What’s in My Gym Bag | 10 Gym Bag Essentials + GIVEAWAY

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New year, new goals, new gym bag. Now THAT is a resolution this girl can get on board with! Whether you’re hitting up the weight rack or a local fitness class, the best way to walk in feeling confident is to make sure you’re prepared! How, you ask? With all the must-have gym bag essentials. πŸ˜‰ But before I share mine, how about a little motivational tip for you??

RULE NUMERO UNO in my fitness world: ALWAYS pack your gym bag the night before!?Also, always pack it FULL! Not only are you more likely to actually?make it?to the gym if you pack the night before, you’re ALSO more likely to come back if you feel prepared while you are there. FACT! (Okay, maybe it’s only factual to me). Time to talk about these gym bag must-haves. THEN…it’s time to give some away! I’m feeling extra generous in 2019!?Giveaway?details at the bottom.

10 Gym Bag Essentials

You’ve asked, and I’m delivering the goods! Literally. Here are the goodies currently being packed (on repeat) in my gym bag!


1. Sweaty Betty Luxe Bag (similar here)

Finding a good gym bag means finding a bag that fits you?and?all your stuff. I love that this bag is such a classic?beauty meets function all in one gorgeous bag. It’s big enough to fit everything I need without giving that old school duffle feel, so it’s perfect for other uses outside the gym.

Need something to carry work stuff in? Check. Carrying around all your kids’ gear? Check, check. New mom wanting a stylish diaper bag? This bag can literally do it all. And my absolute favorite feature? The zip bottom?perfect for storing any gym shoes or after gym shoes you want to carry along!

2. Beats Headphones

I know some people prefer working out without music, but I am?not one of them! I need my music loud and motivating while I’m working on those transformation goals.

I love these Beats Headphones because not only are they cute (hello, gold and white!), but they’re wireless, which means I can really and truly “unplug” during my ME time. They’re super comfortable and noise cancelling (can I wear them around the house? #askingforafriend). Bonus: earbud version comes in under $70 for those who want something smaller or more budget-friendly.

3. Shaker Bottle

Two important lessons and one amazing bottle: 1) Always stay hydrated before, during, and after your workout, and 2) you’ll want to follow any good workout by repairing your muscles with some protein, like our new TRANSFORM Low Carb Meal Replacement Shakes. The Blender Bottle is perfect for both options. πŸ˜‰

4. Protein Bars

Like I just mentioned, your body needs protein following a workout to help repair those muscles and fuel your body! Some of my favorites are Quest Bars, G2G Bars, and FitJoy Bars!

When a protein bar is both healthy?and makes you feel like you’re eating dessert, it’s a win in my book.

5. Resistance Booty Band

Of course, I have to represent! Plus, there are just some moves that can best be done with the help of my littlest BFF?my TRANSFORM Resistance Band. Throw it in your bag, bust it out during your workday or when you have some spare time, and you have an instant workout that you can literally do anywhere.

6. Beauty Musts: Gum, Face?Wipes, Deodorant

Sometimes I just need a little refresher. Especially if I’m trying to sneak in a quick kiss from my forever gym partner, Chris. Need I say more? On that same note, as a busy wife, mom, and business owner, sometimes an immediate shower following a workout is impossible (I know you guys can relate). Until that nice hot shower, deodorant in my bag is a MUST, and so are makeup wipes.?I carry these bad boys around to help clean up any unwanted messes (think runny mascara. Goodbye, raccoon eyes!).

7. Dry Shampoo

Ok, technically, dry shampoo falls within beauty musts, but it’s such a necessity that it deserves its own shout out.?Guys, this is literally my favorite dry shampoo! It works wonders in keeping me looking glam and shower fresh even when leaving an intense workout. A couple sprays, some tousles, and I’m good to go.

8. Massage Roller Ball?and Schiek Weight Belt

You should always take a few minutes at the end of your workout to stretch and roll out. I love carrying this ball around with me because it’s perfect to help relieve pressure in even the tightest of muscles and helps speed up the recovery process so I can jump right back in the next time. I have been known to use this during meetings. A busy mom’s gotta do what a busy mom’s gotta do, right?

