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Reignite Your Fire to Achieve Your Goals!

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Every New Year?s Eve, Chris and I gather up our friends and family for a little resolutions party. It is without a doubt one of my favorite days of the entire year. Together, we hang out, set off fireworks, and laugh about the crazy adventures over the last year. Right before the New Year hits, we each write out individual resolutions on paper lanterns and release them into the sky. There is something so powerful about declaring your resolutions out loud to those closest to you. These kinds of promises, as opposed to silent promises, give us an added layer of accountability that we all need…including me!!

2015 has absolutely flown by, and I really can’t believe it’s that time of year again when at least 45% of us make those New Year?s Resolutions to lose weight, or save money, or get out of debt, or go back to school, or cross off that bucket list item…and on and on. Why is it, then, that on December 31st?364 short days later?only 8% of resolution makers are successful? Why do we have a hard time achieving any goal, no matter when we begin? Why is it so hard to do what we know we need to do? What quenched that burning fire we felt on day 1 of this ?fresh start,? and how can we reignite it and be successful goal achievers? It might take some trial and error to find your fire, but go for it?you?re so worth it!

Here are my six solutions for reigniting, and then keeping your goal-achieving fire burning brightly?with some motivational quotes thrown in for some extra kindling: ๐Ÿ˜‰

1. Have a heart-to-heart conversation with yourself and ask?and answer?the hard questions: Why do I want to achieve this goal? How will my life be better by achieving it? If this is a repeat goal, why did I fall (because we never fail!) the last time? What will I do differently this time?

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~Unknown

The best goal has a deeper motivation?that burning fire you feel within: to get a better job, to be able to play with your kids without feeling like you?re going to die, to retire at a certain age, etc. And while a goal to fit into that pair of jeans might get you started, it?s probably not a long-term motivator. Find that ?burning fire? purpose and you?re good to go!

Purpose is the most powerful motivator in the world. ~Gandhi

2.? Prioritize:? If your calendar and to-do list don?t match up with your goal, you?ve got a problem.

You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage…to say ?no? to other things. And the way to do that is by having a bigger ?YES? burning inside. ~ Stephen Covey

Yes, you need to take care of life and the people in your life, but if your to-do list is full of too many low-priority ?other? things, you?ve lost your bigger, burning YES! Carefully prioritize your life and make sure those YESs are front and center.

3.? Replace fear with courage: The fear of failure is a huge fear we all have to deal with when committing to a goal, and the hardest part of reaching that goal is often convincing ourselves we can change even though we?re afraid! One of the easiest ways to find the courage amongst your fears is to make and keep one small Promise to yourself. Success ignites even more courage!

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all. ~Disney?s “The Princess Diaries”

4.? Celebrate every single success, no matter how small: Set up your own reward system?it works for kids, why wouldn?t it work for you?! Make your rewards something tangible, motivating, and goal-related, and remember that each tiny success makes that fire burn even hotter, so celebrate!

People who succeed have momentum. The more they succeed, the more they want to succeed, and the more they find a way to succeed. ~Tony Robbins

5.? Be realistic:

  • Achieving this goal will definitely make your life better, but don?t make the mistake of thinking it will make life ?perfect.? If you do, you?re setting yourself up for a big fall.
  • Be prepared to fall, and when you do, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and confess, reassess, and recommit to your goal. Remember: Falling is not failing!
  • Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. Feeling comfortable is definitely a fire extinguisher!

Life is not meant to be lived in your comfort zone. ~Laurel Day

6.? Some other ways to keep that fire burning:

  • Work on one goal at a time and make sure it?s a SMART Goal.
  • If you don?t know where to start, do some research, ask others, and become a budding expert. For a weight loss goal, check out our Carb Cycling program?it works!
  • Just begin. Focus on one small thing you can do today to move closer to your goal. Get on that treadmill for just 5 minutes, deposit $5 in a savings account, or look over your resume. One small thing.
  • Prepare for and take care of small bumps in the road before they become huge roadblocks to your success.HeidiPowell_Lanterns

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  1. Leave a comment below and tell me about one of your New Year’s Resolutions. And to make it really real, tell me one promise you’re going to make to yourself to help you achieve this goal!
  2. Make sure you’re following me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and then like this post on any of my channels. You can even share it if you feel so inclined. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  3. You have until midnight, Sunday, January 3rd, to enter, and one winner will be randomly chosen from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and announced here on Monday, January 4th.

And remember, finding your fire and keeping it burning brightly is all up to you?no one can do it for you. You got this! ๐Ÿ™‚



1,283 Responses

  1. I did not make a New Year’s Resolution this year, I figured this would be just like every other year, make a resolution and disappoint myself…. I can disappoint myself on a daily basis, see no point in doing it on a grander scale! I need to lose 75-85lbs, I have been at this point for years now. I have started and failed many plans, told myself that this is a lifestyle change and not just a diet. I begin to make progress and then I sabotage myself. My husband has pointed out to me that it is when I start getting too many compliments and too much attention for my weight loss that it starts crumbling. I have protection under my mass of fat, I was told that by a shrink years ago. Unfortunately, he never told me how to get past needing that protection, that shield of fat. I figure I’m just destined to live my life unhealthy, fat and miserable thanks to an unfortunate childhood. I know what the cause is, I just don’t know how to heal myself, free myself from it. Now that I am older, 45, it is causing physical issues and my depression is getting heavier… I have a wonderful, loving husband and a bushel of children that I adore and my grandchildren too… I just don’t know how to get past this. I’ve always been drawn to Chris and his program, loved watching the life transformations. There is hope for some, not so much for others…

  2. One of my resolutions this year is to take back control of my health, my first promise and habit I plan to make this month is to eat according to the Fit Cycle of Choose More Lose More for Life. This will be difficult as I usually binge eat or only eat once a day, but I know that I have to start somewhere and although I can’t completely start over I believe I am worth so much more than than that bowl of pasta, that greasy hamburger or that piece of cake and that even if I fall that fall won’t define me, what will define me is if I’m prepared to dust myself off and keep going. I want this to be my year and I won’t let anything stand in my way!

  3. One of my goals this year is to grow more spiritual. And a promise in order for this to happen is that I will continue to go to church every week but also get involved with the women’s ministry and study more at home. Good luck to all of us!

  4. My goals for this year is to lose 45 pounds by September for my 50th class reunion. Also, need to get my cholesterol down before seeing my cardiologist this June. Want to be able to play with grandchildren longer and be able to walk outside when it’s cold. When you live in Ohio that’s about 4 months of the year.

  5. I want to end the vicious cycle of exercise, eat healthy, and binge. I binge when I am sad, stressed or depressed. And it has not been effective. They say exercising is 4 percent of your day. For me it’s more than that. And it’s been the only thing that makes me happy. I love to exercise. I love the way I feel when I eat healthy. But then I feel empty. And I confuse that with hunger. I am 100 pounds overweight, and I know what to do. So I intend to Eat with the intention and fill my hunger with yoga and other passions. I’ve overcome cancer and that is a second chance at life. I wouldn’t want to I waste that chance to obesity. And miss out on memories to be made with my family. I usually put my family before myself because they need me. My husband works 100 hours a week and my kids are young. So everyone needs me for everything. I need to be there for them and me.

  6. I plan to drop down to my ideal weight within the next 18 months. I have about 200 more pounds to loose. My husband has stage 4 kidney failure and I want the chance to give him a kidney if we’re a match. My first promise to myself is that I’ll workout for 30 minutes at least 5 times per week.

  7. I want to end the vicious cycle of exercise, eat healthy, and binge. I binge when I am sad, stressed or depressed. And it has not been effective. They say exercising is 4 percent of your day. For me it’s more than that. And it’s been the only thing that makes me happy. I love to exercise. I love the way I feel when I eat healthy. But then I feel empty. And I confuse that with hunger. I am 100 pounds overweight, and I know what to do. So in the new year I resolve to eat with intention and use my love of yoga to stave off binges. I intend to make peace with myself and be kinder and more patient with my young children, so that I can be a good role model for them. I intend to focus on my passions and return to life. I am a mom and wife first, but I’ve been unable to overcome these comfort binges because I am alone in this quest. My husband works 100 hours a week so everything is on me. And so I often seek solace in food. I have a great virtual support network for my quest, but I know Im the only person that can change things. I have overcome cancer and have been given a second chance at life. I wouldn’t want my fat to be my demise. I want this year to be be the best year yet. Rumor has it 2016 is going to be great for everyone. Thanks for inspiring us Heidi.

  8. My goal is to lose 8 pounds in the next month. I will have strength, be able to move with ease and enjoy being in my body. I promise to eat breakfast every morning and follow thru with my work out routine 10 minutes a day. I will finish reading my copy of Choose more, Lose More about the TURBO cycle and incorporate it into my life I have inspiring notes to keep me focused and I want this!

  9. I’ve been up and down on the scale my entire life. For me now, it’s more about a healthy lifestyle and being a role model for my boys than just a number on the scale. My second son is a year old now, so I need to get my butt in gear! I want to be able to run again and feel good, and for them to be proud of me. I promise to not give up even when I really want to. It’s going to be really hard, but I know I can ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. One of my new years resolutions is to dress better 5 days out of the week. Look sharper at work, add accessories and jewelry, and smile more. I’m also starting your 21 extreme transformation plan on 1/11/16!! So excited to lose packed on pounds from my 20s and get back to my competitive swimming shape weighthe days!! Love you and your hubs and your super adorbs family. Thank you!!

  11. I want to lose 30 lb by June for our trip to London. I’m serious. This is it. I have extreme transformation and I’m working through my goals and promises right now.

  12. My husband and I are committing to losing weight, not for this year, for life. We have lost and gained dramatically for 2 years and need to find stability in our lifestyles and diet. We both love sports and coach at the high school level. We need to be good examples not only through what we say, but physically for our athletes. To reach our goals this year we will eat out less. We have gotten into terrible habits that have caused us to stack on weight and lose all self esteem and confidence. Together we can commit, challenge, and encourage each other to reach our goals.

  13. My new year resolution is to get healthy.. I’m not extremely overweight but I am miles from being fit ๐Ÿ™ I’m 23yrs old and I weight 80kg.. I don’t look super fat but I don’t look happy either.. 2 days ago I invited my family to go hiking to celebrate the end of 2015.. 15minutes in I was sweating, I could not breathe, speak and people over 60yrs were passing by me looking at me sadly.. it was horrible feeling.. I had to stop every 5 minutes to catch my breath but with help of others I finished it strong – 5 hours long.. I tried to loose weight so many times but I never wanted it to be healthy, it was always about looking good.. This time NOTHING will stop me, I already started, I signed up for Prague half marathon in 3 months and I will finish strong.. I will get healthy and fit and een though it’s not a priority anymore, I WILL look good ๐Ÿ™‚ I follow you on FB as Katka Brisudova, Twitter as @BrisudovaK and Instagram as @katkabrisudova

  14. I am going to spend the next year working on mind, body and soul to keep me around long enough to annoy my 4 children! As of today, for my body, I cut sweets intake by half and I’m sticking to water. For my mind I’m doing a reading challenge this year for more me time. For my soul I’m setting a side 10 minutes in the morning for meditation/reflection.
    I got this.
    I will succeed.

  15. I hope you get to read through all these comments! It took me forever to scroll through them all. I have so many things I want to achieve for my health in 2016. Not just physical health, but emotional and financial as well. I found these beautiful journals at Joann Fabrics a few weeks back and snatched some up for myself, my sisters and a few friends. Mine reads “Great things never come from comfort zones” on the cover which has been a true throughout my life.

    I have made many goals and tried to stagger them throughout the year for deadlines. Some of my goals are as follows:

    Goal 1: Complete the 8 week fitness challenge at my gym. Deadline Feb 26
    Why?: I believe being in better shape, stronger, and thinner will make me better at crossfit and more confident at my new cross fit gym.
    How will this improve my life?: I will have less heart burn and indigestion with a clean diet, the swelling in my lower extremities will decrease, and my digestive process will be more comfortable. I will sleep better, have more energy, and most importantly I will radiate more confidence than I currently do.
    How will I achieve this goal?: Attend crossfit 3x per week for at least 8/6 weeks, meet my 10,000 step goal at least 6x per week, drink at least 150 Oz of water per day at least 5x per week, eat clean for 8 weeks.
    How will I reward my success?: New Workout gear

    Goal 2: Pay off the remaining balance on my credit card. Deadline April 1, 2016
    Why?: For my financial health. It will make me feel like I’m actually moving forward and not just running on a hamster wheel. One debt closer to being able to attend grad school!
    How: Make higher monthly payments (minimum $100 per month), use my tax return to make a large payment.
    Reward?: Set $100 aside for travel

    Goal 3: Write 2 hand written letters to friends/family 2x per month: Deadline monthly
    Why?: I am terrible at keeping in contact with people and I want to let my friends and family know I still think of them often.
    How?: Put names in a jar and pull out 2 per month.
    Reward? Better/closer relationship with friends and family.

    I have many more goals like being able to do 20 burpees in a row by June 18 (my 27 birthday) and doing the Dirty Girl Mud Run. But it would take up too much space to write all of them in detail.

    Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and your family!

  16. My goal for the new year is two things well 3… Stop smoking , lose weight and eat better including stop skipping meals. I know its not going to be easy I have done it before and I remember how good it felt but a 2 years ago I has to have a hysterectomy due partly to pcos and now I am 36, 225 pounds and in menopause and I know with my pcos i have some health risk . I want to be healthy for myself and my husband. I can do this and my husband is in my corner with support Did I already say… he loves working out and does everyday lol

  17. One of my resolutions is to become healthier. I am very realistic, very heavy and very scared. I have reached an all time high of 475 and am 43 years old. I have a beautiful wife and 3 amazing kids ages 9,9 and 11. My version of playing ball is: I will stand here, throw it to me and if I miss it, you have to bend down to get it. How wad is that? I am frustrated and done. I have tried every diet, have had gastric band surgery and nothing worked. I need to change, I don’t know how and I do not recognize the person in the mirror.

  18. One of my resolutions is to become healthier. I am very realistic, very heavy and very scared. I have reached an all time high of 475 and am 43 years old. I have a beautiful wife and 3 amazing kids ages 9,9 and 11. My version of playing ball is: I will stand here, throw it to me and if I miss it, you have to bend down to get it. How wad is that? I am frustrated and done. I have tried every diet, have had gastric band surgery and nothing worked. I need to change, I don’t know how and I do not recognize the person in the mirror.
    Please pick me..

  19. I resolve to get my fire for being fit back. My wife of 11 years gave birth to my first born Colton this year and I want to prove it to myself that at 35 your metabolism doesn’t have to slow down. I also want yo be a great example to my boy on living a clean and healthy lifestyle so many of our youth need today.

  20. My resolution is to live a healthier lifestyle. I want to lose weight so I can be active for my 5 year old daughter and newborn son. I want to teach my kids healthy habits so they do not struggle with their weight the way I have my whole life.

  21. My resolution is to lose weight and get healthy this year because me and my husband are planning on starting s family this year… My promise is to eat better and get to the gym at least 3 days a week!

  22. This year I resolve to daily improve my health and fitness. I have weight loss goals but get easily derailed by work, commitments, and 3 kids. I know that I need to make the investment in me for not only myself but for my family. I want my kids to see what being healthy looks like so they can hopefully avoid the ‘weight’ struggles so many of us face. My goal this year is to make better food and exercise choices each day. And if I fail one day, to avoid the mindset that I have 100% failed and try again the next day. I really value the information you share on family, food and fitness and will continue to follow you on instagram and your blog for your great advice.
    Cheers to a year of 366 daily successes for improving me!

  23. This year I chose to do some research and really understand goal setting. So I’m starting with a dream. My dream is to have a body fat percentage of 17-20% (I am presently obese). How I am going to get there is creating an eating plan with Powell resources ๐Ÿ˜‰ and taking care of my physical health. Im attempting to make phases also… which me luck because I fall every year! :/

    My first promise to myself is: Say no to fast food.

    Here we go!

  24. My resolution this year is to get back into shape. I have always been an athlete and I have really enjoyed staying in shape and trying new things. I had a baby about 6 months ago and I have really been struggling with balance. I exercised during my pregnancy and even did your Nasty 9s workout! ๐Ÿ˜€ It was my first pregnancy and I was hesitant to push too hard and as it got harder and harder in the last months, I worked out less and less. It’s crazy how much your body changes and how long it took me to feel even close to normal. I need to take care of myself and get back into shape so I can take care of my family and my little body. My husband and I scheduled a half marathon in June to work towards. I know I can do it!

  25. I resolve to be a better person both physically and spiritually. I promise to start putting myself first. It’s hard to put myself first, being a mom of 4, but a happier mom means happier kids!

  26. What an awesome idea! I just turned 59 in October and after my physical in November, my eyes were opened wide! I learned that I’m pre-diabetic, my heart has apparently changed over the last year, among other things. The last 40 years of doing whatever I wanted, like not exercising, and eating whatever I wanted has finally caught up with me! I thought I had at least until 60, but not so! I’ve started slowly. I know that if want to see my grandchildren grow up, get married and hang around for great-grandchildren, I must change. I have no choice now, it must be done. So it begins. I bought your new book and have started reading in order to continue the process. My promise to myself is to get healthy for me! I must do it for myself, no one else will. It’s all up to me. I can do this and make myself proud to be me!

  27. I resolve to gain more muscle. The promise I will make is to make at least one day of the two days a week with my trainer.

  28. My New Years resolution is just No excuses. I have the workout ethic, but the eating and staying on track with good eating is what derails me. I plan to make 2016 different than the last 6 yrs I have been trying to lose weight.

  29. 2015 I prepared and did my first 5k walk/run. In 2016 I have set the goal to run a 5k and to believe in myself and not give up because others need me to do things. I will be first on my Calendar no more everyone else first then me. I have a 17 year old son that needs me to show him life choices does matter and I want to set that example for him before it is to late. The other thing I want to change in 2016 is to become healthy and come off my blood pressure medicine. With yours and Chris help I know I can achieve these goals. Thank you for the inspiration you show us. I pray that I hear back from you. Thank you for this chance.

  30. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to feel better, healthier, and stronger this year for not only me, but my husband as well. I have had breathing problems my whole life from a tracheotomy that I had when I was born. Working out in hiit mode is near impossible. I enjoy walking and spin classes as they don’t kill my breathing completely and can pace myself if I lose my breath. I know though that the older I get the tougher things will get if I don’t push myself. Despite my love for the outdoors, my weakness is sodas. I drink way to many cokes. I know this is horrible for me and so, this is my promise to you. If I by chance get chosen for this awesome event, I promise to only have one soda a week on my cheat day and water the rest of the time. I think this is a practical promise that will help my body not only physically but mentally as well. Thank you and Happy New Year!

  31. I plan on increasing from walking to running. I broke my foot in August and have been slowly exercising more. I also need to drink more water! 2016 is gong to be amazing.

