What’s On My Feet?!

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It’s time we have a chat?about your footwear. Would you wear stilettos rock climbing? Or how about a cute pair of wedges for a quick run around the block? I didn?t think so. As obvious as it is that there are certain shoes that are definitely off limits for physical activity, when it comes to the differences in general athletic shoes, the lines of what to wear (and what NOT to wear) get a little hazy.

Honestly, I?ll be the first to admit that not too long ago I had no clue about the HUGE impact the ?right? shoes would have on my workouts. I thought all shoes were created equally. But (and I hate to admit this), I was wrong. By testing out and choosing the right style and the right fit for me, my workouts went through the roof and my previously-aching body thanked me. I know, I know?makes you chuckle to think your shoes could actually make you jump higher. While they can?t add a foot to your high jump, proper shoes will take care of your body the way it should be cared for?and this equates to maximizing your athletic potential (possibly a higher box jump!).

It should seem obvious: Crossfit shoes are best for Crossfit, running shoes are best for running. But sometimes finding the right shoe is a little trickier than that. Over the past few years, I?ve been blessed to try just about every shoe out there?and I?m happy to tell you I have my favorites!! Time to share my top picks with you. I am a devoted follower of Reebok for a reason: I freaking love their stuff!!!!!!!!!


1. Dance UrTempo Mid – Okay, I admit, I?m no dancer and have ZERO rhythm ? but these shoes totally make me feel like I could be! Ha! Honestly, I love the way these look, which truthfully, is what first drew me to this shoe?but they really are designed for dancing. Since Zumba is a GREAT way to burn some cals, I highly recommend these when you?re wanting to bust a move! They feel amazing on, and maybe, just maybe if I keep wearing them, I?ll become that dancer I pretend I am.

2.?Skyscape Runaround?- This adorable shoe literally only weighs 5 oz…you can?t even feel these babies! Totally perfect for walking or, in my case, chasing around my littles! So many different colors and patterns, you can’t go wrong with any of ’em!

3.?All-Terrain Super?– The ultimate trail running shoe! I first tried these shoes back in February when Chris and I participated in our first-ever Spartan Race. The traction on these bad boys was so amazing ? while everyone around us was slipping through the mud (I felt so bad), Chris and I were solid as a rock! The 360 traction, H2O drains, and the built-in obstacle grips will rock your world too. Couldn?t imagine a better shoe to wear for an muddy obstacle race, or any ol? trail run! You can read even more about my experience with this shoe in my post,?Did The Shoes Make The Cut??

4. CrossFit Nano 4.0 – I?ve said it before, and I?ll say it again, one shoe certainly does not fit all. Guys, there is a time and place for each and every shoe, and when it comes to Crossfit and Olympic style weight lifting THIS is the shoe you want to be wearing. I am by no means an Olympic weight lifter, but in the short period of time since I?ve taken up Crossfit, I can genuinely feel the difference when I wear this shoe. Plus?Chris thinks my feet are sexiest with these on ;).

5. ZQuick – The name says it all?Z-?quick?. So light flexible, they?re absolutely perfect for a long run – or a short one! And call me crazy, but I feel faster in them (says my inner child). These puppies are made of the most breathable material and somehow still provide the most incredible support. After two major knee surgeries, I have to be picky about my running shoes. With these, I?m completely confident I?m getting the support and structure I need. And the colors? So cute! What more could you ask for?!

As important as it is for us ladies to be wearing the right shoe, its just as important for the men in our life to have the right footwear too. Especially when you?re married to a man that wishes he could live in the gym. Heck?Chris would make our entire home a gym if he could. Anyway? here are a few of Chris? top picks for guys, straight from the man?s mouth, himself!

chris_reeboksweb1. All-Terrain Super Series – “Ultimate hiking and obstacle racing shoe.”

2. CrossFit Nano 4.0 – “All around best workout shoe.”

3.?GL 6000?- “Classics for kicking’ it – insanely comfortable and timeless!”

