I am so excited!! A winner has been chosen!! See the rafflecopter below to see if you’re our lucky winner! If you’ve won, we will contact you right away! If you are not the lucky winner, don’t fret – we have a surprise for all of our amazing readers! If you’d like to join in on a Spartan Race in your city, enter the coupon code SPARTANBLOGGER at checkout to receive 10% off the cost of your race! I hope to see lots of muddy race pictures from ALL of you soon!

Trust me, I completely get it… you’ve had a long day, work was draining, you’re exhausted and the last thing you want to do is work out. Some days it’s nearly impossible to muster up the energy to get yourself moving again after spending your entire day running around and answering to everyone else’s needs…even IF you promised yourself you would get that workout in after the kids went to bed.

Unfortunately, with so much busy-ness in our lives, it’s far too easy to break promises and cancel plans with the most important person in the world: Ourselves.

So how do we remedy this and get ourselves on track? With…drumroll….an accountabilibuddy! “A what-a-bili-buddy,” you ask?? You heard me right – an accountabilibuddy…a fun little term the fitness community has used for years. An accountabilibuddy is a buddy that holds you accountable. It’s as simple as that.

When you have someone else counting on you wake up early to work out and be there to push them, you’re MUCH more likely to get the job done…AND to have fun doing it! Let’s face it – everything is more fun with a friend.


One of Chris’ and my absolute favorite ways to get our exercise in and have fun at the same time is by participating in local weekend events. Competitions, 5Ks, 10Ks, and obstacle course races (with every theme and cause imaginable) are popping up all across the nation, making it so easy to find a fun event to participate in with a friend or group of friends! While we love them all, some of our favorites are the Spartan Races. SUCH a blast! Who doesn’t want to channel their inner-beast by jumping over fire, scaling walls, running through mud, crawling under barbed wire – all while running uphill in some gnarly terrain? The adrenaline rush is unreal, and the sense of accomplishment after is even better.

Well, get this. Spartan has just announced their very own Spartan Cruise , featuring a Private Island Race! An opportunity for you and your accountabilibuddy to explore the Caribbean AND get your Spartan on. You can even bring the kiddos along!

Best part is next: Spartan is giving away a trip for TWO (cruise + airfare for you and your accountabilibuddy) on their March 2015 Caribbean cruise. Click here for details on how you can win!

In the meantime – while we wait for the cruise to set sail – I’m giving away one free entrance to a Spartan Race near you! Using the Rafflecopter below, leave a comment telling me why you want to compete in a Spartan Race and a lucky winner will be randomly selected and announced Thursday, August 28th.

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