  32. My 2016 resolution is to have a hip replacement to I can work toward a happier and healthier life. Dr appt is Monday, Jan 4,2016 @ 7:45am! I want to do this right.

  33. My first ever New Year’s Resolution is to get fit. I do have some pounds to lose, but I want to ultimately be a healthier me. I’ve never been overly big or really tiny, just somewhere in the middle, but I have decided I don’t want to live with mediocre any more. If I’m going to gradually change, I want it to be for the better not worse. I want to earn a spot in the Dietbet challenge, because I did it a few months back and just barely succeeded, but then gained it back plus a couple more. My promise is to be a role model for my son. I love the posts of Chris and Cash and you and the girls. I want to be that inspiration in those surrounding me!

  34. I think the biggest goal for myself this year is to be healthy and take car of me. For the past three and a half years I have dedicated my life to taking care of both of my parents. My dad had cancer and died in 2014 and my mom died from a failed heart in 2015 and I was with them thru it all. I also have a 14 year old who I have been putting first in my life since she was born. Somewhere thru all of this I have lost a sense of who I am and what I like to do and I just stopped caring for myself and taking care of me, because after all everyone else comes first, isn’t that is how its suppose to be. I am going to learn to be healthy, not just physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well. Though I am not sure where to start, I think I will just start listening to my body and try to reconnect to what it needs and what it trying to tell me. I would love help from yoy, but I realize there are so many people deserving of this opportunity. Thank you.

  35. Hi Heidi-
    I have been trying to think of how to put into words what I want for myself this year, but it is so difficult. As I am writing this, I have a cousin who is losing his battle to live. And it is making me want all the more to get healthy. You see, he is dying because he made an unhealthy choice to smoke and that caused him to develop cancer. He experienced some horrific complications Tuesday, and it looks like this will be his last day on earth. And I am devastated. His wife, their kids, I just can’t understand something like this!!
    And this scares me. Because although I do not smoke, I make unhealthy choices for my body every day. So my goals for this year are as follows- to make myself a priority. To go back to being the gym rat I once was, but this time to also control my eating- so I can be healthy from the inside out! I have never had control of my weight, even when I worked out religiously. And that is what I want, to fuel my body and not my emotions. To be healthy. For me, for my husband, for my kids, for my future.
    It would be great to win, as money is tight right now as I am back finishing my BSN degree, and this would be fantastic motivation to keep me going! I am using Chris’ older book, and hope to get your new book for my birthday in March!

    Thank you for all you do,

  36. I want 2016 to be where I get lean! But first I need to reignite my fire to achieve my goals. Two years ago, I joined my first ever dietbets and truly focused on my weight loss. I was excited when I lost 30 lbs in 3 months all on my own by eating right and working out. Then in my fourth month, I found out devastating news that I will never be able to give birth as I had to have a full hysterecomy. I lost myself and over the course of the rest of the year, managed to gain everything back plus some. Now that I have given myself another year to recover, I want t make this my best year yet and finally loose the weight. I am making the commitment of not giving up and to keep going. I want to lose my 100 lbs this year!

  37. Love you both and reading extreme transformation book. I had weight loss surgery in 2010 losing 128 lbs and have kept it off. For 2016, I want to lose another 10, tone, and bulid muscle. Love to win diet bet entry!

  38. I want to get into shape not only for myself, but for my wife and baby girl. I also want to be an inspiration for my family who needs to lose weight and change their habits. If I can do it, it will prove to them that they can do it as well. By helping myself I can help others.

  39. Thank you to both of you for your inspiring words, me and my husband plan to lose a combined hundred pounds this year. Your encouraging words are truly an inspiration. My promise to myself this year is just to be consistent In everything I do to fix my health. I’m in remission from diabetes at the moment and get scared when I check my numbers and their high I plan to permanently get rid of my diabetes.

  40. My goal is to workout for health and fitness this year… because I WANT to and because it make me feel good. I don’t want to workout to earn cheat foods or workout for punishment for bad behavior.

  41. This year is my 15th wedding anniversary & my last birthday in my 30’s! I want to & will drop the unnecessary weight & tone up a bit. I will be using the extreme transformation book! I will enter my 40’s in 2017 in the best shape of my life! Would love to do the diet bet to prove to myself I can do it!!

  42. My goal is to lose 50 pounds before my birthday! It’s the end of June so totally achievable! I am going to be going to the gym 6 days a week! I am actually at the gym now and my friend told me about this. I can’t afford to join the bet without a spot, praying for a miracle on finances right now. But regardless I am dedicated and this new year I am not going to stop like I have. No more excuses just reality. Too many medical issues to stay this way. Have a blessed year!

  43. My goal for the year 2016 is really more of a theme rather than a resolution as I hope to carry this out through 2016 and beyond. My theme is quite simply MAKE BETTER CHOICES which I feel applies to all facets of my life. looking back on this past year, a large series of small choices that I made (to eat this, to buy that, to settle for less) left me in a position that is not much better than where I was beginning of 2015. Needless to say, I am thankful for my life, my home, my job, etc. However, I have always considered myself to be a shark, they can’t move backward only forward and I need to prove that to myself. So this year, I am going to make better choices. In terms of my health it is my long term goal to make a HUGE dent in my 150lb weight loss goal by making sure that I set aside one day of each week to complete my meal prep and atleast one hour of everyday for some form of activity. But also to recognize those “small choices” that led to my demise this past year and to make better ones.

  44. My goal is to breathe. I’d like to be happier and healthier in 2016. I have about 20-25 lbs to lose. Our son, Travis (26), was killed in a motorcycle accident 11/1/15. I am struggling to get back on track and keep moving forward.

  45. What do I hope to achieve during the new year? I am wanting to be more organized. Several things factor into that, even my weight loss. For example, I need to be focused on meals and how I plot out my time during the day. I leave so much to chance and spur of the moment decisions, leaving me feeling more stressed out than I should be. If I can focus on planning out small things starting off during the day, I can hope to get more out it :).

  46. Heidi,
    Every year I make the same New Years resolution to loose weight, I use excuses like I am too busy to eat healthy or work out. I look back on last year and I realize that I have spent a lot of time on my iPad where I could be planning my meals or exercising. I did start in November to make a change and lost 13 pounds over the holidays, (it should have been more, but progress not perfection!)

    My New Years resolution is to make myself a priority and make time to plan meals, eat healthier and exercise more!

    Thank you, for inspiring me to be a better version of myself!


  47. I am going to get rid of the 3 evil W’s in my diet–white sugar, white flour, and white potatoes. I did this last fall (and surprisingly, I fell off the bandwagon over the holidays, lol!!). But does it ever work! You feel so much better getting back to whole foods. My goal for 2016 in this area is to help my family also get rid of the 3 evil W’s. Thank you for your blog, Heidi. It is so upbeat, so positive, such a “can-do” attitude. For me, I can do all things through Christ my Saviour Who gives me the strength I need for everyday life and its challenges. Here’s to 2016!!

  48. I’m ready to be healthier for my kids. I also want to recognize the woman in the mirror that stares back at me. I believe that it is possible to have the healthy, in shape body that I see in my head. I just need help getting back on track. This is my year!!

  49. My goal is to learn to focus on being healthy & not “dieting.” I’ve been over weight for 20 years & have tried so many different diets & none have ever worked. This causes me to feel like a failure & I medicate with food. Thanks for all you & Chris do!

  50. My plan for this year is becoming a better version of myself. I am getting committed to make healthier meals for myself and my daughter. I will be more active and keep the activity consistent as time passes. I want life long positive changes in my life. Losing weight and getting healthy both physically and emotionally is my 2016 goal.

  51. Through your show and previous books I lost 132 pounds. Then my husband, of 44 years, developed cancer which he fought for the last 2 1/2 years. He lost the battle in August 2015. Along the way we have had other major negative events to deal with. During this traumatic time I have gained 65 pounds and stopped exercising. My resolution is my commitment to exercise a minimum of 3 times a week. To keep myself more motivated and looking toward the good of life, I am going to journal at least one positive each day.

  52. Hi my goal is to become the best version of me. I know this encompasses so many things so my promise to myself is to think more and consider the outcome before my actions. I owe it myself to do that. Thanks for all the guidance you both provide. It is truly inspiring.

  53. This is the year I am lucky enough to marry the most amazing man I have ever met. He deserves the best version of me so my resolution is to develop and maintain a gym habit. May is going to be here before I know it!

  54. My goal is to try not to be the “perfect” mom and realize that the things I’m stressing about today won’t matter in a few months. I promise that I will take a second to breathe and not get angry when he kids are stressing me out.

  55. 2016 is about me this year. I have put myself on the back burner for way to long when it comes to my kids and my husband. I have gain so much weight that I hate looking at myself. Along with taking care of our family of 6 I work full time. 45+ hours a week. When I get home at night I am so tired and hungry because I don’t find time to eat at work that I sit and stuff my face. This year I am changing that. I plan on eating better, moving more and taking time for me. I need to find me again. It is going to be a long rough road but I need to do this no matter what.

  56. This year I made only one promise to myself. It will the hardest promise to keep. I am to put myself first this year. I’m not sure that I know how to do that. I’ve spent my life putting others before myself because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do. My aunt was diagnosed with cancer in 2010. She passed in 2011. My mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. I lost her In August of 2015. My grandmother was diagnosed with cancer also in 2014. Thank God she is still with me. Even after losing both daughters, she is still a trooper. We just found out that her cancer is back and she starts radiation on January 4. All of this has really opened my eyes to my bad habits I need to get rid of, my health I need to take care of and myself that I need to love.

    1. I want this year to be the one that works in all areas beginning with losing weight and becoming more and more healthy. I have been a fan of Chris and Heidi Powell for a few years. I am 69 years of age, and over 30 pounds overweight. I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol. I am on nocturnal oxygen. I have now two books of the Powell’s and have been somewhat eating the carb cycling way for awhile. I just bought their new book Extreme Transformation, & will begin reading it and starting the new extreme carb cycle. Thank you Powells for changing so many people’s lives, I know I can do it too!

  57. Before I got pregnant with my daughter, I lost 110 pounds. I read “Choose to lose,” practiced carb cycling, exercised and I did it! I was 5-10 pounds from my goal when I got pregnant. I exercised control, continued to eat well and exercised. I only needed to lose 10 pounds after she was born to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. But she was stillborn at 38 weeks- in October 2015.
    Since then, I’ve lost control and gained some weight back.
    I need to lose 30.
    This year I’m going to slowly work up to the life / small goals / steps I was taking when I lost the weight to regain my pre pregnancy weight.
    This year I will do what it takes to mentally and physically heal.

  58. My resolution it to get healthy, I have spent many years not paying attention to my health and gaining weight. It is not an extreme amount but if I am getting healthy and cooking healthy it wil help my husband who is extremely over weight. I want to spend as many years together as we can. We met late in life so we were already cut short in time. My start is here with Chris and Heidi. Today I plan on joining the ewlclub and even if i dont win this I will challenge myself every day.

  59. Heidi my resolution is to stop making excuses for why the scale keeps creeping back up. I need to get ahold of my eating and be more mindful of my portions and rid the house of all my kryptonite foods. I need to lose 45 lbs in 2016 and get back to a healthier me. I have your new book and can’t wait to start on your carb Cycyling. Thank you Cjris and Heidi for being an inspiration to so many people.

  60. This year 2016, I Will work on my integrity and my dignity!? I Will make no more silent-promises. Each week, I will make one promise and I’ll keep it to rebuilt, slowly but surely, my self-confidence! My first promise is : I will drink half my body weight (in oz) every day this week ? So it Will be 110 Oz of water… A special thanks to you and Chris for your incredible dedication in helping us in our big journey! xox

  61. My resolution is to stop making excuses. Life if passing me by because I’m uncomfortable in my own skin. It’s hard when everyone says “you’re not fat” and shuts my conversation down before I can finish. When I try to confide in family or friends they always discount my seriousness because I don’t “look” overweight to them. I feel sluggish and can feel my stomach hitting other parts of my body when I move but no one can really understand except me. So I have to force change in my life even without a support group. It’s easier of course with someone by your side but when you don’t have that you just have to realize how YOU feel is the important issue. First step on the road to happiness. My first promise to myself is to make a food plan so I don’t end of feeling hungry and discouraged.

  62. My goal is to become the fittest and strongest I have ever been this year.

    My promise is to exercise everyday even if it is only a 15 minute walk if that’s all I can fit in and even if it’s only a basic movement which it will be for the first wee while, while I recover from an injury.

    Good luck everyone, your goals and promises inspire me too, so thanks!

  63. Learning to LOVE MYSELF in order to become the HEALTHIEST version of me. I WILL use a self mantra daily as I work on me! The diet bet would help my motivation too!

  64. My resoluation is to spend more time with my family. My next resoluation is to figure out how to eat well and get rid of the extra 20lbs I put back on after losing it and keeping it for 3 years. Having heart issues has been a challenge but not an excuse. So it’s back to the grind so I can finish strong. Thank you and Chris for all the inspiration. Happy New Year.

  65. I’m going to write at least a sentence per day in a journal. I say things and forget, but when they’re written down, I remember. It also helps me feel how I felt in the moment. I’m currently in therapy and one of my goals is to live in the moment. I’ve been so caught up with the past and how I need to shape my future from my parents’ mistakes that I’m not living my life.

  66. I lost 80 lbs back in 2001. Would love to lose the last 20lbs before my 30 year high school reunion! I am going to try and sign up for a 5K each month to get in shape and lose the last of the weight! Would love to go to my reunion in July thinner than I was in high school!

  67. I’m excited to finally get in shape and feel GOOD again! I was diagnosed with Hashimotos autoimmune disease and Hypothyroid 4 years ago and haven’t felt good since. I’m sick of letting these health issues get the best of me. I want to have the energy that I need to do fun things and have adventures with my kids. They are getting older and notice me not being able to keep up. I’ve gained about 40 pounds since diagnosis and my first REAL resolution is to quit soda and hit the gym 3 days a week! I want to work up to 6 days. I need more water as well!
    Thanks for the posts, love to follow all that you do. Truly inspiring!

  68. One of my New Year’s resolutions beyond trying to get healthy is to write and submit. I have been a writer since I was in middle school, but even now at 41, I’ve never submitted anything I’ve written to any professional publication. My goal is to write a short story every week in 2016 and submit at least five of them to professional publications.

  69. Hi Heidi,

    Thank you for being an inspiration to so many people by letting us into you and your family’s lives! By being open and often vulnerable, it allows people like me to open up to becoming more honest; being okay with “perfectly imperfect”. I am a husband, a father of two kids (14 week old daughter and 3 year old son), a brother, and a son. I am a professional firefighter and am an outdoor enthusiast. One of the biggest issues I run into is living a life driven by fear. I am often times afraid of starting something, because I am afraid at failing at it. I am more willing to sit on the sidelines and dream, then fall on my face while pursuing a dream. I once told my mom as a kid, “you need to let me fall on my face so I can learn to pick myself up.” I understood failure was sometimes a part of life, but I didn’t understand the biggest part of failing came from not trying. In 2016, my goal is to find a way to give up fear and replace it with courage. With this goal, I promise to accept myself as I am, despite my imperfections. I believe if I do these things, I will be able to celebrate the small victories and live in those moments. I want to choose to live in the victories and let them motivate me to work through the times I feel I’ve fallen on my face. As a firefighter, I see all too often, that hard work will only get you so far…meaning, you can try to save everyone, but you can’t save them all. But when those moments come, you don’t set up camp…you keep reaching for the summit, because the reward is will be worth the struggle. Physical fitness is a big part of what I do, both professionally at work and personally with my family. Unfortunately I’ve chosen to camp out to many times, afraid of the climb. I’ve lost sight on what really matters in life and I’m ready to fight for it. I’ve been addicted to energy drinks and crummy food, thinking that a moment of self indulgence can mask the shame. But I’m laying claim to my life for myself, my family, and the community I serve. No more fear. No more picking myself last. I have the courage I need within me and I am worthy. That’s my goal and my promise for 2016. Have a safe and happy New Year from my family in here in Southern Oregon.

  70. I have set goals to start Extreme Transformation (new book) for many reasons 1 I turn 50 in May. My goal and girtnto my self. is my party with cake!!! And I hope my husband and I can be happy and healthy together.

  71. I’ve been sitting here for a few hours now trying to figure out what to write. Not wanting to sound cliche or trite, With a simple I want to lose weight and promise to eat better and work out X times a day. I’ve been there done that and it’s never worked for me. I want to lose weight, and I intend on eating better, and hitting the gym at least 3 times a week, and doing home workouts on the days I don’t go to the gym. But for me it’s so much more then weight loss, eating better, and getting fit. It’s a dream of growing my family, and the includes the aformentioned things. When my husband and I first got married we had tried for over a year and a half to have the baby we had both dreamed of, then I felt God tell me I had to lose weight and get myself healthy, so I spent the next 9 months working out, eating better, and losing weight. Chris was my virtual/TV mentor. It was through his facebook, youtube videos, and of course Extreme Weightloss that I found that push that helped me get through those times when I wanted to quit. Then when I was about 11 weeks pregnant, I got the pleasure of meeting Chris while he was in Palm Harbor filming a reveal episode of the show. I will never forget the look on his face when I was able to tell him my story in person. My son will be 4 in March, and since having him I’ve gained more weight and am now weighing in at more then when I was 9 months pregnant. A few months ago my husband revealed to me that he felt ready to have another child, and as I continue to struggle with my weight I feel like I am failing him, because I know I need to get back on track with weightloss, and getting healthy so we don’t have to spend years trying to concieve and achieving a healthy pregnancy. 2015 has been a rough year for my husband and I in our finances, and our marriage, as my husband lost 2 jobs last January, found work for about 3 months and then was let go from that job. Thankfully he was able to find another job fairly quickly, and we are starting off 2016 in the right direction. Winning a space in the dietbet challange would be the kick that I need to get my weightloss/healthy living going in the right direction! So here I am with my resolution, yet again- Weightloss. But this year I WILL make it happen & I make the promise to myself that I will stop letting my emotions control my choices, and I will eat food to fuel, not to feel

  72. My new year’s resolution ultimately is to get off my ass and do something about this weight i’ve been carrying around and adding to for the last 10 years. yo-yo dieting, stress/emotional/binge eating, divorce and being a single mother who has no car and no job… pretty much leaves you at rock bottom with no ladder and only a shovel to dig deeper. but i don’t want my daughter’s to pick up on the things that i sabotage myself with, so i want to change big time. however, my previous attempt have all crashed and burned. so this time i’m going to take it one step at a time, make one healthy change a day/week whatever until it becomes a habit and not try to tackle it all at once. involve them in becoming active and preparing meals/cooking/choosing meals, etc. time to do it right and permanently. happy new year!

  73. I would really really like to just remember to wear my name tag daily at work. Sounds like an easy task but I am so forgetful. I would also like to wake up on time (if not early). And finally stick to something anything that will improve my health. 2015 was hard I healed mentally now i need to work on my physically self.

