The DOs and DO-NUTs of DONUTS

After more questions than I can count about HOW I eat donuts AND stay in shape, I decided to write up my Donut Laws to teach you how YOU can do a donut yourself!

? Donut Law #1: RELAX!!! DO trust me on this…eating a donut does NOT give you an instantaneous donut ring around your waist, nor does it make you a BAD or UNHEALTHY person. Keep in mind: The goal is to find a balanced and sustainable nutrition plan that you can do FOR LIFE!! It is NOT to constantly feel like you are ?crash dieting? so hard you are perpetually deprived and unhappy. DEPRIVATION leads to BINGING…BINGING leads to YO-YO DIETING. Time to break the cycle. So take a chill pill, get that donut ready, and enjoy #SundayFunday!

? Donut Law #2: DO NUT forget your PROTEIN FIRST! ??Chug a protein shake BEFORE you reach for a Maple Long John to ensure you don’t go overboard. Not only will the water in the shake fill you up quickly, but protein is the most immediately satiating macronutrient…which means it will make you full FASTER than any of the others (carbs and/or fats). By filling your belly with protein and water, you’re less likely to reach for more than one!

? Donut Law #3: DO eat slowly!!! The faster we chomp that little ring of heaven, the more likely we are to want another, whether we are really hungry or not! Try to chew 20-30 times per bite.

? Donut Law #4: DO NUT make this a daily occurrence! Choose one day a week for starters to enjoy a donut (in moderation and following the rules above). Over time, and after you feel comfortable that donuts are NOT a slippery slope, you can indulge more often than once a week.

? Donut Law #5: DO NUT forget the 80/20 trick! 80% of your cals should come from clean foods each day. 20% can come from not-as-clean sources (like a donut). This allows you to create a balanced and healthy lifestyle that you can sustain FOREVER…withOUT feeling deprived!

On that note, as the wise Yoda one said, ?DO or DO-NUT. There is no try.? Or something like that…whatever. Just go grab a donut and give it a try!



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31 Responses

  1. I used this trick for the first time this week. I only get 2 high carb days on the app but it was so nice to have a treat after my shake while headed to the gym!! Thank you for all the great tips!!

  2. I love this soooo much!!!!! It reminds me of the importance of balance in everything! You can have goals and not have to obsess about them but through balance you can achieve your goals and still live your life and enjoy the moments ????????

  3. Love this approach! It’s sustainable and who doesn’t love Dohnuts?!? ? I love that I can be an example of healthy eating to my girls and show them that treats are a good part of that.

  4. I love chocolate covered cake donuts, I have been avoiding them trying to loose weight. My first job was working in a donut shop and my love of donuts was born. I didn’t think it was ok to eat one while trying to gain my health back. Thank you for helping me to remove the quilt.

  5. That slippery slope is hard for me to stay away from! I’ve read about your guys “trigger foods” and can completely see the truth of it… my problem is I feel like anything that is an indulging food for me is a trigger food, and next thing I know the whole days nutrition is blown! I’ve gotta find that balance!! Betcha can’t eat just one seems to be my motto, and not a good one either!!

  6. Love this strategy for an eating plan that isn’t constant deprivation! I’m finding that I fail miserably when the approach is rigid and allows for a periodic cheat. The connotation of a cheat alone mentally puts me in a place that is negative.

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