Kids’ Fitness Book Roundup + GIVEAWAY

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I cannot believe it’s that time of year again! There seems to be a slight pause in summer when everyone is getting on each other’s nerves, and I’m like, “K, when does school start again?” And then BOOM?we’re scrambling to get all the kids’ school supplies, new shoes, and clothes (that aren’t yet stained or permanently stinky with sweat). Between all the different “meet the teachers” and school schedules (we haven’t even TOUCHED the extracurricular activities yet), we are feeling overwhelmed! Is anyone with me??

We absolutely LOVE our kids’ school. They are adequately challenged and love their teachers. But as much as we 100% trust the academic care they are given, Chris and I want to be sure that we are setting an example at home of the life we want our kids to live. We want them to know their math, spelling, and geography?but unfortunately, the life skills required for balanced healthy living, nutrition, and physical wellness are not always at the tip top of the priorities for schools these days. I mean, have you seen the foods served in some cafeterias around the nation???

So this begs the question (that we ask ourselves often): Have you ever really sat down and taught your kids about nutrition? Would you know WHAT to teach them? If you know what to teach them, do you know HOW to teach them? Or are you overwhelmed with life pulling you in 1,000 different directions so you’re just winging it, hoping they do ok on a Mac ‘n Cheese diet?

A healthy lifestyle in a family full of busy kids can be a challenge at times?even for us! I admit that we are oftentimes so busy changing the lives of people outside of our home, and catering to the adult demographic, that we forget we need to teach our kids very differently.

Having these books around the house has been?INCREDIBLY helpful in our own family. Yes, I know how to feed our littles and make sure their nutritional needs are accounted for, but what about the other adults we have feeding our kids? As working parents, it?s our job to make sure the caretakers in our kids? lives know what to feed them, how to feed them, and how to teach them.

Educating the entire Powell Pack (nannies and all) has been so much fun (and a lot less intimidating) with the help of these well-written and perfectly-illustrated books on kids’ nutrition and fitness. I was surprised to learn a few new things myself! *As I thought… “I should’ve known that!” πŸ˜‰

Here is a list of the books we love and links to find them on Amazon (just click the title)?

by Lolly Hopwood, Yoyo Kusters, and Luke Flowers


Ok, you can’t judge a book by its authors?but just going on names alone, don’t you want to see what’s in this book?! The illustration is wildly engaging, and there’s something about a sing-songy rhyming book that gets me (and them) in a happy mood! It’s imaginative and adventurous and gives us, as parents, an opportunity to be silly with them.

I Love To Eat Fruits and Vegetables
by Shelley Admont

I Love to Eat Collageopt

This book highlights the fact all kids have their own tastes and opinions about food. The goal for the character was to become STRONG, which is something we love to emphasize in our home?not for aesthetics, as much as for great energy and brain power. The message in this book is simple and direct?fruits and vegetables must be incorporated into our diets to grow big and strong!

Good Enough to Eat: A Kid?s Guide to Food and Nutrition
by Lizzy Rockwell

Good Enough to Eat Collageopt

I ADORE this author because she brings in the joy of eating to explain the science behind what goes on in your body in order to break down and process food. She also simplifies what carbs, fats, and proteins do for our bodies, teaches how many servings we need, and gives fun anatomy diagrams to break it all down! She touches on the origin of certain foods and the nutrients each contain.

The Busy Body Book
by Lizzy Rockwell

The Busy Body Book collageopt

Another GREAT find from this author, Lizzy Rockwell, highlights the anatomical makeup of the body in well-illustrated, kid-friendly diagrams. This book was a great refresher for ME to be reminded of how our bodies are created strong and durable for the purpose of movement and activity! It’s simple enough for preschoolers, yet detailed enough for older siblings too.

303 Preschooler-Approved Exercises + Active Games and 303 Kid-Approved Exercises + Active Games
by Kimberly Wechsler

303 Books Collageopt

These two books each offer 303 different age-appropriate ideas on how to get your kids moving. At the root of each idea? FUN!!! Love that 3 letter word. With a ?lead by example? approach, the author suggests different ways older kids can guide younger siblings, and MOM (yes, you) can join in too!! It’s a fun way to get active WITH your kids and rope in those older, more incorrigible tweens too.;)

Dr. Seuss? Oh, the Things You Can Do That Are Good for You! All About Staying Healthy
by Tish Rabe

Dr Seuss opt

Who doesn’t love a good Dr. Seuss book? This may not be an original, but the fun pictures and playful language make it feel like a real Seuss classic! Seuss + Health and Fitness = a new Powell Pack family favorite! This book centers around good ol’ Cat In The Hat as he takes children on an adventure to learn more about healthy living. Such a fun idea, and just as fun to read!

