Fitness Fun with a Buddy + Spartan Race Giveaway!

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I am so excited!! A winner has been chosen!! See the rafflecopter below to see if you’re our lucky winner! If you’ve won, we will contact you right away! If you are not the lucky winner, don’t fret – we have a surprise for all of our amazing readers! If you’d like to join in on a Spartan Race in your city, enter the coupon code SPARTANBLOGGER at checkout to receive 10% off the cost of your race! I hope to see lots of muddy race pictures from ALL of you soon!

Trust me, I completely get it… you’ve had a long day, work was draining, you’re exhausted and the last thing you want to do is work out. Some days it?s nearly impossible to muster up the energy to get yourself moving again after spending your entire day running around and answering to everyone else’s needs?even IF you promised yourself you would get that workout in after the kids went to bed.

Unfortunately, with so much busy-ness in our lives, it?s far too easy to break promises and cancel plans with the most important person in the world: Ourselves.

So how do we remedy this and get ourselves on track? With?drumroll?.an accountabilibuddy! ?A what-a-bili-buddy,? you ask?? You heard me right ? an accountabilibuddy?a fun little term the fitness community has used for years. An accountabilibuddy is a buddy that holds you accountable. It?s as simple as that.

When you have someone else counting on you wake up early to work out and be there to push them, you?re MUCH more likely to get the job done?AND to have fun doing it! Let?s face it ? everything is more fun with a friend.


One of Chris? and my absolute favorite ways to get our exercise in and have fun at the same time is by participating in local weekend events. Competitions, 5Ks, 10Ks, and obstacle course races (with every theme and cause imaginable) are popping up all across the nation, making it so easy to find a fun event to participate in with a friend or group of friends! While we love them all, some of our favorites are the Spartan Races. SUCH a blast! Who doesn?t want to channel their inner-beast by jumping over fire, scaling walls, running through mud, crawling under barbed wire ? all while running uphill in some gnarly?terrain? The adrenaline rush is unreal, and the sense of accomplishment after is even better.

Well, get this. Spartan has just announced their very own Spartan Cruise , featuring a Private Island Race! An opportunity for you and your accountabilibuddy to explore the Caribbean AND get your Spartan on. You can even bring the kiddos along!

Best part is next: Spartan is giving away a trip for TWO (cruise + airfare for you and your accountabilibuddy) on their March 2015 Caribbean cruise. Click here for details on how you can win!

In the meantime – while we wait for the cruise to set sail – I?m giving away one free entrance to a Spartan Race near you! Using the Rafflecopter below, leave a comment telling me why you want to compete in a Spartan Race and a lucky winner will be randomly selected and announced Thursday, August 28th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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524 Responses

  1. I started running in 2011 after never having run outside prior to that time. I completed my first half marathon that November with my biggest cheerleader–my boyfriend, Chris–by my side. Since then, I have continued running but I am looking for new challenges and new goals. A Spartan Race sounds just like the ticket. Thanks for providing this amazing opportunity. xoxo

  2. My wife and I started crossfit 10 months ago and it has changed our lives. My wife is nervous to try a spartan race and I know she could do it and I want to do one with her!

  3. Spartan has been the list of things I NEED to accomplish….with some new titanium in my leg I want to push through this next part of my journey.

  4. I love working out. I’d love to do a race with my husband. I’ve had 5 kids and we are finally at a point in our life where we can start to going running together because our kids are old enough to leave home. I think it would be do much fun to do a race like this

  5. My sole sisters (a group of ladies I run with) and I run a 5K every month to keep ourselves consistently active. We’re constantly looking for new and exciting races. None of us have ever done a Spartan race. If one of us leads, the rest will follow!! Sole Sisters Spartan!!

  6. I have been working toward a happier and healthier Lauren for the 2014. I could think of no way better to end this year with a Spartan Cruise. I have lost weight, gained friendships and so gotten 2 out of the 3 spartan medals toward my Trifecta. I have volunteered to get race entries for all my races so far. This cruise is not with my reach. HOW I want it. I started this journey on my one and one of my closest friends joined me no questions asked. I would love to take her along with me on this cruise. The team work in a Spartan Race is AMAZING and only makes you stronger. AROO! AROO!AROO!

  7. My best friend and I are celebrating 25 years of friendship this year! We’ve been through our ups and down with our relationship AND our weight! We always like to encourage each other to work on our own health & wellness transformations along with constant personal development. We have wanted to do an active vacation together. This would be AMAZING!!

  8. There’s nothing more rewarding than signing up for some scary, impossible-looking goal, figuring out how to train for it, and then crushing it!

  9. IMHO Spartan Races are some of the most challenging obstacle course races around. I am always pushing through new challenges and these races provide a nice outlet for that.

  10. My hubs and I started Jamie Easons livefit program 11 weeks ago and have transformed our bodies in such a short amount of time! We love doing fitness stuff together and allows us to enjoy dates away from the kids hehehe. This would be an amazing challenge for the two of us to do! I wanna do this!

  11. The Spartan run would be an awesome experience for my husband and I. I have been big on running since I was a kid; however, for the first time in his life my husband was able to complete one mile!! It was an awesome accomplishment and to be the one to witness it was honoring. He has severe asthma and everyone around him including himself never believed he could do it and once he accepted the uncomfortable feelings (being smart about his breathing) he did it and to watch the glow of his accomplishment was amazing! Needless to say I would love to do the Spartan run along side my husband as we accomplish it together ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. My husband and his friend did a spartan race a few years ago and then I got pregnant and think a spartan race would be a really fun way to motivate myself to get into better shape

  13. I have been struggling with my wot for years and finally gotten a handle on it. I would love to do this with my little brother. He is a veteran and is so into this stuff.

  14. I really need to do this!! I have struggled but overcome so many things this last year and I love fitness and nutrition and having events does motivate me more!! I’m still working on getting good accountability partners but getting this and completing it will make me feel great and hopefully meet some new friends along the way!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the opportunity!!

  15. I want to compete because I feel like all my life I’ve been told that I can’t do something like this because they think “I’m too weak”, so I feel like this would be an excellent opportunity to prove that I can. Plus, my best friend is getting married next year and moving out of state and I would love to do this with her.

  16. Would love to do this & take a friend have got several friends to start participating in races & would love to take one for this great challenge!

  17. To face my fears and uncertianties. After many years of ankle surgeries and packing on the pounds from depression, I finally had my ankle fused two years ago. Never would I have imagined that I could jog again. But here I weigh in today 48 pounds lighter (and counting) and jogging intervels. (of course I am doing it in style with a slight limp, but I make that limp look good) This would be a great oppotunity to step up my training and prove to myself that life is about obstacles. Instead of standing behind the barricade waiting for a hand out, work harder to find myself around it and conqure the world.

  18. When I started my workout journey over a year ago my first race was the color run 5k. At the time that felt like completing a marathon! Then I did a survivor mud run which was more challenging than the first. Now I am ready to give it my all and see what I am made of with the Spartan Race!!

  19. Spartan races are awesome. My wife and I have done several including achieving the Trifecta last year. My wife is incredibly sexy and I live that she’ll compete with me (and beat me in races) but she’s been down in the dumps for a while and needs a great pick-me-up like this prize. Don’t let me win for me, but for my lovely wife. Thanks! :-

  20. There is always a reason – for me? To create a lasting, athletic, physical memory for my wife and I. She never believes in herself when she workouts, especially when it comes to running. We’ve had our struggles and our obstacles, including her multiple sclerosis diagnosis almost three years ago. Obstacles are just hurdles and that’s how we’ve treated each one on our journey. I think it’s be a blast to have the opportunity and privilege to help her conquer another hurdle, emotionally and physically, in an awesome place!

  21. I have become quite health aware over the past few years, after watching my mother who after being diagnosed with cancer, overcame the illness by completely transforming her lifestyle. From taking her daily walks to eating the healthiest food possible (she hasn’t touched a fry in years. Or even a potato chip, let alone any sugar) she is now honestly the healthiest person I know. This has really rubbed off on me, intentionally and psychologically, and I have now, particularly in the past 3 months been following her food regime, and have been going to the gym 5 times a week, following a Spartan Beast work out regime. (I signed up for the Spartan Beast, which I then realised it was quite stupid of me, as I haven’t done any other the other ones before!) This would be the perfect opportunity for me to be able to do one of the other races before going onto the Beast and it may just give me the motivation to say ‘hey! why not just give the trifecta a go this year, even if it’s my first year doing the Spartan Race’. I would honestly nominate my mother for this, but it’s just not her thing… crawling in mud and what not… and while I live in the UK she happens to live in a little country, Nepal, where unfortunately Spartan hasn’t quite arrived to yet.

  22. I have restarted my weightloss journey so many times during & after my 3 pregnancies and have never followed through with anything. It’s so disappointing! But now I’ve decided that I’m not living like this anymore! I bought Chris’ book “Choose to Lose”, I’m in my 3rd week & have lost 10 pounds toward my 100 pound loss goal! I’m loving eating such yummy & healthy foods without feeling hungry (love the 5 meals a day concept) & I’m also really enjoying feeling stronger & more fit from the daily cardio. My husband is a very fit guy & he works out faithfully for years – I’m so looking forward to sharing in his healthy living & fit lifestyle now that I’m on the path to success! We are not going back to the way we used to eat! Even on Sunday Funday, my splurge was homemade salsa & chips! I think the Spartan race would be an amazing adventure for my husband & I do experience together!

  23. I would love to compete in another Spartan Race to improve my time and show myself that I can do it even after all the hard times I have been through recently. Plus there is still some time to train for this one.
    Race + Cruise= Wicked Fun!

  24. I haven’t had a chance to get my new Reebok all terrain shoes even the slightest bit dirty yet! These babies were made to get muddy! I need to go to one of these races!

  25. These races look like so much stinkin fun! My husband and I love fitness and staying active and pair it with this and it’s a no brainer! If I were to win I would give my spot to my amazing husband who would totally crush this and have a blast doing it!

  26. Although it’s a bit scary, if I were to win an entry into a spartan race I would totally take it on!! I was scared before I started CrossFit this spring and now I love it!! I hope I’m picked. Thanks for all the tips and motivation ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. The last time the Spartan race came close to my hometown, I had just turned 40 and had recently started working towards being fit for the first time in my life. When I heard about the Spartan race, I told my trainer that I wanted to participate. It was 6mos away and I asked for a program that would help me prepare. He told me that I was not capable of doing it and that there was no point in even training for it. I regret to say that I believed him and didn’t train or enter the race. It deflated me mentally at the time but I now know that I can accomplish anything I set my sights on, regardless of what others think. If I won a spot, I would have to train hard and it would take a lot of preparation, but I am ready to prove to myself that I can do it.

  28. I have lost 140 pounds in 2 years by eating healthy and working out. I am currently in the gym 6 days a week trying to build muscle and maintain my weight loss. I also continue to eat healthy and I genuinely enjoy this lifestyle I also discovered my passion for running, which I never in a million years thought I would enjoy. In the past year I have completed the NYC half marathon (in 1:49:50), the Warrior Dash and most recently the Tough Mudder. I never thought I was capable of running 1 mile never mind 13. I am in this for the long run and my husband is my biggest supporter. This would be such an amazing opportunity!!

    1. Lost 10 pounds and working out everyday, eating right. It’s been my dream to do a spartan race and to go on a cruise. I have 20 pounds left to go on my journey. this is my dream!!!

  29. Have now done two Spartan races this year! The Beast in Monterey & the Sprint in San Francisco. Looking forward to earning my trifecta this year! Love the way that running a Spartan makes me feel: confident, strong, badass ๐Ÿ™‚ AROO!

  30. It would be a dream come true and so much to look forward to if I could complete in the Spartan Race in March 2015. I can’t even imagine how awesome it would be to travel to the Caribbean and participate in this race. I recently reestablished a healthier lifestyle, after 10 years of giving up on myself, and this would be such an amazing milestone in my health journey. I would choose my husband as my accountabilibuddy and make it into a one-of-a-kind birthday event for him.

  31. My husband and I have ran a marathon, half-marathons, and different trail runs; we’ve done charity bike rides; and now we’re training for a triathalon; however, we’ve never done an adventure-type of race like a Spartan Race. We would love the challenge!!!

  32. My husband and I did a local mud run together with our 8 year-old last year but this would just be AMAZING!!

  33. A Spartan Race would be incredibly fun AND at the same time keep me in shape. What a great motivator to work out everyday!

  34. I’ve never done a race before, and I think this would be an awesome goal for my B plaque for the BEST program!

  35. This is amazing. I throw myself under the bus far too often and it’s time to get in the best shape of my life and have fun during the journey!

  36. My husband has been my biggest supporter in my fitness life. He pushes me to go to the gym, pushes me to run, pushes me to be a better person all around. I want to push him through a Spartan race and finish something together!!

  37. I want to participate in the Spartan Race because I am now unafraid to not be the best at something and just have fun and enjoy the workout/challenge. I had signed up for a race a few years ago and ended up not racing it at all. I was too scared to go through with it. But now I have more confidence and ability and am READY for a new challenge and to bring inspiration to my personal training clients!

  38. It’s been a goal of mine to compete in the Spartan Race! This would be a firm kick in the rear to train and get ready for it. This could be something I could check off my bucket list! ๐Ÿ™‚ Plus, I would like to experience it, so I could inspire others.

  39. My hubby and I are trying to raise awareness for son David he has x inaction and a gene mutation called ssr4. We would love to pick for the trip so we can have the opportunity to make people area of what this is and does. We are in the process of resource, but the more people they have the better. We get to do are first race in October, we are also starting a new healthy and fit life.

