Examiner.com: ABC Transformational Specialist Heidi Powell Discusses Her Eating Disorder

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Transformation Specialist Heidi Powell Discusses Her Eating Disorder - Learn more at https://heidipowell.net/2905

It is never easy to admit that you have an?eating disorder. But imagine making that confession on national television. That is precisely what Heidi Powell, famed with her husband Chris Powell as ABC’s transformational specialists on the popular reality TV show “Extreme Weight Loss,” courageously did. And in a candid?interview with ET News on August 9, Heidi opened up about her?eating disorder?and what she hopes her candid statements will do for those who want to recover but remain in silent despair.

Why did Heidi wait until now to admit her past? “It was a part of me that I felt shame for,” explained Heidi. However, she made the decision when she recognized that she had recovered to the stage where “I didn’t care anymore about what negativity might come if people saw my own struggles.”

In the segment on the show, Heidi discussed her past battle with both?bulimia and food addiction. Now, however, partly as a result to her work on the ABC reality show, Heidi has achieved a sense of balance with Chris, who supports her while they “keep each other accountable,” says Chris.

Part of what made the difference for Heidi: Her pregnancy. “It is your responsibility to grow this baby and to keep this child alive and love it,” Heidi said reflectively. “That was my moment.” You can learn more about Heidi and her tips for?healthy family diets by visiting www.ChrisPowell.com or www.HeidiPowell.net.

Read the complete article on Examiner.com.

3 Responses

  1. When I was a child I was obese, I weighed 100 pounds. Then, because of a diet for hypothyroidism, are thinner 35 pounds. I began to follow my diet of only 300 calories a day and I got sick of anorexia. For 12 years I suffer from eating disorders alternating (anorexia and bulimia), and I take I lose dozens of pounds in just a few months. I was admitted to a clinic where they gave me a lot of psycho drugs and was fine for almost a year until I got sick again. For two months, I’m trying to heal on its own. I do not binged and I do not provoke vomiting more, but … despite my daily workout and my diet of 800 calories can not lose weight. Weight 70 pounds to 169 cm. Perhaps it may not seem a lot but are maintained with many sacrifices. I do not feel alive. I have no energy. Spending the day in bed sleeping or crying. I do not have a good relationship with my family. Apparently seem to love me but do not have the slightest perception of my ailments or are worried about it because they are too focused on the illness of my sister, multiple sclerosis. Despite his illness, however, my sister has always had a normal life and now she is pregnant. To all, my problems are tantrums. Several times, alone, I tried to take my life in front of them but I have always shown to be well. I have no friends. My only love is my dog. For this I am very happy to have a breath in your response. Someone who listens to me. Twenty-eight years but I’m dead 12. Want to go back to live: the people around me already does. I want to be a healthy person and serene. I want to have a good relationship with food and with the sport but do not know how to train and what to eat. My weight is locked. My life also.

    I follow the program Bod-e, with fewer calories/die, as already mentioned, about 800. But nothing to do: I think I’m in a state of plateau and I can no longer move me in spite of exercise each day. is very difficult and I’m discouraged.

    I’d like to have some of your advice, but I realize that you can not help all the people that you write. so I’m happy that I vented with you.

    sorry for my bad English.
    greetings from southern Italy.

    1. It’s really important that you follow the daily calorie recommendations: 1200 for low carb days and 1500 for high carb days. And be sure you’re also doing the reward meals/days and the slingshot week. To learn more about calories, check out this post from this blog: https://heidipowell.net/5366/all-about-calories/. Best of luck! 🙂

  2. I admire you for telling us your struggles and how you have learned to deal with this issue. A couple of years ago I began my journey on becoming active and eating healthier. I did manage to gain success with this lifestyle change by losing weight and feeling more energized. But this past year I have found myself becoming more self-conscious with my body and limiting my food intake. I hope to gain the strength through your story on finding balance within myself.

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