Does the Powell Pack Eat Halloween Candy?

Without question, the holiday season is one of the most, if not the most, difficult times to keep healthy eating on track, and Halloween is certainly no exception! Chris and I receive so many questions about how to manage holiday sweets, particularly those mountains of candy your kiddos are sure to lug home this Halloween.

View the video to find out how the Powell Pack keeps candy consumption to a minimum, and a few tricks for implementing reasonable sweet treat expectations in your home this Halloween!

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*Originally posted October 30, 2014*




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18 Responses

  1. to regift the candy aasappp. candy in our house is bad news, it disappears so fast. haha-
    number 11- we are a family of 5 with a baby so its the perfect set!

  2. We do something similar. We allow our kids to eat a few pieces after trick or treating and the next day he give them the option to give up their candy for a toy at the store. A bonus is their school collects candy to donate to the kids in the hospital who didn’t get the option to trick or treat. So my kids get to feel good about giving back, they get a toy, and we minimize their sugar intake. win-win-win.

    1. You can donate it to the soldiers overseas or take it to a dentist & they will pay you by the pound for the candy. At least the dentist where I’m from does anyway.

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