  40. I want to do a spartan race since I have lost almost 100lbs! This would be a great challenge for me and perfect timing to lift my spirits since I am coming out of a difficult foot operation. I need to prove to myself I can do anything I can put my mind to!

  41. All my training right now is in preparation for competing in a Spartan Race. I have been shedding fat and increasing my strength. Feel that completing it would be an awesome experience. Am hoping to form a team to share in the journey together. Still have a way to go, however I have been consistent and am feeling good. ?Aut cum scuto aut in scuto? (With your shield or on it)

  42. Just completed my first Spartan in PA in July and I am so hooked! I WILL be returning and will CRUSH my previous performance!!! I basically went from couch to Spartan with alot of work to go…. still got a ways to go but I’m a work in progress ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Spartan Races intimidate me. Every time I think about signing up for one I think; who am I kidding I am not that much of a badass, stick to the Color Runs and Foam Fest 5ks Pandora. But after a lifetime of being morbidly obese and limited by the confines of my body I?m really good at underestimating myself. I?ll probably never sign up for one myself out of fear of not being able to do it perfectly or not being able to complete all the obstacles. But I know if Heidi Powell gifted me with a registration; I?d feel obligated to go and to give it 100% of my effort. I never win online contests, in fact I host many of them myself just because I take great satisfaction in paying it forward and rewarding others that ?never win? too, but since you?re doing this one and the prize is announced on my birthday I figured I better enter. What more motivation and inspiration than to have my heroes encourage me to do something outside of Pandora?s usual box?

  44. I would like to run a Spartan race to do has a different challenge. I’m a runner that has cystic fibrosis, I have ran 8 half marathons to date with a pr of 1:37:47 and currently training for number 9. The spartan race would be a different yet fun challenge.

  45. I have spent the last year losing over 65lbs. Running the spartan race would be the icing on the cake of this amazing journey and new fit lifestyle. I would love to have a new incredible goal like the Spartan Race to train for. Plus as a new Mom and wife I COULD USE A CRUISE!!!

  46. my wife and i are already training for such a event and are following the choose more lose more book! we would love a adventure like this!

  47. In less than 2 years I have battled a brain tumor and hearing loss. I am fighting harder than ever before to get my health on track and I started weight training about 6 months ago. This would definitely help me prove what I am made of to myself and my 2 little girls. ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Hi Heidi! I would love to compete in this Spartan race! I have started my weight loss journey recently and have been getting stronger each and every day. I have been running and am going to be doing my first 10K this fall. My fun buddy is my amazing supportive and goofy husband, He is a Marine and is fit and healthy. He has always believed in me even when I haven’t believe in myself. He is always right there with me no matter how slow I may be going always cheering me on ๐Ÿ™‚


  49. First off let me explain myself. I am currently at the weight of 307. That is 90 lbs of weight loss from September last year. Secondly, I have been doing half Spartan Races with the Biggest Loser since September. I have recently decided to run/walk the NYC marathon this year. So that would be a major accomplishment in my life to do a full Spartan on a cruise which I said if I ever lost 100 lbs I would go on a cruise. Thank You. Phil Cohen

  50. Heidi I love that you and Chris are accountabilibuddies! My husband and I are always looking to be adventurous together while staying active and healthy! You two are such great inspiration and we have especially loved all our EWL this season in our hometown Denver! We just did our first 5k obstacle course together and would love to try out the Spartan Series!

  51. I would like to participate in a Spartan Race because it is a challenge my husband and I have never done before! My husband and I are newly weds and we’ve been trying to find great outdoor activities to do together, not only to keep us in shape but also to allow us to continue getting to know each other. Everything from running, cycling, and hiking to something like a Spartan Race is right up our alley. We’re excited to participate ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. I’ve always worked out and been fairly healthy, but now as I’m getting older it’s a prime focus for me. I’m trying hard to take care of myself for the long haul, not just to look good this summer, etc.

    Right now I feel like I’m hitting a plateau. I’m trying to incorporate more into my workout, and to challenge myself more. Signing up for something like this would truly challenge me and push me far outside my comfort zone, for sure!

  53. I would love to do this race to be a great example to my kids..they love coming to my 5k races and I think this race would really inspire them!

  54. At losing nearly 100 lbs so far I love telling myself I did it after years of telling myself I couldn’t and a spartan race would do just that.

  55. I have always wanted to do races but they seem a little out of my comfort zone. This would be a perfect way to start. Run with my bff and meet some amazing inspirational people along the way

  56. So wonderful, to see a husband and wife helping one another better themselves! That type of support is rare, today. You both are so blessed. Thanks for this giveaway!

  57. I love challenges and pushing myself past my comfort zone to improve my overall fitness and help me reach my goals. Doing it with a friend will make it that much easier and satisfying for me. The Spartan Race isnt about how fast you run and how fast you finish, but about supporting others and working as a team to cross the finish line and finish TOGETHER. Thats why I want to do a Spartan race. Hoorah!

  58. I would love to have a new challenge! For the past five years, I have been battling eating disorder after eating disorder, feeling that my athleticism is gone. But God is good and I know His plans are much greater than my momentary troubles. I ran a half marathon last year and am ready to take on another challenge!!

  59. I have been meeting every weight loss goal thus far this past year. My goal this year to build upper body muscle, so I am able to compete in the Spartan Race. I have always been an athlete and competitive in my own fitness goals. The Spartan Race would be an amazing accomplishment and would solidify all of the hard work I have put in the last year. I would be more than happy to bring my friend with me that shares the same inner athlete and fitness goal.

  60. I’ve been always wanting to do a spartan race. At sign up time this year I was pregnant with baby #3. My goal is to sign up for 1 or 2 races next year.

  61. As many I have so many struggles and excuses in life. I ran a Marathon back in 2011, injured my knee and was out of the running game for a while. I look back and remember the feeling of such an accomplishment when I finished those long runs. My knee is better now, but I just keep coming up with all the excuses. Kids, work, life extra 20 lbs…….blah blah blah. I would love to run a Spartan race with my husband by my side. Through all my struggles he is my rock and my world. It bring tears to my eyes just thinking about how amazing it would be to finish with him <3

  62. I have recently lost close to 50 lbs. I have done 5ks and am currently training for a half marathon, but have never pushed my limits with an obstacle race! It would be a great opportunity to try something new and exciting!!

  63. I would love to run a Spartan Race to prove to myself, my friends, and my family that I can do anything that I set my mind to. It’s difficult because I’m 4’10 1/2 so I’m looked at funny when I say things like “I’m going to scale that wall one day” or “I’m going to run a 5K”. What better way to prove my worth than to become a Spartan?!

    I’m doing the C25K program now, so I’m a warrior in training! I just need my battleground.

  64. I love OCR. It was the reason I finally got back in shape at 37. I won an entry to Monster Challenges and didn’t know exactly what it was, but I knew it would involve running and looked fun. I went out the first time to “train” and after running 1/4 mile I ended up in bed with a headache, heart palpitations, racing heart, dizziness, etc. Regardless I stuck with it and here a year and a half later I have run over 20 OCR’s from 5k to 10 miles and can run 9 minute miles all day long. OCR has changed my life and given me a very FUN reason to stay in shape.

  65. Obstacle Course racing has become my sport; and I was never athletic as a kid. I’ve only run in a handful, and I’m getting back into fitness after a series of injuries left me way out of shape. I would love both a vacation and the opportunity to participate in my first event in 2 years.

  66. Being entered into running a Spartan race would give me motivation. I’ve never done any sort of race (5k, 10k, etc). I need to prove to myself that I could do something more

  67. I am running my 8th and 9th Spartan Race this sept. The free race isn’t for me, I want to gift it to my accountibilibuddy, Megan Ulmer. She motivates me, pushes me, encourages me to be a better athelete, runner and person. She committed to running a Spartan in 2015 and I committed to doing a tri with her in 2015. Would love to surprise her with a free race ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. I have run a bunch of Spartan Races and other types. I use these as motivation to keep myself in shape even though i sit at a desk 8 hours a day. i have included my daughters in this activity in the hopes it will inspire a lifetime of fitness. I make it a point to try to get someone new to OCR to race everytime i go out. I have already got a group from work to do a rugged maniac and friends in my neighborhood to do local mud runs. i love to spread the word of fitness and activity, and inspire others to keep moving. i would love another chance to do so. thanks!

  69. I am currently serving in the military but I have always struggled with my endurance/running/obstacles ect. Being a female in the military and being overweight has definitely been frowned upon., that i don’t live up to the expectations of the being in the service. Being a female period is hard enough, it’s like i ALWAYS have something to prove. This time I want to prove them wrong!! I have Recently I have taken a stand to improve my run and fitness, and to overall be healthy. currently down 30 lbs in 3 months and feeling amazing. I want to be a POSITIVE role model to the public, to son and to my husband. I don’t want to be that one person who brings down a unit in combat. I want to be that person on the field who people count on. I want to prove to my leadership that I have what it takes and what a better way than to complete this spartan race with my also active duty husband! EMEWL has giving me so much motivation and confidence to continue my journey and make this a lifestyle. I have already made the commitment to run a half marathon and just to keep improving and setting goals for myself

  70. I am currently serving in the military but I have always struggled with my endurance/running/obstacles ect. Being a female in the military and being overweight has definitely been frowned upon., that i don’t live up to the expectations of the being in the service. Being a female period is hard enough, it’s like i ALWAYS have something to prove. This time I want to prove them wrong!! I have Recently I have taken a stand to improve my run and fitness, and to overall be healthy. currently down 30 lbs in 3 months and feeling amazing. I want to be a POSITIVE role model to the public, to son and to my husband. I don’t want to be that one person who brings down a unit in combat. I want to be that person on the field who people count on. I want to prove to my leadership that I have what it takes and what a better way than to complete this spartan race with my also active duty husband! EMEWL has giving me so much motivation and confidence to continue my journey and make this a lifestyle. I have already made the commitment to run a half marathon and just to keep improving and setting goals for myself.

  71. I lost most of the weight I wanted to, adopted a new lifestyle (IT’S NOT A DIET!), now it’s time to step up my game. I really want to compete in a Spartan race, but I doubt I will ever consider myself ready…therefore will most likely never enter myself. IF the entry was made for me however…. Love you guys!?

  72. I would like to run this Spartan race because it would be a goal I could work towards. I am a busy mother of three little kids and what you said in your blog today really resonated with me. It gets too easy to break promises to ourselves. I would love this chance to help kick-start my weight loss and to give me a sense of accomplishment.

  73. I have never done a spartan race and always wish I had. I challenged myself to do a half marathon two years ago and I lost weight but more importantly, I started to feeling amazing about myself and have a more positive outlook on life! It’s crazy how a fit body can do that. I believe training for a Spartan race would not only render the same results, but would be so much fun and memorable to train and compete in!

  74. Last year I did the spartan in phoenix. On about mile 3 I was pulling the cinder block chains up the hill and in a total freak thing, I turned funny and broke my foot. The paramedics told me if they carted me back, the race was over for me. I was participating with a local fire chief friend and my uncle and I told them I was going to earn that dang medal at the end! I wasn’t going to have a broken foot for nothing! So I hobbled the rest of the way and they helped me with the obstacles. I would love to do spartan again and finish it strong, and prove to myself I can do it!

  75. I would love the chance to accomplish something challenging that is not a health issue. I have survived cancer twice and that to me was a challenge. Now that I’m 34 all I can think about is was there anything I could of done different to change the outcome but there is nothing I could of done and even if there walkouts of been I wouldn’t change anything I’ve done or been through. Now I wanna feel that I accomplished something awesome and this would the perfect chance. Thanks for your time and both you and Chris are amazing people

  76. It is a great thing to keep me motivated and have something to work towards. I’ve been up and down the last couple years (weight, emotions, exercising, etc) and need the motivation to get back in it.

  77. I have always wanted to run a Spartan race. I am currently working on losing 100lbs and this would be a wonderful goal to reach for. I would love the opportunity to accomplish this! Thank you for the chance!

  78. November 2013 I embarked on a journey to lose weight and finally start fighting for myself. I’ve learned so much on this weight loss journey! I was sexually abused as a child and learned to hide my feelings in food…if losing weight has taught me anything it’s this: I AM WORTH FIGHTING FOR! I learned that sexual abuse does not define me…but the way I respond to what has happened to me is what defines me. Since November I’ve gone from 320 pounds to 219 pounds (weight today)! It has been such a challenge but one of the best things I could’ve done for myself. My sister, Erika, is a runner and she is the one who has inspired me, motivated me, encouraged me, and lifted me up when I didn’t think I could keep going. I’d love to have the opportunity to go compete in the Spartan race and give back just a fraction of what she has given me. Having a moment like the Spartan Race with my sister would be beyond my greatest imagination!

  79. I would love to win a trip to this amazing challenge! What’s a better workout with your spouse right by your side!! This would be such a blessing for us! We love challenges!!:)

  80. I’ve lost 105lbs so far on my own and I am still working on more! I’m tired of the “I cant” in my head and I want to show myself I CAN!

  81. After many fad diets I finally caved in and opted for gastric bypass surgery 4 years ago I’ve since then lost 150lbs.. The problem is they fixed my stomach to eat smaller poryions but they did fix my head..It’s getting harder and harder to maintain.. I’ve watched this show and all the counseling y’all give the participants I feel it’s me your talking too.. I was so inspired I did my first 5k ever.. I so want to do more.. One day a marathon.. Keep me inspired and chose me for the spartan race.

  82. I’ve recently found myself in an activity rut, and my husband and I have toyed with the idea of competing in a Spartan race this fall. This seems like the perfect chance to get out of my rut and put our words into action!