In an effort to spread the love and education, I am giving all of these books away to one lucky reader. Here’s how you can win them:

  1. Comment below telling me your favorite kid’s book and why. I am always looking! NOTE: doesn’t have to be fitness related.
  2. Make sure you are following me on at least ONE social media channel: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.
  3. Tag a friend on social media who would love these books too!

The winner will be chosen on Sunday at 11:59pm PST and notified Monday morning! Good luck! πŸ˜‰

Happy reading, learning, and moving!



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145 Responses

  1. A couple years ago I got SO TIRED of reading the same books over and over again so we started going to the library about once a week and getting 15-20 books and read several at bedtime each night. I’ll have to check online and put some of these on hold…my 6 year old loves “past books” (what she calls non-fiction) and both of them love stories of any kind!

  2. Thanks for sharing all these books! We are trying to eat healthier in my household but sometimes struggle with getting my kids onboard. I am excited to get some of these books that can help explain to my kids the importance of why being healthy and making good food choices should be our priority.

  3. Oh my goodness… I have so many books for my little one but none are fitness! I never knew there were so many out there for kids. I’m glad to have come across this post just in time for her birthday next weekend. Looks like I will be getting her some new books. πŸ™‚

  4. I love this! Leading by example to show my kids – and other families – how to live a healthy, active lifestyle is one of my main missions in life.

    As for books, my kids and I adore Sandra Boynton. Our all time favorite has to be Barnyard Dance. My twin daughters are almost two years old and they love making all the animal noises with me.

  5. This is awesome. So any ppl need these books including myself. Life is so busy and sometimes so hard to explain why we just can’t live off junk food even if it tastes so good. I’ll be checking these out. Favorite book is Too Many Toys by David Shanon. So hilarious and fits my family to a T. ?

  6. My favorite book is Dogs don’t wear Sneakers! It’s a silly book that I enjoyed reading to all 4 of my children. They all loved it so much that had that book memorized.

  7. My favorite book is “Elmer” he’s an elephant who loves making his friends laugh and he’s a patchwork colorful elephant while all his friends are just the normal grey. He tries to be grey and normal and his friends don’t even recognize him. They miss the old funny colorful Elmer.
    I love how it teaches kiss to be themselves.

  8. Right now, I’m loving “Bear Snores On” because the rhyming and flow of it are so well done. (And my one year old is saying “achoo!” when the bear sneezes)

  9. My toddler’s favorite book right now is All Better. It comes with reusable bandaid stickers to put on the animals’ booboos when they hurt themselves. Each animal gets hurt and the book prompts the child to “clean it, kiss it, and put a bandage on it.” I like how interactive it is but also teaches children to care for others.

  10. I would love to win these for my kids (ok who am I kidding, for myself too!) I am still working on learning nutrition for myself, so it would be great for something for the kids to follow along. we have had a lot of favorites, but I always tell them when we go to the bookstore, look for something you like! my daughter is into the American girl doll books, and my son loves anything starwars related….whatever gets them excited about reading!! good luck mama, you are doing great!!!!

  11. Hop On Pop by Dr suess! Love that book as a child. I also read it to my son when he was young. He enjoyed it just as much as I did. All the funny pics, bright colors and rythms made it a fun book.

  12. Hop On Pop by Dr suess?I love this book as a child and I read it to my son as well. He also loved it. The bright colors, funny pics and rythms in it was so cool.

  13. My favorite children’s book is “I love You So..” by Marianne Richmond
    Made me cry while I was pregnant and I have read it to all of my babies every night since.

  14. For fitness books we Love ABCs of YOGA. This is a great bedtime story to wind down minds and bodies. My newest favorite kid’s book right now however is “the book with no pictures” too funny! and favorite musical book is Luna’s Magic Flute.