  74. My goal is for my daughter to understand that STRONG is healthy and the only important thing is to LOVE our bodies because we are all
    Different but amazing. There are so many negative advertisements and comments coming their direction. I want her to know now she has a choice and it’s OK to love herself!

  75. Your an inspiration Heidi! I’d love to be in your dietbet game! It would make me stick to my goal! I did it once before, then had a baby so have to do it again. My goal is to get to a weight where I can be healthy enough to keep up with my 3 kids and get some of my health numbers in proper standing and avoid the diabetes that affects over half my family! I have 2 promises to myself if I make it. My first one is to wear my very first bikini in my life. My second is to take a few weeks off work the first summer after and spend it with my kids at beaches, camping, and doing stuff with them that I just don’t have the energy for now!

  76. In 2013 I lost 100 pounds and it felt amazing! At the end of that year I had my gallbladder out and fell back into old habits. I have since gained it all back and then a little. My resolution is to accomplish that goal again in 2016. My promise to myself is to lose at least 20 pounds every three months.

  77. This year I resolve to get healthier. Ok I know that I’ve said that in the past, as many people have. I recently had a baby girl (she’s 5months old now) and have a 12 year old son. I struggled with my weight my whole adult life and have tried and been unsuccessful many times before. Since having our baby, my husband and I have gained weight and have a lot of financial issues too. So this year I resolve to finally get healthy for my babies and my hot hubby! I also resolve to dig us out of this hole that we are stuck in. I promise to get my booty moving every day whether a brisk walk or a work out video. I just finished my second teaching credential in special education and am in my last masters class. So this is going to be a wonderful 2016!!! I watch EWL with my hubby religiously and look forward to having Dietbet as a personal support for my journey!

  78. Hi Heidi,
    Tonight I am registering for the 2016 Portland Marathon! It will be my very first marathon. It’s going to take a lot of work and dedication to train but I am promising (to myself) that I will do whatever it takes to make it across that finish line. I need to shed some extra pounds so I’d love to join your diet bet and get a jump start. Tomorrow is a new day, a new year and a new opportunity to make and keep promises to improve my health.
    Happy New Year to you, Chris and the Powel Pack!

  79. I have two resolutions. 1- to get healthy. I’m going to set small goals each couple months. 2- spend more time with my kids. We’re getting our own place soon so that will help.

  80. I know a lot of people make fitness goals at the beginning of every year and usually I do but this year I’d like to do something different. My husband and I have always been passionate about fitness. we are no where near where we would like to be but at least we have a drive to keep ourselves in shape. For 2016 I want to increase my drive and passion in other aspects of my life. 2015 was a great year but was also very challenging for my little family. And for 2016 I really want to focus on my relationship with my husband. Being a mom of a one year old, my husband being in pharmacy school full time and working part time, I just feel like our lives are on two separate tracks sometimes. So, the first small step I’m taking to improve our marriage is to go to bed when he does. I’ve noticed when we go to bed at the same time, we talk more, joke more, and are definitely more intimate ๐Ÿ˜‰ so that’s my New Years resolution…BE with my husband more ๐Ÿ™‚ my husband has signed up for your diet bet so I would love to win this so I can do it with him and support him in this! I love following you and Chris on social media and I appreciate how real and honest you are. It’s really refreshing. And not to mention your kids…my goodness they are to die for cute!

  81. My goal is to lose 20lb. I have scoliosis and due to some digestive medications I was prescribed, I am now battling back from negative effects of onset osteoporosis. Losing this weight and finding a sustainable healthier lifestyle through diet management, cardio and weight training will help me achieve these goals. Being quite on my own in my diet journey has been hard and being part of diet bet would be phenomenal. You are my true inspiration Heidi as Chris is to my husband. To have even the opportunity to try is monumental. Thank you.

    1. My promise to myself…forgot to put in original post,…to workout daily,..not just once or twice and make excuse the rest of the days.

  82. After my 2nd back surgery, resulting in being medically retired from the military. I was told I CANNOT do this or shouldn’t do that. I let it effect how I lived my life. I have moved on from the fact I will not be who I was physically and mentally, but I can be a better version of who I currently am. Like many of us, we have children or someone who relies on us.
    My commitment to myself is to better myself in all ways possible and be the positive role model my children need and deserve. I will not let my limitations define me and will show my children that although people may be limited in their physical abilities, they can still do amazing things.

  83. I started my resolution 3 months ago actually. Which of course was losing weight. I was 200lbs, now I am 175 at 5’3″. My NY Resolution is to continue pushing towards my 125 goal and not to give up! If I make it there I’m doing a total rehaul of my closet! (Money permitting haha) but I will at least buy a new sexy outfit ?

  84. I have been struggling the last few months to loose those last few stubborn pounds that never seem to go away (aka: muffin top) no matter how hard I try. I am so committed to the gym part of a healthy lifestyle but I am always cheating in my nutrition which is always a set back.. My goal is to learn about proper nutrition in 2016..

    best wishes in the new year to all the Powell pack!!!

  85. The bottom line for me is that I need to find my fire again. I have succeeded before in the past & for 2013 & 2014 I was able to maintain my New Years goals & achieve things I never thought possible. My goals accomplishment was training & completing a full marathon. My fire those 2 yrs was to rid my body of the baby weight I clearly saw in every picture & felt in my clothing. I picked me during those 2 yrs & I felt great & amazing. So, what changed? I went back to work full time & I’ve truly never found a good balance again. I tried for the longest time to juggle my new work schedule, be the best mom & wife possible & continue to be devoted to my workouts but I lost my focus on me. In 2015, I found myself continuing to run half marathons (3 in fact) with very little training. But despite my lack of training I saw an increase in my husband’s & ran every race with him. My last race of the year was a Disney challenge race at Disneyland, where we did 19.3 miles in 2 days. Again, I survived & was thankful to have shared the experience with my husband but I was horribly sore & in so much pain all because I didn’t focus on me. I allowed those things that are not important take priority in my life. Nevertheless, I learned that I can run & finish most races without training. So, I decided to put my running shoes away for at least the 1st 3 months of 2016 & joined a local Physique challenge to build muscle & finally attack the last 30lbs I need to lose. I need this for many reasons but mostly because I question whether or not I can ever truly lose the last 30lbs. I worked so hard for 2 yrs & could never dip into losing the last 30lbs. 2016 is here & I’m ready to correctly prioritize my life so that burning passion within be ignited again.

  86. While I hope to lose a significant amount of weight that I have put on in the past three years since having my two beautiful daughters, that is not my resolution. My resolution for 2016 is start living a healthier lifestyle not only for myself but for my husband and kids too. Eating real food instead of processed, exercising and taking care of my body are things that will help the weight and that will shape me into a healthy lifestyle.

  87. 2015 was termultueous for me. I started a phd program and got lost in the list of thing I had to, which also meant I lost my balance. Eating healthy has become a necessary in my life due to GI issues that flame up if I don’t eat healthy. Exercise, on the other hand, seems to fall on the way side when I get lost in the daily nuances of life. My goal for 2016 is focused more on balance. First, I will exercise 3 times a week. Now I know some may think – really that’s it. Don’t get me wrong, I hope to do 5-6 times a week! However, I want to stay realistic and I want to achieve this goal! Thus, three times a week – come rain or shine, healthy or sickness – I will exercise three times a week to help keep myself balanced. I will also daily read the word of God. I hope through these two things I will find a greater balance in my life!

  88. I’ve already started my journey and over the past 2 months I’ve lost just under 20 lbs. I plan to be reignited on Monday and my husband and I have decided to join the local Community center and meet there every other day after work to do a work out. I plan to learn better cooking and planning menus that will be better for our health issues. I want to lose the weight but most of all I want to reduce the amount of medications I have to take. It’s time to take control at 58 years old. I want to make my goal before October 1st when I will be at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

  89. I resolve to enjoy my life more in 2016. That includes getting back into a health and wellness routine after having a daughter last year. I’ve waited too long to make myself a priority again, so it is my goal to get fit and be a role model for my daughter and step daughter.

  90. I think its so important to stay healthy for yourself and your family, but this year I’m focused on a heart change. I want to learn how to love unconditionally. I want to learn how to slow down so i don’t look back and regret missing out my children’s childhood and those quiet heartfelt moments with my husband. To focus on the internal not just the external.

  91. Happy New Year to you and your family!!!

    I was obese all of my life ending at 464lbs lbs at 25 years old… I decided to change my life, I lost 200lbs, had my son, and then lost 34 more pounds. Crazy enough, I am having lots of trouble losing the rest of my weigh to my goal weigh of 180lbs.

    New Years “goal” because resolution never seen to work

    1. Loose the rest of my weight to my goal weight when I started this whole process

    2. Start slow: Drinking more water instead of diet drinks
    Move more
    Eating nothing after 7pm
    Eating smarter

  92. One of my goals for 2016 is to not let the fear of what others may think of me keep me from going to the gym. I have for too long let the fear of being the “big guy” at the gym keep me from even stepping in the doors. I always worry that I am looked at as being out of place or that I am being laughed at the whole time. But I really want to make this a year of transformation for me and to live beyond the judgments of others.

  93. For 2016 I want to be healthy. It is time for me to embrace a healthy lifestyle. I will be 45 this year and I want to be around for a long time for my family. I have been overweight and have not taken care of myself all my life. I am an LPN and always put others needs first–2016 will be the year of ME! You and Chris are so inspiring and I am buying your new book to get me started!!!! Take care!!!

  94. Happy New Years I have two goals this year….
    1 – to put 2/3rds of my spending money towards one bill and get it paid off. This will only leave me a very small amount for my ‘retail therapy’.(less than 10)
    2- To become less of a sad, depressed ‘nobody likes me, everybody hates me,’ person. After *cough cough* 50+ years the right counselor is helping. I figure if my outlook is better I won’t turn to stress/comfort eating.
    I just hope whoever is randomly chosen will really use the tool that is given to them.

  95. I’ve lost hundred pounds this past year by eating better, my goal now is to add excersize to help lose next the next 100

  96. My goal for 2016 is to become healthy and not have to take the 8 pills I take a day for diabetes and high blood pressure and cholesterol. I work early mornings (4am) and have no energy. I have two girls I want to continue to watch grow up. I watch every season and wonder why I can do that too. I am going to believe in myself and know I can do this

  97. My resolution is to have a healthier and more productive year. I’m going to promise myself to work out every day except weekend’s (family time) and no longer rely on sugary snacks. Hopefully I’m lose about 70 pounds before the year is up. I’ll also be starting my first year of college for juvenile corrections ?

  98. chris powell is a great trainer and we need some help on getting tony help lost 300 pd was 750 pd but he need to help with all that extra hanging fat off can you help him kathleen oakley

  99. Unfortunately like all moms I have lost myself a little in the process and not put myself on the priority list. I never lost my pregnant weight and with all life’s stresses I have tried but never succeeded. I am going to prep food for the week so there is not an excuse and except use daily eat plenty of veggies and I need to make sure to make time for me.

  100. My biggest goal is to get out of the “single digits” weight lifting. I still have to pick up 5s and 8s for tricep kickbacks and lots of shoulder moves. Time to get stronger and work past it!

    1. Forgot the 2nd part… I’m going to keep bulking with body beast! Stand in your power!

  101. My goal is to continue to improve my health in a practical way. I also want to work on not letting one bad day turn in to a bad week and then turn in to a bad month.

  102. I am putting me first to be a better mom!! Taking care of my health by losing weight, becoming fit and conquer binging. I promise above all not to quit!

  103. First, you guys are awesome. You make the idea of being fit and working towards that goal, fun and something to be desired. I am going to drink more water, eat smarter, and exercise regularly. I want to be below 200 pounds and just feel better. Thank you.

  104. My goal for the new year is to get in control of my autoimmune issues by cleaning up my diet and lifestyle. First step is eating an Autoimmune Protocol breakfast every day.

  105. I need to make ME a priority in 2016. My health has suffered as I have struggled with a stressful job, working on my master’s degree, trying to sell our house, and the everyday chaos that is raising a toddler. My stress and not putting my own health at the top of the list resulted in me gaining back so much weight that I worked hard to lose in 2012. I need to make a promise to myself that my health, planning healthy meals, and getting some activity in will be a priority. I need to lose 100 lbs and I’m going to make it happen in 2016, no matter how hard things get. <3

  106. I normally don’t make resolutions, but actually did choose one a few hours ago. It’s an odd thing, but it’s to USE UP the things I like; the clothes I don’t wear in case they get pet hair covered, scratched, stained – will wear them. The perfumes, lotions, makeup, candles, etc. I hoard because I love them (and ultimately have to end up tossing out as they go bad!) – going to use them up! It’s ll about making myself a priority in a small way. I’d want my friends and family to enjoy the gifts I give them, so why not do the same for myself?

    Happy New Year! ๐Ÿ™‚

  107. I resolve to take better care of myself. I’m 43 but I feel like I’m 86… and I am going to nip this in the bud. I want to feel like I’m 23! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am going to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day, move for at least 30 minutes everyday, and meditate daily (to get better in touch with my body). Thanks!

  108. Heidi and Chris, let me say that I need this more than anything in my life. I need to learn to forgive, and by forgiving I need to learn to forgive my past, present and future. I am now almost 270 pounds. I am type two diabetic and I have high blood pressure. I have been abused, and hurt all of my life. My life was filled with not only physical abuse, but sexual abuse, and emotional abuse. I have been hiding since I was young. I have put my self in a dark place by over eating and feeling left out and alone. I raised my children on my own and I have really big trust issues, and I don’t trust myself to do the right thing because every time I try to lose weight I start to do well but I sabotage myself and fall back into my old habits, and make excuses because stresses trigger my weight gain and I use food as my total comfort instead of speaking out and saying how I feel I take it all in and eat it all and hide it inside. I really want to scream at times and let it all out but I am afraid, afraid to be hurt again, afraid that I cannot forgive because I take it back, I blame myself for all of the past abuse because I was blamed and was told it was my fault. Please Heidi and Chris I really need help, so that I can become free from not only my weight problem, but free from the pain and hurt of my past. I want to have friends and people that I can trust and I want to be able to truly forgive everyone from my past. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

  109. I make goals for the new year, they are easier to get back on track if you have a bad day. I would love tips from you on food and exercise. I think it would be great to be in the dietbet program but since retired have to decide where money is used

  110. I really just need to be able to walk up the stairs to put my babies to sleep with less knee pain. Getting rid of some weight will help.

  111. My resolution is to stop saying “I will start tomorrow” Tomorrow turns in to next week, then next month. I am 48 and want to enter the second half of my life as healthy as possible. I want to section hike the AT and the lighter I am the easier it will be.

  112. For the past 2 years I’ve struggled and gone through so many obstacles since I’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I’ve tried so many things to boost everything about myself and only being 22 I’m still figuring myself out and I definitely don’t want this struggle to define me anymore. Gaining over 60 lb since it all began I’m determined not to set a resolution but to just better something about myself each day and have a goal to be at the gym each and every day. The weight gain is not what has knocked me off my feet over and over but the spirit and outlook on life…it stole my smile that once upon a time never left my face. With doctors just shutting me out I’m determined to define my life back to what it once was. Motivation and having a good vibes rooting in my corner for once. I want to end this struggle not just for me but my family who miss me as well as my contagious smile as they say and for every other person who has this disease they are not alone in this fight to reman or to find themselves once more. I have hope and so should everyone else,just do not give’s to 2016! I’m not saying new year, new me because I just want A me to have and get back?

  113. I am going to get rid of all sodas and sugary drinks in the house so this will force me to drink more water. Thanks for all your postitive words.

  114. I’m going to focus on gaining muscle and strengthing my muscles. I will accomplish this by lifting heavier and target muscles for a curvier booty. Plus I will keep doing body anylist to see I’m making progress.

  115. My resolution is to get back on track with my healthy lifestyle. I lost my job in August after 25 years and have been in a rut ever since. I need to really work on myself. I used to go to the gym 5 days a week and now I’m lucky I go once a week. I need to stop with the soda and drink more water. I just ordered your new book and hope it helps me. Thanks for all the motivation. You guys are great.

  116. I am going to learn to leave my comfort zone and try new things. I am also going to read all 16 books I bought in 2015, finally!!

  117. I follow you and Chris a lot and love watching EWL. I struggle with motivation and want to lose weight, not just to feel good for myself, but to reach my ultimate goal of becoming a police officer. I already work in law enforcement, supervising sex offenders, and find it hard to find time to focus on myself. So in 2016, that is my goal. To take time for myself and care for me first…not others. Which may sound selfish, but it’s all I’ve been doing and my own health has been pushed to the side. Exercise and self-care is needed for me this year and hopefully it will help me reach my goals! Your diet bet will be one of the first steps

  118. Hi Heidi – this year my most important resolution is to feel proud of my body again and to feel good in it by getting fit and losing weight.

    My promise to myself is to do 5 minutes of core twice a day everyday, once in the morning and once at night.

    I posted on your Facebook page for support recently and you told me to start small ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel inspired to take these small steps and look forward to keeping you posted about my success!

  119. Hi Heidi

    I am excited for 2016 and excited to finish what i started two years ago. I am making a promise to myself to not only finish what i started in regards to my health but to show more empathy and be in the moment more. January 2013 i decided to make a complete health change because i lost my uncle, grandma, and father within 2 years due to diabetes and cancer. I had never worried about my health until this happened. I just told myself im done being overweight and unhealthy and i refuse to get diabetes or cancer so i started seeing a nutritionist and cutting all processed foods out. By the time august 2013 came i was down to 182lbs! I felt mentally better and my health risk went way down. Fast forward to this year, i let life happen and started putting myself on the back burner and ive put about 20lbs back on. Once you introduce sugar and all the chemically induced foods back in your diet it messes with you mentally and i dont like that roller coaster feeling. My original goal was to get healtheir before i turned 30 and to get down to a size 8 or 145lbs whichever happened first. I am going to finish that goal this year and i am excited to join the dietbet challenege. Love your show….happy new years!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  120. Hi Heidi,
    One of my resolutions this year is to make myself a priority which will in return, make a better life for my family. I’m someone who always says “yes” to helping someone out, even if it sets myself back. To help me reach my goal, I will ask for the information, give myself time to process it, and learn to say “no” if need be.

    I would love to win a spot!
    <3 Happy New Year!!

  121. My main goal is to do what it takes to get back to a person who believes it IS possible! With hard work, determination, and the living support from my husband I can accomplish anything I set my mind to do! I may stumble, fail momentarily, and cry, but I will become a better me!

    1. I promise to dedicate more time to myself in order to achieve this goal. I am worth it, and want to prove that to myself again.

  122. I am going to start placing me first. Going to make it a priority to exercise consistently , and eat healthy. Too often I have placed everyone before me literally leaving no time for myself. Have a cakander where I scheduled my time to exercise. By taking care of myself it will allow me to show my children a healthy lifestyle and that taking care of yourself is important.