Plus, this Schiek lifting belt is a MUST for my workouts! It provides the best support for my back when lifting and is so comfortable to wear, ensuring I’m safe, especially with heavy lifts!

9. Hat

Even though I love my dry shampoo, sometimes mama just needs to throw on a baseball hat. I know you all feel me on this one.

10. Flip Flops

You know my gym bag is not complete if I don’t have my infamous flip flops. ? Perfect for letting my feet rest after putting in so much work! Check out some of my other favorite shoes for every occasion here?too.

And those, my friends, are my MUST-HAVE items that I cannot go to the gym without! I want to know what YOU keep in YOUR gym bag…but before I do…

It’s GIVEAWAY time!!!!

I couldn’t be more excited for this giveaway because who DOESN’T want to win some new gym bag swag???One lucky winner will win all of these gym bag faves of mine, valued at $387!

  • My Fave Flip Flops (in your size of course)?$26 value
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo?$6 value
  • Transform Booty Band?$21 value
  • Chris + Heidi Meal Replacement Shakes -both chocolate AND vanilla?$120 value
  • Blender Bottle?$20 value
  • Quest Bars – 3 month supply?$144 value
  • Schiek Weight Belt!?$50 value


1. Comment below telling me YOUR favorite gym bag essential, whether it’s on my list or not!
2. Head over to Facebook or Instagram, like the post, and drop the same comment there…and TAG A FRIEND!
**Winner will be chosen and announced on Sunday, January 20, 2019. Be sure and check your blog comment AND your DMs to see if you’re the lucky winner! If you’re chosen, and I don’t hear from you within 48 hours, I’ll have to choose another winner. And we don’t want that to happen, right?

Happy entering!!



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404 Responses

  1. In this article I would talk about the best gym bag for ladies.You finding a bag that fits you and all your stuff. I love that this bag is such a classic?beauty meets function all in one gorgeous bag. and you purchase easily and you can hear easily.

    1. Where do I buy the bag!! It?s really perfect I workout at lunch time at our work gym 4-5 days. My bag is always next to me at my desk how cute would this bag look there and with me. Thx!!

  2. Flip flops I can wear in the public showers at the YMCA! Ewwwwww!!!!! If I forget them… I do NOT shower! Haha

  3. I have to say my fave is the headphones! I have some that always seem to get in the way when I have the bar on my shoulders!

  4. My boksing gloves, gor the moment lessons are a bit too expenssive so I just hit the boxing bag!
    Hope my english is ok πŸ™‚
    Greetings from Holland!!

  5. My gym bag essentials are definitely ear buds, yoga mat, hand sanitizer, water bottle and a lil snack for afterwards! ???

  6. My must haves for the gym bag:
    Jump rope
    Water bottle
    Protein bar
    Sweat towel
    Extra hair ties

  7. Hair ties, headphones, shoes, deodorant, body spray, dry shampoo, snack, and workout clothes because I?m usually going right from work. ?? @skasemx

  8. I work out at home but always have my smart phone, headphones, healthy snake, dumbbells, resistance bands, deodorant, shower gel and shampoo and of course all my rescue dogs that surround me while I work out! ?????

  9. @shannonsh78. My bag has a hair dryer, flat iron, deodorant, body wash, shampoo, resistance bands, gloves, tanning lotion, tanning suit, hair brush, earbuds, smart watch, ankle straps to hook to cables, protein powder and a post work out meal, shower shoes and face wash

  10. My gym bag is loaded to the top. I have bootie bands, pull up bands, sliders, dry erase marker, jump rope, pad for squat bar, sweat towel, water bottle, wrist straps, yoga mat, barbell clamps, and workout papers!

  11. I always need a new gym bag. I never leave to the gym without my head phones, protein, protein bar, Pilates socks, water bottle, knee brace and tape.

  12. Deodorant, gum or mint and a hair tie! Regretfully, I haven?t packed a gym bag in a while… I need to get back to it!!!

  13. currently my gym bag favs are water and my music, but I also love to have things like my fav lip gloss, simple make up items to refresh after my workout, and some type of recovery drink.

