Ask Heidi Anything: What If I Can’t or Don’t Eat Every Three Hours?

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On Extreme Weight Loss and in our books “Choose to Lose: The 7 Day Carb Cycle Solution” and “Choose More, Lose More for Life,” Chris and I teach people how to lose weight and get healthy using a program called carb cycling. When you carb cycle, you eat 5 smaller meals a day, 1 every 3 hours starting within 30 minutes of waking up.

Eating this often is new to many people, especially those that skip breakfast and suddenly realize halfway through the day, that they’ve also missed lunch. Irregular eating can derail your fitness goals.

Preparation is key to eating every three hours. While we all know the best laid plans can go awry with an emergency, you get stuck in traffic, a meeting goes longer than planned, etc., so many people ask Chris and I what happens if I accidentally skip a meal or am unable to eat my meal on time. What do you do?

Find out the answers by watching this week’s  Ask Heidi Anything.

264 Responses

  1. I had recently started your turbo plan and I wanted to try Starbucks egg white bites but not sure how they will fit in? Low or High days or not at all??


  2. Hi Heidi,

    On most days I can wake up and have my breakfast by 8, within the thirty minute period, but I was wondering what I should do if I want to sleep in till 9 or 10? I don’t want to be eating dinner at 10pm

    1. I also have looked at your post how to carb cycle with a crazy schedule and I didn’t see this question addressed

    2. Hi Ashley: In this case, you can add 1/2 of a meal to two of the other 4 meals so you’ll still get in all of your nutrition every day and be able to eat dinner at a more reasonable hour. Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Heidi… Just wondering how I adjust my food intake as my exercise becomes more intense? I use the Classic cycle and am down the weight I wanted to be, but have increased my workouts tremendously as I have become stronger. I’m hungry all the time now and can barely make it three hours to my next meal. Should I be counting macros rather than calories? Thanks for any guidance you can provide ?

  4. Hi again! πŸ™‚
    Another question, because of my schedule, I’m sometimes awake for 18-20 hours. Do I still eat every 3 hours and then just have a huge gap at the end before bed, do I add another meal, or do I spread the meals out to every 4 hours instead? I also don’t want to eat too close to bedtime and not sure how many hours there should be between the last meal and bedtime. Thanks again, as always!

  5. Hi Team Powell,

    I have a question about PB2. At 2 Tbsp, it’s 45 calories, 1.5 g Total fat, 5 g Total Carbs (with Sugar = 1 g), and 5 g Protein. From what I remember, fat and carb portions are ~100 calories. But flavorings are ~30-50 calories.
    At 1 Tbsp (or even 2 Tbsp), could PB2 be considered a Flavoring? It doesn’t seem to have enough calories to be considered a carb or fat…especially if only half the serving is used.
    Thanks for your time!

    1. Yes! It’s a fat if you eat 4.5 tablespoons. Just be sure to track everything you eat – it keeps us accountable. πŸ™‚

    2. Wow…that’s a lot for a smoothie! I only ever use 1-2 Tbsp per so does that mean I still need to add a fat on my low carb days and treat the PB2 as a flavoring? My pb chocolate smoothie is just almond milk, chocolate protein powder, pb2, and ice. And 4.5T would be way too much peanut butter for my smoothie.

    3. Hi Sunshine: Yes, if you use less than that 4.5 tablespoons of PB2, you would need to add additional fat to equal a fat serving to that meal. πŸ™‚

  6. I started the Extreme Transformation 11 days ago. I have been a near vegan for a decade and I’m having trouble coming up with alternatives. Most of the fake meats I substitute are high in sodium. I use vegan protein powder, but can’t use that exclusively for protein. I have been eating eggs and Greek yogurt as well, but this isn’t really part of my ethical meal plan. I don’t know where to go from here. I am doing everything as outlined otherwise.

    1. Hi Cara: We know it can be tricky to follow a lot of nutrition plans on a vegan lifestyle. There are some vegan options listed on page 19 in the book, and I hope those can help!

  7. Hi Team Powell,

    I am just starting the turbo cycling and have a question. Can I use skim milk in my coffee/tea or does it have to be almond or soya milk.

    Love you guys
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Debbie: Since skim milk contains carbs, it’s best to use unsweetened almond milk if possible. πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Heidi,
    Help! I recently went to night shift, my body is all out of whack! My weight has slowly keeps up over the last couple of weeks and I want to stop it before it becomes a problem! With my first night on, I’m up from 6a till 8-9am the next day. So should I eat my “meals” every 3-4 hours for that whole 24hr period? I log and keep track and am just trying to figure out how to go about this.

    Abbi ?

    1. Hi Ashley: You can replace pork with any other meat protein (beef, chicken). The calories and macros might change a bit, but it shouldn’t be a big deal as long as you choose lean cuts. You can also substitute any high carb meal for another high carb meal – the same with breakfasts and low carb meals. Hope that helps!

  9. Hey Heidi my names Kendall and I had a question (it’s not about arms but about my legs). So I played soccer for about 10 years but then had a knee injury so I had to stop. I was happy with the size of my legs when I was playing soccer because they were toned but not huge. I started competitively swimming instead after my injury and stopped running. However I could tell my thighs were getting larger even throughout swim! So now it’s been about 2 years since I’ve stopped playing soccer, I’ve been swimming for two years now, and my thighs are bigger than ever! I’m not happy with them so I started running about 3 miles twice a week…along with my 2 hour swim practices 4 days a week. My thinking was…”this will HAVE to tone and make my thighs smaller again!” So I’ve been running for about 4 weeks and I can tell my thighs are more firm…but even bigger than before! So my question is…will I build muscle and then once my thighs shed the fat it’s needs to…and then start downsizing? Or will my thighs just keep getting bigger as I keep running? Do I need to go a longer distance to get thinner thighs?

  10. I purchased meal replacement shakes and was wondering if they fall under Low Carb or High Card days. They have 220 calories, fat: 3g, carbs 24g, fiber 6g, protein: 24g. I read on the quest bars the fiber cancels some of the carbs or changes it to net carbs…wasn’t real sure what that meant. I bought quest bars because of your response to my protein bars (they were neither high or low days πŸ™‚ ) Will the quest bars be low carb days? 1 bar has 170 calories, fat:7g, carbs: 23g, fiber: 14g, and protein: 20g. One last question, would the meal replacement need to be one of the meals or the snack or does it make a difference? Thank you so much for your help! This blog is amazing!

    1. Hi Kendra: Yes, Quest protein bars are the protein and fat portions of a low carb meal. For protein powders, look for low-fat, low-carb powders with around 20 grams of protein per serving. This can serve as the protein portion for any meal. And you can use a meal replacement for any meal. πŸ™‚

  11. Would a Power Bar Triple Threat Energy Bar: Peanut Butter Caramel, Calories 200, Fat 9g, Carbs 23g, Protein 12g fall under High Carb or Low Carb day? They are super quick and easy to grab on the go for snacks.

    1. Hi Kendra: There’s too much fat for this to be a high carb option, and too many carbs for a low carb option. Try and find bars that are lower in fat for high carb meals and lower in carbs for low carb meals. But in a pinch, this is a much better option than many other things, so keep that in mind too. Hope that helps!

  12. Heidi,

    I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I am 265lbs. I work out Mon-Sat. Mon,Wed, Fri I do a weight circuit and 30mins on Elliptical, Tues & Thurs I do abs and then an hour on the treadmill. Saturday mornings I take a spin class or Zumba. I am doing the turbo carb cycling. The weight is just not coming off.

    Low Carb (Mon, Tues, Thurs) – Meal 1 – 1/2 PB Sandwich (4am)
    Meal 2 – Protein Shake with Cucumbers (7:15am)
    Meal 3 – Egg Lites with vegan Cheese, green pepper(10:15am)
    Meal 4 4oz Chicken (boneless thighs) broccoli, cauliflower, peppers (1:30ish)
    Meal 5 – Celery and 4oz Chicken (4PM)
    Meal 6 – 10 oz Chicken, Cabbage and Onions (5:30 or 6PM)

    High Carb (Wed, Sat) Meal 1 1/2 PB Sandwich (4AM)
    Meal 2 – Protein Powder, Cucumbers (7:15AM)
    Meal 3 – Egg whites, cream of wheat, green pepper (10:15AM)
    Meal 4 4oz Chicken , broccoli & cauliflower, peppers, apple (1:30ish)
    Meal 5 Celery, 1/2 PB Sandwich (4PM)
    Meal 6 10 oz Chicken, Watermelon, Cabbage & Onions (5:30-6PM)

    I eat the last meal earlier because I try to go to bed by 7:30-8PM since I rise at 4am.

