Q&A With the Powells: EWL Behind the Scenes

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Chris and I feel so fortunate to get wonderful emails, questions, and comments from so many of you each and every day. As much as we wish we could sit and pen a response to every single one of them, the fact of the matter is that?time simply does not permit us to do this. If only I had 48 hours in a day…;). Instead, we’ve got something special in store. We’re taking our most FAQs – both personal and show related – and answering them via?video for you all!

Now where on earth do we even begin? Well, in honor of the May 26th premiere of Extreme Weight Loss Season 5, we’re answering some of your most commonly asked show-related questions.?Check out?the video below to learn more about why we do what we do on Extreme Weight Loss. Enjoy!

We didn’t answer your questions? Not to fear, help is here. This is far from the last time we will share “Q&A with the Powells” videos, and would love to answer YOUR questions! Tell us what you want to know in the comments below. πŸ™‚



74 Responses

  1. Chris and Heidi Powell,

    I am not sure if this will get to you or not but I love your show and I am truly in need of help losing weight I keep trying to lose but it seems like my depression and panic attacks take over and as always I fail. I keep trying but exercise just falls to the wayside and I gain all the weight back. I take care of my adoptive mother because she is in a wheel chair but that is hard also because I get tired out so fast. If there is any help you have would be greatly appreciated. ooxx Love,

  2. From around 2013 (well 2008) I have wanted to get a flat stomach, preferably an eight pack. Last year I had a 4 pack and was solid mostly all round. I got to 13% body fat (I spent a lot of time in the gym) and then I found myself moving around my gym routine drastically dropped. I am now back living with my mum and only training at home.

    The training at home is not the main problem, the main problem is getting the shopping habits of the house to change. Furthermore, I find it extremely difficult at the moment to not eat junk. I am eating most of my meals inside. (My water consumption has gone up and my calorie drinking has drastically gone down for the first time ever.) But when I wake up in the middle of sleep or late at night or early in the morning I find myself saying “I will start eating healthy again soon”. This has been going on for over 3 weeks now. Last month I had some very good days. I haven’t had a week yet (except for juicing in January) where I can say I did eat one piece of crap. Last night before my cat woke me up I ate an apple before bed, read, fell asleep and ate an apple again when I awoke, however, throughout the day today the amount of poo that I have put in my mouth I probably cant list. Its probably because I haven’t cooked my porridge in the morning and prepared my other 3-4 meals (just trying to get my plastic containers together).

    Apologies for the long message. I am getting …annoyed with my lack of self integrity (one of the many things you and Chris have talked about via Youtube and shows).

  3. Thanks for everything- Just a quick question! For foods that aren’t on the published list you’ve made, how can I tell where something fits best? For example, PB2… It’s low in fat, even in protein and carb. Is it a protein?


  4. Hi Chris! I’m Winifred from Nigeria and I’m your greatest fan. I get motivated watching your program ‘extreme makeover weight loss edition’.
    5 years ago, I sustained a type 2 tibia plateau fracture but I couldn’t afford surgery and so the fracture healed but I can walk really well without aids…the only problem is that I can’t run and I weigh about 140kgs (though I’m pregnant at the moment). I desperately want to lose all the weight. What kind of exercises can I do to burn the weight?

  5. Hi Chris and Heidi,
    I am a great fan of EWL and especially you guys. You are such huge motivators who empathize and celebrate each and every moment of the individuals on the show. It is so inspiring to watch the show and cherish the good words.
    Coming to my part, I am from India basically a South Indian( specific mention to get an idea on the eating habits) whose staple food is white rice. We are born and brought up around rice eating people and it’s quite difficult to quit rice or isolate ourselves from surrounding rice-eaters. Most of the trainers out here ask us to stop eating rice and eat roti (Indian bread made out of wheat), this gets difficult and at times creates digestion related problems too. I am 5’5” and weigh about 170 pounds. I have PCOD and doctor suggested losing weight can better the treatment. I tried different weight loss regimes like herbalife( liquid diet mostly of a flavored mil powder for all the meals in a day), Yoga, crash diets, etc before i took to working out at Gym. It started at 80kgs (176 lbs) and lost just 6 pounds in almost 6 months. This is very disheartening and i feel demotivated many times. I work my a** off at the gym, suffer day long sore body and whenever i measure myself i desperately hope i lose at least a pound or two and it seems like forever and i don’t lose sufficient amount. I am almost ready to get married and my weight along with PCOD is haunting me.
    Whenever i need motivation to continue with my workout I keep watching EWL and gain the inspiration. I have always looked up to you indirectly and now I need a clear advice and guidance from you guys. I am 24 now and working as a software professional, most of my life is sedentary but i try and keep it active by simple things as taking a break for every half an hour and have a short walk, stretching out at the desk, and walk and talk to my colleagues as much as i can, avoid fried and processed foods and sweets.