  14. Hair ties, ear buds, Velcro armband for my phone, water bottle, ziplock if protein powder, lifting belt, and a couple toys for my kids (hackie sack and a monster truck). πŸ™‚

  15. Currently my essentials are a yoga block, booty bands, gliders, and a jump rope ? oh yes and my water bottle and wireless headphones. I clearly need to up my bag game as my gym bag is currently a cotton book bag! Yikes!

  16. @chelse_leigh – my favorite gym buddy always keeping be motivated. Favorite gym bag items include water bottle, swim suit to sit in sauna, and plenty of extra hair ties in case they break!!

  17. Must have are booty bands shoes headphones and usually crayolas and color books for the kids to keep them busy so i can have a peacful workout.. thank you

  18. I always have shorts, capris and long pants because I live in Canada and the weather changes hourly. (Especially if I want to take my workout outside). Dry shampoo, a good pair of shoes and usually whatever left over snacks my kids leave….

  19. What I have is my pre workout shake, hair tie, brush/towel, a change of clothes, shoes, deodorant, bar, and my head phones.

  20. My gym bag now consists of my gloves, cleats, pads, helmet, tall socks, mouth guard, football, headphones, water, pre workout, sometimes a Quest bar… pretty much my whole life ?????. From now until the end of football season they?re all kind of essentials ?

  21. I love martial arts (kickboxing, boxing, Krav Maga) and most workouts are done barefoot. Since I?m a wee bit of a germaphobe, I have antibacterial wet wipes in my gym bag for me feet.

  22. I am a Jazzercise instructor so I carry my microphone, first aid kit, sweat towel, free weights, snacks, and a stress ball mainly ?

  23. I have my work put pants, top & sports bra (preferably my favorite Adidas one!), socks, my Nikes, deodorant, headphones, arm band for my phone, hair bands, water bottle, padlock, extra snacks & diapers & wipes in case my son is with me and has to go to the daycare! And then I always have my Apple Watch on my wrist tracking everything!

  24. I neeed a new gym bag! I have had the same under armor bag since I was 16, and now I?m 29! I always have my phone for music, and headphones. Maybe I need a new gym makeover lol.

  25. People laugh when I’m in the sauna with a rolling pin….but man O man my IT Band is WICKED!! Chapstick, belly sweat band, resistance bands, ear buds, squat sponge, jump rope, hat for “those” hair days, body spray, extra hair ties for my friends, bubble gum, business cards, phone charger, the kitchen sink (JK), notepad and pen, swimsuit….extra diapers for the babies…. I should just take up residency!! Heidi, I LITERALLY just put my Batiste in there too…I can’t live without dry shampoo!!!????

  26. My gym bag essentials: gym membership card, water, headphones, phone (for music), workout clothes, tennis shoes, swim suit, flip flops, book (to read while working on my tan), change of clothes, more shoes, makeup, deodorant (don?t like the spray deodorant at the gym. Lol) snacks, and money for the gym cafe or gym bar. Yes my gym has a bar ?????

  27. In my bag, when not doing workout at home, deodorant, hair tie, brush, water with BCAA, protien bar,small towel ,headphones , spare change of clothes , socks

  28. bands, water, orb, music, pre workout, bcaas, protein shake, bars, scrunchy, flip flops, swim suit, dry shampoo, brush, deodorant

  29. My bag has to have workout gloves, elbow wrap!, booty bands, headphones, BCAA?s and water and pre-workout!!

  30. My gym bag: water, spin shoes, clip board with workouts, pencil, towel, swim suit, goggles, flip flops, swim cap, booty bands, rolling balls and gum.

  31. Shoot…looks like I could pack a better bag. I usually bring bands, floor sliders, and headphones. Time to step up my game

  32. Tank top, yoga pants, chapstick, deodorant, water, protein powder, resistance bands, socks, hair tie…everything basically ?

  33. Ma gym essentials are my eye contacts, headphones, water bottle, hair comb, gloves, resistant bands, my smartwatch and ankle braces. Sure need a big bag ?

  34. Phone & earbuds- music is a necessity, towel, water, string cheese- I?m addicted but I need a good protein bar, deodorant, bath & body works lotion, and some days a hange of clothes. Love the bag btw, mine is definitely old style and so ?gym like?. This gym is versatile and very feminine ?

