Does the Powell Pack Eat Halloween Candy?

Without question, the holiday season is one of the most, if not the most, difficult times to keep healthy eating on track, and Halloween is certainly no exception! Chris and I receive so many questions about how to manage holiday sweets, particularly those mountains of candy your kiddos are sure to lug home this Halloween.

View the video to find out how the Powell Pack keeps candy consumption to a minimum, and a few tricks for implementing reasonable sweet treat expectations in your home this Halloween!

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*Originally posted October 30, 2014*




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  1. We would allow our kids to eat some candy when they got home from trick or treating. Once they had chosen and eaten a few pieces, we would give them the option to leave the rest out for the “halloween fairy” who would take the candy and replace it with a puzzle, coloring book & crayons, toy car, or whatever the current interest was. They always chose to leave it out and they were excited to see what fun surprise would be on the table in place of the candy in the morning! 🙂

  2. We do similar to u. However we let our kids pick out ten pieces they get to eat a few pieces that night. The rest goes in a candy jar of there own and when there ten pieces are gone its done. The rest it garbage.

  3. my son’s favorite thing to do with his candy is to donate it to troops serving our country! He is 14 now but has been doing it since he was about 5. The best part it was his idea! If people handed out veggies I think he would be happier.

  4. I have my kids trick or treat early and then pick out 5-6 pieces that they want and then I hand out the rest of the candy to the neighborhood kids. This way I don’t spend money on candy and my kids still get to partake in all the fun! This year I’m handing out bags with pencils, activity books, rulers, stickers etc.

  5. That’s a great idea. When I was a kid my parents had us split our candy in half. We got to keep half and we took the rest to a local hospital and gave it to the kids that were to sick to go trick or treating.

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