    I am getting very frustrated and I am trying to do all I can. Any suggestions would be soooo appreciated. I adore you guys! You’ve inspired me so much over the years to finally do something about my weight.

    1. Hi Haley: It looks like you just need to tweak your meals a bit. There’s an awesome graphic in this post that shows you how to put all your meals together for the Turbo Cycle: And remember each high carb meal has a portion each of protein + carbs (plus veggies if you’re still hungry), and every low carb meal has a portion each of protein + fat + veggies. And every breakfast, on both low and high carb days, is a high meal (protein + carb + veggies-if you’re still hungry). You can do this!

  13. Hi Heidi
    I was told I was pre-diabetic about a year and a half ago and half since reversed it but I need to gain some weight back or stop losing weight. I work out about 5.days a week. What’s the best way to stay my current weight but gain muscle now.
    Thanks so much any help would be appreciated! Btw I’m 5-2 and about 120.

  14. Hi Heidi can I eat as many non starchy vegetables as I want on high carb days on the extreme cycle?

  15. Hi, I’m am just starting out on the turbo cycle and I have a few questions. I have actually posted a few times and then I can never find my post when I come back, so sorry if this is the 3 time your seeing this πŸ™‚ I generally make wraps with ham (4 slices-low sodium), bacon bits (1 Tbsp), shredded cheese (just a pinch), ranch (lowfat 1 Tbsp), on a whole grain flatout wrap. I was wondering if this would be ok for the high carb day since it has cheese. Or do I need to throw the whole thing out since most of it is in the fat category? I just knew I couldn’t do the wrap on the low carb day. I seen one of Heidi’s post with a pita pizza with cheese so I wasn’t sure which day she did that meal unless it was her reward day. I’m trying to figure out some consistency to make the process easier on choosing meals. Also, for our snacks I read the veggies are optional, however, what if on a low carb day I chose celery and peanut butter would I need to add a protein or can that be my snack? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Kendra: There’s a graphic in this post (plus some other awesome info) that can show you how to put all your meals together on the Turbo Cycle, and this will answer all your questions and more: And Heidi’s Pita Pizza is an great reward day meal option!

  16. Hello,

    I was looking for a recommended nutritional bar that I can use on either high or low carb days.



    1. Hi John: If you’re following the Extreme Cycle, there’s a chart in this post (“Create Your Own Meals”) with some guidelines to use when choosing a meal replacement bar for either a low or high carb meal: If you’re following any of the other cycles, here are some recommended macro breakdowns you can use: High Carb Meal: Protein: 40%, Carbs: 40%, Fats: 20%. Low Carb Meal:
      Protein: 40%, Carbs: 20%, Fats: 40%. And remember that each gram of protein or carb = 4 calories, and each gram of fat = 9 calories. You might not be able to find a bar that fits these recommendations exactly, but just get as close as you can. Hope this helps!

    2. Thank you for the response. Quest bars are low in net carbs. Should I be looking at net or total carbs.

  17. Hi chris and heidi, I have been doing the transformation plan and i am seeing great result; however, i have love handles and they are still here.. I lost about 10kg but that love handles is causing some problems. Is there any specific exercise for these?? Please help me out if you can sir. Thank you

    1. Congratulations on losing 10kg – that’s awesome! You really can’t spot reduce, any extra fat will leave your body in its own unique way. Keep doing what you’re doing, make sure you’re strength training your whole body along with your cardio, and eventually any trouble spots should get better. You can do this!

    1. Hi JJ: Sabra Hummus would be considered a fat because it has more carbs than fat, however, it’s good to look at each hummus separately as some contain more carbs than fat, which would make them a carb. It can be confusing, but just do your best! And remember to keep an eye on your serving size too.

    1. Hi Marsha: Unless your schedule is crazy and you need to break up your meals (as discussed in this post), it’s best to aim for 5 complete meals a day as outlined in carb cycling. Hope that helps!

  18. Is it okay to drink water with or immediately after meals as well as before meals?

    Also, I just want to make sure I’m understanding. Slingshot is a 4th week for every carb cycling plan? Also whenever you feel the need to switch things up to get the metabolism going?


    1. Hi Cathy: You can drink water whenever you’d like to! You’ll do a Slingshot Week the 4th week for the Easy, Classic, Turbo, and Fit cycles, and you can do either a Slingshot Week, do another round of the Extreme Cycle, or change to the Turbo Cycle for the Extreme Cycle. Hope that helps!

  19. Hi! I have been carb cycling for 5 weeks and just love the way I feel. Here’s my question. I find that I have been “grazing” all day recently rather than eating a meal every 3 hours. The food I’m eating is appropriate for the carb cycle day I’m on…with the appropriate portion sizing….but I’ve just been eating every two hours instead of 3. Does that stop my body from burning calories effectively?

    1. Hi Melissa: It is best to only eat every 3 hours. If you get hungry in between your meals, you can eat veggies, and that should help. Good luck – you can do this!

    1. Can you please tell me how many calories of protein , carbs fats etc I need at each meal so I’m not over eating one or another. I’m on high carb today, and had 1/2 cup of pasta ,I slice of 50 calorie bead 2 oz beef and 1/2 cup of marinara sauce and was still only at 250 calories

    2. Hi Tamara: Bacon of any type is not on the approved foods list, but if you were to eat it, it counts as a fat.

  20. can I have 1/2 cup pasta and 50 calorie bread at same meal? That with marinara sauce and 2 oz beef is still only 250 calories. Can you give me some sort of ratio for carbs etc. handfuls dont work for everything

    1. There are approved foods list with some sizes and calorie amounts in both of Chris and Heidi’s books, “Choose More, Lose More for Life” and “Extreme Transformation,” and these could help you put your meals together in addition to the portion size guide.

  21. I am a university student I dont have time during the day to eat every 3 hours. Also a lot of times i finish at 8.30pm so by the time i get home its 9pm and eating at that point is just to heavy for me. Any suggestion as to hoe i could get around the 3hr between every meal?

  22. Is it possible to have too much protein at a meal? The reason I’m asking is that on high carb mornings I’d like to have two ready made yogurts with fruit in them, as they are only 35 calories each and a protein shake with 100 calories that’s 170 calories and I’m still short of the 300 I’m suppose to have I cant eat meat in the morning unless bacon which I didn’t find in the book and I don’t like Greek yogurt. I’m going by the fist size amount which is so confusing I don’t want to eat more protein then I’m allowed

    1. Hi Tamara: It depends on how many grams of protein are in your yogurts and protein shake. And you can also have two fist fulls of veggies with every meal. Also, how many grams of carbs are in your yogurts? For breakfast on the Easy, Classic, Turbo, and Fit Cycles you have a portion each of protein, carb, and veggies. On the Extreme Cycle, you have a portion each of protein, carb, fat, ad veggies for every breakfast. There’s an awesome graphic for your reference in this post: Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Tamara: Yes, they would be considered veggies, but keep an eye on the sodium content, as it can be a bit high.

  23. Hi! I am currently on week 2 of the carb cycling diet and I have started not being able to finish some of the meals because I am so full. Is it necessary to eat all of every meal or should I stop when I am full? Thank you!

    1. Hi Keatha: What an interesting problem to have on a “diet”! ? If you can eat all your meal, then do. But don’t over-stuff yourself. As your exercising increases, you’ll probably be hungrier and will want to eat all that yummy food. Just do the best you can!

