Meet The Powell Pack – Episode 2: Homesick

In our crazy busy and ever-changing (but wonderful) life, there seems to be only one constant: We are ALWAYS on the go! In the beginning of our marriage, Chris spent most of his life on the road shooting Extreme Weight Loss while I was home holding down the fort, taking care of the kids, running the businesses, and juggling the show peeps behind the scenes. I seriously thought I was going to go CRAZY a handful of times…especially when I was prego!!!!! For real. Anyway, I remember at one point, we had actually calculated the cumulative time that Chris had spent on the road, and the number of months was eye-opening. We figured he had missed 9 (yes, NINE) entire months out of one year when Cashy was just a baby. It was definitely one of the most difficult times in my life, and I can imagine I wasn?t the only one who struggled with it.

Thankfully, much has changed since then. Chris has traveled less, I have traveled more, we have traveled MUCH more together, and we have brought the kids along for SO much of it! We?ve settled into much more of a “routine” life (if you can call it that). But with so much time away, we have all learned the importance of the phrase ?Home is where the heart is.? ?

The Meet the Powell Pack?episode I?m featuring today is quite the emotional blast from the past and still brings tears to my eyes. I?m grateful these moments were captured though…it makes me even MORE grateful for the “balance” we have found today. Enjoy MTPP Episode 2!!

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  1. Wow! you guys are incredible,Thank you so much for all you do to save lives and entire families. You are an inspiration. I’m cheering for you all.

  2. Homesick! You know how to make a grown man cry. I do understand your everyday struggles with dealing with separation. Like I said in my previous comment. My son lives out of state and only see him about Two and half months out of the year. I saw a comment about a Lady having her husband deployed, I couldn’t imagine living without your spouse and even though I’m divorce, I live for that time to happen again for me. I like I stated in my last comment I never write to blogs. But their something authentic about you all, and makes me want to express my thoughts I couldn’t fathom all the comments and thoughts people write to you ona daily basis. So Many lives out there have been touch like me. I hope to one day hear from you all. But no matter the outcome Family matter most…. Thanks 🙂

  3. We can really understand this, my husband was deployed in Iraq a year and a half and it’s not easy to be apart, then after you’re apart for a long time the emotional rebuilding. It’s a hard thing to go through. It makes you stronger and treasure the time you have together so much more!

  4. I think this has been one of the favorite blogs/videos for me so far. Mind you they are all great, but knowing that you, like me and so many others, deal with life’s crazy schedules with work, family, friends, fitness, healthy eating and that no one is exempt is comforting. We are all in the same boat and we can make excuses or power through. Thanks for sharing the reality that it isn’t always easy, simple or perfect! It takes hard work and dedication to live happy and healthy!

  5. Hi! I have been watching meet the Powell pack. Your family is amazing! Thank you for giving so much to others. This episode made me tear up. Thank you for sharing!

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