  123. I have 140lbs to lose, but my focus isn’t on the numbers (for once). 2016 is the year I work on balance in my life! I have tried and failed so many times to lose weight without addressing the other imbalances in my life. This only ends up with me regaining weight, adding more weight on, and finding myself miserable and depressed. So, this year, I’m going to set the groundwork and work on my life, not just my waistline. My biggest goals are: 1) to return to school after 20 years and finish my degree (feed my mind); 2) to put time and effort into activities, events, and experiences that excite and fulfill my interests and passions (feed my soul); 3) to find more ways to incorporate my family in my life (feed my heart); 4) incorporate more healthy activity in my life, including running the Orc Stomp 5K in August (it was the trigger that started my transformation two years ago) (feed my body). Starting 2016 with a brand new challenge like a Diet Bet (I’ve never been involved in one before) would be an extra special way to kick off my new year of transformation and I would be very grateful!

  124. My goal for 2016:
    I started a running program one month ago. My goals are:
    – Do not quit
    – Even when I don’t feel like it, get up and do it
    – Stop the excuses
    – Do not quit
    – Drink lots more water
    – Make yourself proud
    – Do not quit
    – Complete 5k (running, no walking)
    – Continue to make my kids proud of me ๐Ÿ™‚
    – Believe you can do it
    – Do not quit – no matter what
    – Cross that finish line and high five myself
    – Make myself proud of me
    – Get that self confidence back
    – Do not quit

  125. My new years resolution is not to make a new years resolution, instead make a promise to myself to take care of myself. Make time for me. I recently joined the gym and plan on putting that to good use as well as recognize when and why I am eating. I can do it because I want to do it.

  126. My goal for 2016 is to truly accept my new life, not to worry or second guess what others will say. To focus on myself and my children. I hope that with coming to terms I will release a lot of negative energy and be able to loose the weight that is needed.

  127. It took me a long time to find something that I really love doing when it comes to working out. My goal for 2016 is to stick with the kickboxing workouts I began in 2015. I love what I’ve been doing & am looking forward to keep on learning more. I’m making the promise to myself to listen to my body when it tells me I’m overdoing my workouts as well. Better eating combined with 3-4 workouts per week should hopefully help me reach my goals. Currently, I weight 266 lbs; my first goal is to be at or near 250 lbs by February. My next goal is to be at or near 230 lbs by June. I honestly don’t see any reason why I can’t make this happen. I’m really hoping that with your help & advice I can make it to my first two goals of the year. Everything after that will just be icing on the cake. I would love to be at or near 200 lbs by this time next year. I haven’t weighed that probably since I was in high school, maybe college. Please choose me for your diet bet, I am a very motivated individual. I also have sleep apnea & I know the more weight I can lose, the more likely I should be to not have to deal with it anymore. But I also know that I have a long way to go! Thank you for taking the time to read this!! Please feel free to email me if you need anymore information! Thanks, again!! Happy New Year!!!!

  128. Heidi, I promise to myself that I will move at least 10,000 steps a day. I will carb cycle and when I fall off the wagon, I will get back on. If I keep my gaol at 4% each month I believe it will be realized. I do want to start body building and gaining muscle. I admit that I do not understand how to do that. When I speak to body builders about building, it sounds so complicated I give up. in 2016, I will learn about open my heart and mind to understanding it.

  129. I started my transformation last year. I have lost 50 pounds. I still have 75 to go. I have joined a gym at work & have been working hard at eating more healthy!!

  130. I sat down on my birthday this year and wrote out a bunch of things I wanted to change in my life. Each one had to be something within my control (i.e. applying for one job / month – not getting a new job). I selected one in each of 13 categories; some are more ongoing, some are one-time things I can cross off easily. One long-term meets expectations goal has been met (I’d love to get to my exceeds goal) and two of my one-time goals have been crossed off.

    At just over half-way through that year time frame, I know I need to renew my commitment if I’m going to finish in time. I would love to lose the 23 lbs to go to my exceeds expectations health goal. One of my one-time goals I’d love to cross off in the next week is to go somewhere I haven’t been for at least 5 years. Just have to pick a direction and ROAD TRIP!!!!

  131. As I sit here and think about what I want in 2016, the number one thing.g that comes to my mind, is being healthy not only for myself, but my daughter. Back in 2009, just 12 days after giving birth to my daughter, I suffered a stroke. It is by the grace of God I am still here. I was a very fit and healthy woman ( I weighed 165 pounds and ran all the time). The doctors told me, it is because of this that I bounced back as well and as quick as I did. I want to get back to that healthy woman that had no aches and pains.losing the 30 pounds I need to lose, would get me there I am sure. I want to keep promises to myself and I want to be strong enough to stand up to peer pressure to “just eat and be happy”.

  132. This year I am going to focus on me a little more. My kids need me, and I will be there for them, but I need to be there for me too. I have two boys with autism and life is hard. I love then dearly and wouldn’t change anything about them, but autism is hard. I have run three full marathons previously and a dozen half marathons. This past year I have let myself go. I have gained 20 lbs and haven’t run more than 3 miles all year. I feel that I would be a better person to my family and to myself if I took some time for me and could get back on track. I would like to get out of my comfort zone and try weights, I’ve never done anything like that before. I know with the right motivation, help and support, I can get my life back together. Thanks for all the good you do for people.

  133. Need to be in optimal shape!
    Feb 18! The Big50!
    June 21 30 Years Married !
    I promise to stay in shape & help the?people that really need help with staying in shape
    Steve & Sherri lee

  134. This coming year, I want to work on my health. Not only am I overweight, something that I’ve battled with pretty much my entire life, but my health and my weight is preventing me from having a child, something that I know my husband wants. I want to be a better person not only for him, but for any future children that I may have. I will make changes in my diet and in my lifestyle to try and make this resolution stick, because so many times I have tried and failed. I can’t fail now…I won’t fail now. I can do this.

  135. In 2016 I will focus on me. On bettering myself inside and out by eating healthy and working out. By not focusing on the scale constantly or worrying about others opinions on me. I will learn to love myself completely and whole heartily and forgive myself for my mistakes and imperfections.

  136. In 2016 I’m determined to lose my last 35 pounds for a total of 100 lost, drink more water and most importantly make time for myself each day. Also want to strengthen the relationships with those that I love.

  137. My goals for 2016:

    1. Take control of my health story and reality
    2. Meditate daily
    3. Fit back into my size 6- 8 dresses
    4. Do 100 consecutive training sessions at my gym without canceling
    5. Move to Sweden

    I promise to love myself and allow myself to grow every day

  138. One goal I am setting for 2016 is to start working on how my life is going to impact others. This is something I have struggled with and wrestled with for many years and I am at the point that rather than thinking about it, I need to do something about it. I don’t think that God wants any of us to sit and constantly be by ourselves. I am disabled and I spend a lot of time by myself. This is starting to get to me. I have so much time that I could be using to love others. So I am going to look into some places that I can start volunteering at. I am excited to see what doors God opens this year, I am also excited to see this year come to a close and I am praying that 2016 will be a better year that 2015. Winning the dietbet entry would mean so much to me, I was so excited when Heidi and Chris announced the dietbet but it was short lived when I realized I was unable to afford it right now!

  139. My goal is to get to a healthier weight. At 15 and 140 pounds I’m not overweight but I want to be able to look at my body and be proud of it. So my goal is to get into a better workout and diet regime to help me achieve that. I’m going to start by logging my calories as well as starting a version of cross fit with running, biking, and weightlifting.

  140. My goal for 2016 is to learn to love myself – first and foremost! I want to learn how to stop beating myself up, how to stop hating myself and how to start living “happy” again. My weight controls EVERYTHING about me . . . how I feel about myself, how I feel others perceive me, it controls my every waking thought, I’m miserable, I hate it, and my one and only goal for 2016 is to make a change and put an end to feeling miserable 24/7/365! My first step in the right direction is get this weight off and start feeling comfortable in my own skin.

    Another huge goal (which also plays into all of the above) is to go an entire year without drinking a single soda ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy New Year!

  141. My 2016 goal is to start tracking my eating with a daily nutrition diary. I have type 1 diabetes and wear an insulin pump. I would like to lose 8-10 lbs but continuing to work out but learn more about nutrition with carb cycling and keeping my blood sugars more in check. I love watching you and Chris change people’s lives. You two are truly amazing and so inspiring.

  142. I am going to make myself a larger priority and do this my listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I want to listen better and act on those promptings.

  143. On 2016 I want to say I’ve learned how to care about myself again. To not live everyday ashamed of who I am and looking for an escape out of this life.

  144. Four sport Varsity athlete in high school, starting Division 1 athlete at a Big Ten University and at my prime. I was and always have been a team player and motivated by what was expected of me. Now as a 28 year old I’m overwhelmed with live. I graduated college at 146 and 5’4. However, now I am 181 and need to find myself again before I get older and truly lose my health and athletic motivation. I want to find a healthy and nutritional lifestyle. I know how it works and what’s needed but need to find a jump start without that traditional team guidence. I’ve been following you and your husband and get excited again that it’s possible to find that hardcore and enthusiasm for health and consistency in my life before I get to wrapped up in the day to day. Even in college my doctors would tell me I have high cholesterol and historically my family struggles with obesity and high blood pressure. I would love help and support before it’s too late for me.

  145. For 2 years I’ve been losing weight. I’m down just a hair shy of 100 pounds of the 220 I need to lose. I want to lose another 60 this year at least! I have gotten a planner to help me stay better organized and I love starting the year off with a diet bet!!!

  146. As with many people my resolution is weight loss. I never struggled with weight until after I had my son. 9 years later I’m still struggling. 2.5 years ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes. My sugars remain high. For me my resolution is about saving my life. I hear the horror stories of what diabetes leads to. I lay awake at night thinking about death. At 28 and diagnosed with diabetes its only a matter of time. I promise myself that I will no longer stay awake at night fearing death. I will live tool be old. And the wedding dress that I bought 2 sizes too small will fit by my wedding Fall 2016.

  147. My goal is to lose 70 pounds by November 7 by doing the Couch to 5K program and also doing weight training on alternate days. I turn 52 this year and want to make this year the best year possible!

  148. My goal is to take care of me! I am not going to focus on a weight goal! I am going to focus on clean eating, trying new foods, exercising, going to get a mani/pedi every once in a while…… I read that I can’t take care of my family and make them happy if I don’t take care of myself and make myself happy. So that is what I want to do. And I am going to surround myself with people that support me and love me while doing it! ?

  149. In 2016 I need to make better eating choices, excercise, and drink water. I am an emotional eater, always have been. I was in the best shape of my life in 2008 and the man I was dating passed away. Since then I have started and quit more times than I can count, gained all the weight back (and then some), and have a hate hate relationship with myself, my weight, clothing, cameras, and the mirror. Now topping the scales at 240lbs., lighting has struck again and I lost another man in early December. I fear if I continue down this path I will get to where I feel there is no point to try or that Im too far gone to even make the effort. My daughter and I are going on a cruise for Spring Break. I just cant take another trip fat, avoiding pics, and trying to find outfits to hide my insecurities. I need help finding my motivation. It is nowhere to be found these days.

  150. I just had ankle and foot surgery last week. Being unable to even walk and having to use a wheelie scooter and rely on everyone else has made me want to have BIG goals for 2016. I have never been a runner, but this experience has made me realize how much I’ve taken for granted having two legs. I’m not taking that for granted ANYMORE. I want to run in a 5 or 10k by marathon season here in Savannah GA in 2016. While I recover and rebuild my strength I’m going to start by changing my eating habits and focusing on food. I would love to prove I can jump start this weight loss in the correct healthy way.

  151. My goals for new year is
    *to make myself a priority-fixing be 37 and as a single mom I always take care of everyone else.
    *to eat healthier and exercise
    *to get out of the 200s

  152. I just finished writing my SMART goal in my new notebook. I would like to lose 25 pounds in 90 days. I am also committing to both Metabolic Missions and Accelerators at a minimum of 4 days of week.
    I’m about half way through the book and am learning so much. Good luck to all of these kind folks who are making commitments to a better 2016 for themselves, and the ones they love!

  153. I am going to eat a vegetable and fruit everyday. I’m ashamed to say that most days I don’t. I’m only 31 and my health is deteriorating due to my weight. I need to get my food addiction under control. Can’t wait to buy the new book for more of your inspiring words! Love you both! ??

  154. I am a 35 year old mother of four, an electrician and a runner with an injury that’s has prevented me from working out for the last year. Even with my strenuous occupation I’ve gained 40 pounds! No more. My goal is to lose that weight (and then some) of course but more important than that to get stronger and healthier. To make eating well and regular exercise a priority and to show my four young children what being a healthy adult looks like. Thank you for your constant encouragement and motivation to fight the good fight and get healthy!

  155. My goal is to love my self more. I am making a promise to never give up on myself. I’m tired of the yo yo for the past several years. I want to be a string, sexy, healthy woman for myself, husband, kids and grand kids.

  156. Hi Heidi and Chris! I’m Penny. I’m 26 yrs old. Been married for 7 years. My resolution is pretty simple to explain. Not gonna be easy to stick to. I’ve been overweight my whole life, and I don’t want to pass my bad habits on to my daughter. I want to be healthy. I’m about 200 lbs overweight. My husband, my daughter, and I just moved to another state after living in FL our whole lives. I’ve been a SAHM for 6 years. My baby girl and husband are my life. I want to be able to walk the dog. I want to chase my daughter. I want to do the simple things in life without constantly being winded or in pain. I’d like to be about 100 lbs lighter by the end of this year. I don’t have a specific number. I just want to be happy and healthy. Right now I’m depressed and hate the rut that I’m in. I’ve lost weight in the past, but always gained it back. I want to break this cycle and finally strive to be the best mother and wife I can be. I hate to sound cheesy, but I think this is my year. <3 God bless you, Powell Family! Here's to a fabulous 2016!

  157. Every year I make the same weight loss goal, I’m going to see my goal weight I’m going to finish this program or that… After reading the first half of your new book I’m changing my goal

    2016 will be about finding the positivity in life. What I mean is in all aspects, clearing out negative baggage that has accumulated through negative friends, holding on to items that bring negative feelings doing things that bring joy instead of what we feel every one wants us to do. I plan to spend more TIME with my kids and less money, more TIME with my hubby and less on my phone and more time on ME, maybe it’s not losing weight that will make me happy but being happy with my self that will finally bring the rest together! My first goal is to start with just 1 min each morning of mindful meditation and try to work my way up to 5 more each month! 2016 will be my year to find me ๐Ÿ™‚ instead of try to make me into what I think I should be ๐Ÿ˜‰

  158. My biggest resolution this year is to just be healthy. I’m tired of putting myself last. I plan on making sure to work out every day, eat real foods 95% of the time and to drink 2L of water a day. I can’t wait to see the results of what I can accomplish!

  159. My resolution is to change my relationship with food, and treat food as fuel (rather than a comfort or a reward or a bribe). To get me there, I promise to stop eating in secret. (My husband always knows anyhow.)

  160. I am not making a resolution this year! If I was it would be the same as every year…lose weight, eat better, be happier and less stressed blah blah blah. I set myself up to fail every year. This year will be different…I am making a deceleration! I am simply going to be the best me that I can be. Here is the reality- I was blessed or cursed (however you would like to look at it) to go to Scotland and study for three months, It was GUT wrenching to leave my family, country and everything I knew behind. I was dropped into a country that I had to learn who I was on my own again. I had to walk .7 miles uphill to the train, learn to take a train into a huge city, than walk another mile (yes up another hill) to get to the class. I was so out of shape…I almost died literally carrying 270 pounds up hills. I got looks- sure I did, but by the end of three months I had lost 18 pounds and was able to normally walk up the hills. I can do this…it takes time, effort and the drive to do it…this I understand now. As I sit here, nearing 38 years old (Jan 5th) I am sitting myself down for a face to face, Here is the reality…I can finally quit smoking (yup- gross habit that has chained me for 18 years now), I can lose this weight but not for the point of getting back to that miracle high school weight, but because I have a son, people who care and a future. Life is not hopeless…I have just kept myself down. This year will be different…I will continue to explore who this person inside of me is. I will be the best me for me, for those I love and to truly smile…and mean it. She is in there…I know she is. Cheers and bless you all!

    1. I know that the chances of anyone even reading this are slim to none…but it feels great to put this out there…yes world- it is out there!

  161. I’m going to continue to adopt a healthier lifestyle. My main focus of that will be to continue clean eating and improve at it. In order to achieve this, I will meal plan. I have found that over the past few months, I’ve really enjoyed finding clean eating recipes, adapting current recipes with clean ingredients and I love how I feel. However, I do find myself sneaking in old habits & favorite foods that don’t make my body feel great. This sneaking happens when I’m not prepared and don’t have other options on hand. I will meal plan once a week to make sure this isn’t a problem in 2016!!

  162. I turn 30 in 2016. And I have always said that I wanted to run a marathon before I turn 30. I’ve fallen off the run-wagon, so my goal for this year is to train for the Disney marathon of 2017. That way I’ll run before I turn 31.

    I’ve committed to running at least 3 days a week to make sure I’m ready for this marathon. I would love to win the entry into the DietBet, just to give me another form of accountability.

  163. I am going to make ME a priority so that I can be the best example I can be to my kids, especially my daughters. With making me a priority I’m going to start one day at a time to workout and make time for me.

  164. One of my Resolutions is to stop worrying about the things I can not change, but change the things I can. I promise to get myself healthy, not only for me, but my 2 young boys. I am almost 2 years cancer free, I had thyroid cancer, and the best thing since can do for me is to be healthy. I love you and Chris.. May you be blessed this New year. Xo

  165. I have two New Years Resolutions this year, the first is the graduate from college in May, and the second is to hit a weight of 150 lbs. I am a Mom to three kids and school has been so hard for me to finish, but this Spring is my LAST semester! I will help myself meet my goal by doing atleast an hour of homework every single day. I have lost just over 30 lbs in 2015 and went from being 211lbs at 5’8″ to 179lbs now, I am determined to hit 150 lbs by the end of 2016 which will put me into a healthy weight range. I will achieve this goal by continuing to carb cycle and do weightlifting 3-5 days a week.

  166. I have lost weight and gained it right back, after the first time I said I would never go back but I did. When i tell my friends about my failure they say that I went through a lot this past year (I lost my mom the beginning of this year, she had COPD) but I tell them that shouldn’t be an excuse. I have no confidence in myself and I hate looking at myself because I am so ashamed. 2016 I want to change my lifestyle, I need to lose a lot of weight at least 100+. My promise to myself is I will walk for at least 20 minutes a day/4x a week.

  167. My 2016 resolution is to care more about myself. I believe that is the power to true transformation. I want to be healthier for myself and for my family. My promise is to tell myself daily that “I am worth it” and “no one can do this but you.” This diet bet would be a great little push to get myself going.