    1. Hi MW: Count that next 3 hours from when you began eating your last meal. If that will put you too late eating, then you can fudge a bit on the 3 hours between meals recommendation. Just do your best! πŸ™‚

  24. I just bought the extreme transformation book and am very excited to get started. Is there a suggested protein powder that I should use? Or how much protein, carbs, fat, should I look for in a protein powder? Thank you! Lindsey

    1. Hi Lindsey: Chris and Heidi recommend low fat, whey-based powders with between 15-20 grams of protein and less than 5 grams of carbs per serving. Good luck – you got this! ?

  25. Hi there.. well you mean that maybe am on the right track, however i need to do more exercise so that i burn more calories? And that after 4 week i do change my training program? Am i right?

  26. Hi heidi and chris.. i have been following exactly the turbo carbs cycle as mentioned in your book for about 2 months. The big issue id that am 80kg and i have been losing only 1kg and am presently 79kg. What i want to know, am doing something wrong?
    Am exercising; doing cardio and i have even join a gym.
    Please help.

    1. You’re probably not doing anything wrong! There is a lot to take in with any new way of doing things, so double check your portion sizes (and you might even want to count calories for a bit just to make sure), make sure you’re eating the recommended calorie amounts for both low- and high-carb days, drink your water (1/2 your body weight in ounces every day), do your weekly Reward Day and the Slingshot week every 4th week, and get in as much movement as you can. The key is to burn more calories than you consume. You can do this!

  27. I was wondering how to best deal with a situation, I am going to have to go out of town for 3 weeks in a row for work, I have been doing pretty good with the carb cycling and want to stay on track. How do I keep up with my carb cycling while having to eat from restaurants? I worry that I won’t have good options to choose from, it seems like restaurants say the food is healthy, but I think they still cook things not healthy using butter and different things. How do I go about this, I’m nervous.

    1. Hi Jen: Here’s a blog post that might help: And you can always ask restaurants to not cook your food in butter, etc., and ask for them to grill any veggies. The worse they can do is say, “No,” but restaurants are getting to be more and more accommodating, so give it a try! And stay away from sauces, sauteing, etc., too. You can do this – you’ll have to do a bit of legwork, but it can be done. Safe travels!

  28. Hi Heidi,

    I have just started the Turbo cycle and have a couple questions.

    Do I eat my exercise calories ( 1200 + exercise calories/ 1500 + exercise calories)?

    And can I “skip” the reward day? I find my 2 higher carb days enough to keep me going and end up feeling bloated having more than 1 high carb/ high calorie day in a row


    1. Hi Alicia: You don’t want to eat back your exercise calories – those go towards your daily calorie deficit which leads to lost pounds. You don’t want to skip your reward day either – it is an integral part of the program for several reasons. You don’t have to eat “treat” type foods on your reward day, you can eat those extra calories in totally healthy foods if you’d like to.

  29. Hi
    I just recently started carb cycling and I love it so far! But was wondering is there any types of vitamins I should be taking while doing this program? Thanks

    1. Hi Amy: It’s best to discuss any dietary supplements with your healthcare team first, and then follow their recommendations. You got this!

  30. Thank you so much for all of the information!! i just bought both books and am looking forward to starting my carb cycling on Monday!! I do have a question though. I couldn’t find anything about pumpkin in the food lists. I like to add it to smoothies and oatmeal sometimes. Where does it fit in and how much can I have. I typically add a tablespoon or two of the canned pure pumpkin. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Robyn: Pumpkin is counted as a veggie in carb cycling, so it can be the veggie part of any meal, and it follows the regular veggie recommendations – up to a two fist full-size portion at each meal. If you only use a tablespoon or two, you can make up the rest of your veggie serving with other veggies. Good luck!

  31. Hi! I started my diet two weeks ago: in the first week I lose 2 kg, while in this second week nothing… Why? What can I do? πŸ™

    1. Hi Nadja: It’s pretty common to lose more weight the first week and then for weight loss to slow down as your body adjusts to a new way of doing things. Keep following your chosen carb cycle exactly (nutrition, exercise, slingshot week, reward days/meals, and water consumption), and that weekly weight loss rate should improve. And remember, you can change cycles at any time.

    1. Hi Liz: Working different shifts can be a bit tricky! Your breakfast would be the meal you’d eat after waking up, and you’ll try and eat it within 30 minutes of waking. Then you’d eat every 3 hours from there for a total of 5 meals a day. Hope that helps!

  32. I’m confused about eating within 30 mins of waking – which Chris’s first book says to do, but he also recommends in the same book to workout before eating in the morning. But if you do the 10 minutes of shapers, plus 30 (and eventually up to 60) mins of Shredders, then that’s at least 40-60 minutes before eating anything in the morning. Which order are we supposed to follow — eat first? Or exercise first? Thanks

  33. Ant ideas for a great protein powder to use instead of whey?
    I’m allergic to whey and I haven’t found a soy product that I like.

    1. Since Chris and Heidi recommend whey based powders, I don’t really have any non-whey based powders to recommend. You’ll just want to make sure that your powder has between 15-20 grams of protein and less than 5 grams of carbs per serving.

  34. Hello! I am a health coach and personal trainer myself. I sleep, eat and exercise well. However, I’m always tired. I’ve had my blood work done and everything looks normal. Any suggestions? What vitamins do you take? I don’t want to be addicted to caffeine. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kristin: So sorry you’re having these issues. Chris and Heidi recommend that you discuss any dietary supplements with your healthcare team first, and then follow their recommendations. And I’m so sorry, but I’d have to refer you back to your healthcare team for your tiredness – I hope you can find some answers soon! We wish you the best.

  35. Hi..I just started the turbo cycle. Is a 2 scoop protein, 12 cup almond milk, 1/2 banana and 1 and 1/2 cups raw spinach a good breakfast or is that too much carbs?

    1. Chris and Heidi usually recommend only using 1 scoop of protein powder, depending on the powder you’re using. Since your banana is the only true carb (the spinach counts as a veggie), this shake should be awesome!

  36. I’m a little confused about how many calories to eat. I’ve lost 65 pounds in the past year and a half by cutting out all carbohydrates, but now my body’s metabolism is shot and I gained back another 15-20 and feel like despite all of my amazing efforts for fitness (I do insanity or work out for at least an hour everyday) and diet that I have not “cheated on” since beginning my weight loss journey, it is still impossible for me to lose weight.
    This is my all time favorite show and I love the Powell Pack! I came across carb-cycling and trusted the engineers behind the lifestyle and I think this can fix my problem. I do have a few questions, however if anyone will be willing to help me before I start.
    1. How many calories should I eat everyday and how do I up my portions if I need to eat more. The book did not specify how many I should eat and how to increase the amount if needed. I am 23 years old, 167lbs and 5 foot 7 (and female).
    2. If you get protein bars such as quest or atkins, do they count as carbs, proteins or both?
    3. I’m a little nervous about cheat day, as I haven’t had any bad foods in a very long time, and I don’t want to gain a bunch of weight in one day.
    4. If you were previously on Atkins or a low carb diet and stopped losing weight, can you lose weight carb-cycling? (Is this the right diet for me?)
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading this! I’m just lost and tired of being stuck and would love some advice.

    1. Hi Helena: Here are the answers to your questions: 1. Women eat 1200 calories on low carb days and 1500 calories on high carb days. You can find this info on pages 58, 72, and 73 in “Choose More, Lose More for Life.” These calorie recommendations are good no matter how many pounds you want to lose. 2. Here’s some info on protein bars: For low carb meals, Chris and Heidi prefer Quest and Kind + Protein bars. They have some carbs on the label, but since most of these carbs are dietary fiber, they are actually what we call “non-impact carbs,” and these carbs don’t count. They also have a good amount of protein and fat?-perfect for low carb meals! For high carb meals, they recommend Think Thin and Cliff Builder, even though they do have some fat content. The key to knowing which bar is best for which type of meal is to look at both the carb and fat content. If more calories come from fat than carbs, then that bar is a good option for a low carb meal. If the reverse is true, then that bar is a good option for a high carb meal. Chris and Heidi do recommend consuming only one protein bar a day, since it is best to eat whole foods whenever possible. 3. On your cheat/reward day, you simply eat up to 1000 extra calories of any foods, and you don’t have to eat “cheat” type foods – these extra calories can be from healthy foods. 4. You should be able to lose weight carb cycling if you follow the program exactly. It has been proven to work over and over again. One other thing, be sure to do the slingshot week (all high carb days) every 4 weeks. Happy carb cycling!