  15. My favorite kids book is the little critter book, I Was So Mad. I read that to my son so many times when he was a baby. It was his first book, and he loved to participate by saying “mad!” Now he’s 6 and reading Fantastic Mr. Fox all on his own!

  16. Little Critter “Just a snowy day.” Makes our boys feel extra cozy and cuddley on a brisk winter day.

  17. Love you forever by Robert Munsch; reminds me to slow down and to enjoy my boys even when they are tearing up the house because they won’t be little forever.

  18. My favorite growing up was “The Monster at the End of this Book”. My kids never seemed to appreciate it like I did! But I probably read it with way too much enthusiasm! My 4 yr old grandson loves all books. Really…ALL!! He has been working out with me since he could walk & he would love something like this for us to read together!

  19. My favorite kids book is The Christian boy and the Lion. My dad is the author & it’s straight from the heart of my favorite man. ( Can be found on Amazon btw) I would love these books so my 4 year old can learn more about food! He is a very picky little man ?

  20. Hey there Heidi!

    Reading is super important to myself, and I hope I am passing on the love of books to my twin three year old daughters! One of their favorite books currently is Pinkalicious! which is pretty cute in my opinion. My favorite childrens book to read to them is Horton Hears a Who! It’s cute and I get to do a bunch of fun voices! But I also love The Princess Knight, which is about a little girl who grows up learning how to be a knight instead of a princess, and fights for and decides her own fate.

    Thanks for the chance to win these awesome books to add to someone library for their kiddos! I love following you and Chris and the Powell pack!


  21. Dear heidi, our sons favourite book is called “sterrekindertjes”, or in english starchildren. The book reminds them of their sister, who died 12 years ago. With every star they think of her and say hello.

    I hope we can participate to, allthough we live in Holland.
    Greetings from the netherlands
    Elke, Johan, Jordy and Rick (and Leandra*)

  22. Thanks for the book review, will be looking into them later.
    Currently our favourite is Tiny : The Invisible World of Microbes.

  23. My kids really like “Not Your Typical Dragon” by Dan Bar-el. I think it’s a great book that is equally entertaining and a fun way of showing kids to love themselves as they are.

  24. I love too many children’s books to name. I am an elementary school teacher, so any book that can teach or empower children is a must have. I love “How I Became a Pirate” and “One of Us” to begin the school year.

  25. My favorite kids book is Pinkalicious! I used to read it to my nieces when they were little and now I read it to my daughter!

  26. One of me and my 3 kids’ favorite books is Huggapotamus. We like it because it teaches about respect and asking before you hug/touch another person.

  27. I have 3 kids ranging in age from 16 to 2 years so favorite books vary from flip flap books, to Stick Dog, to To Kill a Mockingbird. Nutrition and exercise have become a very important topic in my household but I was having problems with coming off too preachy. These books would be a fun and age appropriate way for us all to learn and implement together. Thanks so much for sharing these titles with us and giving us an opportunity to win them!

  28. Oh the places you’ll go by dr Seuss! Has messages both children and adults can use. Plus it’s cute and inspirational!

  29. As a kid, I loved Green Eggs and Ham. It was the first book I read all by myself. Now as a mom, I love any book my son brings me to read because for me it’s about the memories made as he listens and points things out that he is learning and recognizing.

    As a PE teacher of preK-2nd grade, these fitness promoting books are amazing! I love them and would love to use them to teach my students fitness and nutrition as well as encourage reading!

  30. My son is 5 yrs old and he loves the Dr Seuss books. We also have an avengers book where my son is actually in the story and he loves it.

  31. My 3 year old daughter’s favorite book is We wear Pink Tutus (she’s obsessed with pink) my 2 year old son’s favorite is anything with trains. My kids and myself love to read, they are always bringing books for me to read to them throughout the day and reading books is part of their night time routine.

  32. I have never really had a love for reading but ever since I have had children I realise the importance off instilling in them the love for reading every year I go to the school reading under the stars night and they read Dr Seuss books and my girls light up when they hear the stories they are always fun and have a good message. I just became the vice president off our school Pta this book set would be a awesome addition for our school alot off our children can’t read and I would love to see them get excited about reading and develop a love for it so they can succeed in a career later down the road

  33. My kids have always loved where the wild thing are and going on a bear hunt! And Pete the cat books there are even songs that make them more interactive!