  168. One of my resolutions is to make time for myself so that I can be the best version of myself for me, my husband and my son! I made a commitment to my health in 2015 and have lost 40 lbs with proper nutrition and exercising. More than loving my 40 pound weight loss, I love how strong my body is becoming and can’t wait to see what is to come in 2016!

  169. Well I’m an overweight personal trainer who is going to lose 30 pounds.
    One thing I lack is confidence. Confidence in myself to say no thanks I don’t want a piece of pie; no thanks I don’t want a slice of pizza. I I feel like if I don’t partake in this food when it’s offered I will be viewed as an outcast. The one who thinks she is to good to eat what we are eating. So inevitably I always cave and eat the crap food.
    I feel physically I’m strong. Looking at me you wouldn’t think so, because my muscles are hidden by my fat.
    So I have a couple of resolutions.
    – lose 30 in four months
    -gain confidence to stick up for myself and not feel guilty
    -make my hidden muscles visible
    – pay it forward to my clients. Help them achieve their fitness goals, nutritional goals, to help them with their SMART and why goals.

    Happy New Years!!

  170. My 2015 resolutions are more of a life changing choices that I am commiting myself to make. The top 2 things are to lose weight and quit smoking. My husband and I have been granted custody of a beautiful 2 year old and we have also been trying to concieve on our own. I know that my weight and my smoking are affecting the chances of being a better mommy and to concieve. I want to be able to get on the floor, run around and play with our little boy. I also want to be able to have better chances to concieve naturally. The will is there and so is the commitment. I feel like winning a spot would help give me that extra accountability and drive I need to accomplish what I want. Thank you for the consideration. Much Love from Idaho ?

  171. I am ready for this, I have made my SMART goals this year….forget about resolutions! I am breaking my goals down so I don’t become overwhelmed. I started last year and was doing so good, I lost 20 pounds…and then my business was ran into by a car and stress/depression happened. I gave in and ate everything…stopped working out and gained a lot back. I can not continue this, I am not getting any younger and this is getting harder to come off. Bye bye soda, processed foods and the drive thru. Hello to meal prep and perimeter shopping. Oh…and Heidi’s butt workout ;)….Thank you for showing everyone that just being skinny isn’t always the best!

  172. My goal is to make healthier eating choices, which will cause my weight to go down.
    My promise is that I will think before I eat. Is this the best food for me right now? Do I really need to eat this? Am I really hungry? Something to make me think about what I’m putting in my mouth and why I’m putting it there.

  173. I think I am finally mentally ready to get healthier. In the past I have wanted to be thinner or look better, but now I am really worried about my health and need to finally get this weight off. I have rheumatoid arthritis and high blood pressure, so it even more important to lose the weight and be a healthier version of myself.

  174. My goal this year is to continue losing weight. I have lost 15 pounds so far and aim to keep going stronger next year. My promise to myself is to make better, consistent choices with food. I love your books, and the great encouragement that both of you offer!! Happy New Year!!

  175. My new years resolution is to be more beneficially selfish,and in turn hoping to inspire my 16 yr old daughter who is struggling with her weight.I already started carb cycling,taking my daughter out running in the morning.Trying to love myself more in 2016.So i can be a better wife,and mom ?

  176. One of my goals for 2016 is to be happier. Happier with myself, happier with my children and happier in my job. For me, one major thing ignites my happiness is my health; obviously both physical and mental but I have definitely been lacking the physical push lately. I am a single mom and I work full-time as well so I have been busy with a cross-country move, new career path and everyday life as well.

    Ultimately my main goal for the first quarter of 2016 is to lose roughly 20 pounds (give or take because I want to lose the fat but also interested in getting stronger and building muscle). I am more interested in being healthy and feeling/looking good than the physical number. But I will be going on a journey of surrogacy for another family that cannot have a baby and that will most likely happen in March/April so I want to be in tip top shape prior so I can have the healthiest journey the remainder of 2016 and be able to keep up throughout the pregnancy as well!

    I know this goal kind of branches out and covers many things, but a healthy body and healthy mind go hand in hand so it’s hard to limit the goals! =)

  177. I went to see my nan yesterday, I’ve not seen her for 7 years. She didn’t answer the door ๐Ÿ™ The reason for this is that she’s an alcoholic. The realisation of this has been hideous. I’ve lost two grandparents to alcohol, cancer & strokes. I drink too much and eat the wrong stuff but I seemingly can’t do it alone. I need to be part of something to change x

  178. I was diagnosed with some chronic illnesses this past year. Eating is super hard, leaves me super bloated. My goal this year is staying focus on my business and figuring out what’s going on with my eating. No one can help and as much as I get frustrated I know I will find a way to eat with out feeling crapy. This will be an awesome year.

  179. This is my year!! after three kids and 2 years of excuses my commitment is to not have any excuses. it’s up to me and no one else. I would love to be a part of this diet bet. I just got your book and I’m gearing up and preparing myself. 2016 and healthy mama here I come.

  180. I’m not making a resolution, just going to do my absolute best one day at a time one meal at a time and live my new life CLEAN. sure there will be mishaps but the next meal is a new one. Start where you’re at and go full force!!! I’ve lost 100 lbs. highest weight was 355lbs. I still need to lose another 100lbs ??. I will get there one pound at a time. New year New You!!! Well ME!!!? Let’s do this Powell Family!!!

  181. One of my goals is to meal plan on a regular basis and I plan on achieving this by trying new recipes so that I don’t get bored with the same foods.

  182. One of my New Years resolution is to lose the last 30 lbs of baby weight. Thanks to some motivation from my last 4 dietbets…I’ve already lost 60 lbs since having my 3rd baby in April. Another of my resolutions is to save more money this year by not eating out. For me, these 2 things go hand in hand. So my promise is to workout 5 days a week, and only eat out once a month. Here’s to an awesome 2016!

  183. Well 4 years ago by New Years resolution was to quit smoking and I kept it. I’ve never been more happier for the healthy choice this year I’ve decided to do only one goal to loose weight. I’ve been waiting 5 years to get married cause I’ve been pushing it off till next year every year to loose weight. This time I took my wedding dress I got years ago and it’s up for sale size 18 when I hit my goal size 10 I’ll buy a new dress for my wedding and look amazing in it. I got this dress cause it picked me as it was the only one in the whole store that fit. This time I’m going to pick the dress of my dreams.

  184. My “resolution” this year is to reprioritize my life. I have a son with really severe medical issues. He’s 14, nonverbal, has autism, Epilepsy, and a plethora of other somewhat rare disorders. He has been priority #1 for obvious reasons, but then his educational needs have always been second, followed by the needs of his siblings, and then my husband. Somewhere in all of this we had a sinkhole under our home, and lost all our value. We have yet to recover financially from that. I did manage to quit smoking, which is awesome, but I gained about 65 lbs. For years, my need for immediate gratification would take over, and whether it was a drink to relax, or the extra helping of whatever cheesy dish I was eating, or a bag of chocolates, so here I find myself overweight by about 90 lbs and I hate every last pound of it. So I am not dieting. I am not trying to lose weight. I am changing my life so that I can have a life. I want to me a better wife, and a better Mom, but mostly I want to be a better me. I wish everyone else here much success in their journey!

  185. My goal for this year is to move more, exercise three times a week. I got off track this year due to illness, and I’m going to get back on track to be able to feel better and play with the nieces and nephews!

  186. I’ve been going back and forth with joining a diet bet again. I haven’t been successful in any of my 4 previous attempts. I had lost about 30 lbs about a year or so ago and have gained it all back. My husband is about 100 lbs heavier than me and recently had to start using insulin for diabetes. We both want to change our habits and get healthy for the long term. Not just do well for a week or two and then go back to the old ways!

  187. Over the past 2 years I have lost 80lbs and I have over came being on diabetes meds. I am stuck I am ready to lose about 20 more lbs and get more toned. I need something to help kick start this change. I know I am so ready to be the best me I can be.

  188. I will be the most important thing in my life in 2016. For 38 years I’ve been taking care of everyone else in my life instead of myself. While this may sound selfish, I realize it’s necessary to love myself. I promise to not miss workouts, eat healthy and stay focused being around the positive people who care about me. I don’t know how you could read all these entries and decided mine is the one to pick, but I am honestly and truly invested in changing my life and I hope you’ll give me a chance. Thanks

  189. One of my resolutions this year is to lose 75lbs and get back into the shape I was before. I just had my third baby 11 wks ago and I am ready to shed all the pounds I gained once and for all. I struggle getting back on track after a baby but I know I need to cause I just get depressed knowing nothing fits in my full wardrobe so what better time then now. I’d love to win an entry. I’m very competitive so it gets me motivated.

  190. My resolution is to make my health more of a priority. I’m 18 and just graduated high school in May. I am definitely obese and on the road to an early death. On 12/17/15 my dad was lifeflighted to the hospital because he had just had three heart attacks. As I lay at home that night, I thought to myself, “This will be me next if I don’t get my life in order.” I’m ready to make my health a priority and consciously make the decision every day that my life, my health, is more important that the convenience that a drive-thru, prepackaged foods, and lack of exercise may be.

  191. I’m going to get up every morning and say “thank you for another day – gratitude is what I’m going to practice and making part of my daily routine”. I am grateful to be alive by this time my father had already had a stroke and all of his brothers had (stroke/heart attack) as well, one did not survive his. The other three went on to have triple and quadruple bypasses. By the time my father sought out medical attention it was too late for him. He died shortly after being diagnosed with his severe heart disease. I am bound and determined that this is the year that I lose and maintain the weight I need to lose 50 lbs. back to a normal healthy weight and live longer than my father and uncles did. My grandmother also died of heart disease at a very early age. I’m ONLY 53 and don’t want to be my route as well. Healthy Happy Grateful. 2016 is mine! I am declaring it. Now if I could get my husband on board as well.

  192. I am going to stop drinking soda in 2016. I am going to this by not buying soda at the store. At the beginning I will allow myself one once a week with our Sunday lunch out. That way I will not have bring any soda into the house. I will also find alternatives to drinking soda so I don’t get board of water. I will add a tea bag, fruit or other no/low calorie flavoring. The last thing I’m going to do is track my water intake daily to make sure I am getting enough.

  193. I have been wanting to lose the same 20-30 lbs now for over 2 years. I always give myself extreme restrictions and fail miserably! This year my resolution is to lose this weight for good! The promise I am making to myself is to forget about that “I’ll start fresh on Monday” mindset. I have this OCD idea that sets me up for failure because if I cheat once or twice, I usually end up continuing on the road to sabotage and try starting again the next week. This year I promise to embrace any moments of weakness or cheat meals and pick myself back up for the next meal or day!

  194. I am horrible at making resolutions and keeping them. This year I am motivated to try harder. I have always struggled with my weight and having PCOS does not help. This year I want to be more active and in turn lose weight and be a healthier mom and wife. We are going on a trip to Hawaii in 2018 for my in laws 50th anniversary. I want to slim down this year and make the lifestyle changes needed so that when we go on our trip I can rock the swimsuit on the beach. I am motivated and have a good support system. I really feel that this can be my year ๐Ÿ™‚

  195. One goal I have for myself is to make time for myself, to take care of me. With two kids under 2 it’s been a challenge; a challenge I am willing to overcome in 2016. One thing I’m going to do to achieve this goal is wake up early and do some form of excersise every day.

  196. My biggest resolution is to loose the last 10 pounds that have been following me. I am a carbonated beverage addict, so I plan on limiting myself to two a day for the first month and then down from there.

  197. Besides to continue to help provide for my family my goal is to meet the goal i been working on for the last 8 months and thats to make it to 155 pounds to get there im continue doing crossfit and walking and will have to really work on staying away from my addiction to potatoes and sweets ?

  198. Great advice Heidi! My promise to me in 2016 is to stick with it by using a “Focus on 5” mindset…I’ve always gotten overwhelmed because I have 50-60 pounds to lose. This year I will break it down to small goals. I will attack each 5-pound goal on its own and not worry about the bigger number….celebrating with each 5 pounds will help keep me motivated. Once I get closer to my healthy weight, the numbers won’t matter as much (I honestly don’t care what the number ends up being on the scale as long as it’s a healthy, fit weight) but for now, it will give me something to focus on.

  199. I’m counting on myself to lose half my body fat %. I’m 39.1% and I want to compete in the future. I’m setting up my plan to count macros, to try to get up and do cardio instead of getting that extra hour of sleep. I want to be able to finish my 2nd half marathon in under 3 hours, I want to wear a dress in my closet I’ve been waiting to wear for 2years now.

  200. My goal for 2015 was to get off the couch and do something as 40 approached. I did and lost 10. Now as 2016 comes I want to continue my path and loss 25 more at least and get to see the scale under 200 for the first time in more then 15 years.

  201. I don’t have a support system to help me accountable so I have had to become creative. Every day I keep my diet and fitness goals I pay myself. Then at the end of the month I’m gonna do something nice with it. But for 2016 my goal is to be consistent in my life with my eating healthy, exercise and training my dogs. I do have a pair of jeans that are my goal jeans.

  202. This is my submission for the free DietBet entry for 2016! My New Years resolution is to get to bed earlier. Not only will more sleep help me be more productive at work, but getting to bed earlier will allow me to get back into my routine of the gym before work (which I stopped after I started dating my BF oops!). I got a jawbone for Christmas and I plan to follow the alerts when it yells at me to get to sleep! I need to lose weight and get healthy and this will really help me meet my goals.

  203. This year like every year I say I am going to drop weight. What is different this year is I will not drop weight to look better, I am going to do it to get healthy. I have been trying really hard to do this and more so when I saw John Robinson on the show. He spoke to me in a way. I have no real support system at home so I am trying to do it on my own which is hard at times. I need a push to get going and keep going. Being as unhealthy as I am , the fear of not being around for my family scares me .

    So I would love to eat better, sleep better, workout , and feel better

  204. One of my goals for 2016 is to be able to run for an hour non stop. I purchased an app which I never do so hoping to put my money where my mouth is! I also am in the middle of finding running partners each weekday to go with for accountability!
    Thank you for all you guys do! You are an inspiration!

  205. My New Years promise is to love my self in every situation. Even when I fail or mess up, I will strive to see the positive. I will move beyond my past and use all that I auve been through to change the future and encourage others. I have set the goal to love myself and accept myself knowing that God made me his daughter, and I am who he wants me to be. I will strive to grow everyday and love God and serve others with all my heart knowing that everyday in every moment I have the opportunity to make a difference!

  206. One thing I really want to change in 2015 is to get more sleep. Every year I have the same goal to eat better and lose weight, but I never seem to address the sleep issue. Lack of sleep affects how I look, how I feel, and also has a negative affect on reaching my goals. I also read somewhere that sticking to a set schedule for getting up and going to bed is really good for you. So I’m going to try the set schedule in order to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night and hope that will help me reach my goals this year. ๐Ÿ™‚

  207. My 2015 – I really need to be realistic so small goals, so with you on that Heidi! Here with all of you new friends, I say I will drink more water each day and eat within 30 minutes after waking up. I need to lose some pounds as well but will start small and happily add in the coming months as I make these goals. Thank goodness for the New Year and the hopefulness of a better self. Cheers!

  208. My resolutions for this year is take action and keep going. I feel like the continuatioj of a good habit is what makes me reach a goal. And I need to make it a habit. Working out and healthifying my diet.
    I want to not have my back ache debilitating me.

  209. I am excited to embrace 2015! I have a lot of issues to address: physical, mental, and financial. I joined the diet bet contest, and since I have been living as a hoarder, the first hurdle will be clearing a space so that I can actually take a picture in front of the mirror. I had joined a diet bet last year, and never was able to take the pic ๐Ÿ™
    I ‘m not one to just list resolutions. I’ve been reading and working through the questions in the 2nd chapter of CHOOSE MORE, LOSE MORE FOR LIFE. I joined an amazing gym/wellness center last year, but my attendance was sporadic. I actually LOVE being there, and the exercise seems to help my depression and agoraphobia. The questions in the book are reinforcing my desire to take charge of my health, and my finances. I will soon be 56, I’m very overweight, and due partly to a fracture in 1977, I have severe arthritis, and walk with a cane. I don’t let that stop me from dancing in Zumba classes at the gym! This gym also has an amazing aquatic area with many water classes. As far as financial; I am facing the possibility of foreclosure on my house…and I have not aggressively pursued employment that rewards my education and talents. 2015 is an open invitation to TAKE CHARGE OF MY LIFE!!! And I must add, The Powell Pack provides constant motivation! Thank You!

  210. I am going tO do for ME. Everything I have ever done has been for everyone else, my kids my husband my family my friends. I deserve to be happy and healthy and this is MY year, the year of ME!

  211. I’m going to dedicate an hour a day (30 min when I wake up & 30 min before bed) to self improvement and self reflection.

  212. I started a new job and I am going to follow the example of my healthy co-workers and continue on my weight loss journey. My husband and I did well on your last Diet Bet and felt we could keep the momentum going. It did not work as we planned. My co-workers are great at reminding me to drink my water and make healthy choices. My husband and I were raised making poor food choices and our 6 year old son is falling into the same cycle. It is time to make changes all the way around. Every year we have said we are going to “TRY” this year the word try is gone and we are going to ‘DO”! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  213. The one thing I am working on this year is journaling my feelings. I am an emotional eater and I need to be sure I am eating because I’m hungry… not because of something else… boredom, anger, frustration….. So, I’ve started doing that to keep me on track!

  214. I am studying to become a health coach so that I can learn how to properly feed myself and my family. I also plan to help cancer survivors, cancer warriors and those predisposed to get cancer learn how to feed their bodies to keep them strong and healthy. I am writing this as I eat my quinoa burger. I also hope to recover from my most recent surgery so I can get back to the business of running and training for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler.

  215. My goal is not only for me but my family. The choices that i make will also include my children and husband as introducing clean eating is healthy but also does not have to be boring. I intendvto folloe the bode plan, my children love the shakes. They are both into high energy sports. We find a drink after replenishes what they lost during the sport, also great as a breakfast kick off. 2015 is going to be a dab year. New kettle bells for appropriate lifting for all too. Cant wait to rock this year.

  216. I joined a cycling class at the YMCA. I have very bad knees, but I figured I can do what I can do – even if everyone else is pedaling faster – at least I am trying.

  217. My goal is to get to my healthiest weight for my 50th birthday and to make exercise a part of my life. My husband had quintuple bypass surgery this year unexpectedly and it really shook us up! I want both of us to be the healthiest we can be!

  218. I ran my first marathon in 2014 and while it was amazing, distance training left little time for strength training and I wound up injured. My goal for 2015 is to do 2-3 days of strength training each week to make me a better runner!

