Couch Potato Booty Workout

Hey moms! (And dads!). I see you. These days you are juggling more than your fair share, and believe me, it is not going unnoticed. If you’re anything like me, you’re letting the stress, kids, and at-home learning situations deviate you from your own goals. Let’s be real: If a workout isn’t going to be quick, there are days when I’m not going to be able to make time for it, and there are also days when going to the gym just isn’t going to happen either. And I know for a lot of you, going to a physical gym location isn’t in the cards at the moment at all. That’s why I’m sharing this super simple, super fast, and super effective booty workout to build your glutes so you can see those bootylicious gains in no time. 😉

Bulgarian Split Squats: 3 sets of 15 each leg (rest 1 minute between sets)

  • Stand in front of a couch, chair, table, or bench.
  • Put one foot on the raised surface, and with your other leg, step out into a lunge position.
  • Slowly lunge down so your back knee almost touches the ground but not quite, and make a 90 degree angle with your front leg. Be careful not to let your front knee go out past your toe. To help with this, push all your weight through your heel.
  • Repeat 15 on one leg, then do 15 on the other leg before resting.
  • To progress, you can hold dumbbells in each hand or water jugs if you don’t have weights at home (Pro tip: Each water full water jug weighs 8 pounds!).

Weighted Hip Thrusts: 3 sets of 15 (rest 1 minute between sets)

  • Find a heavy object! This can be a kid, coworker (Ha! Watch the video to see what I mean), or a weight plate or dumbbell.
  • Position yourself so you’re sitting on the floor in front of your couch.
  • Bring your elbows behind you up on the surface of the couch and raise yourself so your butt is off the floor, knees bent in front of you. Then add that heavy object onto your pelvis.
  • Drop your butt as close to the floor as you can get it, and then push up, squeezing your glutes as you push up. Pause, then slowly lower back down to the starting position. That’s 1 rep!

Froggy Pumps: 3 sets of max repetitions for 60 seconds (rest 1 minute between sets)

  • Lie flat on the floor, bring the souls of your feet together, and rest them above you on the couch.
  • Using your elbows to hold your upper body into the ground, lift your glutes up and squeeze.
  • Repeat this movement as many times as you can within the 1 minute time frame, then rest one minute before repeating.

There you have it! Three easy moves that can be done in the comfort of your own home, and if you’re super efficient, they can be done during recess while the kids are playing! 😉 What’s your favorite lower body move?


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