  34. Mine and my kids favorite book is charlotes web! Has been mine since i was little! If we win one of your books im sure we would have a new fav πŸ™‚

  35. My 10 year old loves anything by Rick Riordan…all the Greek mythology stuff. My 8 year old will read anything girly that’s a chapter book..she is like me and doesn’t have a favorite because she just loves to read period!

  36. Just like these different books meet different kids needs we have two very different readers in our house! Our oldest (almost 20) is our book worm (albeit a picky one) & his favorite books (hard to choose one) are the Who Was/Who Is series, Big Nate & Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Our younger son (who is almost 6) is the adventure bug & he loves anything where you solve a mystery…Ballpark Mysteries Series, Nancy Drew, & then of course anything with superheroes!

  37. Hello!
    My favorite daughter’s book is (for the last 10 days…)… Minnie Mouse “S.O.S. petite fleur” (French). She changes every now and then, also really likes Good night Thomas (Thomas and friends).

    I follow both of you on Facebook and will enter the America’s fittest couple challenge with my hubby !! cannot wait!

    Julie from Quebec, Canada

  38. My favorite book is the pig and the elephant ! I think is a great idea that u r doing that! Not many people think that way specially that is much easy to just thrown a iPad or any kind of electronic to a child?
    Thank u

  39. We love our Louisiana themed books like Monday red beans because I love teaching our girls about the unique culture of our state.

  40. My kids love to read…love the TreeHouse Series..allows the kids to use their imagination while learning about history.

  41. My two boys love the same books. Skippy Jon Jones for a good laugh; On The Day You Were Born and The Giving Tree for night time snuggles. πŸ˜‰

  42. I love the book, “I love you stinky face” – it is so fun to read to my little! I can play around with my voice and be silly reading it and the message is of love no matter what! Doesn’t get better than that ??

  43. The kids version of “Who Moved My Cheese”. Tons of simple, amazing mindset lessons on success, letting go, and creating opportunities.

  44. Walters with dynamic washing line by Neil Griffiths, such a wonderful book about life in a little boys village. His mum’s washing blows off tge line so he goes to find it, lots of mathematics in the story, I actually think I love the book more than my kids & I’m keeping it in a safe place to share with my grandchildren some day. Bring back the story times & cosy moments instead of ipads xxxx

  45. My favourite kids book is The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein . I read it every year in class and teach children about the big idea of loving unconditionally. They understand and love it too. To have these books would mean I could spread knowledge faster about healthy eating. The packaged foods I see each day as a teacher is astounding. I barely see children eating fresh fruit. These books would help me explain the benefits of taking care of their body because showing and modelling good healthy eating habits is not enough. I could also share the resources with my teaching partners. Thank you ??

  46. My son isn’t born yet so he doesn’t have a favorite book, but ours is The Giving Tree.
    It’s super important for my husband and I to raise our son right from the moment he enters our little world. That includes teaching him all about health and wellness and the importance of moving everyday!

  47. Hi Heidi! I love the Paperbag Princess by Robert Munsch. It is an empowering story about a princess who outsmarts the dragon in order to save her prince. Love You Fireber by the same author always brings a tear to my eye. I hope you enjoy.

  48. Hello Heidi,
    First of, thank you for promoting reading and movement two essential components for our kids development. When I was little none one read to me so now I try to read to my son as much as I can and his favorite book is ” I can read with my eyes shot” by Dr. Seuss.

  49. My kids read all kinds of books but their favorite has got to be Harry Potter. Seen the movies and read the books like a million times.

  50. My favorite kids book is El Deafo..about a kid that becomes deaf after being sick with meningitis and that gives her Super Powers. Its written as a comic and my 7 yr old daugther loves it!

  51. Now that I am a parent, my favorite books to read to my kids are by Nancy Tillman. I especially love “On the night you were born” and “Whereever you are:my love will find you”.

  52. I always loved reading Wild Child by by Lynn Plourde to my children as the summer faded to fall. Now they are grown and gone so I read the same book to the kindergarten students at the school I work at, I’m a school nurse. It is a beautiful book and I love the memories I still have of my littles snuggled up next to me.

