Perfectly Imperfect, The Series: Guest Blogger – Natalie Hodson!


After the first two Perfectly Imperfect posts – both my own, and guest blogger Whippy Cake’s – the response for this series has been overwhelming! It is SO amazing to see so many of you embracing your small imperfections, and finding self-love and confidence. Today, I am so excited to be featuring a truly remarkable health and fitness blogger, Natalie Hodson! This beautiful woman is not only a ?health and fitness guru and an incredible influencer, but she’s also a proud mama of two. Her Perfectly Imperfect message is so powerful and has impacted me in such a huge way… I am honored to be able to share it with all of you today. Check the video below to see what Perfectly Imperfect means to Natalie and how embracing her flaws has influenced her life.

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Blog was originally posted December 9, 2014

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  1. I love the idea of perfectly imperfect. I have many flaws, I try to embrace them, but fail at times. That is okay and i k ow that, but I still beat myself up for failing. I love myself though and just am happy with my own company. I have my really close friends that trust with my life and embrace them when I feel low. I know I am not perfect, that is okay.

  2. It’s sad that a lot of women fall into this trap. First off.. NO ONE is perfect. Secondly beauty is only skin deep. This woman is really beautiful, but she bends and twists to find thugs she doesn’t like about herself… That’s so wrong. If a man doesn’t love you for the way you look with an extra 20-30lbs then he doesn’t truely love you and that’s NOT your fault.. That’s his lack of being good enough for you. DO NOT fall into the trap of thinking you are not good enough, do not fall into the trap of believing in ad campaigns,. In the end you need to feel good about yourself. Excercise and eat healthy to stay fit if that’s what makes YOU happy.. Not because you don’t feel good about how you look. There is a man out there that likes you the way that you are, an loves you for who you are… Have faith in yourself and be happy.

  3. Too funny- a friend sent this link to me because a girlfriend and I had started a #perfectlyimperfect challenge on facebook and twitter, challenging our tagged friends to share an imperfection daily for 7 days this past year. My friend had thought maybe you were part of our tag-a-thon – but it looks like the theme of #perfectlyimperfect is simply popping up naturally for women everywhere. Thanks for sharing!

  4. My flaws stopped embarrassing me decades ago, and I, nor have never felt that I was broken. I have never regretted my life’s decisions….even if they were the wrong or bad decisions. I view them as “lessons learned”, and move on. You only hurt yourself when you dwell on the negative.

    I have met quite a few people who feel that their opinions of me are much more important than my own opinions of me though. These are people who spend most of their conscious lives ridiculing and judging other people. I choose not associate with such people .

    Point: It’s never what other people think of you…it’s all about what YOU think of YOU. Love yourself as you are, and life will be so much happier…and NEVER listen to other people’s opinions about you. As the Late Robbin Williams once said, “Joke’m if they can’t take a F@$K” :-).

  5. Loved watching this, the main thing I took away from this was to make small goals as I tend to make bigger ones and never reach them because life gets in the way or actually I get in the way of it! I have now downloaded an app called Balanced which is helping me set small goals like drinking water etc. Thank you for the motivation and inspiration:-)

  6. Love it Heidi! 🙂 Thanks for letting us know that even our imperfections make us unique and perfect in our own way.

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