  83. I want to participate because I feel this is a great step in my journey to health. I committed to a warrior dash and didn’t train at all. It was amazing that I finished and with out injury.
    It made me realize that I am not the young girl that can do anything anymore. I used to see dancers, athletes and what not, and think that with a little work I could do it. But I was wrong. I have to put in a lot of work.
    With that being said, after many attempts, I know my head is in the right spot to make it happen. I want to be healthy and am willing to make it happen. The race is more than a chance to get away and have fun, it’s redemption for years of putting myself down, beating myself up,and being the fat girl inside and out. To show that I am fit, healthy,and beautiful.

  84. I have wanted to try the Spartan races for a long time but never commited to it. Hopefully I win so I will have to do it! They look so fun!

  85. I’ve never done anything like this before or even considered it until I just saw this post! I have been an avid watcher of the show and it wasn’t until I watched the most recent transformation that I realized I have had enough and got up of the couch signed up to run a Disney 10k and am running it this weekend despite the fact I had my big toenail removed a month ago due to a laceration! No excuses as you and Chris say right! So why not push myself to that next level of the spartan race? It sounds amazingly fun! If chosen in sure I would have an amazing time and it would force me to have a next level training goal to achieve to hit my 100 pound weight loss! Since beginning my journey this far I’ve lost my grandmother and 50 pounds! Whoever wins will be a worthy recipient and will have an amazing time!

  86. Because I am completely and undeniably hooked on them. I agree with you Heidi, it is a rush that I look forward to and enjoy working for. I have even been able to get some friends in on working out and running it! I am just finishing high school, so unfortunately have a limited budget and can only pay for so many. So to be able to run one more before the season ends would be a huge deal!

  87. I think it would be amazing to run my first ever Spartan Race with my husband! We did a color run in Tokyo earlier this year and it was so fun to be able to go, get away together just us, and spend some time together while be active. We will be back in the states come October & it would be amazing to be apart of one!

  88. To overcome myself limiting doubts and show myself I am strong and capable. I have just started my journey to health, fitness and happiness. This would be an amazing accomplishment. Thank 6 out Heidi and Chris for all your inspiration and dedication!

  89. I would love to do a race like this with my best friend Annapurna. She’s my inspiration!!! I ran my first 50k with her guidance last year and we finished together! My favorite race so far. I would love to try something different like the Spartin race! Love seeing what my body is capable of!

  90. I would like to run a Spartan Race to continue in my fitness goals and journey. I have always watched weight loss shows but never really committed to my own journey until last year. I am now down almost 100lbs, I have started running and weight lifting. My fiance? is also working along side me and as you mentioned we LOVE to work out together. This would be something great we could accomplish together and be all the better because of it!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  91. I would absolutely love to do this with my wife. We are a couple that has only within the past year gotten into fitness with each other, and this would be another amazing race to do to make incredible memories.

  92. I want to live up to my full fitness potential. Lost 35lbs and ran the tough murder this summer so I’m ready for more! Plus my husband and I could use a vacation and he’s dying to try the spartan race!

  93. I want to prove to myself that I can complete the challenge! I’ve always wanted to do this but never followed through. Now is my chance!

  94. I LOVE to run and do crossfit and I have ways wanted to do a spartan race. I had my 4th baby a year ago and havent found the time but would love to make it happen. Pick me!!!

  95. I have lost 50 lbs to reach my goal during my fitness journey and am now a fitness instructor. I love doing races with my husband and especially ones with obstacles! With 4 kids we have never been on a cruise and what better way to throw all that together, I love to mix fitness with my vacations!

  96. Would LOVE to be able to get away with the Mrs. and do something challenging/fun together! With two little boys under 3, time spent alone together seems few and far between. This would be the perfect way to decompress and recharge our batteries!

  97. It has been a long journey and I still have a long way to go to be the person that I want to be. I have been trying for so long and I feel that I am at the point in my life where I am going to make some real progress. I have been doing 5ks and cannot wait to do my first mud run. It is a huge accomplishment and reminds me I can do anything I put my mind to. Thanks to Heidi and Chris for being such awesome inspirations! You help more people than you even realize! !

  98. I’ve never done a challenge in this magnitude!! I’ve been working hard to get fit and stay healthy, I think that being able to do a Spartan would give me the drive to keep pushing and keep setting goals!!

  99. Hello my name is Iris and I am from Katy, Texas! I started my weightloss journey one year ago on my own and since have lost 50 pounds. I’m 23 years old (will be 24 on Sunday) and have one son of 3 years old. I have never felt better and y’all are one of my many inspirations. this would be a great reward for my self. Something I wouldn’t have been able to do a year ago and wouldn’t even think about entering for. I still have a long way to go but this would totally motivate me to push even harder. It would be somethin to look forward to and I promise I would not take it for granted. With that being said, I will keep my fingers crossed:) thank you for your time
    -iris n

  100. Simple…to show my small-town High School Cheerleading team that you are worth taking care of and are never to “old” to be active!! P.s. They think mid 40’s is old lol

    1. I would love to win the entry to pass it on to my daughter, Alexa. She has been working hard on her AA degree while still in high school and continues daily to get to the box to work on her dream of one day being in the CrossFit games. She does jewelry parties to pay for all her own CrossFit competitions and charity runs whenever she can. The Spartan was on her list next. It’s just an extra way for me to thank her for working so hard.

  101. I would LOVE the opportunity to win an entry in a Spartan race! I’m about to graduate from pharmacy school, and one of my professors is really into obstacle course races, including Spartan. He posts pictures all the time that look so fun! I’ve secretly been wanting to do this for awhile now, but I haven’t been able to work up the courage. It would be so awesome if I won! ๐Ÿ˜€

  102. I am currently working on getting certified as a personal trainer, and I am always trying to push myself to the next level in my fitness and heath as best I can! My husband is a former Marine and we have been wanting to participate in an event such as a Spartan race together soon, and I think it would be an awesome event and goal for us to work towards together and become great accountabilibuddies and even closer as a married couple. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  103. My journey for better health, physical and emotional, started in February 2012. My plan has always been about challenging myself with goals I previously thought impossible to achieve. Whether it be improving my one mile pace or hitting new PRS in the gym. Finally at 40+ years I am not defining my health on the scale. I continue this journey to maintain my health and to set a good example for my children. I have never participated in the Spartan race, but I will be turning 44 in March and think this would be an amazing way to spend my birthday with my hubby!

  104. I just completed the Spartan Super in Virginia over the weekend and in October I run the Spartan Beast to get my trifecta. Two years ago I was over weight and have lost 50lbs exercising and tackling these races. After this past weekend my wife has said she wants to do a race with me so she can get fit too so we are searching for a sprint for her to start off with. This Spartan cruise with an island race would be a great way for her to get started!!

  105. By March 2015, but fiance & I will be married a month. What a better way to start off a marriage but with a Spartan Race??

  106. I really want to lose the last of my baby weight.. My baby is 7! I’ve never run a race but I’m up for any challenge. Hubby has been laid off since November so a cruise would be awesome on top of it! Thanks!

  107. I am in MY weight loss/healthier life style journey. I love participating in 5Ks, they are fun to me! I have been looking at doing a more challenging race, like the spartan race. This would be a dream come true for me and an amazing experience!

  108. I’ve never done a Spartan race, but would love to do one with my husband. What an awesome experience that would be! Thanks for the opportunity!

  109. I would love to compete in the Spartan Race! It has looked like so much fun I just can’t get the nerve to sign up. I love your show, everything that y’all do and your sweet family!

  110. My new soon to be be husband and I are fat-to-fit stories. I met him after already losing 70 pounds on my own. He is a police officer who decided to get fit a few years ago after a foot chase that could have ended badly. He quit smoking and started focusing on getting fit. My weight loss journey was after years of being trapped in an abusive marriage. We are actually getting married at the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Marathon in November. This would be a perfect “honeymoon” for the two of us. He is my accountability partner. We often squeeze in late workouts after the kids get tucked in. Fitness has become our life and it is our goal to make it a part of our children’s lives as well. I must say our 8 year old does a mean downward dog, our 10 year old does pullups, and our 11 year old just ran his first 10K. Thanks so much for giving us extra motivation for us to watch on Tuesday nights. We fight over who gets the treadmill then ๐Ÿ˜‰

  111. Running in spartan races is something I would have never been able to do 2 years ago. Between me and my husband we have lost over 100lbs and have continued on a new path to health and fitness! The spartan races have taught us how to work as a team to over come obstacles and we love to take on the challenge whenever we can.

  112. Me and one of my best friends have been working on our weight loss and fitness goals together for a while now! We push eachother to do better constantly. As we are both single mothers of multiple kids, we don’t get much free time and have to squeeze in time to workout whenever we can, which usually means early mornings and late nights so we can still spend time with the kiddos! We would love the opportunity to go and get away and also get some great workout time in!! Sounds like a dream come true!!

  113. I competed in my first one on the Fort Carson base in Colorado. I would love to compete in another one and beat my time!!

  114. It would be the icing on the cake this year to win a spot in a Spartan race. This upcoming December I am graduating from college on my 22nd birthday. Two very big events for me all in one. It is my goal to be the best version of myself I can be by that weekend. Over the last two years, I’ve lost myself, with that, my self confidence and assurance has significantly plummeted. Last winter, I was diagnosed with PCOS. In order to overcome this, I am determined to transform my attitude, diet, and fitness. Winning this spot will fire me up to train and compete while finding my fit! I want this challenge for myself!

  115. I’ve never done anything like this before! I’m a Mommy of 4 little monkey’s and I love it!. I would love this challenge. I want to be mentally & physically healthy so I can be the best person I can be. I know that sounds cheesy but seriously depression, addictions & extremely bad health “run” in our family. I want to break through those chains!! I am strong & even though I’ve never done anything like this before, I know I can do it!! Please give me that chance! Thank you so much!

  116. I want to run AND finish a Spartan race so at the finish I can yell, “We are Spartaaaaa!!!!!!!!!” ๐Ÿ™‚

  117. So this is something my husband and I would love to do as couple… Why I believe we should win this is because Janury 17th 2013 my husband was hit by a car while standing on a sidewalk waiting to cross the street! He almost died, shattered his right femour and traumatic brain injury which has now lead to sever PTSD.. Through all this he ended up living and becoming addicted to crossfit and had made a great recovery! They said he may never be able to run again and or do his job as a fire fighter! But he can do it all and the is would be such a great thing for him and “us” to conquer after everything we have been through over this past year and a half!! We also LOVE you guys and you are very inspirational to us both! Thank you

  118. My fiance and I would love this opportunity to start to get fit we are getting married in October of next year and we have been talking about doing a Spartan Race and I think this would bring us closer together as well as get fit for the future.

  119. I love the show and love what Heidi and Chris do for others. They truly save people from the brink of death, transform them into healthy and happy people, that they deserve to be. I wpuld just love the oppurtunity to have that chance for them to work with me and my wife. Teach us the healthy habits to keep us fit and around for our kids for a very long time. I’d love to do the Spartan Race and prove to myself, after plenty of training, that I can do it. Prove to my kids that I did use to be athletic…lol. Plus the cruise would be a bonus for the wife and I to finally go on a honeymoon! Regardless the outcome thatnk you for the oppurtunity to be chosen!! And thank you for the inspiration you give my family and millions around the world!! God bless.

  120. Hey guys. First off I would like to say that I love your show and that it truley inspires me to get my ass moving everyday. Chris and Heidi are awesome people. As for the giveaway, wow that would be an amazing expirence. over the last two years I lost 100lbs the old fashion way. Last Sept I ran in the Spartan Beast Championship in Killington, VT at around 40 lbs heavier then I am today. my Time was 9 hours! I would love to challenge myself once again to see the changes Ive made in absoulte full force. As for the the cruise. Well, after working so dang hard for the last two years that would be a nice treat. Thanks guys !

  121. After losing 70 pounds, and participating in a few 5k’s with my husband, he and I are ready for a run with more of a challenge. Neither one of us really like running, however it is one thing we want to become stronger at together. I have been in “maintenance mode” for weight loss for a year now, however I know that I must keep moving and eating real food to keep the pounds from coming back on.

    Thank you for this opportunity to win. Race admission prices are not always in the budget!

  122. I would love the opportunity to complete this race with my husband. I think it would help us make gains physically and even better grow our relationship.

  123. OMG Spartan race has always been my dream ! Being from Canada Heidi Chris and the Powell pack has been my inspiration ! I’m a full time teacher mother of four and I’ve lost 95 pounds I could be a milestone for me !!! I hope I win!!!

  124. It would be so awesome to win a Spatan race for me and my husband! We just passed our 1 year anniversary Crossfitting. It has been great getting stronger together and being able to encourage and push each other. We have wanted to do a Spartan race together! I think it would be a fun challenge ๐Ÿ™‚

  125. I completed my first Spartan Sprint earlier this year and I am looking to take it up a notch and could really use the entry to go the distance.

  126. I would love to participate in a Spartan race. I am striving to show my 8 month old daughter that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

  127. I want my daughter and I to compete…. We have done 3 mod O courses and find them to be amazing bonding experiences!!! Nothing like mommy & daughter time in the mud running over obstacles!!!

  128. I would love to win a Spartan race because I love would love to take on a new challenge. I have never done one and would love to do one some day! Maybe even get my hubby in on it!

  129. I would like to prove to myself I could do it. My whole life has been filled with “I cants” and I could really use an “I can!”

  130. I would absolutely love to win this. I just had a baby seven months ago and hubby and I could use a wonderful vacation. I just started carb cycling and and excited to see what results come May way over the next year . Thank you for the chance to run in a spartan race!

  131. I would love to receive a Spartan a race ticket to be pushed out I my comfort zone! I’m a busy mom of 3 who has recently lost almost 90lbs. I couldn’t think of a more fun & challenging way to celebrate!