    Please help me out Heidi and Chris. This would be so helpful in changing some family’s life πŸ™‚
    Love you guys and forgot to mention, Ruby is so adorable and her pic at your backyard is my mobile wallpaper πŸ˜› Bye guys waiting to hear from you

    1. Hi Mounika: Thank you for sharing your story with us. Chris and Heidi have made all the tools they use on the show available for all of us to use to achieve our transformation goals. You can learn all about these tools here: https://heidipowell.net/9060. And as with any nutrition and exercise program, please discuss this with your healthcare team first, and then follow their recommendations. Chris and Heidi have worked with clients with PCOS before, so their program can work for you too! We wish you the best!

  6. Love the show, I watch while I’m at the gym on the treadmill. I’m a single mom of 2 tweens with about 90-lbs to shed, I’m only 5’1 so that is 50% of my current size. I jokingly call it my divorce weight, but it’s no joke. My 11 yr old daughter inspires me, she is a competitive cheerleader and I want to be able to keep up with her workouts and take adult gymnastics classes (broke my arm as a kid and had to quit). I’m terrified she or my son will inherit my food issues and so I have to do this sensibly and be a good role model. After gymnastics I got heavily into ballet as a kid, never really overweight but not skinny either. Nothing warps your body image like ballet can, at 16 and 100-lbs my teacher told me I was too fat and I was already doing unhealthy things to stay that weight. I quit ballet and switched to music, gained weight and developed an eating disorder that took years to put in ‘remission’. Now I’ve clearly taken the ‘food is medicine’ mantra too far! I’m the one that got me here and with focus and hard work I know I can get back down to a healthy weight this year. My goals are to take my kids on the West Coast Trail next summer or the Via Compostela!

    My question is about carb-cycling with a family. Can I feed my teens what I’m eating at dinner on low-carb days or do I have to add carbs for them? They get carbs in their lunches and at breakfast. We are vegetarian, and it’s pretty challenging to carb-cycle. I just can’t eat that much tofu and tempeh. So many soy products, like simulated meat products, are heavily processed foods and I save them for my reward day if I have to have it. If you have other food ideas or recipes for vegetarians that would be helpful.

    What about the maintenance phase? Is carb cycling a lifestyle that can be maintained? I don’t want to diet anymore. I want to eat, for life, like the thinner, healthier person I will become. Where are the EWL participants now, the ones who gave been successful at keeping it off for over a year? That would be very motivational for me. I loved the earlier shows where there was advice for us at home. Thanks for all that you do!

  7. Would you ever consider helping others outside of USA. You could do an extreme makeover world edition. I think it would help others in different culture s and environments see they x can do it to. I’m waiting here in beautiful new zealand which we know you like if you ever do decide to do this.

  8. How do you help someone who is afraid to eat? I’m 5’2″ and 310lbs. I love to work out (when I’m not battling severe foot pain), and try to eat healthy. I crave unhealthy food a few days a week and try not to give in. At work, we don’t have scheduled breaks so I find myself going 5 or 6 hours without eating. I’m in the customer service industry so I can’t just sit down and eat when I feel hungry. I’ve been trying to lose weight for 25 years. I had a personal trainer look at my food journal and apparently I’m only eating 1000 calories a day. I always added an extra 500 calories for miscalculation of measurements. I’m afraid to eat too much because I don’t want to gain any more weight! I wanted my 40’s to be so much better but it seems like it’s getting harder and harder. HELP!

    1. Hey! Have you tried using the my fitness pal app? It’s free and can count your calories for you!

  9. I have tried carb cycling over and over again and I think I have finally figured out my issue. I end up treating my high carb days as my “cheat” days- a true carb addict one might say.
    I’m curious about your thoughts on low carb diets- say like an Atkins diet at 20 carbs a day. It takes away the temptation of any sugar (unlike carb cycling) but do you think it’s healthy? Do you personally believe that very little carbs can be beneficial or is this something I shouldn’t even consider?