  53. I love books and have had many favorite kids books, but right now my very favorite is Peanut Butter and Jellyfishes. It is a nonsense book, but I think it teaches the alphabet in a really creative way. The main reason I love it though is because my son does. He asks me to read it to him everyday several times a day. Anything that can get a toddler that excited about reading is on the top of my list. I think we could really enjoy these books together.

    1. I am a preschool teacher and my students favorite book is: Pete the Cat: His 4 grovey buttons By Eric Litwin
      or Pete the Cat :Rocking in my school shoes By Eric Litwin
      The Nuts By Eric Litwin

  54. My kid is still a small toddler so with him I love anything by Sandra boynton. They are silly and my kid adores them.

  55. My favorite kids book is little blue truck. It teaches kids to pay attention to everyone around them and be kind to others. We all need a reminder sometimes!?

  56. My boys love Skippyjon Jones! They love when I make the sounds and voices. I love getting into the book and read it aloud, so fun!

  57. I love you more. Can’t remember the author. Found it in a little book ship in Nyc while engaged and my husband and I always quoted it and now I quote it to my kids. So cute.

  58. With four kids there are many favorite books each of them
    Have their own favorite. My Son fav is Jack’s House because he thinks it’s great his name is throughout. my oldest loved anything that had to do with dogs. The two littlest love You are My Sunshine and if I could keep you little. My favs are Love You Forever, Someday, Little Boy and I wish you more.

  59. One of my favorites is the Usborne See Inside Your Body (and no I’m not a consultant, I just love Usborne books). I have two boys and they are also huge Dr Suess fans πŸ™‚ You and your Husband are AMAZING!!!

  60. The rainbow fish
    Mostly because it was the book my grandmother always read to us as kids when we went over and now that I am a mom it is because it shows children that sharing and being kind will get you respect and friends.

  61. My daughter’s favorite book right now is Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Ruben. I think she likes it because it’s just really silly!

  62. Honestly, Junie B. Jones has to be our favorite right now. But I love the Quiet Book (can’t remember the author) for toddlers. These books look like so great!

  63. My favorite one would have to be The Little Prince. No matter what stage in life you are in, you can relate to that book.

  64. My 2.5 year olds favorite book is Little Blue Truck Leads the Way by Alice Schertle. He loves it because there are police cars randomly throughout and his daddy drives one in real life! πŸ™‚ Every police car in the book is “daddy’s car.” Melts my heart.

  65. “Please,Mr Panda” by Steve Antony. It is my favorite because it teaches saying please. My son loves the different animals in this book. It is very colorful. He makes me read it at least 5 times a day.

  66. One of our favorites is “I love you through and through”- we put actions with every page and it has helped our little one learn her body parts and she loves to act it all out!

  67. What a great giveaway! Stand tall, molly lou melon it my absolute favorite . Its a girl who never let anything or anyone shake her disbeilf in herself. Such a Cute book!

  68. Our favorite book changes every week lol but this week our favorite is “Llama llama red pajama” by Anna Dewdney. I have a 3 year old, a 2 year old and one on the way yay! This book is an awesome bedtime story and is in a series of “llama, llama” books that are all great conversation starters for things that your kiddos Experience in everyday life like going grocery shopping, first day of school, and bedtime:)

  69. My favorite book right now is The Biggest Story. After the loss of our first child, through miscarriage, I bought this book believing in faith that one day I would get to read this to our child and help him/her grow in their inderstanding of how intentional God is. I’m so glad that the day I prayed for came 3 short weeks ago and I hope to get these books to show him again, how intention God is and how He created the body to work!

  70. We love books with great positive messages! We love books that get us moving to like Pajama Time and Tickle Time by Sandra Boyton. We also love The Serendipity Series. Thanks for the awesome book suggestions!

  71. Hi Heidi! I am a mom of two girls who are 6 months and 2! I was given a book called My mommy and I by P.K. Hamlin. I started reading this to my first born early on and I still do. She loves this book and now can, of course in her own way, tell me about the book. It’s a very sweet book about a mom and the bond and caring nature a mom has towards her kids. Thank you!

  72. Since I have 3 boys, our favorite book is Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. Our two teenagers still love to read the book as much as our 3 1/2 yr old.

  73. I Love You, Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt is one of my absolute favorites! It sends such a wonderful message of unconditional love between a parent and child.