  37. I’m on day 3 of the shakes and I do the vemma shots but I have not received the bode burn. So how can I eat what the personal trainer app recommends if I don’t have the bode burn to go along with it? Please help need to know what to do

  38. He’d, Like you I’ve been through an eating disorder. I’ve recently got ur hubby’s new book which is amazing.what I lack most is motivation.I’ve watched quite a few of the save my life in a year n I can relate to alot if sense if wen chris isn’t directly there with them they lack motivation. How can I over come this?
    Are you planning on taking any trips to the UK? Would love to meet u one day.

  39. Hey Heidi, I am still in high school, so it’s hard for me to eat a midmorning snack. I eat breakfast at 7 and I don’t eat lunch until 12:15. We aren’t even allowed to eat in our classes! Help!

    1. Can you eat a snack in between classes? If not, just do the best you can. Sometimes it’s so difficult to eat every 3 hours with crazy schedules. Just make sure that the meals you can eat are spot on nutritionally. πŸ™‚

  40. Eating 5 meals a day is totaly no problem during carb cycling. Problem is only that im never full, and constantly having cravings. This starts from morning till evenings and even during the nights, no matter if i just ate….it never goes away. Does anyone have sudjestions to reduce these cravings?.

    1. Make sure you’re eating the correct portion sizes, drinking all your water, and remember that you can have a two fist-sized portion of veggies with every meal. If you’re still having cravings, try chewing a piece of minty gum, do an activity that will keep you busy, and/or get some exercise (simply going for a walk might help). And sometimes it takes your body a bit of time to adjust to a new way of doing things, so please be patient! πŸ™‚

  41. I was wondering about protein shakes for meals when I just don’t have time to sit down for a meal. What is the recommended carb content per serving of protein powders? Will any low-carb kind do? A store here sells Labrada low carb protein, and I was curious if that is acceptable or if it is still too high in carbs for low carb days.

    1. Chris and Heidi recommend that protein powders have between 15-20 grams of protein and 5 or less grams of carbs per serving. For a total meal replacement powder for high carb meals, they love their Vemma Powell Perfect Protein Shake powder. If you’re interested in trying it out, Bob Brenner (one of the amazing season 3 transformations) would be happy to help you: [email protected]. πŸ™‚

  42. I’m just starting to carb cycle. I have a problem getting in 5 meals. I teach kindergarten and have students in my room from 7:45-11:15. I eat breakfast at 6:00 and then can’t eat again until 11:15. Is there a recommended protein bar I could try to sneak in around 9:00?

    1. A lot of protein bars have a good amount of carbs, so be sure and watch the labels. As a general guideline, you want your protein bar to have 15-20ish grams of protein/serving. Happy carb cycling!

  43. Thank you for all the great advice. This may sound odd but how quickly should you eat meals? I sometimes work through lunch and just pick at my food. It can sometimes take me two hours to eat which practically backs me up to my next meal.
    Thank you in advance!

  44. Thank you sooo much for replying! I have another question about high carb days…for each meal….can I do a protein + a fruit instead of a starchy bread/grain carb? I’m always on the go…and nonfat Greek yogurt + a fruit is easy for me….plus it doesn’t weigh me down & cause bloating like grains….thoughts? Thank you AGAIN! I can tell the weight is coming off! I can’t wait for my first weigh in day!!
    ~ Betz

    1. Yes! You can have any approved smart carb as the carb portion of any high carb meal, so fruit is a great choice! πŸ™‚

  45. Hi Heidi!
    I just started Carb Cycling – I had been doing just low carb for the last 6 months.
    However, as most people….I’m having such a hard time eating 5 whole meals with protein & veggies on LC days! Plus, I’m pretty tired of meat…and I’m not sure about Greek yogurt or cottage cheese, although I’m going to try them πŸ˜‰
    Here’s my question….I have a whey protein powder that has; 85 calories, 1g fat, 1.5g carbs & 18g protein…how many times a day could I just have that? Could I replace 3 or 4 meals if I needed to with that – mixed with a tablespoon of PB2 & then eat some bell peppers & hummus? Also…I noticed other people have mentioned quest bars…can I replace a meal with one of those also on a LC day?
    I completely appreciate your time & knowledge! Thank you tons in advance!!
    ~ Victoria

    1. Hi Betz: You could have this protein powder as the protein portion of any meal. If you’re going to add PB2 to it, the PB2 would be the fat portion for the meal, and should only be eaten on low carb days. Hummus, since its main ingredient is chickpeas, would be considered a carb and should only be eaten as the carb portion of a high carb meal. So, you wouldn’t want to have the PB2 and the hummus in the same meal, unless it’s a reward meal. As for protein bars, many are higher in carbs and would be counted as both the protein and carb portions of a high carb meal, but would not be an option for a low carb meal. You’ll need to check the labels to see how many grams of carbs are in each bar since there are so many option available. To help clear up any carb confusion, check out this post from Heidi’s blog: The post has an awesome graphic that I think will help you better understand the low and high carb meals. Best of luck! πŸ™‚

  46. I am still confused about the fruits. I am starting the Turbo plan tomorrow. I am not sure where the fruits come in or what they are counted as. I thought the carbs were the breads, pasta’s, cereals. I really need this answered, as I can’t find it addressed anywhere I read, book or internet. did I miss something?

  47. Hey Heidi! I hope you are well, with my current job I work 5 days a week 8 hours a day with only one 1/2 hour break should I just eat a large breakfast, lunch, and then a snack before and after dinner so my dinner sizes are small? I know in one video you said not to double up if you had to skip a meal but I’m just curious on your opinion with all this??

  48. Hi Heidi! I would like to know what do you think about intermittent fasting, is it ok to follow your carb cycle diet while in this fasting diet too?

  49. Hi Heidi,

    I am wondering if I am allowed to eat bread on low carb days when using Vemmma bode. I have the app and for each meal I pick on the the meal that are listed but it says I can eat Ham and Cheese rolls ups for every meal if I want. I am not sure what I should be focusing on eating on the low carb days.

    1. Hi Teah, You need to go into the website at and customize the menu. You can eat Ham and Cheese rolls up for every Low Carb meal if you really wanted too but variety is good. You can only have bread at high carb meals, which is breakfast every day and then any remaining 4 meals on High Carb days.

  50. I just started the classic cycle today. I’m a new mom with a baby that likes to sleep until 9. So naturally, I do too. If I follow your plan, my last meal will be around 930 at night! Just seems so late to make dinner. Can I move my eating to every 2 hours? I enjoy and need my sleep to much to wake up earlier, just to eat haha! Thanks so much!

    1. Just start right after you wake up for your “day”, no matter what time it is. You should stick to the every 3 hours as you’re trying to create a more consistent blood sugar level.

  51. Im a brand partner in vemma and I want tointroduce the bode products to someone with hyperthyroidism. What products would you recomend?

    1. You can introduce them to all of the products, but they should review the products with their doctor especially if they are on medications and such. Best of luck!

  52. Hi there! I recently started following the carb cycling pogram and im getting pretty good results… I do have one question.. I have found that an easy way for me to get a protein is with a quest bar… Would that be considered an acceptable source of protein once a day? Thanks!!

  53. I LOVE carb cycling. It has changed my life. Couple of questions…
    I get bored sometimes for my last meal of the day and don’t want meat for protein. Ideas? Can I have skim milk (cows milk) on Kashi high protein cereal?
    Also, I found this awesome recipe (not sure how it tastes yet. Haha) Want to try it as part of my breakfast. Where do you think it would fit in? As a carb and fat? Can I have this?

  54. Started this today. Cannot find the answer to my question. Hopefully you can help. Can I munch on veggies between the 3 hours if if I find myself hungry?

    1. You shouldn’t eat between meals if at all possible. Most people find that they are still full almost up to the time that they are ready to start their next meal. If you do find you need to cheat, you should double check your portions and make sure that you are getting enough at each meal. If you need to have something in between, vegetables are your best bet.

