Oil Spritzers: A Dieter?s Dream?

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Williams Sonoma Oil Mister/Spritzer - Learn more at https://heidipowell.net/1253
Williams Sonoma Oil Mister/Spritzer

If you?re a Williams Sonoma or kitchen store fanatic (like me!), I?m sure you?ve seen these little gadgets and wondered if it really has any benefit over good ol? Pam cooking spray.

Boasted as ?a dieter?s dream? by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, these oil spritzers (aka oil misters) do carry many health benefits! Here are a few:

  • Reduced-Fat Cooking: Oil spritzers use compressed air to create a fine mist of oil to use for cooking. Instead of dumping 1 Tbsp of olive oil (and 119 unwanted calories) into your pan, you can spritz and get a small fraction of the fat and calories!
  • Choose Your Oil: While many prepackaged cooking sprays do offer a couple of varieties of oils, the unhealthy oils are most abundant on the store shelves?so we tend to grab these! An oil spritzer encourages you to think about and choose a healthier oil option. A few of my favorite healthy oils are:
    • Olive Oil: This well-know heart-healthy oil is also full of vitamins E, A, K, iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium, AND is a great source of amino acids! Thanks to the incredible vitamins and minerals, this oil lends to our overall cell health as well as immune function.
    • Coconut Oil: Dr. Oz is a fan, teaching us that ?coconut oil can help our bodies mount resistance to both viruses and bacteria that can cause illness. Even more, it also can help to fight off yeast, fungus and candida.? Just a few of this oil?s amazing benefits.
    • Safflower Oil: Known as the ?anti-aging? oil, safflower oil helps us combat wrinkles and stay heart healthy!
  • Chemical-Free Cooking: Believe it or not, the prepackaged cooking sprays are LOADED with chemicals! Keep your kids and yourselves away from any scary additives by spritzing :-).

Ready to spritz? I am! And so is Chris?check out his new book, Choose More, Lose More for Life, on shelves May 7th, for recipes that include an oil spritzer.

Happy spritzing!

9 Responses

  1. Heidi,
    I see you have recommended coconut oil and it seems to be a popular oil that people are using. Unfortunately, I feel as though the possibly antimicrobial benefits are over shadowing the possibly negative side effects of consuming coconut oil. It being extremely high in saturated fat should be a warning for people looking to introduce coconut oil into their diet. and no more than 7% of caloric intake should be from a saturated fat source. Saturated fats are linked with a high cholesterol, high LDL levels, and high triglyceride count which over time can lead to atherosclerosis. So, if coconut oil is introduced I feel people should be aware that it should not be in replace of healthy fats like olive or canola oils.

  2. Hah, I have something similar, but not for oil, but for soya sauce ๐Ÿ™‚ Original pack was from Ikea (for watering flowers), so my friends are always confused, when they see it, but then they just make fun of it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I have several spritzers and love them. Another nice feature is that you can add a clove of garlic, orange or lemon rind, or chilies to infuse the oil and then remove within 24 hours to have a lasting flavor to your oil and added kick.

  4. I just want to point out that virgin coconut oil is solid at room temperature, and therefore not a good candidate for oil shpritzers! ๐Ÿ™‚ They do have refined coconut oil that stays liquid at room temperature, but I prefer olive oil for spraying foods (great for roasting!) and coconut oil for pan applications.

  5. I have an oil mister/spritzer, Pampered Chef brand, and I love it!! I think you can smell the additives in the prepackaged cooking sprays…YUCK! I don’t want to put that into my families bodies. The oil mister/spritzer is the healthy way to do oil ๐Ÿ™‚ I use EVOO, I wasn’t aware that coconut oil came in a form other than solid, I’ll have to look for the liquid.

  6. I had a friend that used coconut oil to control her thyroid. Thank you for the idea I’m thumb to have to one up.

  7. Love this idea! I will be picking one up this weekend to use in my life transformation!! One question..I do use the spray stuff to put on pans when baking….if I use the oil spritzer will it achieve the same results and not allow items to stick to my pans???

  8. I am so glad you shared this information on the misters. I have been trying to lose weight (down 52 lbs) and I have been wondering how to use oil without all the added calories. I love roasted veggies but dumping a tablespoon of oil on them makes it so much less healthy. And I have always questioned chemicals in the cans of cooking sprays like PAM. Oil misters sound like the perfect solution.

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