  35. My husband is my gym buddy!
    Workout essentials are my water bottle, fit bit, and some cute workout clothes!

  36. ??Kickboxing gloves-the big kind they cover your whole hand, Brooks shoes, water bottle, and wrist wraps! (Double posting because I accidentally pressed send without finishing my email address #blondemoment)

  37. ??Kickboxing gloves-the big kind they cover your whole hand, Brooks shoes, water bottle, and wrist wraps! Favorite are gloves to protect my wrists and hands because those are important!

  38. I am not able to give word for word from insta but my ESSENIAL item is Trident cinnamon gum! That is a must. The rest is important too…dry shampoo, towel, booty band, quick face potions, yummy body lotion. Flip flops is a great idea! I?m adding some right now… ????? I would LOVE to win this special gym bag!!! ?

  39. I didn?t copy my comment from Instagram, but I?ll repeat what I have in there. I have an extra pair of headphones, booty band, hip thruster pad, blender bottle, chapstick, preworkout, bcaa?s, diapers and wipes for lil miss!

  40. Essentials would be : towel, Water, hairtie and brush, deodorant and gum. I could go on but…. How much time do you have, we gotta get to the gym

  41. I have a booty band, and also travel with my own bar pad for hip thrusts. Chapstick. Beats always. Body spray for after. Water bottle. Charger. Bathroom bag. Ankle bands. Ankle attachment for cable kick backs. The list goes on.

  42. Sweat towel, quest protein bars, jump rope and a booty band, wireless earphones, extra hoodie and some deodorant (the spray kind!)??????

  43. With all my hair, def a head band and lots of hair ties!!! Gotta tame this mane before I get my sweat on!!

  44. My Swell water bottle with sports lid and earphones. There are a few others but I can’t be in the gym without!

  45. Essentials – postworkout shake, water, shoes, jacket, snacks for kids, I?m pretty sure there?s hot wheel cars in the bottom, and extra hair bands!

  46. My gym bag is now a diaper bag since I now have a 4 month old baby ??? Our gym doesn’t have child care so I go at a time where is pretty empty & lug her around the gym in her carrier with me. She loves it! The diaper bag / gym bag has all the essential baby supplies and my wireless headphones and water bottle shoved into it. My gym buddy is my hubby @tylerspraul ?

  47. So my favorite gym essentials and what I actually have are two different things πŸ™ I have to have headphones, since mine got washed they amplified to 1000x recommended volume. I have to 100% have a hair tie, my hair being down just gives me anxiety and I don?t know why, probably because I always wear it in a pony for work, I usually have a plastic water bottle (don?t know why I carry those) and a towel if I can remember. What I would consider essential is good shoes, bands, decent water bottle and amazing headphones. It?s all about getting lost in the music for me. Snacks would be nice too and gloves…. and quest bars are my fav!

  48. Busy mom right here! I need the essentials, head phones, music device, water bottle! I?m new to the gym scene so still trying to get a routine down!

  49. I tagged my husband because we?ve been working out together for 10+ years.

    Can?t live without my earbuds, hair tie & my phone to follow all of my transform app workouts! ?

  50. I always have you, Heidi with me in my home gym! Your voice coming out of my phone pumps me up at 5 am. I also have my water bottle and BOOST?? ?Now let?s do work?

  51. I always have glucose tablets in my gym back because I sometimes have hypoglycemic episodes! (The joys of bikini prep)

  52. Hello! I always have my favorite gym shoes! Change into them to have the best support and get moving! Love the new vanilla Chris & Heidi shake ?

  53. I always have my headphones, lacrosse ball, stretch bands, headband, hand wraps, an extra shirt in case I get too sweaty ??, snack, recovery drink and a towel., water and my phone!! Phew.

    1. My sweat towel, headphones, water bottle, face wipes for post-workout, gym clothes, protein bar, and my key fob! ????

  54. @ameysjourney first off hat is a must for me, cute bag, water bottle, hair tie on my wrist, towel, body spray, deodorant and the amazing chris and heidi Powell protein powder in a shaker bottle.