  10. Hi Chris and Heidi,
    Can you do carb cycling as a mostly vegan person? I have your book and have read it several time. Let me be clear on the mostly vegan part. I just started a vegan life style at the first of the year. Only in the last two weeks have I cut out simple carbs like bread and pasta and focusing on a whole food life style. I only have meat two times a week for dinner and sometimes only once a week; one meal. I’ve lost 20 pounds in the last month with cutting out the bread and pasta. I will cut out the meat to once a month or only for special events after May. I do good with cutting one or two things out of my diet at a time. I gave up soda pop over two years ago now and don’t crave it at all. I replaced it with water. Candy is out now too. Replaced candy with fruit. I’m down 60 pounds in a year and half. it’s coming off slowly but keeping it off. I have been training for my first half marathon which will be in May. So the number is not going down on the scale as fast but I am losing inches for sure. over 10 in my waist. I’m getting toner each week. My goal is to be 90% whole foods for the rest of my life. EWL helps me stay motivated! I’m changing my life and I know I can do it. It took me over 40 years to put the weight on so a few years to take it off is reasonable. Since starting I have gotten off my high blood pressure medicine as well as the high cholesterol medication. The only thing I take now is my Thyroid medicine and I’ll never come off of that the doctor said. Thank you for all you do for people around you. You inspire me to be a better person and to give back to those around me. Wish me luck in a few weeks when I run my first race/half marathon in Disneyland next month.

    1. Hello heidi I need your help I know guys was in Sacramento you guys invited me I don’t drive car and know one go with me

  11. Hi Heidi and Chris!

    I have lost overall 90 lbs and I am only 10 lbs from my goal weight. My question to you is there anything nonsurgical I can do about feeling so “flabby?” I have invested in firming lotions and strength train 1-2 times a week and I almost feel worse about my body than when I began losing the weight. I lost the weight slowly too (it took me 1.5 years to lose 60 lbs) so I thought I wasn’t going to have this problem πŸ™

    Thank you

  12. Do you think it’s possible to be on prednisone for rheumatoid arthritis and still lose weight? Or am I fight a losing battle?? Thanks!! GOD BLESS

  13. Hi Chris and Heidi,
    I watch your program everyday.
    I love that program!! And your life is an exemple for me.
    thanks for all,

    By Andrea from Italy

  14. It would be so amazing if you guys could do a “train the trainers” episode or blog or seminar for us trainers out there who really want to understand what it takes to bring someone successfully through such a profound transformation when they are the only one available to help this person through. Often, as a trainer, I am left as the only crutch to people without health insurance, unsupportive or non-existent families, and a HUGE mountain to climb but I am taking care of a hundred other clients. How do I set my clients up for success when there is only one of me? I really care so much and go to sleep every night worrying about how I can help those who really need it. I know I can only help those who help themselves but I only get one hour a day maybe 3-5 times a week and sometimes it feels impossible…especially when I care so much.

  15. Hey guys!
    First off I’m so thankful for your encouragement and motivation. Truly inspiring.
    I’ve been morbidly obese all my life….since infancy. When I was in school I was horrifically teased as a size 18 and 200+ lbs in the 6th grade. I eventually peaked at 280lbs by the time I turned 18. So as you can imagine I was desperate to change and I’d do almost anything to become skinnier like the other girls. So I embarked on surgically helping my weight issue at the age of 18. At the time I didn’t care about the long term consequences or side affects. I was 18 and invincible….so I thought. I went from 280lbs to 145lbs within 1 year and very little change in my activity level or diet. I’m currently 11 years out and have worked so very hard to stay under 200lbs. When I was 18 I didn’t believe the doctors when they said the surgery was a tool and not a cure. Oh boy… I can only say that it is a tool and you can and will gain it back! As I’ve gotten older and started to slowly gain my weight back I started to realize what the doctors tried to warn me about. Unfortunately I came to that realization after gaining 30lbs-40lbs. I now Crossfit 3-5 days a week, meal prep 4 days a week and do my best to be realistic on top of it all. I’m 29 and struggling to lose weight after having a gastric bypass. More than anything I want to be healthy now. Something I wasn’t in tune with when I was 18. I want to lose weight in order to feel better and live longer. Unfortunately I’m struggling and have been for years.
    So my question is: have you worked with people who’ve had a gastric bypass? If so, how have they struggled and how did they get over that hump? What advice can you give me? I feel like my body is trained to gain weight no matter what I do. I’m so frustrated and discouraged. I work HARD and see very little results.
    Thank youin advance,

  16. Hi Chris and Heidi,

    I had a question about EWL. I’ve applied twice, and while I know from meeting several and seeing those who make it, that there are thousands of amazing people who also apply, I can’t think of any good reason why I don’t get called back. Are there things that would disqualify a person from making it, for example, if they weigh too much, or any other possible reasons that would make them say no about a person right away? I will never give up on losing weight, or anything else for that matter, I just wonder what else they truly look for besides the obvious of needing to lose 50% body weight. You both seem like wonderful people, and what you do makes a difference. Thank you!


