure in the moment to say something negative (always in an effort to build one’s self up by tearing another down), the pain it causes all around is just sad. And it never makes ANYONE feel good.

So, in an effort to help “spread love, not gossip,” we sat together as a family and made promises that night to each other to speak kinder words to people in our lives and to help build them up instead of tearing them down.

In an effort to help spread love (NOT GOSSIP!), I wanted to re-share this saying with all of you! In fact, next time I gift these products, I’m going to leave a note reminding the receiver that I appreciate their friendship and that they are a reminder that we should always surround ourselves with people who talk about ideas, visions, and sweet, kind words.


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