  74. My 15-month old LOVES the book “I Love You Through and Through” by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak. It’s special for both of us and once we read it once, he wants to read it over and over again! Thanks for the great blog post, Heidi!

  75. I have to say ‘Oh the places you’ll go’ by Dr. Seuss. it’s a great gift book to encourage and to tell someone how wonderful they are.

  76. Our favorite book right now is Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do See. She loves the sound effects, guessing whats next, and it’s smaller size to travel everywhere.

  77. I love “Barn Dance” by Bill Martin Jr. It’s an older one, and I grew up with it as one of my favorites as a kid, but I still love it! Its on Amazon too! ; )

  78. We love Dr Suess, but I hadn’t heard of the book you mentioned! My daughter’s favorite is probably 1 fish 2 fish, but I can’t wait till she’s old enough to enjoy skippyjon jones. Those are adorable books.

  79. Giraffes Can’t Dance is an awesome book! It promotes uniqueness and ends with something along the lines of “we all dance to different songs.” I always read it in the first week of school embracing diversity! I teach elementary school kiddos and would LOVE to have those books in my classroom!

  80. We love “If you give a pig a party” there is an entire serious of books just like it too. They are silly and fun and very colorful!! Love these book ideas on being healthy, not sure why I didn’t think to look for one before now…even though we already try to eat and teach healthy things on our home, these books make it even more fun! Thanks!

  81. My daughter loves the Berenstain Bears books as well as Llama Llama and Little Blue Truck. I think my current favorite book to read to her is Part-time Princess. She loves to listen to me read (as she is only 2) and I really enjoy our routine of reading at bedtime.

  82. My favorite books are by Nancy Tillman. They have such sweet messages and beautiful artwork. Plus, they rhyme which makes for a fun read!

  83. My favorite book is “Out of my Mind” because when my daughter read it to me, I could transport myself into that place, and even feel the green carpet they talked about. It helped me a bit to understand what the special children go through. It was kind of hard for me to choose my favorite book becauss I have 5 kids, and they all have different book tastes. For example, I have two young ones: 5 years and 7 years old, and I like to read the Eric & Julieta book series. I feel that they identify themselves with the book characters, and I agree with them because they like to be naughty. But I think that my favorite book and everyone else’s in my family (and I think moms as well) is called “I will always love you”??. If you haven’t read it, I definitely recommend you to read it!

  84. Right now my son loves all books curious George. He’s only a year and a half though! I’m following you on instagram and love how real you are!
    Ps – I hope we can still enter since we live in Canada!

  85. My 4 year old twin girls LOVE “Pout Pout Fish” as much as my husband and I love reading it to them. This book is so cleverly written and fun to read. There is a part in the book where the girls get super interactive and love reading those pages out loud. Any parent who has read it will understand “Blub..Blub…bllluuubbb”

  86. The Napping House! She loves it because of the sound effects I make and the cat in the book looks like our kitties.

  87. My favorite children’s book is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom because I loved it as a kid and thanks to Pinterest there are a ton of fun crafts to do based off of the book.

  88. Love your blog (and just signed up for the couples fitness challenge starting next month)! I have a 5 year old who is just learning to read so these would be perfect for teaching him how to live a healthy lifestyle! And I’m working towards my NASM CPT so there are right up our alley.

    Fav book (bc we live in Arizona we love this Dr. Seuss one): Why oh Why Are Deserts Dry?

    Keep it up Heidi! You are such an inspiration!

  89. Hi Heidi,

    My little girl and I love reading Ferdinand the bull. He’s a little bull that wants to enjoy life and things around him even though others have different ideas for him.

    Have a great day!

  90. My earliest memory of a book I loved was Green Eggs and Ham (don’t ask me about what got those eggs green but hey it’s a protein packed indulgence this character learns to love). I think as a child I was drawn to this Dr Suess tale because of how I was able to learn to tell the story myself even as I was learning to read and not quite getting all the words. Practicing aloud was fun as the character went from saying “I would NOT” to “I WOULD!” all these years later the lessons weaved through DR Seuss stories are all that much clearer. πŸ™‚

  91. I love any of the books by Nancy Tilman! They are super sweet! My favorite is called “Wherever you are my Love will find you”

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