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Sleeping Ruby Angelcare

For the last 4 months, I have hardly gotten a wink of sleep at night. I don?t like being in the dark, stuck with my thoughts about what might happen to Ruby if I don?t micromanage her sleeping. My mind is plagued by the stories I?ve heard of perfectly healthy babies leaving their parents while sleeping.

It?s been paralyzing. I don?t remember being like this with any of my other 3?I can?t pinpoint why it?s so different this time. Regardless, my (false) reality has been that the ONLY way I can keep Ruby safe is to sleep next to her, watching her virtually all night long to make sure she is breathing.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she is my last, and I?m terrified of the possibilities. I do know that no matter what happens in life, good and/or bad, it is all for a reason?sometimes for a reason that we don?t understand until later. But even knowing this hasn?t helped me.

Thank goodness for friends…

A couple of weeks ago, a phone conversation held in the middle of my local Target had started with talk around some business tasks that needed to be done. Somehow, 30 minutes later, I was a blubbering mess, crying about my fears of losing Ruby, like I lost my dad. My poor friend (who?s been through quite a bit in his own life) was stuck to pick up the pieces and try to make me feel good.

Luckily, this friend of ours is pretty darn amazing. As always, he knew exactly what I needed to hear and helped me recognize the unnecessary damage I was doing to myself by letting these fears overcome me. I am letting this FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) dictate my reality. It is robbing me of my health and the sleep I need, and ultimately, it?s robbing me and my kids of the happiness we should be experiencing.

In addition to his incredible coaching, he knew I needed a more tangible form of comfort too, and he had just the thing: ?The AngelCare Monitor?he used for his last baby.

Angelcare 2

This thing, I?ll?tell ya, is amazeballs. It lies beneath Ruby?s mattress and somehow senses her breathing!!!! After 10 seconds of sensing no breathing, all monitors around our home beep. After 5 more seconds of no breathing, the monitors beep loudly and repetitively, until either baby starts breathing again, or until I come in and turn it off.


This, my friends, is a must for all moms and dads who worry even a little bit about their babies sleeping. It is an Angel for my little Angel.

It?s been 2 weeks now. Ruby is sleeping in her own bed, and she is safe . We have had a couple of nights where the monitor has beeped. When we walked in she seemed to be holding her breath in a deep sleep (don?t worry ? I woke her up as fast as I possibly could!!). While I?m sure both times she would have started the breathing again on her own, I can never be too sure. I?m happier being safer, rather than risking being sorry?.

Moms and Dads, lacking sleep? Get one of these and you will NOT regret it!!!

Heidi 🙂

There are several variations! Single monitor, video monitor, even multiple listening stations! Check them out!


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  1. We have used this for both of our kids. You’ll get more false alarms as they begin to roll all over the crib. I don’t mind the false alarms at all. It’s better than loosing my babies and having no alarm at all!

  2. We have a similar product (different brand). We started using it the second night that we came home from the hospital with her. It was recommended by a friend after I had told her that we took turns watching out daughter sleep at night. Some people have made fun of us, saying that we are paranoid and overreacting, but I don’t care. I’ve heard of way too many friends who have lost their babies to SIDS or something else. This product helps us sleep better knowing that our girl is being monitored.

  3. We’ve had our Angel Care Monitoring system for 2 yrs and we LOVE IT! When our daughter was born almost 6 wks early, I wouldn’t let her leave my sight, after we purchased the monitor it was much easier to let me sleep in her own room. We all slept much better!

  4. I wonder if this would work for adults. I bet there are a lot of children who care for their elderly parents who have the same worries. I used to worry about my great grandmother when I stayed at her house.

  5. I have a 9 month old and know the fear. It seems that everywhere you look there is a story on SIDS. It is good to know the details for “prevention” but there comes a point where the media just causes unnecessary anxiety. I stopped reading the stories and it helped my mental health.

  6. I was the same way until I found the Snuza. It was literally the only thing that would allow me to sleep. Enjoy that sleep!!! I know I am!

  7. I am a worrier so I got one of these before my 1st daughter was born. Otherwise, I am sure I would not have slept a wink. I used it until she was 2 and moved to a toddler bed. After she moved to the toddler bed, I turned off the motion sensor and just used it as a sound monitor. I am using it again with my 2nd daughter. I sleep so much better knowing it is on! I get upset when my husband forgets to turn it on!!! Great peace of mind. Highly recommend!!!

    You can adjust the senstivity if you keep having false alarms. Please just make sure to test it to make sure no other movements are affecting it. For example, when we have the senstivity too high it can detect the vibration of the ceiling fan running.

  8. I felt exactly the same way with my first baby. Looking back, I think I might have had a touch of post-partum depression and it was manifesting itself as an irrational fear of SIDS. We also had an Angel Care monitor and it helped put my mind at ease. For some reason, I never had those fears with the second baby. Hormones release in odd ways.

  9. Thank you for posting this! I am a new mom with a 4 month old baby and I haven’t been sleeping at all this past month with similar worries! My baby has a really bad cough and I am afraid in the middle of the night when she is coughing so much and losing her breath.
    I can’t wait to get one of these to have peace of mind!!

  10. We love our AngelCare monitor! It is so nice to not have to worry when you should be sleeping. You may know this, but there is a knob on the back where you can turn up the sensitivity if it keeps going off at night.

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