  55. Is it a problem or unhealthy if I skip breakfast and lunch and replace it with the shake? I have a regular meal for dinner but I am usually busy or too lazy to make food. I fell in love with the shake just because I don’t feel hungry.
    Is it necessary for me to have snacks and eat in between?

  56. I just finished reading Choose to Lose and I am very excited to get started. As I make out my meal plan for my first week I ran across a problem. I work 7pm to 7am. The day before my shift, I sleep some and sometimes not at all due to school. So my question is when should my days end and start?
    So I’m usually up all day and night Fridays, then go to bed Saturday at 8:30am, then I wake up to got to work around 5pm. Sunday mornings I get off and sleep until 12pm. The rest of the week I have a normal sleep/wake schedule.
    Thank you so much!!

  57. confused. I just got started, so on high carb days, I can have wheat bread? but is dressing and mayo considered flavoring? What if I use olive oil as a dressing?

    1. Dressing and mayonnaise are considered fats. Enjoy them on low carb days. Wheat bread can be enjoyed at a high carb meal as your carb. Olive oil is a fat. If you are using a spritz of it for cooking (to cook meat in) you can count it as a flavoring but otherwise it would be a fat.

  58. Heidi:

    My husband and I are very active but started the carb cycling diet just to feel better. I also have been struggling with a little but of weight gain from birth control. Do you have any suggestions for balancing hormones in conjunction with the diet? I’m desperate to see some change πŸ™

  59. Heidi,

    I did my first day of carb cycling. I also started my Veema Bod-e. I felt a little nautilus today and not great. Do you think its just the change?

  60. Hello Heidi I’ve been following you and your husband since season 1 and I totally get everything that you guys are doing. I bought the book and DVD and I just can’t seem to make anything stick why??? :'( I’m so depressed please help me please!

  61. Can you share tips on how to make good use of my time at the gym? I never know what to do or how long to stay. I need help on coming up with a routine. I love the Extreme Weight Loss show and I’m always watching to see what you have your contestants doing in the gym. Advice from anyone is welcome.

    Thanks! : )

  62. I start work later in the day and was wondering if it was important how late my last two meals were? I sometimes find myself eating meal #5 at 10 pm or later. Considering this, I was also wondering if it would be wrong to switch times between my second snack and dinner to not eat more so late and so close to before I go to sleep. Very new to this but very motivated as well, thank you in advance for your response.

  63. Where does almond milk fit in???? I see it on food list but doesn’t
    Show under a fat carb or protein so what do we count it towards????

  64. I am trying carb cycling but am having a hard time finding low carb high protein items since I do not eat a lot of meat. Do you have any suggestions? Most veggie burgers/soy protein sources still contain a lot of carbs. Please help…

  65. Hello! I’ve recently been trying to carb cycle. I use the bode burn usually in the afternoon, but my question is about how to get my protein in? I do not eat a lot of meat so that is complicating things with carb cycling. Do you have any suggestions for somebody who doesn’t eat a lot of meat and is still looking for high protein low carb options. Let me know! Thanks for your help.

  66. When will there be more extreme weightloss shows on tv. I live in Canada, I seem to do better after watching the show, I havent found any for a bit. πŸ™ , Please tell me there is more coming up soon.

    1. We’re filming the next season now. Some stations are playing re-runs. Check your local listings. So glad you enjoy the show! πŸ™‚

  67. Heidi, I wake up about 5 am and workout for at least an hour then after my workout I blend myself a protein shake. Since I wake up early do I need to have breakfast before I workout? I prefer working out on an empty stomach especially since I just wake up and go to the gym.

    1. Did you ever get a response to your question? I was wondering the same thing! I get up early and work out on an empty stomach. By the time I’m done working out, cleaned up, etc it has been several hours since my “wake-up time”.

  68. Heidi, I’m 34, current weight is 333lbs, and I am 5’2. I’m a new mom, I have an 11 month old. I’ve been stuck for the past 10 years at around this weight, and now with my baby, my whole life has change, and i’m terrified something will happen to me if I don’t change my ways. How do I get started on how many calories I should consume, and how much I should work out? and what kind of work outs? I love to Dance. I am a stay at home mom. Thank You.

  69. A few questions as im beginning my transformation. On low-carb days, are you allowed to eat fruit from the preferred fruit list? And when and how can you use the flavourings such as hummus? I’m following the turbo carb cycling and love it but find it difficult to find the answers to the fruit question and the flavourings.
    Also, are there any sample meal plans to look at?
    For a high carb meal, can I have a fat with my breakfast because it only says carb & protein?
    So far I’m on my second week of the cycle and absolutely love it! Finally a lifestyle that is easy to follow, never feel deprived and am actually seeing and feeling the results.
    Thanks for sharing your success with us so we can follow this incredible program at home.

    1. If you want to eat fruit on low carb days be sure and eat it first thing in the morning. Depending on the hummus you use, it’s typically ok any day if you just use it for flavoring.
      You can find sample meal plan in the book “Choose to Lose” and “Choose More Lose More for Life”. Here’s a visual that might help:
      No fats on High Carb day. πŸ˜‰
      So glad you’re seeing results!!! Keep it up! πŸ™‚

  70. Heidi, I have just recently started the Classic Carb-cycling process this week. I have purchased Chris?s new book to help me with the process and I have signed up on-line to get tips, etc. I have used the resource, email my trainer several times for a few questions but I have not received a response back yet. I am extremely excited about starting this plan as I have some baby weight I need to lose and I love this plan b/c I do love my carbs.

    My question is that I am not much of a vegetable eater. I mainly like green beans, salads(lettuce and spinach) and cucumbers. In order for me to be successful do I need to eat vegetables at each of my 5 meals?
    Breakfast and my morning snack are mainly when I don?t prefer a vegetable. The other 3 meals throughout the day are no problem, b/c I eat either a salad, green beans or cucumbers?
    Now I know how all this works and of course I can?t get an exact answer but I thought I might could get some tips.

  71. I get up at 5 am and leave for bootcamp at 5:20am. Is it ok to eat my first meal when I get home from bootcamp at 6:40 am? I don’t like to eat and then work out hard like we do at bootcamp. Will this be ok when I start the carb cycling for the first time?

  72. I am reading the book and online and for the carb cycling it says to eat your first meal within 30 minutes of waking up. If you plan to exercise first thing in the morning (treadmill for an hour) should you eat a meal before getting on the treadmill? How long after eating should I wait to begin exercising?

  73. My husband and I bought Chris’ latest book but we are confused about a few things. How many carbs, proteins and fats are we allowed on low/high carb days? And also, how much fat is considered low fat? Thank you so much!

  74. thats where I struggle all the time! its hard to find a minute to eat a meal at work. I work at a daycare center in the nursery so we really dont get much down time. I am doing well with working out but struggle with the meals because of my busy work day.

  75. I am trying to come up with quick snack or meal replacements for when I am on the go. Would a protein bar like quest that has 20g protein and 23g of carbs but 17g of fiber be considered good for a low carb day? I am not sure how I should use net carbs here. Is it too low for a carb day?

  76. Hello,
    what if I wake up late in the morning (11 a.m.), shoul I eat 4 or 5 meals during the day?
    Thanks so much!!!

  77. Hi Heidi!!! My name is Jennifer and I have been a huge fan of Extreme Weightloss since the beginning. I have been bulimic for 8 years (I am now 24) and have been constantly struggling to lose weight since I can remember. When you came out and talked about your struggles with an eating disorder it was very inspirational and made me think that I can overcome this!! I haven’t binged and purged in a while now, so I am proud of that. The thing is that I workout at least 5 times a week (hour of cardio and some weights and pushups) and eat 1200-1300 calories pretty consistently, but I don’t lose weight and just maintain at that. It is the most frustrating thing in my life and I wish I could ask my body what it needed to shed the 20 pounds I want to lose! I eat a lot of veggies and fruit and lean proteins and rarely any sugars, but I am not seeing results. I recently talked to a friend who used to personal train and told me that I have to increase my calories to 1800 to lose weight because my body is starving and holding on to fat. I am terrified I am going to gain weight if I do that because I have been on such a low calorie diet since I can remember. I am 5’7” and 150lbs with 23% body fat. Is increasing my calories a good idea or is 1800 too high? I just want to finally achieve my goals and do this the healthy way for once and all!!


