Best Anti-Aging Secrets: At-Home Facial Favorites

As I continue to focus on goal setting and power promises, I’m sticking to my one big priority: myself! And ladies, let’s be real. What better way to show yourself a little TLC than by a day of pampering? Let’s get even more real. As much as that sounds nice, who honestly has time for a full day at the spa?

Best Anti-Aging Secrets: At-Home Facial Favorites

And with so many of us still spending more time at home, it’s essential to figure out how to still get in that valuable ME time. Which means Heidi is getting creative, 😉 and I’m bringing the spa to you with this at-home Athia facial! It’s one of my best kept anti-aging secrets! Here are the products I use and love so that you can enjoy your own at-home facial.

Athia Daily Facial Cleanser

I use this every single day, twice daily, once in the morning and once before bed. I LOVE the smell, but the experts love this because this cleanser is great for so many skin types: those with acne, rosacea, and more. If you’re wearing makeup, do a dual cleanse to really get into your pores and clean away all the makeup, dirt, and grime. You can use a wash rag at home or these super handy makeup wipes.

Athia Exfoliating Probiotic Clay Cleanser

Did you know probiotics are also good for your face? If you’re prone to breakouts, probiotics are going to help get rid of any bacteria while stimulating collagen production. A good exfoliation is key 2-3 times per week as part of your skincare routine. This cleanser can also be used as a mask—just leave it on for 5-10 minutes so it can really soak in and activate and detoxify your skin.

Athia Post Workout Spray/Toner

This amazing product helps remove any leftover dirt or oils that cleansing didn’t get rid of, and it preps your skin for absorbing the serum you’ll be using next! This toner will also help decrease inflammation while shrinking your pores, so that’s a win all around, ladies, morning and night! You can also use this after a workout or as part of your daily routine!

Athia Radiance and Renewal Collagen Boosting Serum

We are ALL aging, but why not age gracefully and beautifully?! This serum contains peptides and amino acids to stimulate collagen production to leave behind a radiant glow. Did you know that, as we age, our body stops producing collagen? That’s why it’s so important that we find a way to supplement it and add it to our skincare routine.

Athia Champagne Face Mask

This is my favorite product to use with my girls. We use it about once per week, using our favorite brush to apply it, and we leave it on for about ten minutes. This hydrating mask is perfect to use after the collagen because it helps lock in that moisture to keep your skin looking youthful and plump!

Athia Hyaluronic & Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer

Did you know that Hyaluronic Acid is the fountain of youth?! It plumps and hydrates the skin, which is what every 38-year old mother of four NEEDS! 😉 The Vitamin C works to brighten your skin, builds collagen, and provides antioxidants to defend against free radicals. Tip: Don’t neglect the neck, ladies!

Athia Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Eye cream comes last, ladies! Did you know that? Because, full disclosure: I just learned this important fact! Once you’ve prepped and prepared the skin, you want to apply the eye cream. A good eye cream will really help fight wrinkles and fine lines and will contain peptides to stimulate that collagen production (notice a pattern?!) Tip: Thicker is not necessarily better. You don’t want to lather it on, but you do want to go around the entire eye, not just underneath.

Athia Daily Defense Matte Moisturizer/SPF

New product alert! This is a mineral-based broad spectrum SPF, which means it’s going to be effective immediately after putting it on, and it will fight against both UV-A and UV-B rays. Tip: Reapply your sunscreen every few hours. One of my favorite ways to do that comes in a powder form.

What are your favorite at-home pamper products that you can’t live without? Share ’em in a comment below!


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  1. This is both incredibly educational and useful! I really appreciate that you took the time to clarify everything in this essay, and I’ve learned a lot as a result. Since I am in my 30s and am truly noticing changes in my skin, this was timely and pertinent to what I needed.

  2. About a week ago Heidi had on her Instagram story what brand of drinkable Collagen she drinks. It?s gone now. Can you please share. I?m wanting to start taking Collagen.

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