  132. I want to compete to show my boyfriend that the Tough Mudder he ran is not as rough, tough, and crazy as the Spartan Race AND to show him my super competitive side ๐Ÿ™‚

  133. I just had a baby in June and I want to show him that his mom is a fighter. I have been training for a few weeks now and it hasn’t been easy to juggle working out and taking care of a newborn, but I want to prove to myself and to everyone that persistence pays off and anything worth having is worth working for. My husband and I have to switch out to take care of the baby so we haven’t been able to workout together. I would love to have him race with me.

  134. I would love to do this with one of my daughters!! We are all into working out and I just think this would be so much fun!!

  135. I just completed my first spartan the VA Super and it was a rush crossing the line with our team. I haven’t had that feeling of espre de core since the service. Completeing my trifecta and training for the Ultra in 2015 are my next goals…

  136. I met my girlfriend on Facebook. We were both a member of a fitness group and kept each other accountable by taking pics, discussing goals, and posting results. She lived in NY and I lived in KY. I decided to fly to NY to meet her for the first time. We hit it off immediately. We are still together today. Our love for fitness has grown since we first met. I’ve completed my second 5k and also decreased my time by 8 minutes, from last year’s time. We have both talked about doing some kind of spartan race or tough mudder. It would be a great accomplishment for us both to be able to do this.

  137. I want to do the spartan race because life has shown me some obstacles. It’s time to conquer those obstacles and time to stop using those obstacles as excuses . I got where I was by only doing the the things that were comfortable. I am Ready to be my own super hero

  138. I would love to tackle this with my twin sister she is my biggest support and doing this would mean i could tackle anything im scaired of!!!!! AND i love you guys!

  139. I would love to do a Spartan race as my next challenge. They always seem to be so intimidating and I talk myself out of signing up, but winning an entry would give me the push I need!!

  140. My finance and I got engaged in February. Since then we have been discussing how and where we want to get married. Fitness is a huge part of our lives already. I think participating in this event and making part of our wedding trip would be a great way to celebrate us as a couple!

  141. My husband and I have become even closer in 2014… We started running together in January , ran our first race together in March (his B-day), which was a 7k, then our second race, a quarter marathon (my birthday), and will be running a half marathon together in September. The Spartan race would be the perfect next goal for us to achieve together!

  142. I love having an acountibilibuddy! We push each other harder and I always have a buddy for the next 10km ๐Ÿ™‚

  143. I want to win the Spartan Race for two reasons. One I am an ER nurse who sees daily what the consequences of poor diet and lack of exercise does to the human body and the human spirit. I made the decision that I would do everything in my power to prevent the “preventable” disease processes through eating right, exercising, not smoking or putting toxic substance in my body. I would set the example for my family to follow. Second, I am raising girls. I want them to know through my example that girls can be tough -spartan tough- and that they can accomplish anything they set their mind to if the work hard enough.

  144. I would love to be apart of the Spartan Race. I just started a running class at a gym with a bunch of beginners this week because watching your show has motivated me! I will run my first 5K in November with the people in my class. I am a little over 100 pounds overweight and watching all of the people on your show do these type races have shown me I don’t have to wait until I’m “skinny” to do it. After reading Heidi’s blog I have learned its about keeping small promises to myself. I loved it when Cassie said “it’s not about perfection but persistence. I would start and because I couldn’t do it perfect I would stop. I have neglected myself for far to long taking care of my family and not taking care of myself. I have made the decision through watching your show I CAN do it and by winning this it would give me all the more motivation to achieve all my goals!! I love the Powells and all that you do for others!! Thank you!!

  145. Did the Tough Mudder in Houston last year after seeing it on your show!!! I will LOVE TO DO THE
    Spartan race with my hubby!!

  146. My goals of showing what someone with a invisible disability can do. I want to inspire those around me that anything is possible. Amanda Sullivan has shown me along with Todd Love/Operation Enduring Warrior, what is truly possible given any disability.. Ability is what is key to do this with anyone who doubts ability of disabilities

  147. This would be fantastic, maybe what it would finally take to get my wife to join me on my journey to a better and fitter lifestyle. For the last few years I have been getting more and more into OCR and The Spartan Military Sprint 2012 was my first. I am now addicted and in 2015 will be going after my first Spartan Tri-Fecta, with the first being in February 2015 there is Arizona. Why not follow that up with a nice cruise and race in March? Anyhow thank you for your consideration and know that this opportunity would be going to someone who knows what they are getting into and still asking for more.

  148. Have completed multiple halfs and a full marathon but have never done a Spartan race and love new challenges!

  149. I’ve lost 130lbs so far, with 20 left to reach my goal.

    I’ve fought against life and injury.

    I’ve battled myself.

    And I’ve failed a lot along the way.
    But I never quit.

  150. I would like to do a spartan race because I believe after completing my first 5k this year, and signing up for a half marathon for this upcoming November, and a full marathon on my bday in February, I am only ready for even greater challenge such as the Spartan race! I am so inspired by you and the Powell clam, that makes me and my family much stronger. Thanks for being such an amazing family. ? Jen

  151. I would love to do a Spartan Race! I almost did Tough Mudder but then I got pregnant and was so sick! Fast forward two kids now- I’m ready!!

  152. I have begun my fitness journey after my having my last baby. Baby #4! I am ready to get my body where I had hoped to be all this time. Completing a Spartan Race is on my bucket list and I have a team training for the one coming to Oklahoma next year! I can’t wait. Would love to not only prove to myself but be a part of an amazing team who crosses that finish line…without having to do any burpees! :Here’s to completing the SUPER Spartan race 2015!

  153. I just attended the Denver Spartan Workout on my 10 year wedding anniversary trip and had a blast. I have not yet run a Spartan Race, but that is my next goal. I’ve come a long way this past year on my weight loss/fitness journey, and have had my sights set on this race for many, many months now.

  154. A spartan race with my hubby (he is my swolemate) would be amazing. We have to limit pur races every year because financially we can afford them all, but to win a paid expense would be incredible!

  155. I would love to do a Spartan race with my hubby! He is by far my biggest supporter and the best accountability partner I could ever ask for. I have kicked butt getting back into shape after our latest addition last May and this would be an awesome experience/reward for all that hard work!

  156. Would love to do a Spartan with hubby. I’ve done a Dirty Girl mud run and think a Spartan would be a new challenge!

  157. 5 months ago I couldn’t run for 2 minutes. Since then I have run in 1 5k, 1 warrior dash and 2 Tough Mudders. I am addicted.

  158. too bad it’s only for US residents…..i would have been a great goal to look forward into….and of course a great way to push me more into sports after 3 kids….. ๐Ÿ™‚
    good luck everyone!

  159. Completing a Spartan Race with my older brother would be the ultimate way to celebrate both of our transformations!

  160. Hello,

    My name is Christie. I have been on my own personal journey for a little over a year. Thanks to my dear friend Nicholette and your awesome support and programs I have lost over 70 lbs.

    Nicholette and I run as many races as possible together. Two years ago I was 242 lbs of self hate laying on the couch eating crap food. Today I’m 70 lbs down running 10ks!!! I even completed the warrior dash with my step kids.

    Thanks to this new found health and energy I had the ability to take in foster children who are Deaf and offer the a healthy and happy home where they communicate in there native language!!!

    With the support of my amazing friend and my husband my life is changing in amazing ways,

    Thank you for always being there on tv to be that voice to tell me to get up and move.

  161. I can’t use the “Rafflecopter” to comment anything. It just skips to the bottom of the page and doesn’t let me enter my text or click “I commented”. But I would love to do this because I believe in myself, and for the future of my kids……if only I could enter. :/

  162. This would be a blast to do with my husband! After 27+ years of marriage a second honeymoon would be a bonus!

  163. I’m from AK and we do not have the opportunity to just drive to a different race every weekend. Last year when I turned 39 I told everyone that for my 40th birthday my goal was to finish a Spartan Race. I have been on my weight lost journey for the last 6 months losing half of my weight goal so that I would be able to finish this race. I have ran 5K, 10K and even 2 half marathons this summer to get ready for this goal. To win this would opportunity would just be an amazing experiences. I show my three children that planning, training and believing you can reach a goal is really the meaning to success.

  164. This race would be so fun. I tried the local Special Ops 5k, but I think a spartan race would have more obstacles and be fun in the Caribbean (Closer to sea level).

  165. I would love to compete to see how much farther I can push myself. I Have been doing Reebok/Les Mills so why not Reebok/Spartan Race?

  166. I would love to do a spartan race! My bestie Christie Limbeck Dishaw and I ran our 1st 5k last year. We went from never running….. Ever….. To doing a 5k+ every weekend. She inspires me daily! Together we have lost over 150lbs. I would love for us to have the opportunity to show ourselves how bad a** we really are and how far we’ve come!

  167. I’d love to win a Spartan race entry so I can run the VT Beast in honor of my father who passed away from colon cancer & to run in his honor!

    1. I would love yo win the Spartan race to show my daughter that you can accomplish anything you set your mind too and it doesn’t matter how old you are! Anything is possible!

  168. I completed a Sprint this year and I really didn’t do as well as I should have! I was very disappointed in myself and would love to have another shot at it!

  169. Not everyone can have an accountabilibuddy- but a chance like this is also something to work towards! Who would blow an award from Heidi & Chris?! The winner is sure to give it all they’ve got, with a buddy or not! Would love to win and surprise us all!

  170. I would like to be apart of a spartan race because I have been doing some 5k’s around where I live. I play two sports a year and my sister does to so this would be fun for the both of us, it would also be a fun challenge! ????

  171. I have done the Mud Factor 5k twice now and loved it!! I am doing another obstacle one next month (Slime run) and plan to do more next summer!! They are so much fun to do with a buddy and it always amazes myself to see how I strong I really am!!!

  172. I would LOVE to do a Spartan Race, especially with my husband!! I just completed my first half a marathon and it felt amazing to accomplish a goal I set at the beginning of the summer!! My husband and I love CrossFit and being active together. This would be a fabulous race:)

  173. I want to run a spartan race cause it is one of my goals. This next month I’m running my first Half Marathon. I’m looking forward to it and starting to train for it by going to the gym and running every morning and working out at home in the evening. I also don’t get to go much of anywhere cause my husband is disabled. I would be so pleased and excited about me and my accountability partner getting to do a Spartan Race and see a beautiful island. My accountability partner is my baby sister who has Lupus. She is starting to workout and actually wanted me to be her accountability partner. I’m very happy she did and so very proud of her.

  174. I’ve been wanting to do one of these races for a long time. I would love the opportunity to take on the challenge and feel like a warrior! Thanks for all the constant inspiration!

  175. It’s always fun to have something to work towards and I find that to be one of the best motivators for myself. Spartan race would be a fun experience!

  176. I started a new lifestyle February of 2013 and am currently down 45 lbs. I have researching and wanting to do something like this, just haven’t yet. What better way to do it then to do it big like this!!
    Good luck everyone!

  177. I’ve learned so much about my self, doing these races. I can climb high, I can get down low, and go through trenches, I can do whatever I set my mind too. If I don’t finish a obstacle – it feels like that missed chance. That missed moment I will never get back. You don’t get to go around, you go over. If for some reason you can’t get over, you find a friend who will help you — you just don’t walk away. You at least try — and you have fun while doing it. I try to make life this way too.

    You cant run it you walk it, you can’t walk it you crawl it, you can’t crawl it you better find a friend to help you across… and you better be laughing the entire time you’re doing it, because you look absolutely insane.

    I’ve never been able to go to a Spartan, they are this gold ring, a jewel in your crown. They are beyond bragging rights. I would love to go do one for the first time, and see what I can do.

  178. Just recovering from surgery for cervical cancer and looking for a needed kick in my rear to regain my “spark” and love for exercise!

  179. I would love to win because it has been a goal/dream of mine to run a spartan race since giving birth to my 3rd baby girl 5 months ago!

  180. My accountabilibuddy aka husband of 15 years are on a journey of adopting a healthier lifestyle. We are always looking for opportunities to get moving together. What a better way to go into the fall and winter months to be training as a team for this adventure!

  181. Would love to try a spartan race with my wife after completing 3rd warrior dash, this year and first with my wife!

  182. I have always struggled with my weight. I am now 30 years old, a mother, and am engaged to be married to an amazing man. My fiance Joe just competed in his first Spartan race 2 weeks ago. You should have seen him. A 300 pound man , wearing a purple speedo, completed the Spartan Sprint in 3 hours and 38 minutes. I was so proud! And sad. Sad that I didn’t have the guts to compete myself. Sad that I was so ashamed and self conscience and worried about what people would think of me. Joe finished the race and is now obsessed with everything Spartan. He is scoping out the next race. He wants the tri-fecta! And I want to do it with him! Competing in this race would be so much more than just a competition against other people. It’s a competition within myself that I want to beat.

  183. My goal is to be in good shape for my kids and wife. That started this summer with starting to train for a 5k and ultimately a marathon. My first race was a RAID event and now I can’t wait for another opportunity to come along.

  184. I have made great progress in my strength and fitness and I would love to do a race to see how had I could really push myself.