  78. Hello . Me and my family just joined a Title Boxing Club. But I don’t know how to eat health. I don’t like a lot of greens , well I really never tried because I don’t know how to cook them. I really hate to cook. Please help

  79. Hi. We just stared the Classic cycle yesterday. I have a question about sugar free jello – can this be a nighttime treat? Also, on your app the only option that comes up is the Turbo (I think) – because it tells me I am supposed to be on Low Carb today (2nd day) and I am doing High-Low-High-Low-High-Low-Reward. Is there any way to change that on the app? Thank you!

  80. Hi Heidi,

    I started this weight loss journey in March 2013, I have had several others but this one I was the most serious and determined. I had Chris’s book for a while but really started trying to implement things into my life. I didn’t have a gym membership but I would do the shapers and shredders. I kept trying so many exercises because I kept hurting myself. I had surgery on my ankle about 4 years ago, but my feet never really recovered. I have tried Chris’s tape, and other tapes for people who are obese. My problem is I keep hurting myself and then I have to begin again. A few weeks ago I had Sciatic pain. I just bought Chris’s new book, and I really want to get started. I can walk but intervals seem to bring on the pain. Do you have any suggestions of what I can do that will still help me get exercise in? I weigh 266 Thank you so much. And by the way I love your blog!

    1. Congratulations on not giving up! Talk to your doctor, they will know the best exercises for your condition. Also, try using an ankle brace to help give it some extra support. Good luck! πŸ™‚

  81. One more question can u give me the answer to the nuts on how many whole vs them all chopped up???? Thx

  82. Just reading some old post and someone asked about snacks!!! I am curious I have been doing the same portions based on book for all five meals! Should one or two be more snack size???? I have ten to fifteen left to lose and just started turbo program this past Friday!!!! Does this program work for people with a little left to lose??? I’ve lost 60 so far but taken eight years!!!

  83. Is the paleo coconut bread considered a fat or a carb it has 35 cal 1 fat 6 carbs 5 fiber and 5 protein it’s from Julian bakery website!!! Need help and can you eat rabbit on plan??? I have both books love them!!! Thanks

  84. I just finished your guys “Choose More, Lose More for Life” Book. I understand most of the book except the nutrition stuff. I started it today. I’m doing the turbo cycle and My question is on the snacks I struggle figuring out what to make/eat that has protein and fat. I made celery sticks with a TBS of peanut butter. I assume the peanut butter is my fats and not a protein. So am I just supposed to eat a portion of meat with this as a snack? Because I have 45 mins until I can eat again and I’m really hungry. What about buying protein bars? Would they count as a mid morning snack? If so which ones would you recommend? I just need some help coming up with healthy snacks ideas so i can stick to this turbo plan.
    Also any suggestions on replacements with the breakfasts fats like with eggs, I’m nursing and can’t have any dairy?

    1. Kiara, first things first, congratulations on your new little one. πŸ™‚ If you’re nursing you need to share this program with you doctor and get their approval. As far as snacks, pages 205-214 has snack ideas but you can also pull from the lunch menu as well. Good luck! πŸ™‚

  85. Heidi, I have a really hard time eating enough food. I used to be anorexix and again I am finding myself back there as far as withholding food. I am not hungry. I was walking 5-7 miles a nite and not losing any weight. How do I do this??? I am not someone who cares for carbs. And when I do eat I find myself full really fast. thanks for any help or suggestions. mary

  86. Hi Heidy,
    I’m an italian woman and I would try loosing weight with carb cycling program.
    How can I manage it succesfully witout Vemma bod-e products?
    Thanks a lot, I really admire you & Chris, you are Heros!!!
    I hope to hear from you soon, Cinzia.

    1. The Vemma products are great, but not required. Simply pick a low carb or high carb meal in their place, as appropriate.

  87. Hello Heidi,

    I have a question for you about getting five meals in per day. I go to school during the day and I will take like three hours a nap. Then I will go to work at night sometimes it is a eight or ten hours shift. How can I fit in my five meals on a day like that? I sometimes get like 3 to 5 hours to sleep at night when I got off night shift then I will try to take a nap during the day to catch up my sleep. What is your advise on the meals? Thanks!

    1. Start your 5 meals from the time of your “official” morning, and eat the best you can every 3 hours. If you’re late for a meal, simply eat the next meal 3 hours after that.

  88. I go thru massive eating disorders due to an injury from someone else at work .
    I had a shoulder surgeryto reattach 3 muscles back inmyshoulder , vertebreas replaced in my neck , my left shoulder that still doesnt feel right , back always tense from impactin my spine from the person plus numb hands..
    So routine epadorals injected deep in my nerves of neck back shoulders every other month to keep me some what comfortable and able to move around.
    So I go thru massive carb craves from the injections..but also from my monthly cycle , before masssive sugar/salt craves the when I have my cycle I dont eat much then after my cycle I go thru my weight yo yos alot…
    How do I control this.. plus I take depression medication because of my i eat

    What can I do?

    1. Definitely work with your doctor. Take the food plan in Choose More, Lose More for Life and have him/her work with you on how it will fit. Getting off of the sugary foods can help overall to cut the cravings.

  89. Dear Heidi,
    I’m really happy that I found your postings. I’m from Germany and am so thankful for the Carb-Cycling-Plan, as I’m very overweight and have a PCOS. Nobody actually could help me loosing my pounds, so it’s really great to find another option. At the moment I’m translating everything for me…everything seems to be quite clear to me, but I’m still struggeling with the 3 hours-to-eat. I’m a school teacher and I will not have the chance to get out and have some food every 3 hours (can’t leave the kids alone for some food). My times would be (every day) 6.30am- 9.30am-1.30 pm-4.30pm- and 7.30pm otherwise I can’t take my 5 meals. Would you say it’s a problem?
    Thank you so much for checking my schedule!!
    PS.: Have another question about food…would you say milk (1,5%) is protein or carbs (both is nearly the same)?

  90. Hello, I had a quick question. I work shift work as an RN. When I am on my nights at work I do a good job staying on track and eating every 3 hours. When I have my days off (which are not always the same) I find it hard to stay awake and eat all my meals. How detrimental is it to miss some meals if I fall asleep? I know that seems like a silly question but I don’t want it to screw with my metabolism and not see results especially after working so hard. Thanks if you have time to answer. You both are so awesome!

  91. Hi Ms Heidi!
    Just got done with the new book and LOVED IT!…But have carb questions…. how many carbs (number) on low days…and how many on High days??? I think I missed it in the book..and not sure where to look πŸ™

    1. Just stick to the serving sizes. You don’t need to count anything. It’s already figured in there for you. πŸ™‚ Easy peasy!

  92. Need Chris Powells’ opinion. .I don’t want it posted to public..I’m shy and my husband and I just married this uear March2nd..
    We both been thru a lot over 5 yrs with me recovering from injury that happened to me on my job by someone else..
    My husband and I was always athletic and trained in the gym (I bodybuild/fitness and him sculpt and buildmuscular body..
    He recently got injured on job but 3 yrs still wanting to workout due to the injury we both feel depressed and stopped..
    Both need advice.. but I would like to wxplain further but not to post it….
    Is there a direct email? I can ask for maybe your expertise can give us from your point of view?

    1. We get so much mail we can’t really give out personal advice but if you go to and click on the Getting Started link, the advice we’d give you is all there! It works. You can do this!

  93. Hello Heidi, I absolutely love you & Chris.
    I am on my way to purchase your book. I
    Have 90 pounds to lose & have a very
    Big fear of the skin that’ll be left hanging.
    I only work part time so I
    Don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford cosmetic
    Surgery. Can you & Chris recommend
    someone affordable in south new jersey?

  94. I have hypothyroid, pcos, gluten intolerance and tree nut allergy. I have such a hard time losing weight. I tried 2 weeks of carb cycling and didn’t lose! Any advise.?. I’m determined to lose. Been on a diet of some kind every other week for the past year. So frustrated. Any advise would be appreciated. I must be making poor conversions with the challenges in my dietary requirements.

