Our 12 Month Transformation, Month Two: Giving Love to Others

Guys! We officially made it through the first month of the new year! To kick off 2018 and our 12 month transformation challenge, we started with the most fundamental and most important part of a true transformation journey?self-love. Self-love means loving yourself no matter what stage of transformation or life you’re in! It is the most important building block for TRUE change. So now that we’ve conquered that beast of an emotion, what’s next?! Loving OTHERS, of course!

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Luckily, we just spent the last 31 days discovering or rediscovering the love we have for ourselves, so NOW we are ready to love those around us. All month long (appropriately during February, the month of love) we will be focusing on loving, serving, and uplifting those around us?friends, family members, and even perfect strangers. Wanna’ know the coolest part about this? I’ve found that it’s the times when I’ve truly given myself to others that I’ve begun to fully love myself.

So here’s the formula: Find love for yourself -> serve + love others -> gain even more love and confidence in yourself.

Now that, my friends, is a win/win/win. 

Throughout my time as a trainer, both on and off screen, I’ve found an unsettling trend. Those on a transformation journey have often not only neglected the value of loving themselves, but they have shied away from truly loving those around them?spouses and children included! Is that because they don’t love and adore their families and friends? Of course not. But like a wise friend once told me, you cannot fully love and give yourself to others until you love yourself.

Let’s think about this truth for a moment: We are often so caught up in our own angst, sadness, and depression?stemming from a lack of value in ourselves?that we don’t have the emotional strength to truly devote ourselves to those around us. Kind of difficult to hear, isn’t it?

There is, however, one person I know who has been a true example of selfless, unconditional love in every stage of his life. Chris and I met Bruce during season five of Extreme Weight Loss, and while his story on the show was truly inspirational, it’s the time we’ve spent with him since then that has been the most incredible example to not just Chris and me, but to our entire family and so many others!

After completing the most jaw-dropping transformation, Bruce has turned his focus to doing what he does best?loving others. He works full-time as a life coach helping so many during their darkest days, guiding them on their own transformation journeys without a single bit of judgment. He is truly the epitome of serving and loving others, and we are so lucky to be able to call him family. 

Throughout the years, I’ve tried my best to take a page out of Bruce’s book and focus my attentions on loving those around me more than I love myself. I’ll admit, on a day-to-day basis when I’m being pulled a thousand directions from a thousand different people, I hardly have time to take care of myself, let alone others! But during this month of love, I am spending every bit of energy I have to show those around me how much I care about them. 

While I can’t make my lengthy to-do list disappear or erase all of my life responsibilities in the name of sharing love, I can take the time to share simple acts of love for my family and friends… or even perfect strangers! Here are some super simple ideas for amazing ways to show love to those around you!

  • Take flowers to a family member, just because
  • Visit an elderly friend who may be lonely
  • Pay for coffee or lunch out with a friend before they can grab the bill
  • Spend quality time with a friend without being on your phone
  • Cook dinner and do the dishes for your family?without complaining
  • Bake cookies for your neighbors
  • Offer to watch a friend’s kids for an afternoon
  • Help a friend batch cook freezer dinners
  • Invite friends over for dinner and game night
  • Go on a walk and listen to a friend who needs someone to talk to
  • Write a card of encouragement to a friend or relative
  • Compliment a stranger or go out of your way to talk to someone new
  • Do RAOKs to show your love for others

So this month, join me in finding new ways to love and serve the people in our lives and check another box off on the checklist of the journey of true body and mind transformation.



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  1. Life is so busy we can?t forget to give back! Thanks for the great post, Heidi! True inspiration??.

    IG: r_blackburn7

  2. I love this so much about loving yourself.. I was in a very abusive verbally physically emotionally relationship/marriage for 13 yrs. I was bulimic and anorexic(because i was never skinny enough) I still have a lot of PTSD and flashbacks that come rushing through my mind. I have finally found the nicest man in the world who loves me no matter how I look always tells me how strong and hard working I am. He is a beautiful beast who thinks I?m beautiful no matter how I look. I also love Bruce so much I ran up to him at the gym in Utah and told him how much I loved his transformation episode. I?m really sad EWL isn?t airing anymore it was my favorite show. I told everyone about it. Anyways I love you and Chris I love that you guys found each other and so grateful I found the same love for myself. Xoxo

  3. When I click on the above link provided by Team Powell it says ?Access Denied.? Is it too late to get these recipes?

  4. Hi Heidi
    I just love you and your family. Thank you so much for the great advice and motivation ? Will you please explain where the 6 approved recipes are for abs? I?ve spent over an hour on this site and cannot find the link?
    Thank you!

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