Meet Mary. A Hurricane Harvey survivor who lost EVERYTHING in the flood but didn’t let it stop her from transforming her life.

We were so impressed by her fight that Chris and I surprised her in her hometown to capture her heartwarming story and give her the love she deserves. A MUST WATCH and SHARE!!!!!!

Now a little more from my heart… ❤️👇🏻

To say we’ve been blessed with a job that fills our hearts more than money ever could is an understatement. For a living, we get to CHANGE LIVES. Like…legitimate WATCH people go from HOPELESS to HOPEFUL to EXTRAORDINARILY SUCCESSFUL. 🙌🏻


After 5 incredible seasons of Extreme Weight Loss on ABC, it was quite heartbreaking to get a call from the network notifying us that our show had been cancelled. In a world littered with television negativity and drama (that doesn’t contribute to a better life), how could something so beautiful, so pure, and so positive be taken off the air?

We asked ourselves this question repeatedly as we mourned the loss. Because it truly felt like a death to us. While yes, the paycheck was gone, that’s not what we knew we would miss. The only thing worth missing was the fulfillment that came from being a small part of saving lives—being a part of what was most definitely creating change on this earth…FINALLY. I knew we would miss the connection we were blessed to create with ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things.

We cried hard…for about 24 hours. Then we stopped ourselves and remembered that just because this chapter was over didn’t mean our book had to be closed and shelved. We turned the page, chose to find the bright spots in what seemed to be a dark situation, and started writing our next (even better) chapter.

With the success of the show, it’s safe to say we received nearly ONE MILLION emails and messages asking for help. Each and every one of them breaking our hearts to read because we knew we didn’t have the bandwidth to take on any more people. But who are WE to say no to someone’s life? The guilt rode us for years…making us wish we had more time to help all of the others in need…wishing we had TIME to create the tools THEY needed to change their lives too!

Therein lies the blessing in disguise. While we knew we wouldn’t be filming another season of EWL to inspire and motivate people to change, we DID realize that God’s plan was to get us out from in front of the camera and in to the workplace to start CREATING those tools that MILLIONS needed and were desperately asking for.

You see, it’s easy to be inspired and motivated to action after watching our show, but then what? We had nothing—no guidance—to give for YOU GUYS to actually create change.

So…for the last 2.5 years, Chris and I buckled down and hit the pavement GRINDING. We spent and do spend ENDLESS hours, days, weeks, and months giving ALL WE HAVE and MORE to creating tools that we KNOW will change lives, and they’re already proving this. 🤗

One of these life-changing tools is our The TRANSFORM App that was released in March 2017. The results so far have been insane, and the stories…even better. The testimonials we’ve seen and the people we’ve met through the app have been jaw-dropping and MORE inspiring than ever. And it has been an HONOR to be able to show up at the doorsteps of these hard workers and show them the love they deserve for a job well done.

My friends, Mary is one of our incredible success stories. Her commitment to change and her effort to follow through despite rough life circumstances inspires me MORE than you know!

It is our honor and pleasure to NOW be able to bring these bite-sized stories to you each month. They will make you laugh, warm your heart, and pave the way to change within your own life.

My friends…please enjoy. ❤️



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