  95. Hi Heidi, I’ve been looking for chris book at walmart and i have not been able to find it. Do u know if wm stores carry book?

    1. You should be able to find it at other major bookstores as well as if your Walmart doesn’t carry it. πŸ™‚

  96. Hi Heidi, my question is about exercise. I have had 5 surgery’s on my elbow on my right arm. My ulna nerve is also badly damaged. I am in constant pain with it and can’t really use it. I am around 85lbs over weight so I need to try and do some form of arm exercises along with the eating plan to try and tone my arms. Obviously push-ups, weights, the rowing machine, etc are not an option. What do you suggest.
    Thanks for everything you and Chris do to help others. You are both angels for devoting your lives to help others find theirs.

    1. You need to check with your doctor or physical therapist. Take our book and they can show you which of the exercises you can do and modify from there. Good luck!

  97. Heidi,

    My name is Nancy and I live in Denver, Colorado. I am 56 years old and weigh almost 400 pounds. I take 5 pills in the morning and 13 pills at night for depression, anexity and blood pressure. I work from home. I can’t really walk but only short distances and use a wheel chair when I do go out of my house. I spend 90% of my time in my house and when I walk from my bedroom to the kitchen my legs kill me or give out, so I scoot around in a chair. I have been told by the doctors I need to exercise in order to lose weight and I need to lose weight in order to exercise; however, no one will help me with the exercises. I have no teeth and got some false teeth but it’s hard for me to keep them in my mouth ($1600.00) down the drain. When it eat I eat what I can without teeth, so I guess the food is not to healthy. Most of my food is swollowed whole and then it comes right back up and I spit it out. I feel like I’m stuck in and endless rutt. I did have a gastric-bypass in 2001 and did lose 150 pounds but gained it back in 2 years. It’s funny cause I did call the doctor that did the surgery on me and he told me he could not help me. He said he gave me the tools and I need to use them (I guess that’s what rich and famous does to you) and hung up on me. I have been told to get a trainer and can’t afford it. I have been told to go see a shrink and figure it probably won’t help as they can’t fix my legs so I can exercise. I did try to get a knee replace and was told I was too fat and they would not do it. I’m not asking for much, all I want to do is to be able to walk into a NASCAR race and be able to go on the track to see my favorite driver. I have been twice and they would not let me on the track with my wheelchair. Anyway – thanks for letting me put my story out there. Nancy

    1. Hang in there Nancy! Do you have a copy of Choose More, Lose More for Life? Check with your doctor to make sure the food plan will work for you and start there. For exercise, he can help you set some goals, which may even be 5 minutes of walking and working from there. The more you can “move” your body, the better. Your doctor can give you movement goals to work towards. You can do this!

  98. Hi Heidi, I watch Chris religiously each week, and I would love to be on the fast track to losing weight myself. I’m one of those that have tried everything… has success, then fell off the wagon and gained it back and then some. I’m 46 and really want to get healthy! The older I get the more I realize how unhealthy being overweight is. So, with all of that said, eating everything three hours – what constitutes a “meal”? If I can plan each meal while I’m at work, then I know I’ll be more apt to eat it on schedule.

    Kim Rhoden

  99. If dinner is at 6 and I have an exercise class at 6:30, should I eat after the workout? or still at 6?

    1. Eat at 6 but you might want to make it something light so you’re not sluggish at the gym. πŸ™‚

  100. Sou brasileira, 48 anos, m?e, com escoliose que vem me limitando e um sobrepeso de 17 quilos. Queria muito receber ajuda e elimin?-los em um m?s e acho que s? seria poss?vel se com voc? ou o Chris Powell. Assim venho tentando seduz?-los a dar uma volta no meu Brasil. Minha regi?o ? linda. Sou natural do Rio de Janeiro, mas moro h? dois anos em Fortaleza, capital do Cear?. Estado nordestino de praias, muito sol, ventos. Crio meu filho sozinha e no momento os recursos s?o escarsos o que me limita a fazer um tratamento qualificado. S? mesmo sendo contemplada por voc?s. Mas minha esperan?a ? retomar o corpo que minha mente conserva e fazer dele o verdadeiro corpo f?sico. Espero muito que leia minha mensagem. Parab?ns por seu trabalho espetacular e de seu marid?o!

  101. Hi Heidi!! I’ve read the new book and have started carb cycling(love it and down 5lbs already!) My biggest problem I run into is snacks! What are your go to snacks on both low carb and high carb days??? Thank you for your time! πŸ™‚

  102. I work shift work. I am a RN and work 3-11 a lot. I start my day with breakfast 30 minutes after I get up. Time my meals every 3 hrs. Some evenings, I eat my 5th meal when I get home from work. I go to bed about an hour later. Will this affect my weight loss? Also, I have some weight to lose, not a whole lot. I weight train 4 days a week and do HIIT 2 to 3 days per week. I am currently on the Turbo cycle. Do you think I would benefit more from the classic cycle? I am a little nervous about the fit cycle. πŸ™‚ My goals are to be lean and muscular. Thanks!!

    1. If you find a certain cycle is not giving you the results you were hoping for or that it does not fit with your schedule simply switch to another one. πŸ™‚

  103. Hi Heidi! I am on the turbo carb cycling program. My HC day is tomorrow and my boss wants to take me out to lunch. I looked at the menu and saw bourbon ribeye, mashed potatoes and asparagus. Would you suggest that I just split my lunch in two and eat the other portion for dinner? I just started the program yesterday so I’m kind of concerned about going to a restaurant to eat.

    1. I always do that when I eat out. See if you can do more green/steamed veggies instead of mashed potatoes too. Enjoy!

  104. Heidi, was wandering what vitamins you take daily. I currently take GNC womens multi vitamin, CLA, Omega muti 3-6-9 and biotin. Was wandering if there is a vitamin that would cover all the basis a woman would need. Getting tired of swallowing that many vitamins daily.

    Thank you
    Carmella (mesa, Az)

  105. I just started the Vemme Bode 12 week challenge 5 days ago:) Wondering if I can add a half banana , peanut butter or almond butter to the shake when drinking it on the high carb days? Love the shakes btw:) LOVE all the options for the meals as well. Thanks again for all that you and Chris do, you two are amazing at what you do!

  106. Thank you for today’s tip. Have you found that people with hypothyroidism are successful on the plan? Losing weight is already tough. Just wondering if you could share any success stories of those on the plan. Thank you for being so amazing. I have enjoyed watching you and Chris. Blessings to you and your beautiful family.

  107. I have 3 small children (4, 2 and 5 months) and I have an in home daycare as well. I have 4 other kids here from 7am until 5pm and one little girl stays until 8pm. My time to workout is nap time. I’m alternating strength training and cardio or high intensity interval training. The issue I’m having now that I started carb cycling is this workout time is always at the same time as lunch. Should I eat lunch before my workout? Or wait until I’m done?

    I’m up at 6 so I eat at 6:30, 9:30, 12:30, 3:30 and 6:30. I do great with timing it in the morning but then the afternoon and evening get messed up. I’m usually eating lunch at 1:30, snack at 3:30 and then dinner is usually at 6 because the kids, especially the baby, get grumpy after that. Lol.

  108. I have a hard time getting vegetables into every meal, especially breakfast – I don’t want to have eggs every morning. Any suggestions?

  109. Hi there! I’m about to start the ‘Classic Cycle’, as I’ve been reading through your latest book. I am a mom of a 3-month-old and am exclusively breastfeeding. I’m assuming my calorie intake should be different, but what do you suggest? Thanks!

  110. Heidi, I applied for the show in 2012 but didn’t get in. Chris’s advice about setting small goals has finally hit and I started with first walking every 5 minutes then slowing increasing that time and started drinking more water (I’m not drinking water only!). I don’t currently carb cycle but I do have food items that have carbs and I think are low on the glycemic index (I try my hardest to stay away from grains). I do find eating every 3 hours to be very helpful! What time is the latest that I should be eating? Some nights I do a late Bikram Yoga session that starts at 8:15pm and ends around 9:45pm which means I sometimes don’t have a “dinner” but most likely had a snack(greek yogurt, cheese, fruit) around 6ish (I don’t eat 1.5-2 hours prior to a Bikram Yoga session). Since I’m eating my dinner usually really late what are some ideas of what I could eat? Any suggestions or ideas is appreciated! Thanks.