  219. I love you guys! Your whole family! I have had fluctuation weight since I turned 18. I went from the too skinny girl to the fat girl. I worked so hard a few years ago to lose weight and I was down to a very nice 138- then I had a breast cancer diagnosis and it seems getting my body to do what I want after a mastectomy has been hard and not motivating. As of December 31, I have tried to make sure I get my 9 a day in! YesterdY WAS a struggle. My family wanted to go for pizza and when we got there the salad bar was broken. I ended up eating 2 breadsticks and two slices- I came home sad and depressed. I am 190 as of today that scares the crap out of me. I want this to be my year! If you would pick me for the free membership I promise to work hard and surprise you!

  220. I have been drinking water instead if soda. When I grab a snack I bypass the chips for fresh veggies. I have been walking more. All baby steps I know but I have to start somewhere and with limited income I have to do what I can.

  221. My goal for this year is to lose that last 30 lbs of my weight loss journey. I have included a new treadmill and Fitbit Charge into WL challenge.

  222. I am changing my families way of life. My husband was just diagnosed with serve diverticulitis and i am not going to lose him this young! We are scared but committed to a healthier life! WE quit smoking 8 years ago together, we can do this together! I would love a free entry because i can not afford the $30. Entry right now

  223. I have Chris’ book coming in Choose more to loose more and have his Vemma Bode chocolate protein shake . I will take one day , one meal, one step at a time and increase my exercising each day. Plus drink half of my body weight of water each day If I fall down I will shake my pants off and start again the very next day. We can do this !!! I also am going to teach myself to love myself ! Good luck everyone and God Bless , Carolyn Mabe.

  224. I’ve suffered with my weight all of my life. I’ve been overweight since the age of 9 and I have multiple health issues. I have tried numerous diets, fads, pills, & gyms. I never made it work. I do suffer from asthma & multiple sclerosis, but I’m determined to not let that stop me. This year, I have the help of Vemma Bode’ to keep me on track. *Praying* And I have 4 dogs to keep me busy. With the long walks, water drinking, shakes, & yoga that I plan on doing….. I’m feeling that this year will be the one where I’m able to lose the weight that I desperately been wanting to get rid of. It’s been a long time coming…

  225. I am teaming up with supportive friends and coworkers so we can support eachother in getting healthy this year!

  226. Great post and advice! I am tracking my water intake with the app Plant Nanny to be sure I’m staying healthy and hydrated!

  227. I have been an athlete all my life… a former college volleyball player and wife of 29 yrs to a collegiate FB and Baseball player. We have 3 beautiful daughters, all very athletic-2 were college softball players and one is still in HS. I’ve been inspired by you recently filming in a town I teach in. In fact, the young man going through the life change with EWL actually loved playing VB with the HS girls that I coached and he was darn good at it!! I have put on over 50 lbs since then and just had rotator cuff surgery. My husband was bit by a spider yrs ago and long story short-it about took his leg~instead it took his ability to exercise, career, and determination. Hence, he has put on approx 200lbs since we’ve been married. I have stopped drinking pop~and plan to walk more to get exercise. I’m SO looking for a way for the 2 of us to lose together–we are both very competitive by nature! Your words are inspiring and I hope to be as fortunate as some who have found that balance in life where exercise is on the forefront!

  228. The first thing I realize I need to do is quit beating myself up. It’s ok and I will do my best. More water and eating healthy will be a big part of my resolution. Also being ok with who I am will definitely be a part of my goals as well. ??

  229. My goal this year is to continue my fitness journey throughout my pregnancy and then to reach my ideal weight by the end of the year. To reach this goal, I’m committing to a 30 minute workout each day and a daily spiritual devotion.

  230. I have joined your dietbet and I am so excited to work off the extra weight I have put on in the last year. Thank you for your blog and motivation! My first few goals are to get back to yoga consistently, exercise for at least 30 min 5X/week, and drink a gallon of water a day.

  231. I have not really made any resolutions before, but know this year it is very important for me to do so. I am 49 and probably over 350 (not sure because my scales don’t go up that far). I found out I have 2 surprises coming this year, my 2 daughter’s are each having their 1st baby. One lives across the US in North Carolina. I’d love to be there for the birth, but I’m pretty sure I won’t fit in the seat of an airplane. She’s due in July, so I have a goal to get down small enough to make the flight for my grand baby’s arrival. An overall goal is to get healthy so I can be there for both grand babies as they grow up. I know that, if I don’t make goals and stick with them, I will miss it all completely.

  232. Two goals for 2015: I registered for a half marathon in May and I’m going to kick off the year on Heidi and Chris Powell DietBet Challenge!!
    I started my fitness journey two years ago in January 2013. I lost 50 pounds the first year! I maintained the loss the second year. I eat better and I exercise consistently. There’s no going back!!

  233. A few years ago I found out I had a PCOS. I was upset but it also explained why I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life and why I have such intense sugar cravings. 6 weeks ago we had a baby girl, yay :), and so one thing I’m doing to help reach my goal this year is to cut out sweets! It’s going to be so dang hard but soooo worth it! It’ll help my baby girls health as well as help get my PCOS under control! I am so excited about this diet bet and really hope you pick me for the entry!!

  234. I’m going to love myself no matter what! Through all the ups and downs of this month I’m going to be strong.

  235. For 2015, and beyond, my goal is to live a better life and be a better, bolder me for my two little girls! One way I plan to do this is by being active with them. When my girls want to go outside, I will encourage this and enjoy this time, rather than finding a reason not to!
    This will be a great year for me and my family!

  236. My plan for 2015 is to prepare my lunches the night before so if I’m running late I don’t have an excuse to grab fast food!! This will definitely take a lot of stress out of my mornings!

  237. I am committed to moving more and making better food choices in 2015. Going to join a spin class to ensure that I get off the couch!

  238. Chris & Heidi,

    As a cancer survivor (bilateral breast cancer 2006) I have learned to appreciate life & that I am alive. My goal this year is to remind myself that God has chosen me to keep me alive, then I need to embrace it and do everything I can. I don’t want to waste my life. I go to the gym, make healthy food choices, and get plenty of sleep.

    Thank you for the consideration.

    Fran Parker
    nana to Jaedyn & Caspian

  239. I want to eat more colorful food and to drink more water. I want to start little so I can keep it up rather than trying to change everything and fail.

  240. drink half my body weight in water everyday, and increase my running mileage to 30-40 miles a week to build a marathon training base.

  241. As a cancer survivor (bilateral breast cancer 2006, I have learned to appreciate life. My goal this year is to remind myself that if God has chosen me to keep me alive, then I need to embrace it and do everything I can. I go to the gym, make health food choices, and get plenty of sleep.

    Thank you.

    Fran Parker
    nana to Jaedyn & Caspian

  242. I’m going to drink more water, love myself and include more exercise, b/c running is cheaper than therapy into my life in order to reach my goals. It’s time to make time for me.

  243. After losing 50 lbs in 2012 I felt my best then gained most of my weight back in 2014 due to work and home stress. No more excuses. I’m getting lean in 2015. How can I be a role model to my son if I’m not willing to put in the hard work? I am motivated by everyone on Dietbet. I’m looking forward to the challenge and permanent lifestyle change. I rejoined a gym and have started working with a personal trainer. Now I need to get my meals, snacks and water in line and I’ll be good to go.

  244. I was diagnosed with Lupus in Sept and I am at my heaviest weight in 15 years. I bought Choose More Lose More and a Nutra Bullet and my goal is to follow the carb cycling and do 30 minutes of excersize 6 days a week. My Dr has told me that getting my health and mental well being back in balance would go a very long way in getting my Lupus in remission. My wonderful now fiance proposed on Christmas day and I also have a long term goal to lose 80 lbs by Oct 2015 so I can buy my dream wedding dress. Thank you for all you an Chris do. I would be honored to be chosen to participate. ?

  245. This year, I’ve signed up for the 2015 in 2015. That’s alot of walking and jogging! It seems I stay on track better when I have a challenge and some competition! That’s also why I joined the DietBet. This is going to be a great year! Thanks for the encouragement!

  246. i want to read Chose to Lose and learn about carb cycling. And, I want to use an app I heard about today called Waterlogged to keep track of drinking water throughout the day.

  247. I plan to manage my time better this year. I have 5 kids ages ten and under and I have a hard time fitting in a wirkout inbetween house work, running kids places, and school things. I have 30 pounds to lose and I would love to feel more confidant. I love everything you do for people. You guys are awesome examples.

  248. I lost 40 lbs in 2014 and am so glad I’ve found a way to lose weight without feeling deprived especially because it makes me feel so good. Whole30 for January and increase my exercise levels then continued clean eating to reach my goals.

  249. I signed up for your Dietbet. I plan on doing one a month until I reach my weightloss goal. I will be doing Kickboxing twice a week and I am going to train to do the Flagstaff Extreme Challenge in March. I want to try to start running again. I finally feel strong enough from recovering from a shattered ankle. 2015 is my year to not only help myself get healthy, but it also my year to help others with their journey!

  250. Wanting to get healthy (I.e. Lose weight and quit smoking) because, after almost 7 yrs of marriage my husband finally wants to start trying for a baby of our own ( I have a 9 yr old step-son)!!

  251. Hi Heidi!!! I have been using my Jawbone to keep track of my steps each day! And, to help me get enough sleep! Happy New Year!!!

  252. I designed and printed my own simple planner and had it spiral bound so it is easy to keep with me and use. The ONE THING above all else I’m going to do is be brutally honest and log every bite I eat…every ounce of water I drink…all my activities and workouts…and write at least one positive thing that happens each day. This is going to be a phenomenal year!

  253. Ok, it’s before midnight! , In 2015 my goal is to complete at least one 5k race each month and inspire my friends to do them with me. My wish will be to have a new coworker, friend, family member complete one with me and thru the fun we have, inspire them to lead a healthy life!
    ***fingers crossed I’m chosen, I don’t get paid til after it starts (sad face)***

  254. 2015 is “the year of me”! That’s what I’ve let my family know.. I have spent the last few years focusing on everyone and everything other than me and this year is about balance and self-love

  255. Last year was amazing for me, I was able to move out of my parents house! Along with gaining independence, I’ve also gained self control. I noticed that my family has a very unhealthy lifestyle and of course that is no excuse for me but it definitely didn’t help me reach any type of fitness goal. I don’t allow myself to live like that now and since I don’t live with them there are no temptations in my home, and no need to tag along to late fatty dinners.
    This year I hope to keep a healthy lifestyle. To do that I hope to; 1. Drink LOTS of water! 2. eat more protein! and 3. exercise at least 4 times a week.
    Here’s to a healthy, happy, goal achieving year! 2015 I’m coming for you!

  256. Stop making excuses! Drink more water, exercise at least 3-4 times per week, get off my butt….and do this for ME!!

  257. mt goal is to start loosing the 30-40 lbs I’ve been wanting to loose and feel better mentally and physically!

  258. I injured my knee in March of 2014 and was beginning to feel almost healed up so that I could start exercising; but then I was in a car accident (rear-ended) and that re-injured my knee again (and other parts of my body), in Sept, so I have been unable to do anything physical and I have gained some weight and I’m very out of shape. My goal to start this year is to begin to move and get my body healed and start eating WAY better than I have been.

  259. I am making a resolution to stay positive! We’ve even started a negativity jar in our house. Negative comments, attitudes, etc owe a quarter:). I have lots of things I want to accomplish this year and I think the key to achieving my goals is to stay positive!!

  260. I’m committing to finally living me! My first husband passed when I was 27 and pregnant with my/our first child. From then forward I felt guilty, stopped caring about me and focused on everyone else. In addition I battle bipolar and anxiety. The anxiety was made worse after the loss of my first spouse. I obsess over losing another loved one. My husband now battles the rarest form of multiple sclerosis and needs to be able to count on me. My daughter and three step kids need to be able to count on me. I want to count on and love me. I choose now. I choose happiness. I believe it’s my time. It has to be. I have to let go.
    Blessings and good luck ALL!

  261. I’m going to be kinder to myself….as in the “self talk”….Figure out this loving myself stuff:)
    Happy New Year

  262. I got myself a weight set for Christmas! I’m going to commit to doing 30 minutes of weights, 3 times a week and intersperse cardio 2 days a week. I’m also getting back to a more plant based diet and cutting down on the carbs and sugar. 2015 is my year!

  263. Use friends (accounabillibuddies), #dietbet, apps, websites and fun to keep me motivated. I love that so many 5ks are now much more #colormerad #dirtydash. We have big gatherings of families getting active at these races.

  264. I am going to be more consistent. It is the biggest struggle for me to remain consistent when making good choices!

  265. Thanks for the giveaway! One thing I’m doing this year is to focus on getting more sleep. I have bad sleep hygiene and am constantly tired, which contributes to weight gain, lack of motivation in working out, and a generally bad quality of life. An earlier bedtime is one of my resolutions!

  266. I walked 5 miles a day, did aerobics and cycled for many years until I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I managed to lose 50 pounds last year, without exercising, and had success in keeping it off for 8 months. Now the weight is creeping back up and I am feeling the dreaded ” I have to do this again” coming on. I can never seem to maintain my weight losses and now, with my health preventing me from being able to exercise as I need to, it makes it even harder to lose. I am joining this challenge for support and to learn how to live a lifestyle that will be with me for a lifetime, not until the weight I need to lose is gone. Thank you for all the encouragement you give to everyone, I am so glad I found this group!

  267. One thing I’m doing to reach my goals is setting up a chart for me to check off my progress. It helps me remember and keeps me on track!

  268. My resolution is to keep reminding myself that I can do this on my own. I think for too long I’ve been waiting for support that never comes- and as it turns out, I really don’t need it.
    I can do this.

  269. I have not been active — AT ALL. My son bought me a FitBit for Christmas and we set it up on Sunday afternoon. I have walked more than 10,000 steps every single day this week … 82,000 steps this week (42 miles!!!) I turn 50 this year .. and I am going to celebrate my birthday by weighing 50 lbs less!!!!

  270. To help achieve my goals in 2015 I recruited my son to work out with me five days a week and my mom to motivate her to be more active and eat healthier too.

    I’m excited to get me back again….making exercise and good eating a permanent part of my life.

  271. 2015 is my medical school application year — at the ripe age of 35. Stress and weight gain have always gone hand in hand for me, and I’ve promised myself this year I’m not going to let that cycle happen again. Especially with a commitment to going into medicine, I’ve got to be practicing what I preach with a healthier lifestyle.

    I’m getting back on track with exercise after falling off that horse last year. 3x week, at least 30 minutes. No matter how busy or stressed I get during the week, I /will/ make that time for myself.

  272. Im going to be following the simply filling with weight watchers. Ive lost with it so far but got a medding in may .

  273. My 2015 goals are to meal prep for my husband and I each week, drink a gallon of water daily, run/walk 2015 miles in 2015 divided with my hubby, loose 50lbs, make straight As in grad school, and enjoy life in the process!

  274. I am going to lose 50 pounds this year. I will start by setting SMART goals and keeping the promises I make to myself.

  275. Goal 1: be introduced to carb cycling approach to eliminate weight and belly fat by participating in the EWL 6 week challenge.
    Goal 2: trial an elimination diet for 30 days to determine effects of food intolerances on auto immune disorder (Hashimoto’s and adrenal fatigue) and regaining health.

  276. I plan on continuing my journey and achieving my goal this year. I lost 78 lbs in 2014 after I decided that I couldn’t, NO wouldn’t let life get in my way. I WILL meet my goal weight this year while also achieving mini goals of different workout moves – no knee push ups, pull ups and box jumps. I WILL succeed!

  277. Things I’m doing to achieve my goals this year: DietBet, FitBit Flex, MyFitnessPal, working my butt off, and watching what I put in my mouth. I figure a combination of all will keep me accountable!

    Why am I doing these things? Because my husband and I would like to try to conceive this year and I need to be as healthy as I can to ensure I’m doing everything I can for my future child and family!

  278. This year I am writing everything down! I love lists and I’ve found they are the best way to help me stay focused and motivated to accomplish my goals. 2015 is my year to get healthy! I am making better food choices, drinking more water, meal planning, and challenging myself to workout more. I have been overweight my whole life, but I just turned 25 and am tired of not feeling confident about the way I look. I would love to partake in the Dietbet to keep me accountable and encouraged!

  279. I have struggled all my life with my weight. I have gone through a divorce and it is fine to focus on myself for once. I PCOS and it’s out of control due to my life style. My first goal for 2015 is to start learning how to eat clean. I need to eat more fruits and veggies- fresh. I am also a carb person so cutting way back and choosing healthy carbs instead. I need added support to help me through this journey. I have 100+ pounds to lose.

  280. My resolution is to lose weight, my overall goal is to lose 130 pounds, but starting with 30 pounds at first. I am planning meals and planning out my gym time in my busy college schedule. As going to school full time and working part time, just going to the gym is hard. So I am planning my week out and getting snacks ready!

  281. This year to meet my fitness and weight loss goals I am going to meal prep, limit my sweets and sugar, drink more water and find a workout routine that I can stick with. I am afraid of weights because I don’t know much about them but I will overcome this by learning and doing as much as I can with them!

  282. I lost 135lbs, got off meds for diabetes and high blood pressure in 2014. For 2015 I want to focus on fitness and drop an additional 65lbs. I’d love to run a race or do something I never thought I’d be able to… I hope to go white water rafting this year for the first time ever!

  283. I will be recruiting an accountability partner (my sister). We will be motivating each other along our journey.

  284. my 1st resolution for 2015 is to hit my DietBet goal weight. I’m currently in 3 diet bets (2 transformers and now this one) and now that I’m done having kids, I’m determined to get my body back/get fit again and love the motivation that comes from dietbets!. I ran 10 miles this morning and hope to log 100 miles for the month of January. I’m blogging about my journey on

  285. I know you hear it all the time, but I’m a huge believer in the importance of giving people credit when it’s due. We’re so quick to say nasty things to people but we hold back on complimenting others. Thank you so much for sharing your kind heart with the world and motivating others. You inspire so many.

    I digress. Lol!

    After I was injured at work I became extremely depressed and basically just gave up on myself. And as a result gained about 50 pounds. So my New Years resolution is not only to lose weight and get healthy again, but it’s also to start loving myself again. And to do that my first step will be signing up for your dietbet. Also I want to commit to running five days a week so I can work up to running my second full marathon. It would be an AMAZING opportunity to win one of the two dietbets you’re giving away. I hope you have an amazing 2015! God bless!

  286. I will reach my goals of being a healthier me by drinking half my body weight in water, eating healthier, and being more active.

  287. I want to lose my last 30 pounds so my husband and I can start trying to get pregnant! I would love free entry into the diet bet to help me stay accountable and get started again, after losing 65 pounds already!

  288. I made and I have been working on my New Years Resolution since October. I was asked to take part in the Seneca 7 (A Relay. 7 team members. 77.7 miles around Seneca Lake) and I said yes. This will be my first major run ever (I’ve done a sprinkle of 5ks) and I would like to finish it in good time. Running has never been my thing but I know if I keep a positive mindset and keep pushing forward, doing that relay will be the best gift for my 25th birthday and a major accomplishment in 2015.