  185. I want to take part in a Spartan race to kick start myself after being in and out of the hospital for the past 8 months. Two short years ago I began a transformation of my life. I lost 28 of the 50lbs I wanted to lose. I also began competing in obstacle course races. I completed the Kiss Me Dirty 5K mud run and the Warrior Dash 5K(without skipping any obstacles). I found a passion for fun events like this and vowed they would be my way to get fit. However, life got in the way. I became pregnant with my second child, what a blessing, but that began what is now a nightmare. When my daughter was born, the anesthesia did not work during my c section. I blew the two main vertebral arteries to my brain. I suffered from constant extreme head pain for months until they could find meds that would lessen it at all. I will now live with constant headaches. I was put on a slew of medications including blood thinners. Five months later I finally had normal blood flow to my brain, but then disaster struck again. My body reacted to the blood thinners and a blood vessel popped in my thigh. I had a fist sized hematoma develop and my artery ruptured. Over two liters of free flowering blood filled my leg overnight and I lost use of my right leg. After three blood transfusions, to avoid amputating my leg, I was left with a barely working limb. I lived in the hospital and rehab facility for a month. I baffled all my therapists when I walked myself out of rehab less than two weeks after being admitted there. I am still undergoing intensive PT and OT but am getting stronger everyday. All my doctors and nurses said I should’ve been dead twice over, but I beat the odds and will continue to do so. My daughter is now a happy, healthy eight month old and even though I had to quit my teaching job due to disability, I have been blessed with the opportunity to stay at home with her and my handsome four year old son.

  186. I have been wanting to run the Reebok Spartan race! What better way to get quality time with your loved one and get a fun workout in! Would love to do this!

  187. I just recently completed my first Spartan Race (Sprint in Amesbury, MA) with a team of 11. (it was suppose to be 12 but someone threw out their back beforehand). We started as a TEAM, we worked through the obstacles (as needed) as a TEAM and we finished as a TEAM!! First off, it was suppose to be a 5k but due to NBCSN filming, it was 4.8 miles. Not quite a Super, but a little more than a Sprint. It was the hardest race I have ever done but very rewarding.

    I would like to be able to continue to challenge myself BUT these races, especially Spartan, can be pricey. I am signed up for Spartan Fenway on November but I can always make more room on my schedule for next year.

    You guys continue to inspire me. Keep up the great work Powell Pack!!

    Jen Sanders-Boston, MA

  188. This would be such a great opportunity to be given. I would love to be chose to completed this challenge and say I did it for me.

  189. I’ve heard how fun and challenging the Spartan challenge is. This is one of my goals. I want to be able to say, “I did this.” This is definitely my biggest goal (other then leaving behind 50 lbs).

  190. I would love to do a Spartan Race to challenge myself physically and mentally. My friends and I run mud races and did a Tough Mudder a couple of years ago. I’ve heard Spartan is difficult and I would love to accomplish this goal. Thanks so much!!

  191. Would love to win this — would be a great motivator to recommitt to my health. It’s hard for me to keep working out much during the summer since I have two young children who need my attention and need me to drive them to swim practice, play dates, etc. They will be headed back to school in 8 days and I can start working hard again!

  192. A Spartan race is my goal for October! I’ve was never the most active person, but it was something that I decided to set my eyes on, and I’m going for it!

  193. My husband loves competing in events like the Spartan Race! winning this giveaway would be the perfect opportunity for me to face my fears and join him! Not to mention, the cruise would allow us to spend some quality time together – something that has been a rare commodity while he is completing his residency in Emergency Medicine!

  194. I love racing because i’m always amazed at how much faster and further i can go than simply running by myself. The motivation and support you get from the other people running around you is truly incredible, and i would love the opportunity to run this Reebok race!!!

  195. I have been inspired by both, Chris and Heidi to begin my own transformation journey. Since 2007, I have gained over 100lbs. Battling depression and anxiety with a medical condition called trichotillomania, my life was falling to pieces. I recently started my weight loss journey on July 1st of this year and so far have lost 20lbs, 4% body fat, and 10.25 inches off of my body. The perfect milestone for me would be to do a race like the Spartan Race. Test endurance, test strength (emotionally and physically), to prove that I’m capable of doing something I never imagined possible. Once I complete my weight loss transformation, I plan on starting a career as a personal trainer/health coach and group fitness instructor. I also plan on becoming a motivational speaker to spread positivity. It is my mission in life to inspire, to motivate, to help people change their lives and to help improve their overall quality of life. Inspiration is endless. God bless, and thank you. Peace and love.

  196. I am competing in the Spartan race because I love my family. It’s because of them, which is why I am competing. They inspire me to do better and to want more and to set my standards high – The Spartan Race. I want to do something they can cheer for, they can aspire to and something that shows them what it could mean if we all changed our lifestyles for the better. It’s never too late.

  197. I have never done any sort of race/competition. This would be a dream come true for me and my husband!

  198. A Spartan race is something that my husband and I have always wanted to try out but we never have been able to! We recently joined the crossfit world and love to challenge ourselves and also compete against one another during the wods. We will be competing in our first crossfit compeition at the end of September. Doing a spartan race would be fun & it would give us another challenge as husband and wife!

  199. Because it would prove that despite my pending divorce and the loss of my father, I can make my dreams come true. That with perseverance, I will come out the other side a better person.

  200. I’ve worked hard to lose weight and want to celebrate it with an awesome challenge like Spartan Race. Keeping things interesting and setting new challenges is a great way to extend fitness goals so that you don’t give up.

  201. I have been working on my fitness for over a year. I’ve lost 30lbs. A Spartan race is my ultimate goal for next year. I’m currently up to 6.5 miles running and working on getting the rest of the way there. I also started running with my friend. When we started she couldn’t get a mile and now she’s running 5! I would love to take her on this. It would be an amazing experience to have together and something for us to both work toward. =)

  202. My wife did her first spartan this year abd just being a spectator I knew I wanted to do one too. We want to do one together next year but this would be even more amazing!

  203. The last race I ran was the Everest Challenge at Disney. That was several years ago. It rained, they cut the race just as I was about to cross the finish line for the 5K part, and never got to the obstacles or the scavenger hunt. I stopped running completely after that for a really long time. I am back to exercising and getting stronger and fitter, and I would love to say I completed a race.

  204. Me and my son did the warrior dash together and it was a wonderful time spent together . I would love to win this so we could do another mud run together ๐Ÿ™‚

  205. I’ve worked hard to lose 190lbs and want to continue to find new physical challenges like Spartan Race so I keep my workouts interesting and moving forward.

  206. I was an athlete in since I was born and somewhere after high school I forgot who I was. After having 2 children I medically wasn’t suppose to be able to have I fell deeper into self hate and letting emotional scares run my life. When my daughter was 3 months old I found a CrossFit box and said “why not.” I didn’t realize what a community I was diving head first into but today I am so ever thankful I took that chance. I’ve been able to deal with some demons and heal old wounds. Today I sit at the 1 year anniversary of my CrossFit journey. What better way to start my new/second year by training for Spartan. To me Spartan means warrior, not just the beat the crap out of you type but the over-comer from challenges that should have kept you chained down. I have dealt with and over-come some major feats and Spartan is the best way I can think of to celebrate. No more looking at a challenge and seeing how it can defeat me but looking at it head on and knowing I can defeat it! Spartan 2015!!!

  207. I would love to do a Spartan Race in order to prove myself that after losing 45 pounds I am much stronger than ever! And that I am capable of physically doing things that I couldn’t do before!

  208. I’d love to win to train and compete with my husband! I think it’d be great to try something new together and this would give us the motivation we need ๐Ÿ™‚

  209. I want to compete in a Spartan race to demonstrate to myself that its the mind you have to convince. Its more then just physical activity its a mental one. I want to be able to demonstrate to everyone but most importantly to myself that I can go far when I just dedicate and take one day at a time.

  210. My husband and I have been doing crossfit for over a year now and love it. The best part is doing it together. Not because I like working out with my smokin hot hubby, but because like you said… holds us accountable. A Spartan race has always looked so fun to me. I think we would enjoy doing it together. And as you know with crossfit, the best part is the feeling of accomplishment when you’re done!!!

  211. I want to compete in a Spartan Race to prove to myself that I can do anything that I set my mind to!! My whole life I’ve been told that i was too big to do anything physical and recently i’ve lost 25 pounds and I’m already feeling healthier!! I want to show myself that anything is possible!!

  212. I have completed three tough mudders. I was talking with a fellow mudder who did a spartan race and said it was tougher. So i guess i would like to find out for myself.

  213. This would be a great thing for my husband and I to accomplish together!!! He is my accountability partner for so many things…. It’s time that fitness be added to the list!!! This would be a great way to solidify teamwork!

  214. I want to win because I need sometime to look forward to, to train for. After doing the Warrior Dash this weekend and struggling to do the running I need something that will help me want to work harder!

  215. I would love to do a Spartan race because I have heard amazing things about. A few friends of mine recently did it and loved it.

  216. I am a professional makeup artist and have recently done makeup for lots of professionals in the fitness industry. I have learned that the beauty and fitness industry are so similar in the sense that we use our passions to teach, inspire, and encourage others to take pride in their outer appearance. While I do believe that its what is on the inside that matters the most? is such a blessing to make others feel more confident by teaching them practical ways to take care of their outer appearance! As a fully self employed business owner I tend to let life get crazy and work all the time?.I have learned that I have got to take care of myself in order to function and be the best that I can be in my work, family, etc,?how do I do that? WORKOUT! There is nothing more satisfying and reenergizing to me then a good workout. I am in the best shape of my life right now and have always wanted to do a Spartan Race with my husband so when I saw this I thought it would be perfect to enter!!!!

  217. I am challenging myself to do new things as I end my 40th year!! This would be a wonderful challenge to continue to motivate me!

  218. I would loooooove to win this for me and my husband! We have done a couple obstacle courses in the past year and we are obsessed now! We love getting to spend time with each other and getting fit with each other! Our relationship and quality of life has never been better!!

  219. This would be a perfect way for my son and I to challenge each other, have a tangible goal and to go on the vacation he deserves for being such an outstanding young man. He is 12 with lofty goals for his life as an athlete and we are trying to do better to keep each other accountable for staying fit and healthy. Thanks for the chance to enter and win!

  220. I want to win because my husband and I have done 10ks and half marathon together but not a spartan race which sounds amazing. Plus, I love showing our kids that we can be awesome and badass. ๐Ÿ™‚

  221. I would love to do a Spartan race to prove to myself that I can do it! At the weight I was previously at, before losing, I wasn’t even able to walk for most of the day- let alone run. I would want to do it to prove to myself that I’m capable and stronger than I think!

  222. I have grown in the last year and a half to love fitness, and the journey, and it all started with one little 5k a friend got my to do last minute! Now I am challenging myself to push my boundaries, and the spartan race would be an opportunity to push myself that much further, and that would be an amazing experience!

  223. I would love to participate in a Spartan Race because once I do the sprint I plan on doing a super and a beast in the same year so I can get the Trifecta!

  224. I have seen so many photos filling the news feed of my facebook with people doing these races and always wanted to be them. The trouble is they all cost $$ and being a young woman who just got married, had her first child, bought a house and a new car these events just don’t fit in the budget! I would love to compete and prove to myself I can do it and fill up other peoples news feed with my spartan face!! Please consider me!

  225. I have been working hard to loose weight! My goal for the year was to complete 4 5Ks. I have done 2 so far. I love working towards my new passions and getting healthy along the way! I would love to be picked for this race!

  226. What an awesome opportunity to win either one of these contests! This would be great for my husband and I to tackle together. He’s the one who’s been my cheerleader and helped me stay on track with my workout goals! Thanks for the chance ๐Ÿ™‚

  227. Would love the opportunity to compete in a fun race with my best friend to see just how dirty we city girls can get!

    1. I would love to do a Spartan race to prove to myself that I’m not the failure everyone thinks I am. I’ve been bullied all my life by ppl that keep telling me I’ll never be anyone, or do anything. Please choose me Heidi, I wanna make u proud!

  228. Hubby and I want to do one before starting our family ๐Ÿ™‚ what better way to stay fit before becoming a mommy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  229. I have never done anything like this and I would love to have the opportunity to win this and challenge myself! It’d be my 45 birthday!

  230. I did a spartan race in 2011 and i was barely able to finish since then i have gained 20 pounds and want to prove not only can I lose the weight but I can be better than I was before.

  231. I would love to take on Spartan race to celebrate the over 100lbs I have lost since January 3rd 2014. It would be a great challenge and motivator to keep pushing myself to new heights!

  232. So far I have done (2) 5K obstacle course races. Running is not my strong point. I like to be a kid though and burn some serious calories doing it! Obstacle courses are fun and challenging both. There is a Spartan race in Boston this year… at none other than Fenway Park ! It’s my favorite place in the world! Unfortunately, I just cannot afford the admission/parking/fees/insurance, etc… So I will watch my team of friends from my gym and cheer them on. But if I could win a free entry, that would be awesome! It’s on my list one day to do… hopefully sooner rather than later. Besides, it will make me push myself even harder at the gym and at home knowing I will be watched by thousands of other runners! ๐Ÿ™‚

  233. I am a 30 year old stay at home mom with two kids. Everything I do I do for my children. This would be something I could do for me and prove to myself that I can do it! I have always admired those that have completed Spartan races and I would love to get a chance too!

  234. I would love to be part of the Spartan Race. My husband and I love taking part in local athletic activities as well. We have fun and enjoying doing them for a good cause.

  235. I already lost more than 60 pounds. I started running last summer and the Spartan Race would be a amazing challenge for me and my new body!

  236. There are days that I feel like no matter what I try I am going to continue to fail. I get so motivated, do well for a bit then just lose my way. I need something to work towards, I need something to accomplish. I would love to be able to win this so that maybe for once I can finish something right. Thank you for your consideration.

  237. In my 5 years or so of being more active, I’ve never done a mud run, obstacle course or theme race. I would love to invite one of my running club friends to this experience. I never have more than an hour or two to meet fitness-minded people, and the idea of going on an entire cruise full of people with similar goals is incredible. And it will motivate me to change up my training, and just maybe I will be one of the top quartile of finishers.

  238. I would love to win becauSe I think it would be a great bonding experience for my fianc? and I. We work very busy schedules and we have a daughter on top of that. It just hard for us to do anything for ourselves. So we definitely could use this, besides we’ve always wanted to participate in a spartan race.