4. CrossFit Lifter Plus 2.0?- “Go-to weightlifting shoe.”

5.?CrossFit Lite?- “Perfect for powerlifting.”

Finding the right shoe, is so essential in helping prevent injuries during any sort of physical fitness – so tell me, what’s your fave fitness shoe?!



For more of my favorite shoes and workout apparel, head over to Reebok.com/Heidi.Powell

56 Responses

  1. Hi Heidi,

    I was watching old episodes of Extreme Weight Loss the other day. I noticed in one episode, you had a neon yellow workout top with matching neon yellow shoes. Can you tell me what kind of shoes those are? That is a really cool look and I am sure it would be great to wear when I participate in the 5K I am working for in November. Thank you both for all you do for people….and for your obvious love and compassion to share with your clients.

    1. Hi: Those shoes were from Reebok, but since that show was from a few years ago, they might not still be available.

  2. Thanks! I was really having a hard time picking a lifting shoe and this is super helpful!! BTW… I love how Chris’ answers are short and sweet and yours, Heidi, are very descriptive! Hahaha!

  3. Hey Heidi!! Love that you are talking about the right shoes! I suffered from plantar fasciitis in both feet for 2 1/2 years. Finally, I’m back on my feet and exercising again. My workout consists of a 3-5 mile walk around an outdoor track every day and an hour cardio in the gym 5 days a week. As I wanted to make sure my feet stay healthy, I went to a running store to be properly fitted for just the right shoes. They put me in Brooks ($120). Great shoes. However, after 3 weeks (82 miles), I had worn through the bottom layers of tread to the “cushy” layer. I took the shoes back. They replaced them with another pair of Brooks. Same thing happened. Two weeks and 61 miles later I took them back to the store. This time the put me in Pearls ($125) and said this was my problem, not the shoes. I have had these shoes for 3 1/2 weeks and the same thing is happening. I was told that with a good running shoe I would get 300-500 miles, but I’m not even getting 100 miles. Is there a shoe that you know of that may be more durable? I just can’t afford to spend $125 every couple of weeks on new shoes. As I’m a big girl (30 pounds down so far), I’m wondering if there is a shoe that you use for the contestants that prove to be durable?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

    1. Oh my. That’s a tough one! Since running shoes are made to last at least 300 miles (although this can be affected by some factors: the climate and/or temps where you live – in really hot and/or humid climates shoes wear out more quickly, the weight of the wearer, the surfaces you workout on, the bio mechanics of your feet and how your feet strike the surface, and others), I’m not really sure what to recommend. And even within one manufacturer, some shoes are more durable than others. You might get a different pair of shoes for your gym workouts (depending on what type of gym workouts you’re doing), and keep your running shoes for your track workouts. That might help increase the life of your running shoes. And you’ll need to count your gym cardio time as mileage when figuring out your total mileage for your shoes too. So you’d count 3-5 miles x 5 (15-25 miles)/week track time, and the “miles” you put on your shoes during those 5 hours/week in the gym. And congratulations on your workout schedule – you’re definitely on the right track to reaching your transformation goals! πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Heidi! I’m 23 and I recently discovered that I have a deviation in both of my knee caps (I was born with it – it just started to become problematic as I’m getting older). It’s getting bad and the doctor says that the only way to make it better is by creating an amount of muscle in my legs that will hold them in place, but, at the same time, I can’t run, do any squats or anything that will bend them too much. So, how do I build legs like yours without doing those things? I know this is completely unrelated to shoes, but you mentioned your knee surgeries and I figured you are the best person to ask. I’m 5’5 and have a perfectly normal weight. Any advice? πŸ™‚

    1. Here’s an idea. Show the exercise part of Chris and Heidi’s carb cycling program (it’s in their book, “Choose More, Lose More for Life”) to your healthcare team, and work with them to put together a program that will help you reach your goals and keep those knees safe. Another idea is to work with a physical therapist – they are a great resource to help you know how to work around your issues. We wish you the best!