  17. Hello, Love your show, but was wondering if you have ever thought of having an older person on your show. I”m 61 years young, a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 3. 2 yrs. ago i lost my oldest granddaughter to cancer.Hardest thing i have ever had to do was say good by to her, she had just turned 13. was only inthe hospital for 10 days when we lost her. I miss her so much. Since Kayleigh has passed i have not been the same. I just want to feel good again and pretty again. Not that i”m over weight i just need to get back into shape. I have had my right hip replaced so i haven”t been doing alot of working out. I need to get back into, working out. I do have arthritis, but i do work two jobs, so that doesn’t seem to be an issue with me. I know that you won’t ever have me as a person on your show., but thank you for reading this. I will always watch your show. You two are the best.

  18. Hi Heidi and Chris,
    I cannot wait for the season to begin. I am trying to change my lifestyle eating, it’s not easy but worth the ups and downs.
    I learn about good health decisions from you both, thanks..

    New Jersey

  19. I started carb cycling. I know I can have an abundance of veggies daily but can I also have an abundance of fruit? Or is fruit in abundance not allowed on low carb days?

  20. I understand that the show is “extreme” weight loss, but why not help others that aren’t so extreme but on the path of getting there? Why not stop it before it reaches that point? I am a paramedic by night, a mom to twin girls by day and a medic in the National Guard. I have no knowledge on how to keep my self healthy while being this tired and busy. I am on the fast track of gaining and would love to stop it! If I don’t lose 40 pounds in two months, I won’t be eligible to sign another contract with the guard. I am so nervous I will lose my 12 years of service! How can I get help from you without having 100s of pounds to lose? Please choose me!

  21. Hi Heidi and Chris, i appreciate your encouragement and enthusiasm when i met you at “A” mountain couple years ago. I know that Heidi has struggled with eating disorder in the past and was wondering if you take that in to account with your own life routine? I recently saw a picture and thought she skin and bone. What does she weigh? Thanks for sharing. Suzanne. Mesa, AZ

  22. hola heidi?como estas? .tengo una hija de 15 a?os mide 1.67 mts. y pesa 90 kilos ella va al gym pero no tiene una rutina ?Como la podrias ayudar? espero tu respuesta xoxo

  23. Ok I have a question? Why is there no program (other than going the Biggest Loser show or EWL show) to help with skin removal surgery? That programs help with? And why is it nobody wants to talk that side of weight loss?

  24. Hello guys. I like your show. When will it be on again? I live near Chicago. I have lost 90lbs this year and I am planning on losing 50 to 60 more. I want more inspiration from your show. Walking is the main exercise I do. I do some strength machines and eat low carb. I did not gain a pound during the winter and I actually lost weight!

    I need some encouragement to get back to what I was doing before the winter. I started at 318 lbs on June 9th of 2014. I now weigh 228 lbs.

    Thanks for all you do. –Mike

  25. i am a 33 Harold widow with three teenagers. Since my husband unexpectedly passed I have been using food to comfort me. I now weigh 300lbs and I just am not able to lose weight. I don’t want to be in bondage to food to ease the pain of heartache, do u have advise?

  26. Hi Heidi and Chris… I need some advice please if you will!!?? I’m a big fan of your show… I’m a big fan of working out and eating healthy… I’m so muscular, I’m 5’2.5. I’m finding it hard to slim down bc of my muscularness πŸ™ I love being strong but I want to slim my self down! What do I need to do?? Please help… Thank you in advance! #youbothrockcantwaittohearfromyou!!

  27. I just don’t know what to do I workout 3 times a week. I also walk a mile each morning, and I eat right I think. I’m stuck at 175 and will loss 5 then I gain them back please help me I’m a mother of four I just want to go to my kids events at school and not feel ashamed of how I look and to feel beautiful for my husband.

