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Friday Faves: Glam Up Your Gym Wear

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Who needs diamonds when you can have that extra bling on a fresh pair of kicks?! It doesn’t get much better than a pair of brand new, glittery shoes that become an instant favorite! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: cute workout gear can give you some serious lift (and I’m not just talking about that booty lift from a great pair of leggings!). BONUS: these Reebok classics look great with everything from workout leggings to jeans, and can take any and every outfit to the next level!

Did I also mention that I’m jumping right on that Pantone Color of the Year 2018 bandwagon and rocking PURPLE at the gym?! Scroll down to see other amazing, on-trend purple items you can purchase and incorporate into your workouts, plus some of my favorite camo gear ever!

Here’s my Friday Fave workout look! It’s classic with a twist from these camo leggings (if sold out, similar here for under $25), paired with my glitter Reebok sneakers (AND they come in rose gold too!), the coziest hoodie (available in blue and grey | similar in lavender here), and my favorite sports bra. Shine bright like a ? with this look!  

Outfit Details: Reebok Chrome Sneakers (similar here and rose gold here for under $55), Reebok Camo Leggings (lighter version here and similar here), Reebok Sports Bra, (similar here) and Reebok Hoodie (similar here for under $20) Reebok Tank (scroll down. BONUS: under $25!!!)

Pantone Color of the Year into Your Workout Gear:

Favorite Camo Workout Gear:

I love how a little glitter and shine adds a girly touch to any gym outfit. What’s your go-to gear to sparkle and shine at the gym?



P.S: As part of my 12 Days of Random Acts of Kindness, I’m giving away this entire look. Click here for full details and to enter! Good luck!  

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37 Responses

  1. I was at Sam?s Club and the cashier took out a dollar from her own pocket to help me with a small difference that I did not have with me. I went home and put together a thank you card and put $50 in it because I was so surprised by how fast she offered to help me. I dropped it off anonymously and wrote a glowing review to her manager.

  2. Hi. My name is Amanda. Today is the first day I have seen this! Money is a little tight but, we wanted to do for others, so we taught our 5 year old the importance of giving back especially to those who need it. Explained to her what we were doing. So Our family went out today to go buy some clothes for some of the kids who live in shelters.

  3. Today, I bought a friend lunch. After arguing over who would pay, I stole the check! ????

    Gintare Gerheim from Westerly Rhode Island

  4. My Raok today and everyday, is to bless with Love everyone that I come in to contact with or walk by. Everyone deserves more love in their lives!!!

  5. Today I helped my dear friend with her 5th annual Dash for David 5K (David was her cousin who was killed by a texting driver). Such an important cause.

    Erika ~ Minnesnowta ??

  6. I dont really think its that much, but you never know whose life you can change by just being kind! In my Yoga class that I taught today, I spoke words of kindness over my students. Telling them that the world needs them and to go be their amazing self today. I hope that’s on repeat in their brain today! Xoxo

  7. Today, I took my roommates dogs for a walk while she is sick in bed. It’s the least I could do for her and the puppers!!

    Makayla Nance
    Austin Texas

  8. Today I am purchasing blankets to donate to the ER Vet that is taking care of my Siberian Husky that was attack last Sunday by another dog. They have been nothing but kind and caring during a scary time.
    Time to give other animals some cozy blankets while healing. We go back Christmas Eve for stitches to be removed and not showing up empty handed.

  9. I let a lady go ahead of me in a crazy busy check out line. She had four kids and seemed frazzled. I even helped her put her items from the cart to the conveyor belt. I remember those days of having to brave the store at Christmas with little ones! It?s not for the faint of heart!

  10. I lent my ear to someone ( my cashier at the grocery store) who has been having a hard time with her grown children. One of my favorite ways to show kindness is to take the time tonlisten to others!

  11. I brought coffee and home made cookies to a few coworkers that were having a rough week. I was able to leave them in their office as a nice surprise.

  12. My husband and I are moving tomorrow from Hawaii to the mainland to finish school. We had so many items we cannot take with us so we decided to donate them to a local school here in Hawaii to less fortunate students (most of which are homeless). Those kids plan to give the items to their families as Christmas gifts. Helping those students who are less fortunate really brought so much joy to my husband and I. ??

  13. Hiiii?My ROAK of day….actually to be in Slovenia is night now but I will be extra nice with my sister tomorrow and I will drive her somewhere that she doesn?t need to go with bus alone ????

  14. At the movies today I gave the little kids in front of me our popcorn because they didn?t have any treats (we knew them, they?d gotten there late and didn?t have time to wait in line for treats). It made my day to see their youngest soo happy for being able to have a treat.
    Kim in UT

  15. I watched my great nephews for my nephew and his wife (who is fighting breast cancer and he got shot in Vegas) so they could get away for the night. Then I took the boys to see Christmas lights at candy cane lane, for a great night out. We donated dollars to all the kids out selling treats for their collective organizations, like Girl Scouts, baseball and the like. Merry Christmas.

  16. I watched my great nephews for my nephew and his wife (who is fighting breast cancer and he got shot in Vegas) so they could get away for the night. Then I took the boys to see Christmas lights at candy cane lane, for a great night out. We donated dollars to all the kids out selling treats for their collective organizations, like Girl Scouts, baseball and the like. Merry Christmas.

  17. We are always looking for RAK’s! Today was simply a day of making others feel appreciated, sincere thank you’s spread all around!

  18. Super cute workout clothes! I was able to help a friend out and offer to bake for the weekend for our class.. it is a joy to serve others and be there for those who have been so very kind to me already. Very grateful.

  19. Every year my Omi (German grandmother) gets Christmas bread from Aldi, this year she’s been sick so I picked her up a couple loaves and took them to her. For me this wasn’t just a random act, it’s Christmas time. A time to give rather than receive and definitely deserves a lot more than the bread!

  20. I make essential oil blends… and I brought my therapist a little bottle of my immune formula bc she had a cold last time I saw her. Although technically she is not a friend, she is a woman that is helping me a lot through my grieving process. I appreciate her so much and the work she does.

  21. I am currently in the hospital because I got my ileostomy taken down today! ? Tomorrow, I am meeting with a man who recently got an ileostomy. I am thankful that I can use my hardships and experience to help others get through their own difficulties!

  22. I went to the deli to grab my boyfriend lunch for work and the guy who helped me was a little grumpy and seemed like he was having a rough day, I complimented his sweatshirt to strike up conversation and his mood instantly changed!

  23. I have a friend that just gave birth to a little girl. Her daughter wasn?t breathing and has been in the NICU. Even though I am very far away and can?t be there I?ve been sending her loving notes to let her know I?m thinking of her and praying for her little girl.

    Mandi Ft. Collins CO

  24. Love this workout gear! Today I made a neighbor cookies who i knew had some hard things she was dealing with in her private life.

  25. #kindnesstransformslives I was driving through Taco Bell drive through to get my brother in law tacos and the lady ask me if I wanted to donate to the after school program. Most people say no thanks to these but I said yeah I will. Being a poor college student it?s hard to donate all the time but I try to do these random acts of kindness.

  26. Perfect gear to wear while I CRUSH my goals the New Year – turning 40 LIKE A BOSS! ?? For my RAK today, I made myself and my co-workers fun Christmas shirts to wear to brighten our patients day.

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