  5. Hello Heidi, I was just wondering which one of these shoe’s would be best for working out? I have been looking for a good workout shoe that I could use for walking, running, and exercising. So I was just wondering if the crossfit shoe would be the best or what do you think…..Please help me…

    1. Here’s another post that might help you figure this out: https://heidipowell.net/170/if-the-shoe-fits/. Since running and general exercising can put different types of stresses on your feet, it’s so important that you find the right shoe for your foot for each activity. For example, for you, running shoes might not be best for CrossFit, and CrossFit shoes might not be best for running. Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

  6. When I workout, the bottoms of my feet burn…sometimes so severely that I have to take a break from my workout. I know I could push harder if only my feet didn’t burn. Help!

  7. I too agree about wearing the right shoes. I typically do not appreciate Reebok as it feels very heavy when I run. What would be more useful for me would a honest feedback on the right shoes without any form of sponsorship then it will be more genuine and shows that we have done our homework.

    Apologies if this is not deemed appropriate but I will love to leave Heidi or Chris make a comparative analysis based on their vast experience. BTW I have been exercising for 15 years now and throughout the years I found some brands suit me better than others,

    1. Since the “right” shoe is based on several different factors and can be different for every person, it’s very difficult to offer comparisons that would be useful for everyone or even most everyone. Chris and Heidi truly love Reebok shoes, so they were sharing what’s worked for them. Heidi shares more info on how to find the right shoe in this post: https://heidipowell.net/170/if-the-shoe-fits/. Hope it helps!

  8. I have purchased 2 pair of dmx Reebok s this year. On a trip earlier this month I tried on gravity defying athetic shoes (they have a spring embedded in the heel portion of the shoe. Does reebok make any type of “spring enhanced” shoes ?

  9. I could not agree more that the right shoe makes all the difference. I went to a running store and the advised what shoes I should wear. Best thing I ever did? socks make a huge difference too? make sure they have no cotton.

  10. They get paid to push the “crossfit” shoes, so not an accurate assessment. Sorry but it’s true. Reeboks are crap and always will be.

  11. The majority of my fitness program consists of hiking in the beautiful Montana forest and walking my dog. I have found that I need to rotate the shoes I wear to keep my feet feeling good. I agree that shoes are so important. I like the Merrell barefoot shoes. They have several different models and I own three different models. I use one for hiking on rocks, one for walking on cement, and one for crossfit type activity. I also have a pair of super cushy Brooks running shoes that I wear when my feet get sore from lots of miles. I have a pair of OBoz hiking shoes that have a rock hard sole for hiking when my feet are sore. I have noticed that paying attention and constantly rotating the types of shoes I wear is critical to keeping my feet healthy. If I wear the same shoe too often, I will get sore.

  12. A lot of runnin shoes have leather in them. I’m vegan, so I obviously can’t do that. Any recomendations for shoes I can try on in store, not just online, that are guaranteed 100% synthetic? I’ve found some websites, but so far no real stores that only sell vegan shoes.

  13. Any idea why they stopped at at women’s size 10 on the new Nanos? I would love some, but wear an 11. I noticed they do have 11’s in the Nano 2.0’s. Would you recommend those as well? Thanks!

  14. I sort of have a general problem with the fact that ONLY Reebok shoes made the list. For running you didn’t mention Asics, Brooks, Hoka, etc? I love my Nanos and my Reebok Oly lifting shoes, but overall this list sounds like this was more marketing than an actually researched list. Which for 2 people who have as much of as following as you 2…is disappointing.

  15. I hate to admit it but I have bunions. I realize a shoe with a wider box helps but boy it sure is painful to try to do traditional pushups or burpees! Just bending my toes the wrong way hurts like heck! I wear barefoot running shoes that help realign my toes and keep the bunions from hurting while doing other exercises. Can you recommend a good shoe that will help with this problem? Thanks for all you do!

  16. I have fallen in love with running but I have plantar faciitis on my left foot. Any chance you know what type of shoe could help support me through my workouts? Thanks for all your great advice!