  111. Hi I would be really interested to see am English menu plan for some examples everything I see is quite American and the products are not available here in the uk.

    1. Most things should be pretty basic but if you need help finding a good substitute contact our support team and they’ll be happy to help you or you can ask on Facebook. πŸ™‚

  112. I wish someone would just draw out a diet for me. I think my problem is not knowing exactly what to eat. Should I set a timer? Can I eat too much fruit? What are some things I can do to feel full? What can I eat to make me feel fuller?

  113. I’m into my second week of Carb cycling and week 1 was great. The second week however I am finding I am hungry between my meals on low carb days, even 10 minutes after I have just eaten. I increased my vegetables to help but broccoli just hasn’t solved it. Any ideas?

  114. I have a Dad and and he’s fat and a nephew that is a little chuppie too but I am trying too let him go running with his auntie and it seem that he’s too lazy too go and need some HELP

  115. I am a paraprofessional. I find it hard to eat every 3 hours what do you recomend for a teacher who can’t eat in front of the students?

  116. Hi Heidi, I just completed my second day of carb Cycling. I have a question, for each meal am I suppose to have a protein, carb & flavoring on high carb days and a protein, fat & flavoring on low carb days? I am not so sure about the snacks. Should I be having something that is 100 calories on each day and make the snack be a protein & a fat on low carb days and a protein & a carb on high carb days? Should I be trying to cut portions in half so I get the protein fat & carbs on the proper day and not go over 100 calories for my snack or can I just pick one thing. On my first day I went over my calories because I chose one from each. All those 100 calories added up fast. Is it ok to have cottage cheese as my snack and nothing else? Is it ok to have 10 olives as a snack or just a slice of cheese? I hope this makes sense to you. I am very confused. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.
    Sincerely, Lynnette Armistead 925-565-1268

  117. I am 3 weeks in… I’m using the app… But I miss my fruit… I am a vegetarian, is there a reason why fruit is not included with any of the suggestions for food??!

    1. Simple answer is fruit is a carb. You can have a piece every morning especially on high carb days though.

  118. Hi heidi,
    First of all congrats on the pregnancy and all you and chris’s success. I am a watcher of all weight loss shows and a food network addict haha. Having said that I am currently 530 pounds I have had some issues with a failed lapband and the regaining of pounds lost. I would like you to guide me right now I have been doing intermittent fasting but i yoyo in weight despite following the “rules” I think my body just gains with any carbs..i am afraid if i carb cycle i will gain more weight. I have heard cutting out carbs all together I would like to get out of the 500’s and lose weight like you do in the show just I don’t want chris to move in lol i like my privacy and i have 3 kids and no room. i got chris’s first book is his new video made for big people like me or for the smaller overweight people? Maybe you can link me a menu i can follow..thank you sincerely jeremiah

  119. Hi Heidi! I got the new book and committed to carb cycling and eating every 3 hours. I lasted 3 days until I got horribly sick. It felt like the flu, and I was so nauseous and tired and run down. I thought about maybe doing a high carb week to ease myself into the transition (the high carb week is much lower carb than my body is currently used to) and then trying carb cycling again. Do you have any suggestions to avoid getting so sick again? It seems like any time I alter my diet to eat healthier, it happens, but with carb cycling it seemed much worse!


  120. Thank you SO much for this post! I am on my 4th week of carb cycling with you guys and have wondered what to do on those crazy days!!!!! I appreciate the clarification. This plan is working great for me….thanks for all of the great inspiration you and Chris have available!!

  121. I’m doing gym but i was very tired after the gym. I don’t know what to eat before a workout. I go to the gym at 6 am . Help me .

  122. when should it be my last meal before going to bed and what could be the best choices to eat at that last mea?

  123. I have Tons of food Allergies for me just trying to be healthly and eating enough is a challenge the carb rotation is hard for me. I can?t have any cows milk, eggs, some fish, chicken or wheat. I read Chris book and trying to incorporate what I can into my life like eat every 3 hours work out. I find that protein is a huge issue, I don?t get enough and I eat way to may carbs?. Any suggestions I did make your heart healthy muffins love them!!! I do have a vegetable protein powder.

  124. I was just wondering about something on this line. My food problem is I don’t feel like eating and then a couple of days later I binge. So feeling a little stressed since it is 2:30 and 1/2 of my veggies are still on my plate. Not feeling it, ate the other required and some veggies, so I am just going to dump them. Move’n on, letting it go.

  125. I find I’m still hungry eating every 3 hours. This is probably due to smaller portions. Evenings are extremely hard and all I want to do is eat. Any tips for this?

  126. What do suggest if you are running late and can’t get breakfast done after 30 minutes of waking. I actually get up 30 min before its time to leave. So I have no time to eat. I don’t know a good breakfast to eat on the way

    1. You can get up a wee bit earlier… or have a boiled egg in the fridge ready to grab and a piece of fruit. πŸ™‚

  127. Thanks for the tips. That is exactly what I am doing and it is really working. I usually have a protein bar with me when I go out just in case I don’t get back in time to eat or I stop and get a small garden salad with grilled chicken if needed. For most people, this is doable with some thought and determination to lose and keep losing.

  128. Hi Heidi, I can’t get the link to get to the stax system to work. It goes back to and is sort of stuck in a loop. I want to see about ordering it if it is still available. Not sure where to ask this but I figured you would be reading responses here today for sure! Love you guys! Thank you for all the help and motivation!!!

    1. Hi Sheila, we’re currently out of stock and working on a whole new and improved Stax system. In the mean time just use plastic containers. We’ll keep you posted on when the new Stax system is available. Thanks!

  129. Heidi–help! Just started the plan with my husband and we are following the portions and such but coming in at less calories than we should. What to do???

    1. Add in some more calories in protein or veggies. πŸ™‚ Congratulations on getting started!

  130. Hi Heidi! I love you, you are such an inspiration! Question: I am following the carb cycling from the first book Choose to Lose, and I ordered the new book Choose to Lose More. I am loving the plan and seeing success. However, I noticed the high carb and low carb days on the Vemma Bode program is different, why is that? Love the chicken salad recipe on Chris’ website by the way!

    1. The Vemma Bod-e program just switches up the days but the program is still the same. You can either follow the app or follow the book. Pick one and go for it. Congratulations on getting started! πŸ™‚

  131. I love Chris’ Extreme Weight Loss show, but I have issues with the $25K gift card from Walmart at the end of every show to supposedly to help the person maintain a healthy lifestyle when really there aren’t many healthy choices at Walmart. As a retired person with high blood pressure trying to lose weight and save money I have tried to do this through Walmart and it is not viable. They announced a few years ago that they were going to start carrying more organic produce, but they have not. Then there is the controversy of what Walmart does to communities which is ultimately not healthy. A good eye opening book concerning Walmart produce is The American way of eating : undercover at Walmart, Applebee’s, farm fields and the dinner table by McMillan, Tracie. Perhaps Chris’ “endorsement” of Walmart would be more credible if he were to demonstrate how he thinks anyone can maintain a healthy diet buying most of your food through Walmart. Perhaps you and/or Chris could show how you shop at Walmart, if you do.

    1. Great idea! Keep in mind too that Walmart is a key sponsor for the show. They are promoting Chris. πŸ™‚

  132. What if you sleep in late on the weekend until noon, should I still eat all 5meals every 3hrs? I will be eating until midnight πŸ™ weekends are so hard… can you help?!

    1. “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” This applies to weekends too. LOL πŸ™‚ But if you do sleep in then just start eating within 30 minutes of waking up and stop about 3 hours before you go to bed. You’ll have better results if you get up and get moving even on Saturdays though. πŸ˜‰

  133. I was wondering this exact question, because I did try the 7 day carb cycle, but I am having a hard time eating protein at every meal and also every 3 hrs is like I am constantly eating

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