  239. I would love to do the Spartan Race to add it to my wall of obstacle race flyers. Last year I was in a really bad car accident that led me to neck surgery this past December. I have made it my goal after being released from PT a few months ago to get back on the obstacle race train. This would be a perfect motivational goal to help me achieve my fitness goals. Thanks so much for the consideration and the amazing things you and Chris do for our communities.

  240. On September 2, I embark on weightloss with Powell book in hand and a gym membership! I’ve been planning and organizing, had the talk with hubby to get on board, my promises are written on index cards, my goals are charted on my calendar, my buddies have been notified! I want to move! I’ve counted the loss of sitting rather than doing! I’ve tallied the shame of broken promises! I want to do amazing things! I will break out of this old life and find fitness and fun! By march I will be well on my way to weight loss! How I would love to look forward to a cruise along this journey! It would be like being on your show! In any case let us all strive to be the best we can be! Hugs! Cathy

  241. I have competed in 3 Spartan Races and have had so much fun doing them! My girlfriend came to my last one to cheer me on. I entered this contest because she would like to do a race with me and experience the passion I have for these races. And it would be a great bonding experience for us!

  242. I think that I would be the best person to be chosen for this race. My life changed October 2012 because of Extreme Weight Loss show. I decided living on the couch and eating junk all day wasn’t what I wanted for my life. Tired of feeling bad all the time and nothing fitting right and always being sick. So I bought Chris’ at home workout video. And fast forward to today I am a FITNESS JUNKIE! I have been so inspired by you and your husband to want to change my life and I did. I finally feel that I am were I want to be fitness wise now. But why not want to spice things up? What a wonderful thing for my husband and I to do together. I am way more inspired about fitness than he is. But for him to do this with me I believe that he could see what he was capable of and what an awesome way for him and I to bond! You know how crazy having a family can be. So why not do it be doing something we never do???

  243. I would LOVE to win entry into a spartan race! The last one I did left me feeling empowered! It was amazing!

  244. I would love to have a chance to run a spartan race! I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle and exercise regularly. This would give me that extra push I need to keep exercising (which can be difficult while trying to be a mother of 4 young kids) and motivation to prepare for a race. I believe I can do it, but I want to prove it to those people who don’t believe I can!


  246. I am so inspired by both you and your husband, Chris. I have started to help friends and people in need with their own transformations. As an avid CrossFitter and Triathalete, I am hoping to inspire as many people as possible. I love to challenge myself and I would bring my husband to compete in the race with me. Winning this giveaway would affirm the hard work and the lifestyle I have committed to! Keep rockin, Heidi!

  247. I would LOVE to run a spartan race with my husband! He is the best inspiration and workout buddy I could ask for. It would be amazing to go on this cruise and have an adventure of a lifetime with him!!

  248. Running in a Spartan race is one of my next goals in my fitness journey! Seems like a fun way to challenge yourself. Thanks for the chance Heidi.

  249. After 10 marathons, and countless other road races, nothing gets my blood pumping like a Spartan Race. I’m completing the trifecta this year. Heidi and Chris need to do the Ultra Beast. I want to see you two kill it. =)

  250. This would be a great goal for my husband and I to work toward. With our first baby on the way, it is a fact that we will soon need a get away and a workout:)

  251. I would like to participate in the spartan race because I love to run. I found that I loved to run when I was training in 2012 to run my first full marathon. I completed it with only 12 wks of training and had never ran before in my life. Well a month after I did my race I found out I was pregnant with our second child. Now I haven’t done a race since her and would love to do one!

  252. I just had my second baby two weeks ago, and I am so excited to get into shape! I think training and participating in a spartan race would be a great way to do it! I have always wanted to do one!!

  253. I’ve been wanting to do a Spartan Race for a while now but I thought I was too overweight and obese to do it. In the last four weeks I’ve lost about 16 lbs and I’ve been working out 2 days a week in a boot camp class plus 1 day a week with a personal trainer. I’m loving how I’m feeling now! I want this so bad! Please please pick me. Trevon

  254. I want to win this trip because my husband and I have always wanted to do a Spartan run. What is more awesome than getting a vacation with it!!!!

  255. I would LOVE to win this! I have wanted to compete in a Spartan race for about a year now and never had one near me. I would choose to bring my daughter or son. They have both been my workout partner for years.

  256. I will be delivering my second child in about 3 weeks (or less) and this would be a great way to challenge myself training for the event. I have never had the chance to run a Spartan race and having my second kid I can not wait to get this baby weight off so I can be healthy and active with my hubby & kids!

  257. My dad (57 years old) and I have been accountabilibuddies for years now. We’ve run two Tough Mudders together (the second one in Phoenix we were in the wave right after Chris!) but we’ve never gotten a chance to do a Spartan race due to schedule conflicts.

    It would be awesome to be able to add the Spartan Race to the list of races and accomplishments that we’ve managed to achieve as a team!

  258. My wife (new wife, married 2 months ago) are both huge advocates of healthy lifestyles and overall wellness. She is an avid runner and I am a moderate runner and consistent exercise junky. Running a spartan race together in a vacation destination would help us combine our passions and help unite us on our new journey together. This is a great opportunity and I hope it inspires many!

  259. I would love to do a spartan race because I want to prove to myself that I can accomplish something instead of quitting. I quit so many sports in high school for various reasons so being able to cross the finish line at a spartan race would be amazing!

  260. This would be so great! This has been a tough year on me (and I turned 40!!! eek!!) and I would really love this great opportunity!! Thanks so much!

  261. I would love to participate in the race because I love a challenge and know that having the race as a goal event will help me push it hard during my workouts!

  262. I would love to win a Spartan race because I’ve been trying to get into shape by myself at home. I work full time and go to school full time yet don’t have the money for a gym membership or equipment or these fun races! It would be so much fun to do with my husband.

  263. Oh man! I would love to win this! I have lost 61 pounds in the last 18 months and have about 28 lbs until I hit Onderland! I have developed a love for running over the past 6 months and I signed up for my first 10k and have even committed to training for a half marathon by next spring/summer. I have been wanting to do a mud run all summer! I would also love a vacation! Money is tight and I haven’t been able to afford a vacation in years! I’d love to take my best friend from high school. She loves being active and has been one of my biggest supporters during my weight loss journey!

  264. I am always trying to find new goals/challenges to keep me motivated – this sounds amazing and would LOVE the opportunity to do this with my husband!

  265. I would love to do a spartan race to prove to myself that I can accomplish it! I know I can if I had the opportunity!

  266. I live to seek out adventures. Making fitness and health my lifestyle has been an ever evolving journey. I am loving where I am physically but more importantly mentally and emotionally. Participating in the spartan race would be a wonderful culmination of every thing I’ve worked so hard to achieve.

  267. I want to win so I can do the race to prove to myself how great of a shape I am in after having a baby a year ago. Plus I’ve never done something like this so thought it would be cool!

  268. I am recovering from a running injury and just started running again. My dad and I are fitness freaks and are huge fans of EWL. I would love to share an opportunity like this with my dad to show him how much I appreciate him. We are currently thinking about running a Tough Mudder and this would be a great training tool.

  269. I have ran 2 spartan races this summer and am loving it. I am going to run in the Elite Heat on this next one. I was a college football athlete and since I can’t challenge myself with football anymore so I have started doing it racing an for a charity. Check out Amazing foundation and for an amazing cause. Thanks for the consideration!

  270. I have started pushing myself harder than I ever have before in my life. I have committed to completing a tough mudder in six months and would love the opportunity to do a spartan race on top of it! Living and trying to train with having only one leg is tough but I know mentally I can be tougher than the physical pain. Can’t wait to meet you and Chris!

  271. I loved competing in the Spartan race a few years ago. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to sign up for another due to other conflicts. This would be exciting to train for again!

  272. Hey Heidi!
    Well I aways am looking for the next fun thing I can do to push myself. After riding across Canada last year on a month long cycling charity ride for kids who have cancer, I have been committed to fittness and I love trying new things!

  273. My husband and I are both getting close to 50. We have done a few Tough Mudders and ready to tackle a Spartan!??

  274. I have recently started my own fitness journey to become healthy and fit!! I’m 20 years old, and in the past 30 days of eating clean and working out I’m down 18 pounds!! That’s with working full time and going to school full time! I have always wanted to do a spartan race but don’t have the money. This would be an amazing opportunity and would give me more motivation to keep training ๐Ÿ™‚

  275. I would love to compete in a Spartan Race, not only for myself, but for my mom as well. This will be my last year of high school, and I am looking to spend some great quality with my mom before I go off to university. We both love fitness, but my mom, who once ran a half marathon in Brazil, has spent these last couple of years taking care of everyone but herself. Two years ago, my grandma was diagnosed with cancer, and my mom spent months caring for her, along with her usual workload. It was really hard for my mom, and it took a lot out of her. During that time , and after my grandma passed away, my mom continuously put herself on the back burner, putting others before herself. I think the oppertunity to take some time and focus on herself would be perfect for her, and the race would be a great time for us to spend some time together! Thanks!!

  276. I want to compete because life is for the living, and how more alive are you when your blood is pumping fast and your adrenalin is going!?!

  277. I would love to do a spartan race! I’ve been trying to be more active and I’m always the one to stay with the kids and hold the stuff as my fit hubby and friends go off to do events. Also it would be a great goal to work towards so they can hold my stuff! Thank you!

  278. I would love to do a spartan race to truly challenge myself! I’ve always had a love for sports all my life, but I recently found a love for running. And with this new love for running, I really enjoy challenging myself and pushing myself to run that extra mile. I think doing a spartan race would be a great experience to push myself and see how far my mind and body is willing to go!!!

  279. I just had a baby 4 weeks ago and am trying to get back into running shape with my husband so this would be awesome to win!

  280. I’ve recently started my career in real estate. During our training we were told to make a list of 100 things that we want to do in our life both outward and inward focused. The Spartan Race is one of the 100 things I want to accomplish! I am focusing on completing 3 of my goals each month. It would be so great to be given this opportunity and to meet so many new people!

  281. I would want to share a Spartan Race experience because competition breeds companionship and confidence! Being active and pushed to a limit in which you have to make the decision to keep moving forward — focusing on one step at a time. It’s in that moment you find your strength and build your character. I want to be able to share in that experience to push myself and my teammate!

  282. The spartan races have been my motivation to stay in shape and keep striving to get faster and stronger. I would love nothing more then the chance to participate in another Spartan Race.

  283. My husband is training for a marathon and I have just started training for a half marathon. A spartan race would be another goal for the two of us to achieve together!

  284. Running is my passion, I have been doing races for a couple of years (5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons) and I have been looking at Spartan Races since I started following you and Chris on IG. I would love to challenge myself to do one of these and if I like it, continue to do them regularly! <3

  285. I want to do a Spartan Race to challenge myself in a new way while still having fun! Plus, I like getting dirty.

  286. My twin sister and I sign u for our local 5ks, 10ks, and obstacle races to keep ourselves motivated on our weight loss journeys as well! This past June I ran my first Spartan Sprint and fell in love with them! I hope to one day be able to complete the Super and Beast!

  287. My husband and I have been trying to get into shape together and our goal was always to complete a Spartan Race but with a newlywed budget, that’s just not possible right now. I really hope we win!!!

  288. I would love to do the Sparta race! I had our first child in March and since then I have had a few set backs with getting back into the swing of things. I have been very busy learning how to manage our new life style. I work full time, take care of our wonderful little boy majority of the time so my husband can get a business he is starting off the ground. I have not gotten a lot of time for me and would love to do something like this for me. I just recently started back working out and have the goal of a half marathon next spring. It’s all about setting goals in my head.

  289. I have my first 5k in October and so this would be icing on the cake to take my husband and experience it together! Wish my luck!

  290. I want to compete with the love of my life because last year was a tough year getting in shape and the race we committed to, we were not able to race. So our plans for this year have changed and we are ready to take on another race!

  291. I’ve done two obstacle races before and have always wanted to try the Spartan race. I’ve heard it’s the hardest. Prove that I can do it after a 2 year journey to fitness. I’m here now and it’s time to challenge myself more!! Thanks!

  292. Me and my boyfriend have been getting into don’t more competitions like this and a spartan is on our list. Would be so fun to win one.

  293. I’d love to compete in Spartan Race for the challenge and endurance. I would take this challenge on with hubby by my side. Training together would be our push to focus on us, our health and spend time together away from work, coaching our kid’s sports,, playing chauffeur and everything else that comes with having a family. Good luck to all!

  294. I enjoy doing obstacle runs but have never had the chance to do a Spartan race yet. I would love to have the opportunity, especially on a private island.

  295. My good friend and workout buddy just did one this past weekend, loved it, and told me how much I’d love it too! I would love to be able to do this with her!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  296. I have lifelong asthma and at 26 was diagnosed with copd. In my weight loss journey I decided I would run, I wouldn’t just do a mile, I’d do races. The spartan race is one I plan to tackle and I would love to mark that off my list as conquered.

  297. I’d love to do a Spartan Race!!! Since my transformation journey began it’s all been towards one main goal to get healthier and do the unimanginable. 3 months ago Spsrtan Run would not have crossed my mind. 50lbs lighter now, and although still heavy Spartan Run is possible for me. I even took the creator of the runs 30 day burpee challenge. I’m averaging about 30-40 burpees a day! The Spartan Run would be another great challenge for me.

  298. I would love to be able to do this race with my husband. We have the desire to be fit but have to take a running leap to get going. Race season is starting here in Phx!