  55. My gym bag faves are definitely chapstick and lotion…. up here in Canada we get dryyyyyyyyy in the winter!

  56. So many to list but there are always resistance bands, weight gloves, towel and a clean top…I sweat like a dude!

  57. My gym bag has a change of clothes, gym shoes, odor neutralizing ball that goes in the ?shoe compartment?, deodorant.

  58. My workout essentials is Definitely a good support sports bra!, shoes, leggings, water bottle & @thetransformapp to get it done!! @chelseycrews

  59. Wireless headphones x 2 (just in case one dies)
    Lifting shoes
    Liquid chalk
    Extra socks

  60. My essential item
    Is my @transformapp which also double as my music which is a must. My water bottle and protein bar by @G2G for recovery. That?s about all I need.

  61. My essential workout bag contents include teaching notes, music, backup CDs, mic belt, Tylenol, headphones, towel, hair ties and lip gliss?

  62. I don?t have a gym bag? I am new to the gym but I am excited and hopeful to get in shape and FINALLY feel comfortable in my own skin.

  63. Gotta have some preworkout, my headphones (and phone of course ?), shaker cup with BCAAs. Those are my staples!

  64. My gym bag essentials are: my glute band, cable kick back attachment, hip thrust pad, deodorant, wipes, & head phones! Love your list!

  65. Headphones, water bottle, phone, slingshot resistant bands! My phone has my Transform App that I can?t complete my workout without it!!

  66. What wouldn?t my gym bag be packed with?! ? Every little thing so I don?t have an excuse why I can?t go! ?

    1. I workout everything!!! But my gym bag always booty band, an extra set of head phones, a sauna suit for heavy cardio days!??Angelique Soto

  67. Never go without my towel, my pre-workout drink, my bands, and my AirPods! Oh and lip gloss too! Forgot this one on the ig comment?

    1. Swim attire, headphones, waterproof headphones, soccer attire, soccer shoes, gym shoes, pre workout, Aminos, food

  68. Omg! I need to ad more after reading this! ?? in mine you will find an extra bottle of water, AirPods, ipad, iPhone, towel, log book, gum, bcaa, vitamins, hair ties, hair clip, wrist straps, boxing gloves, lotion, protein in shaker bottle and my wallet but when I forget one (usually bcaa, headphones or gloves) I have @annababy137 ????????

  69. My favourite gym essentials are my resistance bands for leg day, as well as protein bars for an emergency snack!

  70. @hdelaval78 is my workout buddy- water bottle, runners, shower essentials, towel, change of clothes, snack, cell phone, music & a good attitude ??????

  71. I do bikram yoga/hot pilates I take with me my yoga mat, water, chanclas (aka flip-flops lol) and fitbit. And most importantly my ?My body can do anything my mind tells it to do? attitude!!!?

    1. My fav gym bag essential is my dry shampoo, I have short hair so this helps it look it fresh after a sweatout in the gym.

  72. Definitely the marshmallow dream bar from Starbucks. It?s my go to as a pre workout but also as a reward after my workout!!??

  73. My fav thing to bring water bottle, head ban,brush,towel, change of clothes, running shoes , my lunch great attitude ?

  74. My go to gym essentials are: towel, water bottle, protein bars, money or credit card for my Starbucks after the gym, chapstick, earbuds, hand wraps and boxing gloves. ?

  75. Hi Heidi,
    I always have glucose tabs ( type I diabetic), towel, water and ear buds! These are my ?essentials ?!!
    Thank you!

  76. Honestly, I haven?t perfected my ?what?s in my gym bag? yet. That?s why one of the amazing things about @realheidipowell is her generosity.
    I always have my natural deordant @schmidtsnaturals, a brush, a towel, extra pair of shoes and socks, weight belt, perfume (if it?s an earlier workout,) extra set of workout clothes, 2 shaker bottles, pre-workout, and an extra pair of earphones. Like I said, I haven?t perfected it, but I?m hoping to upgrade my routine! ?

  77. Jump rope , ankle straps for kick backs , lifting gloves, gym towel, bands for hip thrust, water bottle, chap stick, extra hair ties, hand sanitizer lol tagging my soulmate / workout partner @rod.honey ??