  289. Makes me wonder if anyone is even out there……earth to life. I can honestly say that it’s hard to believe anyone one will read this ,on any level of goal. Here I am, desperately leaving a message for a chance to even comprehend the fact that one of you will see and respond. I am here. And all my goal for the new year, the new “me” may be revealed. I do have goals. As ihave every year, that brutal sself control obsticle keeps blinding me. I have gain 90lbs from my sever addiction to food. Last year I’ve lost 73lbs. This year , as always i thought, I’mgoing to loose another 60lbs. I woke up jJanuary 1st and realized that losing weight has always been my obsession . So much that it has controlledmy life. II’m on disability for sever depression and lack of other words, self hatred, no worth. I have recently maintained a normal relationship and learnt to do the “every day mom” type of things. In all honesty , this normalcy has turned my eating into a down ward spiral. My house, my kids my husband, a normal life has scared the shit out of me. I’m used to chaos, to abusive relationships, in all, a life of hell. Needless to say, this is the first time I’ve openly admitted to this. So I can say, my goal is to find myself. Track down that little girl that used to have dreams and goals. Where personal appearance has nothing to do with succeeding. I can tell you that I will diet and do cross fit 4 times a week, but in doing so not putting 100% of myself forward. I want that 100% I want that acceptance of myself. I want to not want materialistic things or that whole “skinny” view in my mind. I want healthy. Mind body and spirit. I seek not only the outer but the inner health. I need this, my kids need this. My arms full of scars need a break and acceptance. My goal. Health.

  290. I started my weight loss Journey in 2012 weighing in at 320 pounds. In December of 2014 I lost my first 100 pounds!!!! 2015 will be the year that I lose the rest of my goal weight! I will be scheduling my workouts like they are my job and join a support group full of positive people! I know I can do this! Reading these comments are so inspirational! Your blog has given me so much insight and I know we can ALL do this. Thanks Heidi!

  291. Hi Chris and Heidi!

    In 2015 I plan to DRINK MORE WATER to help me reach my goals!

    CANT WAIT for the DietBet 4% in 4 weeks! Let’s go!!!

  292. To reach my goals I am going to follow a “Clean Eating” program using The 21 Day Fix. I have already finished 2 rounds and lost 13 pounds. This is my first DietBet. I am excited for it to start on Monday!!

  293. This year I am continuing to get my morbidly obese husband on the healthy bandwagon. He’s come a long way but his long list of daily meds takes two people and a spreadsheet to prepare for the month. I know these are slowly killing his organs. I believe with a healthy lifestyle he could be ridden of at least half of them. He’s been my biggest cheerleader for the past 30 years. Like him I still have a way to go to reach my health goals too even if they aren’t as extreme as his. This will be our year to excel!

  294. 2015 I am going to log my food that I am eating on the Classic Carb Cycle and I am going to drink half my body weight in water! This is my year and my goal is big, 30%of my body weight!

  295. I am going to reignite my commitment to going to the gym, take the dog on a really long walk at least 3 times a week , meal plan, and honor myself and this process of health!

  296. I just signed up for the diet bet. This year my goal is to make it into the healthy weight range for my height. I am 14 lb over weight according to my BMI. To make my goal and health a priority I am going to first believe I can do it and not fear failure, this is a biggie, and two I am going to stick to my healthy eating EVEN on the weekends! I tend to slide off the wagon Friday and Saturdays and struggle to get back on on Sundays. So from now on I can slide off for one meal on a weekend during this time I am trying to lose weight.

  297. For 2015 I plan on being more diligent worth my workouts, drinking more water, and eating better. I also plan on not being so hard on myself about things and finding some ways to deal with stress in a healthy way.

  298. My husband and I joined our local fitness center and are committed to getting healthy together as a team like you & Chris . We want to be the best role models we can for our awesome sons. Were going to join your diet bet to get a great kickstart.

  299. I’m going to apply to school to upgrade to an Registered Nurse, all while trying to make healthier choices.

  300. My goal this year is to strengthen my legs to be able to dance pain-free with my son on his wedding day on 8/29/2015. I have arthritis in my knees which is very painful, especially when I’m carrying too much weight, so my other goal is to lose the extra 100 pounds that’s exacerbating the issue. To do this, my husband has partnered with me as we begin this journey together on 1/5, eating healthy meals and encouraging each other in exercise and meeting small goals along the way.

    Chris and Heide are great examples for couples like us who want to help build our family’s health!

  301. Since June 2014 I have been using dietbet to lose weight, it has been a great incentive for me to stay on track. I have lost 40 lbs and my goal for 2015 is to lose another 35 lbs. I plan to continue my healthy eating and exercising. My weight loss has slowed so I am looking at your carb cycling program. Hopefully that can jumpstart my 2015 goal! I would love to join your dietbet this month, just need to come up with the funds. Thanks for your encouragement!!!

  302. I would love to sign up, but don’t have the funds as I am in massive amounts of debt! However, I desperately need it since I am having BAD flare ups of my hepatosplenomegaly! I could really use your help!

  303. Like many women I am a wife, a mom, and work full time as a second grade teacher. It seems like I ALWAYS put myself last. So in 2015 I am promising myself to make time for ME! This includes eating better and getting that water in! Also, my goal is to work out 5 days a week. I want to be a better role model to my own child as well as the chikdren I teach! Looking forward to a great 2015!

  304. I will succeed in 2015 because my son and I are exercising and eating healthy together! We set weekly and monthly goals for the next 3 months!

  305. I am going try to work out with my son. He is trying to get into shape for hockey. I was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease 1 year ago. I really want to show him that if I can better myself so can he.

  306. Hey! In 2015 my goal is to cook healthy foods for my family. Have more family dinners at home at the dining table. I want my husband and I to carb cycle and exercise at least 3 days a week.

  307. This year is MY year! My new years resolution has been to stay focused and work out. So far, I have done my workouts each day in this new year. Even though I was unmotivated, I felt horrible going to bed without a workout and got it done anyways. I just recently found the show on YouTube and they have kept me motivated throughout it all! You guys are so inspirational!

  308. One thing I am doing to reach my goals is to inspire others. By being an example of what to do and leading the way, I will inspire others to do the same. Giving up soda, drinking enough water, eliminating fast food, upping my fruit and veggie servings and being consistent in my workouts! 2015 is going to be a GREAT year! Thanks to you both for your inspiration and encouragement as well!

  309. I am tired of living in fear. I fear that I am going to get diabetes and/or heart disease. I fear going to the store because I have to buy a larger clothing store. I fear that I won’t be able to see my daughter grow up because I prefer instant gratification of fats and sugar. I want to be fearless. I will do this by first adding five minutes of exercise to my day, eating one vegetable or fruit with each meal and limit sweet intake.

  310. I am investing in myself in 2015. I just bought a package of personal training sessions at my gym. All splurges and treats must be for items or services that further my goals.

  311. I lost a total 90 pounds since June 2013, and gained at least 5 pounds since Thanksgiving. So my goals for 2015 is to lose that 5 lbs and to tone up my stomach by walking on my treadmill more and slowly working my way into running. Hoping in 2015 I can reach those goals!!!

  312. This year I resolve to spend more time with my kiddos doing something active everyday! Hopefully by doing this I will be able to start exercising and actually stick with it for longer than a week or two. I also hope to have a more grateful heart and in being thankful daily I hope to have a more positive outlook on life with less stress and more laughter!

  313. This year I am going to continue my meal preps to ensure I am eating properly. I will make sure I am meeting my water intake daily as well.

  314. My goal for 2015 is to be honest with myself about my health. Being honest allows me to focus and set realistic goals.

  315. i am eating clean and working out. I’ve lost 40lbs in the last 9 months and I have 15lbs more to go. My 40th bday is in April so I am on a mission!

  316. I have joined the diet bet, and I’m putting it out there for the universe to see: this is the year I do it, get fit, healthy and let my inner athele out. Thank you Powells for inspiring me and giving me the tools & courage to finally take this step!

  317. One of my goals for 2015 is to run a full marathon for the first time!!! This year is going to be great and I can’t WAIT to start the dietbet!!!

  318. I will be 50 this year so I want to be in the best shape of my life. I want to do some type of exercise every day and drink more water. I can do this!!

  319. I am a single mother of 4 and I’m ready 2 put MYSELF a priority!!! I want to get back healthy so I can be here for my kids and be involved in their lives! I lost 50 pounds last year but I’m extremely stuck…ready to get back going and be a much healthier me & Mom

  320. In 2013 I lost 50 lbs. However work got in the way and gained back 9 lbs. I plan to get back to a more dedicated workout schedule and lose that last 60 lbs. Starting the year with already working out 2 of the 3 days.

  321. in 2015 I am going to be determined to lose the weight that I had lost two years ago and seemed to find again once more. I am in a wedding in April and would really like to be at a healthy weight, feeling good about myself not only on the outside but the inside as well. Any help and encouragement is much appreciated.

  322. I have enjoyed watching your show on Extreme Weight Loss each summer. You are true inspirations, and I mean that! I have gain and loss weight for the last 20 years or so. I never had trouble gaining weight when I was younger, but it seemed to become quite a struggle as I reached my 30’s and well into my 40’s ;-( I need to have a set mind and determination to do this, and lots of motivation. I would like to lose 40 pounds by April. I am in a friend’s wedding and I would really like to achieve that goal and start feeling good about myself on the inside as well as the outside. I would appreciate your help! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  323. This year my I am going to make a huge effort for my husband and I to eat clean and walk together. We both are in need to loose weight. Baby steps!!

  324. This year I am focusing all of my time and energy and getting myself and my MOM fit! I will be taking her swimming twice a week and getting myself to the gym (that I LOVE) 3-4 times a week. NO EXCUSES and NO time off. This is a big year for our family and I NEED and WANT my mom to be healthy and happy to be able to enjoy the best times of our lives.

  325. In 2015, I am committed to being more active. I feel like my body is begging me to be more active and I am up for the challenge. I am not approaching this new year with the goal of being on a diet, but with a commitment to make healthier eating choices most times, practice portion control when I do indulge, and to be more active. I deserve to present my best self to this world. Watch out 2015, I am showing up and I came to WIN.

  326. My main goal for 2015 is to focus on eating intuitively. I’ve spent so much time obsessing over calories and fat and such that I never learned how to eat based on how I was actually feeling in my body. Now I want to hone in on my bodily sensations and learn to recognize actual hunger, satiety, fullness, and thirst. I think this will really help with my emotional eating or eating out of boredom just because I have “calories left” in the day.

    Here’s to a great 2015 for all of us! ๐Ÿ™‚

  327. @Heidi
    these are great tips to help me stick to my goals for 2015. My big goal is to feel comfortable in my own skin, not to be skinny. I would like to wear a bikini in summer for the first time. I plan to prioritize better and celebrate the little things. I want to focus on meal planning and win the battle in the kitchen for me and my 3 daughters. As a mom you are a great inspiration! The DietBet would be a great jump start towards reaching my goals.

  328. Know in my heart that every day is a new day.
    Goal: try to crossfit 3-4times a week and eat clean.
    #eatclean #getlean2015

  329. I’m doing 2 things this year to get going on wright loss. I’ve started drinking 64 ounces of water/day (small steps!) and using my Fitbit to get in 10,000 steps a day. I really want to look better and more importantly feel better this year. The big 50 is quickly approaching (next year), and I want to greet it with a smile and a big “I don’t care ’bout no stinkin’ number!” But first I’ve got to get that number on the scale down ๐Ÿ˜‰

  330. I am DETERMINED to hit my goal this year. We are officially done with babies (after 3) and I’m ready to be “me” again! 30 pound lighter here I come! ๐Ÿ˜€

  331. I have never been able to accomplish my new years resolutions before. I would always make them and basically disregard them almost immediately. But this year I am motivated. For the past four months I have been exercising and eating healthier (not perfectly, but I’ve made the effort consistantly and gotten back on the horse several times after bouts of bad eating). My goals for 2015 are to reach my goal weight (I’m about 25 pounds away), run a marathon (I’m up to 15 miles now), go sky diving, stay on the dean’s list for my last two semesters of college, and (little embarrassed about this one) write and perform stand up comedy. Really excited to see what happens over the year!

  332. Last year I gave up sodas and lost nearly 40 lbs. I workout several times a week and have been trying to eat healthier. This year, I will continue to develop healthy habits and plan on running my first marathon.

  333. My goals for 2015 are to start working out more religiously. I hope between eating better & working out I will be able to reach my goal.

  334. i am working with my therapist on loving myself and making me time a priority.which just walking every day. Yesterday and today I walked 5 mins out 5 mins back. I was given some Vemma products but haven’t started it yet. Help with a dietbet would be good. A good motivation I hope.
    Side note, love reading your blogs and watching yall!!

  335. Unable to locate a scale to weigh myself I know I am over 440lbs I I intend to increase my water intake to exceed 200 oz a day. I will also try nto increase my activity as I am able.

  336. My main weight loss goals are to drink water because I literally don’t drink any and make it an effort to be physically active each day, even for a short while.

  337. I am going to start believing in myself!! and take care of myself not just my kids. but do it so i can take better care of my children and be there for them for the long haul!!

  338. My husband and I want to conceive a child in 2015. I’m doing everything possible to get healthy and eat clean. It’s no longer just about a number on a scale (though it needs to be lower!) it’s about preparing a healthy body to create the healthiest possible little being. I’m promising to take it one day at a time and forgive myself for minor mistakes. I’m usually an all or nothing gal!

  339. My resolution for 2015 is to be active in all areas of my wellbeing. I want to be more active health wise. I want to be more active in my career, making steps forward. I want to be more active spiritually, seeking out God in my life.

  340. I will do my first mud run this year. I want to compete with my son who is in the Air Force. I have never really exercised much before, so this really is a challenge.

  341. My new years resolution is to lose 10lbs since I just started being a group fitness instructor and I want to make sure I’m leading by example. I am going to reach those goals but eating right but allowing myself to cheat so I don’t feel deprived. I will also keep up my workouts 6 days a week. I joined my first Dietbet that Heidi and Chris is hosting and very excited to lose my 4%. I have also given up they horrible stuff they call soda pop!!

  342. Hey my name is Keri. I really appreciate you giving people a chance to get in that don’t have the money to. I am 186 lbs and I have started using an app called spark people. This has really opened my eyes. Thank you have a wonderful night!!!

  343. To help me reach my weight loss goal this year I am going to try meal planning (including snacks and rewards!) and using one night each week to do the bulk of meal/snack prep for the coming week ๐Ÿ™‚

  344. I am making small but meaningful and achievable goals throughout the year las I accomplish one, I will either add to it or add a completely different goal. I am going to document this process daily whether it is journaling success or failure, I know I can look back and learn from both. Her is to a New and improved me in 2015!

  345. I have made a promise to myself that this year I am getting healthy. I am just getting over the flu/pneumonia and I need to come out with a bang. I haven’t been eating bad foods only real foods healthy food and this has shown me how it has helped me heal. Imagine how I would feel if o just continued to change my habits. I don’t want this feeling to end. No aches or pains. Crazy what a good diet can do. I never hold myself accountable. I’ve had a lot of down time to think and reflect what I have done to lose this weight and opportunities I never took advantage of because I was scared. I’m done letting the insecurities dictate the rest of my life. I’m in charge! Jumps or leaps… It’s only forward from here. Getting this would really propel my confidence that I can do this because I have people that will cheer me on. Not laugh and say I knew you couldn’t do it. Thank you.

  346. My goals for 2015 Healthwise are:
    –stop negative talk. Someone told me once to pick my favorite picture of myself and paste it on my bathroom mirror. Anytime I feel like telling myself something negative, say it to the picture of myself as a child. She said it is impossible to do and redirects thoughts to more positive and uplifting ones.
    –quit soda! I never drink diet because I hate the taste, but I want to quit all of it! Only drink water!
    –Do something active everyday. Even if it is just taking the dog for a walk, I am setting aside at least 30 minutes a day to be active
    –I would like to lose 40 lbs and get back to my pre-night shift worker weight!

    Thanks Heidi and Chris for always reaching out to help others!
    Good luck everyone!

  347. I’ve already lost 35lbs. My plan is to continue my workouts at the gym and focus on eating whole foods. I want to eat things that make me feel good!

  348. What a great idea the diet bet is. I suffer from depression and food addiction, but I keep going :o) If I had the money, I would definitely join the bet. Keep up the great work!

  349. in 2015, my word for the year is restoration. I’m turning 40 in July and by that BIG 40… I’m working towards restoration of my health, fitness, relationships and most importantly… My faith! Physically I am working towards being 20 lbs lighter. I am working towards reaching 250 classes of Pure Barre by July and running a half marathon in March!

  350. Working out was never my issue, the kitchen is. My 2105 goal is to prepare 80% of the food I consume. Taking it one day at a time. I Believe it is possible because I believe in me!

  351. One of my goals is to kick my addiction to soda. I’m only 26 and am paranoid about getting ospeopoeosis and that’s not okay. 2015 is my year!!! I’m pumped and more importantly I’m ready! : )

  352. I have 3 amazing children I want to be with for a long long time. I will be 40 in 6 months and really need to lose quite a bit of weight.

  353. Great advice! I have mapped out exercise on a calendar, ordered a Fitbit to keep sure I am moving enough, ordered a Bode Transformation Pack. Tomorrow I make a meal plan for the week. I also joined a support group online challenge of no junk food for 30 days. I’ve looked hard in the mirror at myself and habits and need to change so badly. Thank you for your advice above!

  354. i was an avid runner who has had to take the past year off due to a torn hamstring. In this past year I’ve gained 30 lbs and sank into depression. Trying to find the motivation to get back with it. Total, using Chris’ book, I did my shopping and I’m hoping to get back to living life with healthy eating, exercise and loving myself.

  355. This year I would love to loose all the extra weight I have been carrying, but even if I can’t get rid of all of it I really want to be a better mom (more active) to my kids. Also to spend time with them while they are still young so they will know a fun mom and not a couch potato.

  356. I would love to have participated in the diet bet but I am unable to come up with the 30$ by the 5th I’m hoping you guys do another one soon it seems like an amazing opportunity and look forward to participating in the future…. You guys are awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  357. carb cycling hot me to lose 20lbs and its the only thing i believe in, it works and u dont start … I want to join the Dietbet but winning th free entry would push me even more cause id feel a kick in the butt . You and Chris are my biggest role
    Model and inspiration and u guy make me believe each time i watch your show that I CAN do this …. Love u guys you are the best xox

  358. I plan on getting back on a regular gym schedule, cutting back on unhealthy eating. You definitely inspire me to be better and get fit. I actually love working out.
    My other goal unrelated to fitness is to start an Etsy page and sell some of my graphic design projects!

  359. I am going to try carb cycling. I’ve been trying to get rid of 20 lbs for the last several years but I do not stick to one thing. I think carb cycling would help me focus on eatting right.

  360. I was accepted as a member on the American Liver Foundation team running the 2015 Boston Marathon. I run in honor of my father as he fights liver disease.