  299. I have some unfinished business I’d like to take care of. I ran the Beast in Sac a couple years ago with a couple of girl friends. I found out that my friend was pregnant while running the race (after it started!!!) and while we had a blast doing it I would like the opportunity to run it for time.

  300. Umm Yes please! Also is the man standing behind you and Chris, Chris’s brother? Looks just like him!

  301. I started running 4 years ago!! I had set goals for my self to get my weight off and running became the push to do it I did the PF Chang race with a dear friend that helped and was such an encouragement for me 4 years later I’ve done 3 1/2 marathons and my big goal for next year is pikes peak in Colorado I’m not sure what or if I’m crazy at my age to do it!! The past few months have been a struggle for me to get things done !! I have a friend I run with and we are both at same place me more so! Maybe this would help get me to the next step!! I’ve talked about doing a spartan before! That’s about it!!!

  302. I would love to do a spartan race with my hubby! We have been running 5k’s for a few months and are now training for a 10k soon and a half marathon in May! Would love go do the obstacles in the spartan race and it would be great training for the rest of our plans!

  303. Because I’m getting back into running and would love nothing more than to win this entry! How much fun it would be! ๐Ÿ™‚

  304. Heidi, thanks for always posting such inspirational information. And I absolutely LOVE your recipes ๐Ÿ™‚ My husband and I would have the BEST time doing this race together. Thanks for the opportunity!

  305. Ain’t gonna lie….I want to do a spartan race cause I always think the pictures of the racers on the obstacles look BAD-A!!
    This Momma needs to get her bad-A self back in action!!!

  306. Woo-hoo! That would be so much fun! I just seriously gotten into running and a Spartan Race would be a great milestone!

  307. I’ve recently made the choice to better my life through eating and pushing myself to do exercises I never imagined I could. I joined a boot camp program with other women, and it’s really been an empowering life change. I also created a 30 things to do before I’m 30 bucket list, and doing a race is one of them. What better way to prove to myself how much I can accomplish than doing this race, and in some place so fun!

  308. I always LOVE a new challenge!!! My husband and I love staying active together and this would be such a fun get away!!!!

  309. I would love to have this challenge as a fitness goal I can set for myself. It would be a great way to motivate my exercise regimen until the race and a way to measure my strength and assess my fitness level during the race.

  310. I would absolutely love to win! I have ran the super back in May and have signed up for the Beast this November. My goal once conquering the Beast is to run in an elite flight. I have been constantly training for the Beast and my mind is always thinking about it! I love watching their videos and doing their WODs. I am even attending their free Spartan Workout this September in Dallas Texas. I’ve got Spartan on the BRAIN almost at all times! I would love to get a free ticket ticket because the entry fees are killing me! Thank you Chris and Heidi for the opportunity!

  311. I would love to conquer this challenge with my fianc?. March is such a symbolic month for us. Last March marked me losing 100 pounds and it pushed him to join me in getting healthy and working out. Little did I know that my nagging to work out with me would save his life, literally. His first work out he dove right in but he struggled… So much that I told him he needed a quick physical and doctor and of course at 27 he laughed but went to make me happy. He was immediately rushed to the hospital he was having heart issues. We spent a couple long scary weeks in intensive care trying to figure out what was wrong. He came out stronger than ever. This March we welcomed our baby girl into our family. My goal by her 1st birthday is to get my weight and health back on track and inspire Ryan to commit to healthy eating and exercising! This race would be such a celebration and reminder that time and hard work can sure change your life! ( sorry for the ramble!)

  312. Running a Spartan Race is physically and mentally demanding. I have completed two Spartan Sprints and am determined to complete a tri-factor someday. I am a mother of two little girls and they have pushed me to get back into shape through motivation. I love being able to train with them – we have a lot of fun together and it is a way for me to spend extra time with my kids. I love the thrill of the race and not knowing what you will encounter around the next corner. I would love the opportunity to complete the tri-factor within the next year- than k you for this opportunity! AROOO!!!!

  313. On the second to last obstacle at last year’s Nebraska Spartan Sprint, I dislocated my right shoulder. I finished our the course, but had to have surgery to repair my torn labrum. After surgery, months of rehab, and reconditioning, I’m ready to get back out there and show the next Spartan Sprint who’s boss!

  314. I need to win because I love these races! I did the Texas Spartan beast last December as my first one. It took me 6 hours to finish the 14.6 mile course. I’ve inspired myself and many others as well. I’d like to continue to do so. If I were to win a free entry I would take the money I’d normally use to register myself and register a friend so they can experience this accomplishment with me.

  315. Running a spartan race is one of my goals, but the past few months my motivation has been lacking. Winning this would help me get back on track and meet my goals.

  316. I so need this! I haven’t been on a vacation since 2008! I’d love to incorporate exercise and travel together. It’s my dream to travel the world and do races! I went through job loss in 2009 and since been rebuilding my life physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. I got healthy 2 years ago after getting my career back on track – lost 30 pounds, quit smoking, started runnung and am now joining races – my first 8 K is in 4 weeks! I’ve done a few 5 K’s as well. This would be such a reward for me after such hard years ! I hope you both would be going as you both have inspired me along the way ! I would definitely pay it forward ! Thank you!

  317. I want to run a spartan race to reach my full fitness potential. I think it would be an amazing opportunity to try something I have never done before!

  318. I want to do a Spartan Race with my husband because we love the challenge and encouraging each other through them.

  319. Id love to do a Spartan Race with my husband because we enjoy the challenge and helping each other through them.

  320. Running a spartan race is one of my goals, but I have been struggling with motivation for the past few months. Winning this would help me step-up and accomplish my goals.

  321. After many years of battling PTSD from my active duty, I’m finally getting a handle on my life (and weight) again. Im ready to take that next step to doing something with other people. I have an amazing supporter that would be right by my side the whole time. I thinkthis would give me the final push I need to get out around people again.

  322. I would love to do this to prove to myself and others that it is possible to stay healthy and fit while being a mother of three under three (currently pregnant with number 3). I did not stay healthy during my first two pregnancies and finally started feeling better about myself and exercising (thanks to a stroller fitness class!) right before finding about I was expecting number three. Now my goal is to continue running and staying active until delivery and then making it a piping to continue exercising as a gift to MYSELF and my family once the new baby arrives. This would be great motivation!

  323. Why do I want to run a Spartan? Because they are the best way to test your body and tell that little voice inside of your head that YES YOU CAN! I love proving that little voice wrong.

  324. I would love to win this because I love these races. I mean who doesn’t love running through the mud!!! I am actually getting ready to run my first Tough Mudder in two weeks and plan on signing up for both Spartan Races that I currently know about here in CO for next year. I have lost almost 70 lbs since November and I have found more than anything that these races are something that I love to do now that I am fit and capable of them. They push me and challenge me to my limits and that is something that I absolutely love. The sense of accomplishment you get when crossing that finish line is such a high and one that I have come to appreciate so much now that I have found the athlete in me. This would be awesome to win!

  325. What about us Canadians? I can’t enter but would love to go. My husband and I have been married for 7 years and haven’t been on a honeymoon and he’s a huge OCR fan and participant

  326. I completed my first Spartan Sprint, with my good friend by my side, a few weeks ago and what can I say, I’m hooked! What an empowering event and an awesome way to use all that training. It was 4.7 miles of blood, sweat, and smiles! Oh don’t forget the mud and the burpees too.

    Would love to do another race soon, my friend and I love to do these events together, but living in different states (WA and AZ) it’s not always easy. We have committed to doing one race here, one race there, and a destination race each year, though financially for both of us it’s not easy. Winning a ticket or two would really help our goals!

  327. Why I need to win?? oh so many reasons!! but my #1 is: I already did the sprint back in June and I was not able to do a few obstacles and I kept telling myself what a failure I was even if I finished it I still didnt have that ‘OH MY I DID IT!” feeling I thought I would have..
    Now its time to do another one and prove to myself that I can and I will do it and NO I AM NOT A FAILURE even if I am not able to do all of the obstacles and finish it with the biggest smile on my face!
    Maybe I can even run the Spartan with you guys, that would be EPIC! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  328. I think it would be so fun to do a Spartan race and really feel like you accomplished something BIG when you’re done! That would be awesome!

  329. I want to put all of my hard work at the gym towards an event that will show me where dedication can take me!

  330. Hi Heidi,

    I tried to leave a comment in the rafflecopter but some how it saved before I could write anything and it wouldn’t let me reopen it, so I hope you see this :). My boyfriend (Eric) and I are both personal trainers at our college Fitness Center (SUNY Potsdam). We both just graduated this spring with majors in Community Health. We watch your show religiously and love that you and Chris work so hard with your clients and treat them like family! We understand how rewarding it is to see people reach their goals and feel more confident and happy with themselves. It has been a huge year for us, we have crushed our own fitness goals, I ran my first marathon and qualified to run Boston this April!! Eric has put on 20 pounds of muscle doing Cross Fit. We are from Northern New York and signed up for the Spartan Race in Killington, Vermont September 20. We are very excited and would love to do another! ๐Ÿ™‚

  331. My husband and I have been living clean/fit over past 2 yrs. I motivate him with healthy food and he keeps me motivated with exercise. He completed the Tough Mudder this year and signed us both up for another in November. Spartan would be his dream/next challenge. Plus, we have 4 kids, 10 and under. So this would be a little vacation;)

  332. I am a 49 year old mother of 4. Before losing almost 100 lbs 2 years ago, I could barely walk. I spent many years living an unhealthy lifestyle. Now that I have lost the weight I try to take advantage of conquering every physical challenge that comes my way. Be it running/walking miles or jumping rope, I love that I am able to push myself and my goal is to continue doing so. I have always been competitive so participating in this Spartan race will allow me to reach my highest potential. I hope to continue my healthy lifestyle with these challenges and never give up.

  333. My husband and I both grew up chubby. However, when he was to join the military his dad took him running every day and he slowly lost the weight he needed, and became a cw2 in the united states army. After 19 years of being fedup of my weight, I turned to my b husband and his running advice to turn my life around. Over the course of 10 months I have lost a little over fifty lbs and am continuing to work and dropping another 20! My husband is currently serving in Afghanistan, where he also continues to work on getting shape. He has lost about 30lbs over the course of his deployment, and me about 20! I would love the opportunity to do something such as a Spartan race together, to show eachother what our new bodies can do! He ran my first 5k with me, kept at my pace and encouraged me the entire way…it was one of the most amazing things he has done for me and really helped us grow as a couple. This oppurtunity would be such a great way to reconnect after 9 months of nothing but care packages and 20 minute facebook messaging!! On top of that, Heidi and Chris powell run my favorite show..and their probably the best looking couple on this planet…why wouldnt I wanna brag it up that I got this oppurtunity because of them?!

  334. I would love to win a spartan race entry! I race for my girls. I want my 3 girls (ages 6, 4 & 2) to be motivated. I want them to see their stay at home mom as fit, healthy and strong. I want them to follow a healthy lifestyle because of the examples set by mommy & daddy ๐Ÿ™‚

  335. Love the Spartan Series. It motivates me to do more upper body workouts, as I am a running addict! Great community and commeradere in this group! Enjoyed doing the VA Super this past weekend, and would love to win this cruise event. I also love watching Extreme Weightloss! Inspires me to continue my studies to become a PFT!

  336. Personnel satisfaction . Im mom of 3 ( 4.5- 3 years and 5 month ) I did the Prison Break Race about 2 weeks ago and it was me first time ever…but not the last one hihihihi

  337. Down 70 lbs and at my goal weight. Now I’ve got my husband and daughter going for it. Looking for new ways to stay motivated and keep it off!

  338. I love Spartan Races! I completed my trifecta this year as a way to stay motivated on my fitness & weight loss journey, now I’m addicted & trying to figure out how to get a double trifecta next year!

  339. I think this would be a great kick start to my weight loss journey. I weigh over 300 lbs and am hoping to get to 150 lbs. so that we can add the baby to our family that we have been trying for for 7 years!

  340. I turned 46 last year and realized I lost myself. I sit and watch the Extreme Weight shows and say, ” I am going to start exercising like they are.” I feel lost and need to change. I have always been active and just today started running again. Ironic hugh. I have come to a chapter where I am ready for the change. I have always dream of running in a big race. The best I have done is a 5k. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to be picked for this race. God bless you both Heidi and Chris. Your character and love for each other shows in everything your do and it would be an honor to run the race with you. Sincerely.

  341. I’ve never done a Spartan Race, but I’m addicted to running races! I recently moved to a new city, and I haven’t found any races here yet, but I’d love to start again!

  342. A few years ago, I did a 5K mud run after losing 80 pounds. It was the most fun thing I have ever done for myself. I felt alive! Unfortunately, I have gained every one of those 80 pounds back. To do another one of these races would be a dream ๐Ÿ™‚

  343. Why the desire? Like you and Chris, we are a blended family of 6! We were high school sweethearts who separated just before we graduated. Each got married, and reconnected as we were going through divorce. Now we have a lovely family together[mixture of yours, mine and ours(but really all OURS!) ] The ability to do something with my spouse would be amazing!! We never get to do anything together just the two of us, what a better thing to do than get to do a Spartan!! I have been struggling with weight loss, but am now well on my way, carb cycling style and would love to have this to check off of the bucket list!!

  344. I’ve been continuously attempting some new goal since I started my weightloss journey. It was watching Biggest Loser on the treadmill during my lunch break that gave me motivation to do my first half marathon. I’ve done two half marathons, numerous 5Ks and I’m always ready for my next challenge. When pregnant I decided to sign up for a 7k when I’d be 30 weeks just to check off my bucket list and to keep me motivated to stay healthy for my babe and myself. I have never done a Spartan Race but I know it’d be such a great experience! Just today I got my husband out for a 1mi run w: me for his first time. I’d ask him to be my buddy as we both have different goals to hit- him to get started and me to really push myself past my comfort zone. Long story short- this would be an amazing opportunity that I know we’d both take full advantage of ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

  345. I love to push myself in my workouts and participate in activities that challenge me. I just had my first baby and I want to continue to stay in shape and this is a perfect opportunity!

