Spuds: Studs or Duds?

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Healthy Potatoes for Clean Eating with Celebrity Trainer Heidi Powell https://heidipowell.net/4090

There were many questions about white potatoes after I posted a pic of my potato the other day. People wondering if they were good for you, bad for you, too starchy, etc? I have WONDERFUL news for you all – potatoes are INCREDIBLY good for you (not fried in oil, of course). Here is a helpful response Christina Davis, one of my FB fans, posted for the commenters to read.

“Hope this makes some folks day. Potatoes are very healthy if they’re not fried in oil. They contain half daily recommended Vit C, more potassium than a banana, contains B6, high in fiber, and zinc/iron/phosphorous and magnesium. We need carbohydrates-and vegetable sources are better than bread/pasta. Potatoes have 5000 ORAC units (oxygen radical absorbance capacity).”

Amen, Christina! Thanks for helping spread the good news about spuds. Let me also add to that…potatoes (yes, white potatoes) are one of the most satiating carbohydrates out there. What does this mean for us? We eat a potato as our healthy carb and we stay fuller longer! Go spuds!

Final verdict: Spuds are definitely studs in my book ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Actually, she left out something very important – the frying is less of an issue than peeling. Much of this good stuff is in the skins. For even more of a boost, get some purple, red, blue or black ones. We grow the purple ones w/ high levels of the same pigments found in blueberries!

  2. Potatoes are a “no-no” for the most part for me…type 2 diabetes means that all the white carbs, like potatoes, rice, and pasta convert to sugar…they are too high on the glycemic index for me.

  3. For years, my Dad who is a workout/health nut would have, Quaker oatmeal with bran and raisins for breakfast and a baked potato and low-fat cottage cheese for lunch with a side of greens and baked chicken for dinner with rice and more greens (protein shakes in between meals). He’s in his 60’s now and still eating the same kind of menu. So, seeing him in his 60’s at 10% body fat I def. see the value of potatoes and eating healthy.

  4. I have a calorie-bargain T-fal Actifry that uses one tablespoon of oil and “fries” up to four potatoes at once. It was spendy, but I missed the taste. And I have a French fry cutter that makes quick work of the prep. You can do the same thing in the oven but this has a timer and does the flipping for you.

  5. Spuds are a big no-no for me as much as I love them. I am so hungry after I eat them along with pasta or rice. My dilemma is I am trying to do Vegan/Vegi Lo-carb and need to find a way to do the carb cycling! I would LOVE for you or Chris to please give some thoughts and menu ideas on this. I wish you guys had a forum so people can swap food ideas!!!! Would be a life saver!

  6. as a type 2 diabetic, let me just say that all carbs are the enemy. i have, for years, fought back against those who say carbs, particularly potatoes, in moderation, can be part of a healthy diabetic meal plan. that is NOT true. even yams –do NOT contribute to healthy meal planning FOR TYPE 2 DIABETICS. The fewer carbs the better–and the lower on the glycemic scale a type 2 diabetic eats–the better. So few nutritional blogs relate this information to type 2 diabetics, a majority of whom will follow most any nutritional plan for health–without thought of the specific pit falls relative to their disease. Anyway– throwing in my 2 cents..

  7. i eat potatos in my homemade chicken/veggy soup everyday for lunch! ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks for reassuring me thats its a good thing to eat! <3

  8. Yesssssss I love having a sweet potato for dinner, because they’re SO filling, but still a vegetable! Sometimes I worry about the carbs because other people make a big deal about it, but I literally steam it in the microwave and top it with cinnamon. Nothing to worry about here ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. So what do you put on your potato, do you eat it plain? Do you put salt and pepper? How do I make it taste good without adding butter, sour cream, etc…

  10. This is wonderful news!!! So, is one potatoe better than the other? White vs red vs sweet?? Love ur blog and ur whole adorable family!!!

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