No Equipment Booty + Leg Burner: At-Home Lower Body Workout

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m really starting to love these at-home workouts! I mean…don’t get me wrong. I’ll be excited to get out of my house and safely back to the gym once it opens, but there’s something about working out every day with my family and still being able to crush my goals in the safety of my house that I just really love!

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If you’re feeling like at-home workouts might hinder your goals, I’m here to tell you that you can get a killer booty and leg workout without any equipment! Speaking of building that booty, I have one rule that I’ve set for myself, and I think it should probably be a standard rule for everyone trying to stay fit and healthy right now: Don’t neglect the booty. Having strong glutes is just as important as having a strong core! They set the stage for SO many other movements. Plus, I know we all want that perfect booty shape. Next time it’s leg day (or booty day), try this at-home burner to get those glutes fired up!

At Home Lower Body Workout

Bonus: if you’re looking for an at-home upper body workout, click here.?

Complete 3 rounds of the following exercises:

  • 50 Squat Kickbacks (each side)
  • 50 Curtsy Lunges (each side)
  • 50 Froggy Pumps

Squat Kickbacks

  • Step 1: Begin in a standing position, feet shoulder width apart, toes pointed slightly out from parallel. This is the same position as if you were going to do an Air Squat.
  • Step 2: Keeping your weight in your heels, bend your knees and lower your buttocks down and back, as if being pulled from behind by a belt.
  • Step 3: Using your arms as a counterbalance, reach upward as the crease of your hips drops slightly below your kneecaps, pushing your knees outwards as you squat.
  • Step 4: As you start to return to the starting position, transfer your weight to one leg and kick back with the other leg.
  • Step 5: Return to the starting position, and then repeat, kicking back the other leg.

Curtsy Lunges

  • Step 1: Begin in a standing position, feet shoulder width apart. Take an aggressive step backward with your right foot, to behind your left foot (similar to a curtsy), gently ?kissing? your back knee to the ground.
  • Step 2: Keeping your front left knee over your toes, drive with the forward heel to a standing position.
  • Step 3: Repeat on the other side

Froggy Pumps

  • Step 1: Lie on the ground, knees bent, feet together.
  • Step 2: Keeping your knees bent and your feet together, press your hips upwards until your hips come level with your knees, then press your knees outward.
  • Step 3: Pause briefly, and then slowly lower your body to the starting position before the next rep.

Just remember to only do this workout every other day to give those muscles a chance to rest and get stronger! If you only made it through one round, make it your goal to add a second round next week, and a third round the following!

Don’t forget to check in below once you’ve completed the workout and let me know how you’re feeling!


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