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Let’s be honest: Tragedy and difficult times in life are unavoidable. But it’s in these times that we can learn the most about who we are and what we’re made of, and we’re then able to take those lessons and share them with the world and with everyone in our lives. I firmly believe that even in the harshest of circumstances there is so much beauty. Lately, in this very difficult time in my life, I’ve found that beauty in my kids, in my friends, in my family, in my Transform community, and in my relationships with both Chris and Derek—who have been and always will be two of my biggest cheerleaders.

I also firmly believe that life is as happy as I choose to make it, no matter what is going on. It’s always a choice. The hardest part, however, can be accepting that the path I thought my life would take is often very different than the path it actually takes. For this week’s episode of LIVE with Heidi Powell, I decided to be my own guest before Chris and I announced that our relationship was entering a new chapter, and I was beyond excited when Chris decided to join me. As you watch this week’s episode, I hope you’ll discover some of the lessons we’ve been learning recently that have led us both to a place of great peace as we navigate this new chapter in our lives.

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Some key takeaways from this episode:

  • Transform isn’t going anywhere, in fact, it’s just going to get bigger and better! (23:25)
  • The importance of setting clear priorities in relationships and in life (44:20)
  • How we each deal with stress. (52:55)
  • There are blessings from being quarantined. (56:02)
  • Unrealistic expectations and Lottery Syndrome—thinking “If only ____, then I’ll be happy”—can lead to unhappiness (69:10)

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2 Responses

  1. Love you family
    Love both of you
    Love your message
    Thank you for the transparent honesty I?m sure it?s not easy

    Please keep sharing!

  2. Such a lovely family. Sending you all positive vibes, peace, and blessings during this time of transformation.

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