  28. Hi beautiful Heidy. πŸ™‚ my question is, do you have any exercises that you recommend for me to do? I am 7 months pregnant and my baby is measuring a little big. I’m not gaining weight anywhere but my stomach. Help. Any advice? Nutrition? Exercises? Thank you. πŸ™‚

  29. Hey Chris and Heidi Powell. I love your show. You and Chris are amazing people. I watch your show all the time and I can’t wait for the new season. Can I meet you and Chris some day? Ever plan on coming to Marquette Michigan some day?

  30. Hi to the both of you
    well i have a problem and a question, i can’t seem to start any weight loss program because i can’t seem to eat in the morning and some times i can go the whole day without eating some times two days and i know that’s not good but this have been going on for some years now and i just want some help and start eating in the morning instead of my first meal being at 12 midnight

  31. I wish wish wish you would do a follow-up segment! I follow contestants on Instagram sometimes and love to see how they’re doing. Bruce Pitcher, Merhbod, Jaquie even had a baby! I think a where are they now would be wonderful!

  32. What would you suggest looking for in a dr to do skin removal? I like many of your clients have lost 175lbs. I’ve kept it off for 16 months now and I’m getting pretty confident that I will never go back to my old ways. I love my improved life. But this extra skin is everywhere! What qualities should I look for in a surgeon?

  33. Any helpful hints on keeping excess skin to a minimum? Ive been losing at a slow pace but its very noticable on my legs down 75lbs so far from 350. And thanks for all the carb cycling tips you guys give, carb cyxling has helped where other plans have not and its definitely a lifelong plan I can live with! BTW you guys rock!

  34. I have a question if you don’t mind…How can you change your mindset and motivate yourself to lose weight? I have 80-100 pounds to lose but I can’t seem to get motivated and it’s frustrating. I want so badly to change but everything in my head keeps stopping me. “You’ll never lose this weight. You’ve been fat your whole life and it’s never going to change.” I have all the knowledge and exercise equipment but something always stops me from just getting up and doing it! how to you break through the mental barriers of self doubt and low self esteem?

  35. I have a question that I’m curious about! First of all, you both are such beautiful people and lovely role models. But my question regarding the show: contestants don’t know that they’ve been chosen till you or Chris tell them…. yet they are being filmed before hand… do they have any clue?! Or do the producers just tell them that they’ll be filmed and it’ll be used if they’re picked?

  36. I am a 56 year old man, who at the age of 43 had Sudden Cardiac Death(2002). The LAD was 100% blocked. I survive due to the quick thinking of a friend giving me an aspirin just prior to the attack. I weighed 225, was a heavy smoker, needless to say former smoker now. I was hospitalized for 45 days, had 15 units of blood, several infections, renal failure and was on dialysis for 6 weeks. Kidney function returned. Leaving the hospital i weighted 190 lbs and loss a lot of muscle. There was a time (age 36) i worked out three times a week, and was in great shape. Fast forward to now, 3 stents, twice in cardiac rehab, 15 plus medicines a day, and more than 125lbs in weigh gain. I bought a bike and some weights and even have access to a free gym. My concern is that with the extra weigh is hard to breath and worry about the stress on the heart, i feel like i am in a catch 22 situation. I currently use MyFitness Pal to record food and FitBit to record steps, i average about 7000 steps per day.
    Any suggestions with my health concerns that can help to start shedding the weight. Nervous it might be to late to do anything.

  37. I’ve seen episodes where the person writes Chris and you for help. Why don’t yall do that anymore?

    Do you guys make people look fatter on camera then they really are in order for them to make a good transformation?

    Can’t wait to watch the new season

  38. Hi. I love you both and am so thankful for what you have done in my life as well as so many others. I’ve noticed the same pattern in myself that I see in the contestants. I have 60 pounds to lose. For the first 100 days, I lost a pound a week for a total of 20 pounds. I have really struggled in the second quarter of this year to lose anything at all. I’m still doing my best to stick to the Turbo Cycle plan. Is there something physically or mentally that changes and makes it harder?