  346. I have yet to do a race like this. But what a great challenge and goal to set for myself in my journey to fitness !

  347. I love races and obstacle courses, the Shape Diva Dash was one of the first races I did and it really taught me to love fitness, that was before I found CrossFit and now I can’t get enough of working out! I want to be an inspiration like you and Chris and would love to be a part of what you do, pay it forward, and teach people to love themselves! (By the way, I love how Chris is looking at you in that picture, pure joy and love!!!)

  348. I want to do a spartan race so I can prove to myself that I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to! that I am capable of demolishing a goal I set my mind to. A spartan is intimidating to me, the top dog of all the races, and to complete that would be amazing!!’

  349. This is another opportunity for me to push myself to the limit, this past saturday I ran 20 miles!!! that’s the furthest distance I’ve ran to date! I also want to lead by example, showing my kids that living a healthy lifestyle can be done, I’m making the choices to do exactly that! I am a member of the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin, and heart disease and diabetes runs rampant in my Family. Genetically speaking, I have a chance to inherit, I want to do everything I’m capable of doing to live a long and healthy life and pass on to my children that challenge is a part of life, accept it, and tackle it head on. The Spartan Race is a perfect opportunity!!!

  350. After turning 30 in march I have decided to set some healthy goals for myself! I have run my first 5k, 10k and half marathon! I have always wanted to do a spartan race but up until now it was an option for me because of a dbl wrist surgery. Now that that is healed I would love a new goal and to work on upper body strength

  351. i turned 50 a few months ago and wanted to do something new. I just finished my first 5k with my main goal working up to do some type of spartan race. It is something way out of my comfort zone which is the reason i want to try it.

  352. I want to do a Spartan race to prove to myself that even though I now hold the identity of “mom,” I can still get down and dirty!

  353. I am a trainer, and I want to show my client that his fitness does not have to be limited to the weight room. I suggested a Spartan race to him last week, and he said the whole idea scares him, but he knows he needs to face his fears. I’d love to run this with him to see him conquer!

  354. I always love a new challenge! I’m currently in veterinary medical school, and doing these types of events helps me maintain good physical and mental health, despite studying all the time!

  355. I did my first spartan Race Sprint 3 weeks ago! I am HOOKED!! Now I want to Trifecta in 2015! I hope my hubby will do it with me next year!

  356. Because, after being diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis, an autoimmune disorder that causes muscles to become “weak”, I have been doing what I once thought was impossible. Im stronger than I used to be and really want to push myself to do more.

  357. I have never done a race like this but I have been wanting to sign up for a mud run or something of the sort! How fun would a spartan race be?!

  358. I am 20 years old and this year I ran my first Spartan Race. It was the Pac West Sprint. It was the most challenging race I have ever done. I made the promise to myself that I will earn the trifecta medal by running a sprint, super, and beast all in the same calandar year! My fianc? and I have been working hard and training so that we can be prepared for all three races in 2015!

  359. I have had enough….enough of the excuses, enough of the planning & thinking about it. Now is time to just DO it!!

  360. I am a single mother, 40 pounds overweight and ready to TRULY challenge myself! I have run 5k runs/mud oc runs and need this to shake my comfort zone 40 pound blanket. Kids learn by observing mire that hearing. I want them to see what I am capable of

  361. My wife and I began getting healthy and fit about a year ago. For me, it took seeing Chris Powell on Dr Oz talking about the easy ways to do it. Ever since, we have been Powell believers from your messages,your workouts, and you moral examples. In april, we saw Chris speak in persin and got to shake his hand. I began running and kept running. We do the 5k’s, I want to do a half marathon and the. Work up to a marathon. I have hit a slump and need another kick start again and what better way than a spartan race setup by and given away by our inspirations and motivators, the Powells. What better motivation than that. Well, thanks for the concideration either way and keep on inspiring and motivating. I know I need it. Thanks, Paul

  362. A Spartan race would be so outside my comfort zone and something I can’t ever see myself doing on my own. The accountability of winning this would mean I’d have to do it, no excuses! And that’s what I need!

  363. My husband is my accountability partner and this would be an amazing opportunity for us to grow together and encourage one another! We would LOVE to participate in this!! Thank you!

  364. I would love to tr something new! I have only ran regular races! I would live to try an obstacle course race!!!

  365. I have done 5ks for every cause under the sun! I love them and would run one every weekend if my wallet would allow it. A Spartan race is definitely on my to-do list! I get so excited thinking about the challenge of it! 4 years ago, I spent nearly a year and half in and out of the hospital and went through 7 different abdominal surgeries due to medical complications. It was a trying time and really took a lot of my strength. I have worked so hard to gain back my strength and endurance, I think a Spartan race would be a huge feather in may cap!

  366. I have been training this year for Tough Mudder – a few of the guys I am running with keep talking about Spartan too. Would love to hit the beach and all the obstacles it throws at us!

  367. I want to compete because I want to prove to myself that I am strong enough to do and finish something as awesome as this! If I could choose a buddy to do it with me it would be my best friend Rebecca who currently lives in Korea. We text and talk to each other every day motivating ourselves to get up and work on our goals! To be able to do this with her after how far we’ve both come would mean the world to me!

  368. This would be so awesome to do with my husband. He has been gone most of the summer fulfilling his duties in the Army National Gaurd. We’ve been married almost 5 years and have never been away together without our kiddos. At least once a year we enjoy running a 5k or 10k together and he has talked about doing a Spartan run with his Army buddies. I would love to surprise him with this great opportunity .

  369. I’m 48 years old. After many years of illness and weight gain, I was able to start working out at age 43. I’ve lost 80 pounds and have run in three 5Ks. I think a Spartan Race would be the ultimate challenge.

  370. I am ready to take my competitions to a new level! I want a charity run to challenge me and my new found love for fitness. Doing it with people you love and want to help achieve their goal is just as rewarding.

  371. I would LOVE to win!! 6 months ago I was spending 12hrs a day sitting on my couch looking at those events online and dreaming one day it could be me doing a race. I am working so hard at loosing the extra 100 lbs I was caring! My accountability partner and I have worked ourselves up to 3hrs a day 5 days a week. I am loving the new me! A Spartan race would be amazing to add to our fitness goals:)

  372. Heidi, I tried to use the Rafflecopter, but it would not let me comment! I really want to run a Spartan race as a culmination of my efforts to beat alcoholism. I have been sober for over a year and a half now and completely turned my life around both mentally and physically. I am also a teacher now and mentor juvenile boys trying to help them turn their lives around. I would also like to show them that anything is possible if you work hard and give it everything you have! I love what you and Chris do, stand for, and that you genuinely seem to care. Keep up the great work!

  373. I would LOVE to win!! 6 months ago I was spending 12hrs a day sitting on my couch looking at those events online and dreaming one day it could be me to a race. I am working so hard at loosing the extra 100 lbs I was caring! My accountability partner and I have worked ourselves up to 3hrs a day 5 days a week. I am loving the new me! A Spartan race would be amazing to add to our fitness goals:)

  374. I have never ran in any themed race. In fact the last time I ran a race was when I was on my highschool’s track team. I’ve always wanted to enter one of these fun races, but I never seem to get around to it. I figured if I win an entry, I won’t have any excuse to not compete. =)

  375. Hey Heidi, thanks for doing this. So I LOVE doing 5ks- 10ks and whatev. I do the Master the Met climb yearly as a shout out to my dad who passed away from lung cancer 2 years ago. I’ve never done a Spartan race, and I would love the challenge. I know that at 5.3 and 270 lbs it’s a hard thing to do, but that’s why I love it. Because if I can do these challenges… even though I typically come in dead last– I’m only in competition with myself.. so when I complete these.. I know I can do anything I set my mind to.

  376. My husband and I have been working out together for the past 7 months, I’ve lost 57lbs and my husband has lost 39lbs (he started a couple of months after me). We’ve done awesome supporting each other. We’ve ran 5K’s together and coming up in a few weeks is our first obstacle course race, Savage.. we are super excited. This has been the most amazing journey in my life thus far, my three children (ages 10, 9 and 6) have ran 5K’s with us recently and my two older boys came in 1st and 2nd place, it’s now a family ordeal, we love it!! Getting in shape has been the best thing in our lives. We would LOVE to do Spartan, it’s tougher than Savage and we are wanting the challenge!!

  377. I want to take part in the Spartan race in Toronto next July, because my transformation started July 19th this year, and one of my goals is to be able to run! I love running, but physically it’s nearly impossible at the moment. What a wonderful way to celebrate my 365 day transformation would that be!

  378. Just got done a 3.5 year medical battle that left me unable to loose weight n in 30 since surgery I have lost about 32 pounds and I think it would be an amazing way to end my battle and start a new healthy life.

  379. I have completely changed my lifestyle in 2013 and have made fitness a passion. I love training and completing in different events like 5k, 10k, half marathons and mud runs. This is what I live for now… spending my weekends with my workout partner at these events. I am doing my first Spartan race in November at Nebraska. I’m a little nervous and excited. There is nothing like this event that will challenge your body and mind at the same time. My workout partner loves these races and I’m finely ready to take that leep and join him on that race. I know after I finish one that I will be hungry for another race.

  380. I’d looove to be in a spartan race! what better way to prove to my family how far I’ve come in the past two years with crossfit and fitness?

  381. I’ve always wanted to do a Spartan race!! I just turned 37 and feel like I’m getting OLD. My goal is to be in the best shape of my life by the time I’m 40!

  382. My husband and I just started working out. I can’t even imagine working up to do this and getting to do it in Hawaii!!! You and Chris are amazing!

  383. I have never done, my friends has and I think it would be something new and fun to try out! Im not a big runner and not sure I love to run but this could be new and exciting!

  384. I love feeling strong! i am a US Army veteran who is trying to get back to that fitness level i was 7 years ago, (starting a family may trow you off for awhile) My brother and I want to do the spartan race as soon as he returns from his mission! finishing any single workout is the best feeling and I would love to be able to scratch this off my list of things to do! not to mention showing my children that they can do anything!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  385. Being able to participate in the spartan race is an amazing opportunity. I see the spartan race as a physical goal I could never dream to achieve I would love the motivation that would come in getting prepared to achieve such a physical goal.

  386. I am in the middle of a huge transformation of trying to lose 250+ pounds. I am doing this by exercise and diet alone. I am already down over 100 pounds and have set my challenge to complete a spartan race. I will hold myself accountable to finish this challenge. A free admission would help immensely as my finances are limited.

  387. I have never ran in a race. I have been working on being healthy for me and my kids. I’ve been over weight all my adult life and I’m now taking my life back.

  388. Spartan Race? This is something that I have been wanting to do for a long while but have honestly doubted myself. I would love the opportunity to put all self doubt aside and finally complete one of my goals!

  389. I would absolutely love to do this with my husband. After having my second baby in 8/2013 I got a stress fracture in my upper tibia (trying to do too much too soon) and then 3 months later broke my ankle and was casted for 6 weeks. I’m now getting back into the swing of things and would love to have this to work towards.

  390. Hello, Me and my hubby would love to have a chance to win and do something like this together. I recently lost weight and my hubby is on the road to do the same. This would be a great way to have fun with each other and and we both NEVER have done something like this and this would be a dream come true. So please pick me. Thanks!!

  391. I love weekend events like this! They are fun and something to train for, part of my accountability to my fitness.

  392. Since we started dating 5 years ago, my husband and I have worked out together nearly every day. But, after having a baby in December, we are struggling to reset our schedules to allow us to workout together. Doing a race like this would be awesome for us!

  393. All my life I’ve been wanting to run a 5k at least. I would train and then get injured or have someone cancel on me and not go thru. This time I promised that I will complete a race before my birthday next year. I’ve been actively working out and trying to improve my time. This will make me dedicated to doing it for sure. It will even get my husband to start running with me. Something I know he wants to do with me.

  394. I want to compete because I love being active and trying new things… plus a little vacation mixed in there is awesome! Maybe we can coin a new term activation = active vacation!

  395. Oh wow, how cool would it be to compete in a Spartan race?! I’ve done color runs, electric runs, dirty girl mud runs, but nothing to the caliper of a Spartan race! The opportunity to attend one of these events would be absolutely awesome! Love what you and Chris accomplish as trainers! Keep on keepin on!

  396. I would love to be able to compete in something like this. I have never done one and I am doing my first 1/2 marathon Sept 27th (grand lake marathon Celina,Ohio ). I have lost 60+ lbs on my own and have 38 lbs til I am under 200 lbs. I am a wife and mother of 3 and I would love to be able to do this for not only myself but for my family. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  397. I am an avid crossfitter since 8/2012 after my gastric bypass. I lost both parents, marriage, work, home in just over a year. Wasn’t able to get back into it until now when I packed up the kids and moved to AZ!! Never done a Spartan race and it would be a huge accomplishment for me. Now financially I can’t sign up yet so winning this would be incredible!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  398. I have never done one before and since I live in the mountains, everyday is some sort of crazy fitness adventure! I would love have a chance to do one of these races with my husband!!!

  399. I’ve run a good number of 5k’s, one 8k and ran my first half marathon last spring. Running a Spartan Race has been one of my goals, but there haven’t been any races like that around where I live. I think it would be such an amazing experience to reach one of my goals with you and Chris by my side. I’ve faced a lot of struggles in my life – so completing this race would mean more to me than any other race line I’ve crossed (except for that half marathon!) Thanks for considering me!