Family Fitness Magazine: Powell Power

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7 Responses

  1. I’m getting married in 5 months & need to loose 10 pounds, which is mainly around my middle due to menopause. So hard. Could u help!!

  2. I love this way of eating, I have bought your book but I am confused about about the approved fruits. Do I eat them for breakfast and high carb days? Or everyday?

    1. Hi Dale: Fruit is considered a carb in carb cycling, so it can be the carb portion of any high-carb meal, including breakfast since every breakfast (on both low and high-carb days) is a high-carb meal. Good luck!

  3. I just love your show! I’ve struggled with weight issues all my life (I’m now 47) and wake up everyday thinking about my weight! I have always been an athlete but have never had the athletic body I wanted! I never really used weight loss programs because I just knew they were not right for education is in the sports medicine so I just tried eating right! Well, it hasn’t worked for me!! I work out 4 -6 days a week doing bootcamps, Warrior Training, weight training and cardio classes. I feel I’m strong but the weight does not come off… I get so depressed and just want to give up! I have had trainers tell me that I’m not eating enough but I fear that I’ll eat too much! I’m going to try your carb cycling to see if it can help! I’m soooo desperate! Thanks for hearing me out! Would love to see a show with people like me, who try to do the right thing but still have no results!

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