Our “BEST” Surprise Yet!

Chris and I are so proud and honored to be co-founders of our Be Your BEST AZ nonprofit foundation, and we have an awesome team?comprised of Richard, Jenn, Derek, and so many others?that does an amazing job keeping the BEST community motivated. And while we?d love to be at every single event, with our Extreme Weight Loss schedule, business meetings, family life, kids? school events and sports, etc., sadly, it?s kind of a rare occasion that we have the chance to pop in and check on our BEST friends.

This week, however, the stars aligned, our schedules cleared at just the right moment, and the opportunity presented itself for us to attend one of this month?s Be Your BEST AZ?s free classes! And because it was a last minute occurrence, Chris and I came up with the perfect plan to sneak attack the event and surprise our BESTers. Oh my goodness…seeing the shocked faces of our friends was priceless! The fun didn?t stop there either? later that evening, during the BEST auction, Chris had a little surprise of his own for everyone. To see how we surprised our BESTers, and what personal item Chris auctioned off, take a look at the video below. *Warning: There may be a little partial nudity from the Mister!* 😉

Chris and I would also like to send out a huge THANK YOU to all those who donated at this event. Without you and your generosity, we wouldn?t be able to do what we love to do and continue to transform lives at no cost through our Be Your Best AZ? program.

Local to AZ? Be sure and check out the winter Be Your BEST AZ five-part series that kicks off on January 13th. Each totally free class is super uplifting and inspiring, and the best trainers and coaches in the business provide motivation and on-site guidance for all who attend. You don?t want to miss it! For more information, please visit BeYourBESTAZ.com.

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  1. Thank you guys! we had a great time that night (not like we don’t every BEST class)! I can’t wait till January, all of the BESTies are all ready to go again! 😀

  2. Had tears in my eyes when you surprised the group because it reminded me of your surprise visit to Extreme Weight Loss: Destination Boot Camp. Only wish Chris would have auctioned off his shirt there. You two are phenomenal souls and you will have no problem marking off the 1 million on Chris’s tattoo.

  3. You both are so amazing and inspiring!! You most definitely have positively impacted way over 1 million lives!! I always have said my goal was to do the same while I’m on this planet (except I didn’t put a number to it) – totally inspiring. <3 Please, please bring this program nationwide as soon as you can! Particularly, Bellingham, Washington 😉

    Thank you for all you do!!! Can't wait for Season 5 to start.


  4. I’d love to help this program go nationwide as well! In the south, we are in need of programs like this as well. I do some volunteer work on the side, but would love to be a part of an organization that inspires positive change and healthy living!

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