Guessing Game Winner!

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Ruby Lane Powell has arrived, and we are over the moon for this little ray of sunshine ?.

Many of you are asking if we have a winner for the guessing game of Ruby?s arrival date and time, and I am here to tell you?YES! We do?.

The winner of the $500 Reebok gift card (who I may add, guessed the exact time AND date within the first 10 minutes of the Guessing Game beginning) is?

Molly Brauer




45 Responses

  1. Yay for Molly, and that little cutie is going to be so much fun. Congrats, I just joined you and love the vibe already.

  2. That is amazing! Way to go Molly…also I scrolled down right away to see the winner and I saw the Speak your Mind! part with my name and I got all excited that it was me. LOL. Shucks!

  3. Whatever ever happened to the name suggestions you asked for??? Did someone recommend the name you chose or is it a family pick? Curious!!! And CONGRATS 🙂

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