  17. I would like to try the shoe for wt lifting but I have over pronation in my feet… do you know if they come they any wt lifting shoe for over pronation? Or could I just get by without that support for lifting only? I love wt. Lifting and have trouble with squats, deadlifts. Any suggestions on shoes?

    1. You could try them, and if you need to, you could add an over-the-counter orthotic/insole to help with the pronation. πŸ™‚

  18. Hi Heidi. I recently started doing 5K but I walk part of it because I haven’t gotten up to running the whole way. What shoes should I go for? A good walking shoe or a running shoe?

  19. I’m about three months into exercising, which is going great. I’ve lost about 45 lbs and am now at my ideal weight. Unfortunately I did it by not eating very much and not exercising. Now that I am exercising I am aware of how lots of aches and pains in my feet, ankles, and particularly up the outer side of my ankle and up my leg. At first I assumed that this was because of not having a lot of muscle and it would get better as I worked through it and built muscle. I’ve been exercising and had my nutrition in line for about three months now but my feet and lower legs still ache. I workout on carpet in the family room barefoot. Could this be the problem or do I just need to get some of the muscle back that I depleted during my weight loss?

    1. Congratulations on the weight loss – that’s awesome! I’d definitely suggest you wear shoes while exercising, even though you’re on carpet. Any added muscle will help, but you really need to get the correct shoe. πŸ™‚

    2. I know your not asking me but I wanted to jump in and say that when i first started working out the classes I went to were taught at a Dojo. he would teach his classes barefoot and everyone in the class did the same. I did it for two years and I constantly had foot pain and leg pain bc you cant do high impact things barefoot and shouldnt. I now workout in shoes at all times and no foot pain or leg pain. I advise you wear shoes as well speaking from personal long term experience. by the way congrats on your 45lbs lost! amazing:)

  20. Hi Heidi! Great post! I have Nanos and LOVE them for CrossFit. What’s a good rule of thumb for when Nanos need to be replaced? I know running shoes are 500 miles or every 6 months. Is there a similar guideline for CrossFit shoes? Thanks!

    1. It kind of depends…if you start feeling some random aches and pains, then it’s time! πŸ™‚

  21. I have tried most of the shoes on the market, from Asics, Brooks, Mizunos, etc. I walked into a local dealer one day and he suggested the Nike Lunar Eclipse. I was a bit skeptical as I have serious over-pronation and needed good support. Needless to say I liked them so much that I bought a second pair, something I have not done before. They are great all around, I use them for Zumba, running, and bootcamp without any problems. They recently changed versions but the shoes are still awesome.

  22. My question is the same as Sara’s. I’m doing a boot camp/boxing/conditioning class 3x a week and I know my running shoes aren’t the right choice. My only other shoes are Nike Lunar Glides, which sometimes give me blisters. I originally got them for errands/bike rides, etc. What’s the best shoe for our classes?? Thank you Heidi!!

    1. You might try the Dance UrTempo Mid or the CrossFit Nano 4.0. There are links to both in this post. πŸ™‚

  23. Hi Heidi and Chris, So here is my problem I am going to buy new shoes next week on the advice of my Dr. I have lost 80 Pounds and all the shoes I currently have rub my heel give me blisters and they mess with my toes. I had blister under my toe nails and now my toes are pretty sore from I guess rubbing in the shoes. I do a lot of walking what can you suggest when I go looking for shoes . What do I look for ? I am so lost when it comes to buying shoes!

  24. I took up power walking a few years ago. I kept getting shin splints and developed foot issues. My Dr recommended running shoes cause they offer better impact protection and have good heel stabilization. Success!!! I was able to work up to 4 miles a day without issue.

  25. Most shoes hurt my feet. So unless I’m outside or running on the treadmill, I prefer to workout bare foot. I’m not sure if this is damaging my joints or other body parts in any way. I will tell you this: I’m more apt to workout longer if my feet don’t hurt!

    1. I did that for the longest time. I love running barefoot. Did it for years However, it seemed that overnight I developed bunions that made it painful to walk or wear shoes without some type of correction to realign my toes. Please, please be careful!