  78. Water bottle, Thera-band, lacrosse ball for rolling out the feet and shoulder blades, and a change of underwear πŸ˜‰

  79. I carry my one apple AirPod that works along with my water bottle. I also carry my workout for the day. If I don?t have a plan my workout will suck. Without those items I?d be lost.

  80. Flip flops, stance socks so they don?t get eaten by my shoes, Metcons, pony tail holder for thick hair, workout pants and shirt, and a supportive sports bra…along with a few other things! My workout bag is like my pocketbook. It seems to have all kinds of items in there.

  81. I don’t have a whole lot in my gym bag, but I MUST have deodorant because I work out during my lunch hour and I don’t want to go back to work being stinky! ?

  82. In my gym bag is a lock, headphones, waterproof mp3 with a motivational playlist and rock and roll, a bottle of water with lemon, a protein bar, running shoes, my WHY, hydroalcoolic gel, gloves, gym outfitand a photo of me at my worst !!! How about you Jennifer McKee .

  83. My aromatherapy lotion from bath and Body Works called Focus! Love the smell and keeps me alert during my workout.

  84. My favorite gym bag essential are my ear buds, but I also take my sweat bands for wrist and head, a small absorable towel for sweat, small hand weights, purr xylitol gum, recovery drink.

  85. The most important thing in my gym bag are my makeup removing wipes. I can’t work out with makeup running down my face .

  86. Headphones ? (can?t workout with my music), lip balm, workout gloves, bands, water bottle and towel! Tressa Morris ?????

  87. My fitness watch is my go to essential! I love being able to monitor a workout, and it?s always cool to see how amazing our bodies are made by how we are asking them to move!

  88. It’s not a favorite thing but it’s the only thing in my gym bag. It’s my extra oxygen to get me through my workout.

  89. Hopefully people from the UK can enter? Towel (huge one atm because I’m just starting my journey again! ?) water, shampoo, headphones body oil, deoderant, weight gloves. My work clothes as I go straight there after the gym. But the one thing I would be lost without are my headphones don’t think my workouts would be the same without them…..

  90. Lord help me my bag is FULL. I always have a large loop resistance band for those days i wanna do pull ups off the assist machine but need extra help. My INC strap for cable hamstring curls or kick backs, hip circle both blue and red. Deodorant, body spray for afterwards – secret I believe is the brand. Always my shaker, always a bottle of plain water, slippers for after – UGG, airpods…. I?m sure I?m missing something but those are what I bring when I travel also. Lol

  91. I personally can’t leave my house without my hydroflask and my homemade lip balm. Christine Gunther Pellar my accountability partner.

  92. Don?t currently have a gym bag since mine ripped but without a doubt headphones for music for a killer workout!! But! Also dry shampoo!! Gotta freshen the hair a little after.

  93. I always carry an extra set of headphones in my bag- since I usually leave a set at home and a girl needs her tunes ?.

  94. My favorite gym bag essential is hard to choose one. I love my head phones, and lifting gloves. Christopher Paquette

  95. My fitness watch with tunes on it; Bose wireless headphones; and baby wipes (because working out on a lunch hour doesn’t allow for full showers).

  96. To my friend brittany who I tagged: I know the selfie stick is an essential. It motivates and inspires those who follow your runs online:)

  97. Headphones, a huge bottle of ice cold water, my phone with Pandora going, peppermint essential oil for energy and for muscle pain relief! And a post workout snack ??

  98. Heart rate monitor/Apple Watch! Pick me to win! Love your mission and everything you post!

    Ps – it?s my birthday today ?

  99. My ?waterbottle?, my ?lifting gloves ?(with wrist support straps), and of course my ? headphones ?. Karissa, Alexandria, Liz, AlexandTiffany, and Tyler.

  100. Chapstick is a MUST HAVE for me! Even though I get all sweaty while working out, if I don?t wear chapstick I feel all dried out?

  101. I never thought to add the dry shampoo and face wipes. Sometimes I want to do a quick grocery run after and this would at least help me feel fresh.

