Oh Baby! My Babywearing Adventures Continue

Ergo Baby - Heidi Powell

I don’t know what the weather?s like where you live, but we LOVE this time of year because we can finally spend more than a few minutes at a time outside having some family fun! And in our family, fun = fitness, and the best part? The kids have such a great time they don?t even realize they?re also working those muscles. 😉 Awesome, right?!

Ergo Baby - Heidi Powell

One of our favorite things to do as a family is hike the amazing trails near our home, and this year, little Ruby gets to tag along! Yes, she?s only one year old (What?! Where did the time go?!), but because of this amazing carrier from our friends at Ergobaby, Ruby can be smack dab in the middle of all of our fun. She can experience the world around her, interact with everyone (peekaboo, anyone?), and not miss out on anything simply because she?s not walking yet.

Ergo Baby - Heidi Powell

I first fell in love with this carrier when Cash was a toddler and I was 6 months pregnant with little Rubes. We were on a hike with some friends in Colorado , and his little legs weren?t quite able to keep up with the bigger kids. And since we all know how active my Cashy boy is, I was also worried about keeping his rambunctious little self safe. My friend let me borrow her Ergobaby, and I was a fan…pretty much instantly! I was able to carry my 2 ? year-old Cash on my back?comfortably?even with my 6 month baby belly.

Since then, I’ve used our Ergobaby for way more than hiking because it?s great for any family adventure?indoors or out?and especially for those that aren?t particularly stroller-friendly. I simply plop Ruby into our carrier, and I know she?s safe and comfy. And me? I love this carrier for many reasons: It?s super comfy for me too, it fits older babies and toddlers beautifully, the cool mesh keeps her feeling happy year-round in any type of weather, and get this?I can throw it in the washing machine and it?s good to go again for our next adventure. Can?t get much easier than that! And the color…oh, the color. I?m really diggin? the purple, but it also comes in graphite and black. Another thing I love? While we?re out hiking or doing whatever we?re doing, I?m also getting in some great calorie burn babywearing my little. And she?s seriously the cutest ?weight? ever. 😉

Ergo Baby - Heidi Powell

I mentioned that hiking our beautiful Arizona trails is one of our favorite family activities, and since I?m often asked which are our favorites, here you go:

  • Usery Mountain Park. We especially love the Wind Cave Trail.
  • A Mountain (also known as Hayden Butte and Tempe Butte). This is a short one, so try and increase the number of times you go up and down for an awesome workout!
  • Papago Park. There?s also an amphitheater at this park, so you can get in some amazing stadium work. Our peeps ?love? this place. 😉
  • Camelback Mountain. This one?s best for older kids, and the view from the top? Ah-may-zing!!!

No matter where you live or what your favorite family activities are, you can include your littlest family members with an Ergobaby baby carrier and create fun memories you?ll all cherish for years to come!

Ergo Baby - Heidi Powell Ergo Baby - Heidi Powell

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  1. I love how you incorporate your family and your lifestyle together … I am 100% pro preaching by example and that is my goal with my 4.5 old baby… I want to set a great example of commitment with your self and health and I admire you and Chris for giving us that example always!

  2. Love this! I live in Canada right by the Rocky Mountains we hike every day that it’s nice out!! I’m a huge baby wearer I use the osprey carrier and my babe loves it! Love your posts

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