  26. I wish Reebok would continue making some of the Zig sneakers, specifically the Zigactivate. They are a little heavy but in all my years I never found a shoe with better cushion. I found a few pairs online and scooped them up in my size so I have 5 pairs of them to hopefully last me a few years. At about 4 to 5 miles of walking per day I am lucky to get a year out of a sneaker.

  27. Hi Heidi! First, I just want to say that I love love love your show. Secondly, would you or have you ever thought about having a show that transforms people from normal, semi-healthy to very fit? I am actually in that process. My goal is to loose about 12 pounds and 8% body fat. I am fairly knowledgable in nutrition in terms of what my macro %s should be in combination with exercise to achieve my goal (at least I think I am knowledgable). I would just love to see other people doing it on a show and possibly be on one!

    1. I’m with you Anna, I would like to lose 30lbs and be fit. I currently run 3-5 miles 2-3 times a week. Weights three days a week, including some boot camp classes. I have lost 25lbs since February and have hit a plateau. I think gaining more muscle has confused my body and I can’t get a grip on the nutrition (how much to eat, not eat). I cut back when I gain a pound but not sure if it’s water weight or muscle weight. If I were able to go the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center I think they could help me figure it out.

    2. Hi Michele: It sounds like you’re on the right track! Check out Chris and Heidi’s carb cycling program in their book, “Choose More, Lose More for Life.” The book contains their complete nutrition and exercise program, and it’s the same one they use on the show. And it can work no matter how many pounds you want to lose. It will teach you everything you need to know and do to achieve your own transformation! Learn about the nutrition basics here: https://heidipowell.net/2713/carb-cycling-101/. And here’s a post about weight loss plateaus that might help also: https://heidipowell.net/5889/avoiding-and-conquering-that-weight-loss-plateau/. You got this!

  28. Hi Heidi and Chris, I have a terrible time finding shoes that are comfortable. Most shoes rub on the back of my heel that for some reason sticks out. I really can’t afford high end shoes either. What I did find were cross-trainers from New Balance. Oh my goodness they are honestly the most comfortable trainers I have ever worn in my life. Also my Merrell shoes are awesome too. Although lately when I walk fast I seem to be getting pain in the front of my lower leg. Is this shin splints? Why do I get it and what can you suggest for me to do to get rid of this pain? At this point I will try just about anything. OUCH!!!! Thank you

    1. Shin splints could be caused by a few different things. How long have you had these shoes? One sign that it’s time for a new pair is when you begin to get random aches and pains. And for shin splint pain in general, be sure you’re stretching that front part of your leg and that might help. πŸ™‚

    2. Hi Heidi, Thank you so much for the info. I’ve had the trainers for a year but I only wear those for my lunchtime workouts (inside) and I have a different pair for walking around outside. They still feel very bouncy. The painful legs started this week after I returned to school after a two week break from the gym (it was closed for renovations). The problem is starting to feel a little bit better today. One of the fitness staff told me to try compression stockings (I had a pair from a past surgery) and then ice at night and massage. The pain and burning was so bad on the walk across campus I had to sit down and just wait. That is not like me at all, that’s why I worried when it happened. Again thank you.

    3. Hi it turns out that it wasn’t shin splints it was a blood clot in my leg. I’m being treated for it now.

  29. I had been looking for new shoes. I am running my first half marathon a month from today. Everyone keeps telling me brooks or asics are best. I am now interested to see what those ZQuicks are like. Thanks!

  30. Heidi, which shoe would you recommend for all around workouts? I do a lot of bootcamp, sports conditioning and plyometrics and never know which shoe is best. Help!


    1. A couple of years ago I bought a pair of Reebok real flex because they were the MOST comfortable shoes I had ever worn. I used to just wear them for volleyball since they are so light. A few months back, I started training for a 5k and LOVE these shoes for running. I can’t find this particular style anywhere anymore. πŸ™ I’m guessing that I’ll have to resort to finding them on eBay.

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