  102. I so need this in my life!! My essentials are @thetransformapp, a good support sports bra, shoes, leggings, & most definitely a water bottle!!

  103. My gym bag essential is a good hair tie – I?ve just discovered the invisibobble and they?re AMAZING !! And some kind of protein bar ?

  104. Heidi Lane Powell I love all the real posts both you and Chris do that make you both soo relatable which always helps us tremendously. In my gym bag I need my favorite water bottle and head phones and arm band for my phone. I also need a snack post workout…whether it?s my debit card to buy a shake there per the app or one of the app snacks! I don?t have one of those booty bands but have seen many use them and have wanted to get one. Then usually post workout sometimes a change of clothes but for sure deodorant, spray, lip gloss and sometimes shoes but usually I just leave those in car and swap in car. 50lbs to lose this year and won?t let myself get pregnant with baby # 3 until I lose the weight (sounds silly) but also just looking forward to being more comfortable to go to our houses in Rocky Point, summer etc! Thank you for all your guy?s work to really help in this process!!! Laura Williams check out the Transform App! You will love it!

  105. Water, BCAA, headphones, phone, protein and shaker, a banana, bands, deodorant, towel, brush, lipstick ?? I think it’s all. Yadi Sanschaise your turn.

  106. BABY WIPES!! …are essential!!
    And why did I not know about them
    prior to having kids?! They are perfect in so many ways… ?

  107. I MUST have my headphones for my cardio so I can watch Netflix while on the treadmill lol Would love to make one of your Transform bands one of my gym back essentials ?

  108. A gym bag must have for me are my headphones! Other than that I need deodorant and makeup remover wipes (I usually work out right after 8 hours of work!) ?

  109. My gym bag essentials would probably have to be my water bottle! Honestly without it I?d constantly be going back and forth to the water fountain and taking away from my workout!!

  110. Even though the shakes can?t come to Canada yet, I will still comment in hopes for the other give always. ?.
    In my gym bag I carry quite a bit. Hair ties, sweat band, earphones, hand sanitizer, running shoes, towel, weight gloves, my own bands, pre-workout, water, armband to hold my phone, lipchap, a protein bar for after my cardio but before my weights and gum…oh gum is a must!! Also, he can?t fit in my gym bag, but my hubby! Lol. This is ?our? time together without any distractions from the kiddos.

  111. I workout at home currently but in my space is ?my why? where I can see it anywhere while I?m working out ! When I ever think I might stop shy of one or two reps, I remind myself of my why ! ! It?s a must ????

  112. Body spray(because i am not that girl who leaves the gym taking selfies lookin all cute…i look like i have been fighting for my life and i usually stink lol), shaker bottle with protein, a hair brush and headband.

  113. Blender bottle, Headphones ? post workout snack ? and can?t forget the water with BCAAs! Jasmine Moors what are you essentials?

  114. Oh my god! I love that blender bottle ?!!! Dry shampoo is my essential because I get horribly sweaty hair lol.

  115. My must have in my gym bag is my clothes ???? or water… I’ve forgotten both and it was not fun ? Miranda Castillo what’s yours? You are usually way more on top of it than me!

  116. My gym bag favorite is definitely my deodorant and body spray. Need to smell good after a good workout, especially if having to go back to work after. I also like my quest bars to refuel. Wendy Lee what is your gym bag must have?

  117. I love to bring my bottle of lavendar-lemon essential oil spray by zum-body!!! Spraying it on helps me feel relaxed, happy, and pampered while doing my workouts and going through my transformation process πŸ™‚ Also love my resistance bands and my water bottle!

  118. Definitely my polar fitness watch and chest strap are essentials, so I can keep track of my heart rate, calories burned, and steps!!

  119. Aside from
    Ur amazing list I have to add an iPad and snacks for my 4 year old gym companion ?????. Mamas gotta do what mamas gotta do. Love ur blog Heidi. ??

  120. Love this , i would just add one more thing . I love my chest strap for my watch to see my heart rate , calories , etc!

  121. The above are all great ideas. I would like to add a combination lock so I can stash my bag in a locker and not worry about it.

  122. Agree with all of the above. I also need chapstick and and water to drink while working out.
    That gym is awesome, btw!

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