Our “BEST” Surprise Yet!

Chris and I are so proud and honored to be co-founders of our Be Your BEST AZ nonprofit foundation, and we have an awesome team?comprised of Richard, Jenn, Derek, and so many others?that does an amazing job keeping the BEST community motivated. And while we?d love to be at every single event, with our Extreme Weight Loss schedule, business meetings, family life, kids? school events and sports, etc., sadly, it?s kind of a rare occasion that we have the chance to pop in and check on our BEST friends.

This week, however, the stars aligned, our schedules cleared at just the right moment, and the opportunity presented itself for us to attend one of this month?s Be Your BEST AZ?s free classes! And because it was a last minute occurrence, Chris and I came up with the perfect plan to sneak attack the event and surprise our BESTers. Oh my goodness…seeing the shocked faces of our friends was priceless! The fun didn?t stop there either? later that evening, during the BEST auction, Chris had a little surprise of his own for everyone. To see how we surprised our BESTers, and what personal item Chris auctioned off, take a look at the video below. *Warning: There may be a little partial nudity from the Mister!* 😉

Chris and I would also like to send out a huge THANK YOU to all those who donated at this event. Without you and your generosity, we wouldn?t be able to do what we love to do and continue to transform lives at no cost through our Be Your Best AZ? program.

Local to AZ? Be sure and check out the winter Be Your BEST AZ five-part series that kicks off on January 13th. Each totally free class is super uplifting and inspiring, and the best trainers and coaches in the business provide motivation and on-site guidance for all who attend. You don?t want to miss it! For more information, please visit BeYourBESTAZ.com.

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  1. Heidi and Chris
    Thank you from the bottom of mine and so many others for starting your foundation. When I saw you two on channel 3 I was in tears as this was what I needed in my life. I am in my “B” journey and look forward to complete ing each and every letter.

    And I look forward to 2015 working with AWESOME BESTIES!

  2. You both are so amazing! I truly hope to meet you both face to face one day. You have inspired me from the beginning of my journey in 2011 and still continue to do so today. Thank you for all you do for people!

  3. I think this is just amazing. I live in Ontario Canada and I’m in my 40’s. I have yet to find a program like this anywhere AND it’s free! I have been struggling with my weight my whole life and Chris and Heidi are such an inspiration. I only wish I had a support system like this in place. I have been trying, by myself for over 20 years. I try to eat healthy and go to the gym. No one I know are interested in going to the gym or working out with me. But I keep trying and I will hopefully be in a position to do what you guys do someday. That is my goal!

  4. Every time I am thrilled to discover how you are the most amazing people I know in the whole world
    Caring for others, in your mission to upgrade the life of another one and another one
    I know that if I had not come across, with you Chris, and with you Heidi
    Today I was sitting sad and depressed, plus 120 pounds that would make me diseases and problems
    I had not met you face to face, and I did not speak with you on the phone
    But when you speak or write, I feel, that you’re talking to me
    Any question I have, you answer me and encourage me
    you are upgraded my life, to a level that I never thought I can get to
    Keep being who you are
    Love you always without limits

  5. You spoke in the video about the program going nationwide……..would love to be instrumental in organizing and leading a program in Michigan! We all need support and assistance for transformation. Looking forward to brainstorming with moving the program forward.


  6. Oh Man! Finally had time to watch this video but it says it has been removed by the user.. Is there another place I can see it?!

  7. Thank you for being so inspirational. I’m 21 years old and pregnant with my second baby. Heidi you’ve helped me stay so healthy, fit, and positive through both my pregnancies and I hope one day I can be as strong of a mother as you are. Lots of love! Xo

  8. love it! Fyi there is a spot where I believe your cell # is visible, just want to make sure you don’t receive a million calls you may want to blur it!

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