As much as I love sharing instructional, informational videos with all of you, let’s be honest—the real fun happens when Chris and I strip down (figuratively, of course ;)) and are put completely on the spot with some hilarious, off-the-wall questions. Our Rapid Fire segments are by far my favorite videos to shoot + share. This time around we let our dear friend and sister-in-law, Taylor, handpick some completely random, silly questions to fire off to Chris and me, and the result was pure comedy!

To find out who takes the trash out around our casa, which of us is messier, and what Chris’ ultimate cheat day looks like, you’ve gotta watch the video! It’s too fun to miss out on. ?

Have an amazing idea for a rapid fire question? Any burning questions about Chris or me? Leave ’em in the comments section below, and you just may find them in an upcoming vid!

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