Now that the TRANSFORM app has launched, Chris and I can officially train YOU! We’re getting a lot of questions about the different programs and how to choose which program to follow, so I’m giving you a quick breakdown to help you out.

First (and most excitingly), you are never STUCK to any program. Once you’re a TRANSFORM member, you have access to ALL of our programs—Weight Loss, Physique, and Cross Training—and you can switch from one program to another at any point in time if you would like to.

Simply put, we’ve built 3 “paths” of transformation to choose from. On EACH path, there is the option to SHRED DOWN and LOSE WEIGHT. So if you choose Physique or Cross Training, rest assured we will still help you reach your weight loss goal! You’ll simply choose that option AFTER you choose the type of training you want to do.

Each of the training programs below has several more “paths” within it to create a custom experience for you. Don’t worry—with a few questions about your goals, we will help direct you to the right path.

PHYSIQUE: This is our “body sculpting” program, and it will help you, well…sculpt your body to the specific shape you want. Want to lean out and create a nice bikini body or get ready for a wedding? There’s a program in here for you. Want to build lean muscle mass and/or shred down? There’s a program in here for you. The programs are different for men and women, AND there is both Beginner AND Advanced programming to suit your needs. This program does require gym access. If you have a home gym with limited equipment, you can use the Modifier Movements we provide to make it work. And this is the program Chris and I follow prior to stepping on stage for our physique and bikini competitions.

CROSS TRAINING: Athletes or anyone wanting to BE an athlete needs to do this program! For beginner up to advanced athletes, this CrossFit-style program will challenge and strengthen you like never before! Best part about this program? You can do it WITH or WITHOUT access to equipment. Stay-at-home moms, those who work remotely, and anyone who simply wants to work out at home AND who is looking for their inner athlete…do our Bodyweight Cross Training program! All you need is a $20 at-home pull up bar and a box (or chair). If you’re looking to increase your strength and have access to functional training equipment, try out our Fully Equipped Cross Training program. This is what Chris and I did prior to our CrossFit competitions.

WEIGHT LOSS: This method of training is PERFECT for the person looking to take that very first step toward Total Transformation. This is the tried-and-true training method we’ve used to create hundreds of HUGE transformations, and it is complete with Modifying Movements so you can work around injuries and joint pain. This program is also wonderful for anyone who prefers lower impact movement. And the intensity on this program is what you make it. If you push hard, it will be tough. If you need to slow down, you can!

In a (big) nutshell, there you have it. Happy choosing…now LET’S TRANSFORM!!!



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