  361. I am going to try to watch what I eat more. I am also going to drink more water instead of Soda or Tea. I will also start to not drink my calories for Meals. (I think Julian Michaels said something like that.)

  362. Im getting rid of all the bad influences that have effected my weight loss over the past few months, and tracking everything I eat, even if I fail to stay within my goals

  363. For 2015 my goal is to finally lose my 30 pounds I’ve been wanting to shed. Last year I lost my initial 25 pounds which started me out at 185lbs. So 2015 I would like to reach 130 pounds! I also would like to participate in a lot more runs, last year my husband and I did our first Spartan race! It was probably one of the funnest things I’ve ever done! Heidi and Chris, you guys are so inspiring. From your enthusiasm in helping people and how wonderful you guys are with your children, perfect family ๐Ÿ˜‰
    The dietbet is going to help me finally reach my goal, it will give me that extra push I need!

  364. I’m starting 2015 with things that i want to change. I am determined to lose weight this year and i would like to be able to, but i may not have a lot of motivation.

  365. This year I’m running a 5k in March, a 10K in July and a half marathon at Disney in November. This will be my most fit year yet!!

  366. I just did my weight-in for the DietBet. I know i have a LOT of work to do to achievement my longterme goal, but i’m not discourage. I know in my heart I can do it and I have a good support from my husband and motivation from my 2 littles girls. I just (easy word, hard to do;)!) have to control my portions and not have my emotion take the best of me. Yep, i’m an emotional eater. Hopefully, i’ll be strong, stay strong and feel stronger after losing some weight. I will be using my new friend, fitness pal. Thank you to be such a good motivator. You’re inspire me so much to be a good wife and mom:).

  367. My New Years resolution is to change my self talk. I have started and stopped “dieting” so many times i can’t count. One thing that remains the same is my inner voice. It’s always telling me what others have told me for years, “she’s so fat, she has a pretty face if only she’d lose weight, why do you even bother, you’re not worthy”. I want to have a better me and i’m about at my wits end. I have to do something before i die. So this year i’m going to start with my inner self instead of my outer self. I’m hoping my physical appearance will soon follow or I just give up. I pray i’m chosen to compete in the “game” because i can’t afford it myself right now and i’m fiercely competitive.
    Best New Year to Everyone!

  368. I started training for something I thought I could never do. A half marathon . When I use to 220 I could barely walk without running out of breath let alone run for even 3o seconds. I finally decided to get inshape . Dropped to 160 just 15 pounds shy of my weight goal when I got pregnant. Now at 178 my goal this year is to run a half marathon ๐Ÿ™‚ and get to my goal weight ! I love you guys!

  369. I am starting my health journey by scheduling a physical, to make sure I can go this in a healthy way. I am drinking more water and not allowing diet soda to pass my lips. I am also going to walk/jog/run 2.015 miles in 2015. If I don’t challenge myself to change, no one will.

  370. Our family is going to work together to eat better. Cutting down on sugar and learn to make healthier choices. Also, becoming more active and enjoy some fun outdoor fitness.

  371. Hi Heidi! Thank you so much for your positivity, advice, and encouragement. You, Chris, and the EWL participants are incredibly inspirational- I cry at every show and I am NOT a crier. I don’t have a big weight loss goal for 2015; not more than 30 lbs, but I’m dying to be out of the overweight zone that I’ve been stuck in almost my entire life. I don’t know why I can’t control it- I start off great on a diet and exercise plan and taper off. I have exercise induced asthma so it is much harder to get conditioned and I rarely get endorphins from working out, but I can still manage 45-60 minutes of reasonable exercise. My goal this year is consistency and being happy with small successes. I have joined your dietbet, have an accountability buddy and a committed gym buddy. I’ve mapped out an eating plan that I think has little enough variety to make it easy and economical but enough to be interesting. I will probably try carb cycling later in the year. Thank you and Chris so so much for all of the direct and indirect support and hope and love and encouragement you offer people- it is amazing.

  372. I have purchased a large calendar and have made time allotments/appointment with myself to make time for me. I also will be planning my meals better , drink more water. My Why is to be healthy for my grand daughter and future grand kids and most of all enjoy my adult years like I have never done. Dance like no ones looking, sing like no ones listening and just enjoy life.

  373. I want to lose the last bit of pregnancy weight, so I can be healthier and have more energy to keep up with my daughter.

  374. I turned 60 a few days ago and retired as well. I’ve had a lifelong struggle. 2015 is the year of “Me”! I now have the time to work on me so I can be around for a few more years. I know this will be a struggle but I am worth it. I’m praying that your Diet Bet actually has some much needed information, while the others don’t. Thanks!

  375. My goal for 2015 is to be more positive. Positive about myself, others, and things going on around me. I get caught up in too much negativity in my life and instead of making a list of goals for 2015 I thought long and hard. I think by being positive I will be happier with myself, my life and all things are positive! I will join the DietBet to start me on my journey. So excited to work with you and Chris.

  376. I am going to do the things that I know I need to do to be successful. No fast food during the week, drinking lots more water, making time to do some type of exercise everyday, putting my health above extra afternoon work, salads for lunch, using stairs instead of elevators, using my fit bit to try to walk over a 1000 steps a day, and with all of this making sure that I am healthy enough to continue to make plenty of memories with my two sons and my wife. I am not ready to quit now. There are too many adventures left for my family to experience together. Thank you for your wonderful inspiring article!

  377. I had a baby 18 months ago and have been struggling to find time, energy, and motivation to lose 50 pounds to become healthy and keep up with my very active toddler. 2015 is my year to make it happen and am so motivated to keep it off! I got a weight loss journal to log my daily food and exercise intake, in addition to having my supportive husband on board to watch my son so that I can hit the gym regularly. I am super excited and have already started to feel better about myself!

    You guys are so awesome! Can’t wait to join your Diet Bet group!!

  378. I had a baby 18 months ago and have been struggling to find time, energy, and motivation to lose 50 pounds to become healthy and keep up with my very active toddler. 2015 is my year to make it happen and am so motivated to keep it off! I got a weight loss journal to log my daily food and exercise intake, in addition to having my supportive husband on board to watch my son so that I can hit the gym regularly. I am super excited and have already started to feel better about myself!

    You guys are so awesome! Can’t wait to join your Diet Bet group!

  379. Getting at least 10,000 steps a day is one of my goals and also meal planning. For a busy mom, nurse, wife, and go-getter, planning is the key to keep sane and focused!

  380. My goals for 2015 is to reduce my carb intake. I going to try carb cycling, as I’ve read a lot about it and I like the plan. I also want to commit to working out 3-4 times a week. My goal is to lose 30 lbs by June. That is 5 lbs/month so I think that is very realistic. This bet game will give me,a good jump start.

  381. I want to maintain healthiness. I always do great when I start but slowly start to slip away. I want to be able to splurge (around holidays & birthdays) without “falling off the horse” completely.

  382. 2015 is the year of the Abs!! Every year I choose a body part that is my main focus for the year. I still maintained the rest of my body but spend extra time researching this area of the body ,learning new exercises to target this area and pushing myself a little
    Harder. For instance, on my “off” days I still spend about 10 minutes at home and do ab exercises (last year it was legs). That few minutes on your day off makes a difference! Also, This year , I plan on getting my certification in kickboxing to teach others how to jump start and kick off the lbs! I’m a single parent to an amazing little 3 year old girl and she is my motivation for everything! Building strong girls so the future has strong women!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  383. In 2015, I am eliminating sugar. I am addicted to it and it has been the primary reason I cannot lose weight. I want to feel better and be healthy. I hope to conceive this year and want to be a healthy mother who teaches healthy habits through my actions. This is the year!

  384. I’m going to be healthier and put myself first. I have three kids and my oldest is severely Autistic and I always do for them but not myself.

  385. I started using the Passion Planner to begin laying out my goals and getting started. Since I’m down with the flu, I’ve been spending my conscious time meeting my goal of meal planning for the year using an awesome website I found. I didn’t set an resolutions, but I did set a theme for 2015: Self-Care!

  386. Christmas presents to myself were Jawbone Up24, State of Slim book, and I registered for the Biggest Loser Run/Walk 5k. I have 150 lbs to lose. My news years resolution is to move more and eat healthier. I take 3 blood pressure medicines, I want to reduce that along with my weight!

  387. This year my goal is to continue to add more good and beauty in to my life. I feel like I did pretty well in 2014, but I know more can be done this year. I want to continue to lose weight and get fit. But I also want to work on building relationships, in small ways. Take more pictures with my husband. Spend more time with my kids. Speak kindly of others. Build others up. And pursue the things I love.

  388. For 2015 I am going to lose the weight that I have been wanting to lose for a long time. I have never really had the drive until now. I have always loved watching the show and have always thought that is something I would like to do. By the end of this year I hope to lose 100 lbs.

  389. In 2015 I’m going to keep my promise to myself and my daughter, who is in the Army National Guard. My promise is to make 2015 my year to be healthy by going to the gym and watching what I eat. I need to give as much attention to myself as I do with tv and everything else in my life.

  390. The one thing is to “KNOW” I CAN DO THIS! I have to know it and own it!!! Since September 16th I’ve already lost 32 lbs and I’m feeling good. I hope everyone does well with this challenge! Good luck to all who participate! =)

  391. my story isn’t a really “amazing” or “unique” I’m a mom of three, currently 12 weeks postpartum and struggling to make myself a priority again. I know that if I can get myself started and feeling better it will resonate within my family. When I eat healthy and I’m active, so are they. I want to feel better physically, emotionally and mentally. All of that is for myself but being a healthy example and leading a healthy lifestyle is also for my children. I want that to be the “norm” for them so as they grow up they maintain that mindset and don’t have to struggle quite as much health wise as most people do in their life. I’ve got my food, body and mind promises written down to get me started!

  392. love you guys. met you both in tarpon springs a few years ago. time for me to make a change. i have started growing my own wheatgrass and some food . bought your book and ready to give it a shot. hope to win this. keep up the good work. christine

  393. In 2015 I am going to prove it to myself hat I can achieve it and be a positive role model for my children.

  394. My plan for 2015 is to eat a cleaner diet, work on more water in take, and keep pushing at the gym:) I love to workout just need the rest to follow.

  395. One thing I’m already doing in 2015 to help me reach my health goals is to plan out the meals for the week. I know that when the meals are planned out the grocery shopping and the meals will be successful. The shopping for this coming week is complete and the meals are much healthier than ever. I have chosen to include many fresh salads, vegetables and lean meats. I can only see myself succeeding and that is why I know it is going to work. I’m in!

  396. I am planning to not give up on my goals due to a setback and after I achieve the 1st goal the set a new one and when I achieve that one, set another!

  397. Heidi, not sure where to begin. I can’t explain how much you guys inspire me. This year I need to focus on myself and do things for me. Being 24 and almost 270 pounds is nothing I ever imagined seeing in my life. Of course I want to lose weight but I want to change my lifestyle and get healthy! My sister is getting married in July and I hope I will be confident standing up there next to her. I feel like I do everything for others and not much for myself. So 2015, look out because I am going to spoil myself with getting fit and healthy! My daughter deserves someone who can run around without having to sit down every 15 minutes. I want to make my husband and daughter proud, along with myself! I know I can rock this year, hoping that the diet bet could really give me a kick start, I hope you think so too!!!

  398. I’m starting the year off 12.weeks postpartum, heading back to work (full time) and learning how to juggle all of this and make myself a priority. I’ve just finished Choose more Lose more for life, and making myself small food,body and mind promises to help get me back on track. I need some motivation and encouragement, as most people do. I know if I’m on track my family is on track and we all eat healthier and are more active. I need to be a good example to my children in hopes they will always lead an active healthy(ier) life style because that is what they will be used too. This is for me to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally but it resonates in my family as well.

  399. For 2015, I will lose 67 pounds. I am trying carb cycling, nine minute missions, and an additional workout later in the day. Here I go!

  400. This year I’m going to commit to meal planning to help me stick with healthy eating. If I have a plan, I know I will be able to succeed!

  401. HI there,
    the one most important thing I am doing to reach my goal is to finally commit to my own health and love myself as much as I do everyone else in my life! ๐Ÿ™‚

  402. I would be sooooo grateful if I was chosen for a free entry in your dietbet! I’ve gone from 312 to 209 in the last 2 years with hard work and dedication! I have done 2 diet bets in the past and they are the push anyone needs to stay on track!

    Pick me and I will reach my goal of onederland before Valentine’s Day!


  403. In 2015, I will continue my journey to total health by eating whole nutritious food and cutting out sugar, wheat, and processed foods. I’m also going to start my own fermented foods and make it a habit to build in strength training and cardio.

  404. In 2015 I am going to focus on becoming more healthy. I wont say that I am going to lose weight because that is not all that I want 2015 to be about. I want to have healthier relationships with family and friends so that will be something I am going to work on and see them more. I want to have a healthy outlook on life and see what nature has to offer. I will go on more walks and just spend more time outside. I do need to loose over 150+ pounds of weight but I am going to focus not on a number, but on how much I sleep better, how well I feel when I wake up, actually be tired for bed because I did stuff. I will focus on the good things losing weight will help me achieve. Overall I want to be able to say by December 31st 2015 that I AM HEALTHIER AND I AM PROUD OF MYSELF!

  405. Joined Diet Bet. 200 lbs over weight. My family has committed to working to get healthier with me. Our Strategies.
    1) No more eating out or fast food. At least no eating out
    during the challenge, and no more fast food Ever! (We started this 3 weeks ago. I already feel better)
    2) Just bought a new bike.
    a)I’m riding it the 3 miles to work,
    3) My boys and I agreed no groceries come into the house unless we ride to the store to pick them up. 1-3 miles.(This we’ve been do for 5 days.)
    So far, so good!

  406. I am new to all of this, just finishing reading Chris’ Choose More, Lose More, bought all my groceries and signed up for Diet bet. There are 8 promises I am going to accomplish daily: Remind myself, Nobody will do this for me, eat breakfast morning upon waking, Drink 1/2 my weight with water, 20 bench leg lifts and 12 arm lifts(or some type of exersize), minimize my junk food to maybe a handful once a week, park my car far from door, say no thank you, I don’t need this and finally tell myself that I AM WORTH IT!! <3 Thank you for putting yourselves here for us!!

  407. Hi Heidi! So adore you guys! The one thing that I am doing in 2015 to reach my goals is to self talk myself when I feel like giving up. I have given up so many things because of this or that or this person or that person. I have not held myself up first. I have tended to get depressed and then let go of the diet, or exercise, or illness, or anything I am doing. By doing that, I am telling myself that i don’t trust myself. So, I – even in the last week of having a horrible bronchitis I am doing this with illness too – have not let myself fall into despair. I say things to myself like, “All is well, I am blessed” so that I am putting good not only into my body, but my soul. Because I think that while I have corrected diet things, I have never corrected my mind and soul. So I self talk. I was so ill this week and instead of letting it get my down { as it’s been the holiday and my bday too} I told myself every minute if needed, ” You’re okay, all is well” and then I list what I am grateful for …even if it’s only hot shower water! It is starting to make such a difference in feeling that I can cope and not be defeated. I am still fighting this bronchitis, but I am grateful to be able to talk to you here. Thanks for all you do. Melissa

  408. What am I doing differently this year? I have spentt the last month or so reading.. And re reading choose more, lose more for life. I have my motivation board. My menu, and my accountability partners. I am doing the work to be successful and not just the “I want to lose weight” and not the work that it is going to take to get where I deserve to be. A lot of this years work is head work. I know my body can handle it. But my head gets in the way every time!!
    Love the diet bet idea and look forward to doing one this year!!
    Thank you Heidi and Chris for all of your inspiration and down right honesty!!
    Lots of love to you and yours!!
    Here’s to a kick A$$ 2015!!!

  409. for 2015, my goal is to get back on track. I lost it after finding out my Dad had stage 4 lung cancer, I gained at least 40 pounds that I had lost. He lost the fight November 13. I need to get healthy for the long run. Eating healthy, more water, consistent exercise is crucial.

  410. I am working on eating better and exercising more this year. I have already lost over15 pounds and hope to lose more. I have been able to do this before but never could stick to it. Once I lose the weight I want to make sure I keep it off. I think having all of this helpful advice and support really helps.

  411. After having 5 beautiful boys in 6 years its finally my turn to start thinking of myself and to start my journey. Im hoping to start eating healthier and getting out with my husband and boys and enjoying life, we never know how much time we have.

  412. I am going to carb cycle! And work out! And if I “fall off the wagon,” that’s OK, I’ll just get back on and keep going!

  413. Honestly? My goal is to feel better! I have degeneration & arthritis in my back and neck, and my weight is making activities painful. Time to take charge and get this off for good!

  414. I will be signing up for a race a month (already in for March/April) to get my legs ready to carry me through 2015! I want to be strong and have a lower (below 200) cholesterol reading this year.

  415. My plan is to stay on a vegan diet for three months starting on New Years. So far I am surprisingly content with the food. Who would have thought that zucchini pasta is tasty? It actually is delicious

  416. One of my goals is to become healthier in 2015. Sometimes it’s hard to stick with that, especially if I don’t plan ahead. So what I will be doing is planning my meals/snacks 2 weeks at a time. That way I can grocery shop ahead of time and have things prepped/ready to go to set myself up for success.

  417. I would love to win an entry into the diet bet! Times are lean right now due to medical bills, but I plan to really hit it hard starting NOW! I’m currently recovering from a surgery, but plan to attend boot camp classes as often as I can as soon as I’m cleared, hopefully this week. Hydration and sleep are also key for me, these should be the easiest, but for some reason I really seem to struggle with these aspects. I plan to utilize my Fitbit along with My Fitness Pal to keep myself accountable for my diet, exercise, hydration and sleep. This year is the year to lose the last 45-50 lbs, I just know it! OH, and I can’t forget, I plan to read up on your carb cycling program so that I can plan out my meals and snacks. Last but not least, I’m not going to be afraid to ASK for help and encouragement from friends and family when I get discouraged and need an attitude adjustment.

  418. I’m going to be in bed, falling asleep no later than 10:00, to have the energy and motivation to wake up and get my workout in before the kids are up and about ๐Ÿ™‚

  419. In 2014 I lost 55 pounds but in the last 3 months I have gained back 20 of it. My goal is to get back to a healthy lifestyle ghat includes proper nutrition, water and exercise. Thanks Griding and Chris!

  420. I am signing up for my first CF challenge in April. I haven’t been doing CF at a box for the last couple of years due to lack of child care, so I incorporate those in my WOD. In order to hit my goal of shredding 10 inches and 30 pounds by the end of March, I am focusing on clean eating and using carb cycling as well. Excited since I am a single Mom and I think this will be a fun way to do something for myself for a change.
    Let’s get rockin!!

  421. REvery year I say this is the year….I truly want 2015 to be THE year!!! I am going to do some kind of phsyical activity EVERY day!!!