Powell Pack Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


To kick off the official month of love (hey, it’s almost Valentine’s Day, right?), we’re focusing on loving and uplifting those around us?friends, family, and even perfect strangers. While much of our transformation and love is about giving back, it’s also fun to celebrate the ones we love the most with gifts this Valentine’s Day. Here’s a sneak peek at what I’m gifting the rest of the Powell Pack this Valentine’s Day. Bonus: Take some time to #treatyourself while you’re at it!

For the husbands/significant others: As the year moves forward and schedules start to fill up with work and family obligations, we sometimes forget to put the relationship with our significant other on our priorities list. A quick solution (and this works like a charm for Chris and me!)?ALWAYS treat your man or woman like a best friend! Forget for just one second that you are spouses, and think of them like the best friend they used to be?and still are! This month, I’m focusing on celebrating my best friend with love and affection (plus some of his favorite gifts).


For the Kids:?Chris and I are not big toy buyers for the kids, which makes Valentine’s Day extra special because it’s about everything BUT toys. I look forward to surprising the kids with little love trinkets throughout the month. Here are some of my favorites.

For YOU (Bonus: Share this with your husband #youarewelcome):?February is about love, but something so special about February is falling back in love with YOURSELF. We tend to forget about the importance of showering ourselves with affection and love. Being mothers and wives, we put our own needs on the back-burner so that we can continue to care for our families and others. The reality is that if we don’t shower ourselves with love, we can’t show that love to others. So, for this season of love, why not #treatyourself. Bonus: In the theme of love, I’m also embracing all of the blush workout gear this season. 🙂 Here’s how I’m gifting myself:

Outfit Details: Lululemon Leggings (similar here),?Dusty Rose Sports Bra?(similar here), Reebok Blush Sneakers (also on Sale!), Bonus: Love these blush sneakers under $50.

Outfit Details:?Love Long Sleeve?(matching kid?s?shirt),?Jeans?(budget friendly?here?under $35),?Reebok Sneakers?(similar?here)|Ruby?s?Dress?(Bonus: $20),?shoes

My favorite part about this month (besides seeing the faces of my family as I give them these gifts) is that by loving others, we continue along the path towards fully loving ourselves. How are you treating yourself and others this Valentine’s Day (and throughout the month of love)?



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