  39. Hi!. After being obese all my life, I lost 140 lbs in 10 months (last year)..after getting pregnant and losing my baby, I have packed on not all, but a whole lot of the Weight I lost (about 100 lbs of it). I can’t seem to get myself under control again…and it seems like every month that goes by and I’m not pregnant again I go through another mourning process. Perhaps I never fully mourned my loss…I don’t know. Anyway…I know that often your clients after losing so much weight, still struggle and maybe even gain weight back…what advice can you give to those of us who feel like complete facilities at life?. I am so ashamed that I don’t want to go out.no don’t want to see anyone who hasn’t seen me since September.:(

  40. Hi Heidi and Chris, love the show and love your Facebook and Instagram posts daily. I’m 35 years old and need to lose around 100 pounds. I’ve lost 60 pounds three times now and the minute I stop working out every day I gain the weight back. It’s been like this all my life, how can I break this vicious cycle before it’s too late for my health? Thanks

  41. Hi I started my weight loss journey last April and lost 60 lbs then life changes due to shift changes work schedules,etc Do you have some help with platues or sliding back to bad habits. I love the show and when I get to watch it’s great motivation and really helps.

  42. Hi Heidi I have watched just about every season and episode of EWL and its so motivating to see there transformations! My question is what are your thoughts on replacing a Meal with a meal replacement shake? And also I have been told more than once from trainers at the gym I attend that more than 30 mins of cardio is not good is that true and if not what are some tips you can give me to push my weightloss quicker?

  43. Hi, I live in UK and have watched all the episodes so far but we are behind here and keep repeating the same episodes but I still have to watch again. It inspires me to work out more but I am a member of a Slimming Class and when I try to work out I don’t lose weight and I am then told that it is because I am toning and muscle weighs more than fat. It makes me feel disappointed and then I stop exercising. It makes me feel so down because I want to move more and lose the 40 I need to lose. Is it true if I work out the weight loss won’t show ?

  44. You guys have got to be two of the best people on the planet. I love how you not only help transform people’s bodies, but their mindset and mental health as well. Love what you guys do!

  45. Hi, Heidi and Chris. I send you greetings from the Czech republic. You are amazing couple and you are doing amazing things. Its great what you are doing with people, how can you inspire them and how can you lead them to transform lifes and live full and rich lifes. Your show Extreme makeovers is really inspiring. Its a pitty that you are so far from Europe. Is there a chance to write an email directly to you (not through social networks or public chat)? It would be really great. Thank you both, have a nice time and good luck to you and your job πŸ™‚ ps.your family is wonderful πŸ™‚

  46. Hey Heidi and Chris! I love the show. I Started my weightloss journey last May and have lost 40lbs so far. I have 80 more to go. However I haven’t lost a pound in over two months and nothing I do seems to help. Any suggestions with this type of plateau? I’ve tried most the common suggestions of taking some time off, eating less, eating more and literal?y nothing works. I need help because I’m getting so frustrated and discouraged.


  47. Love you guys so so much. You both inspire me beyond words and I cant thank you enough for all you do.

    My question is this…. I’ve been carb cycling for over a year. Started at 232 and am now 188. But I’ve been losing the same 5 lbs for 2 months now. Is this normal?


  48. Hi guys, it is so motivating to watch your Former Episodes and I Hope it won’t take too Long until Webcam watch Season 5 here in Germany. My Question to you: Could it be possible to take Part an ewl even of I am not American? Will you perhaps Produce one Season of ewl in Europe? Im so,thankful for eberyrhing I already learnt from you People, I lost 17 Kilo since the beginning of 2015, using your Book and DVDs. Thankful greetings Gita,

  49. Hi y’all! I love your show and y’all! My question is, what is the best way to lose belly fat? I am now 155 and 5’9. I have done work out videos for the past two months, with eating a lot healthier and cutting out carbs- like bread and pasta (most of the time) :-)! I just started implementing 30 minutes on a Nordic Track free strider into my daily homework outs. In two months I have lost about 14 pounds (the holidays wasn’t good to me). I am still struggling with loosing belly fat, what is the most effective way to do this? I would love to lose 15 more pounds before late June! Any advice or help you could give would be wonderful! Thank You for all y’all do!!

  50. i try to eat clean and fall off the wagon all too often. Any strategies to stay the course and what foods are best to avoid in terms of adding belly bloat or fat?

  51. With the significant number of chronic pain sufferers in the population today can you address how a person that suffers from Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Tendonitis, etc…. would manage to get a good enough work out in to lose 30 pounds and also to maintain a good weight. I have all three of those mentioned above but would love to get in shape. Unfortunately due to my physical issues working out the way people do on your show is near to impossible.
    It always looks like the contestants are suffering and I imagine at the weight that they are that they suffer from some form of pain in their joints. I thik you might be able to help a significant portion of the population work through their pain issues if it was even mentioned on the show.
    I agree that the impact of the large transformations is huge but to address the segment of America that is struggling with pain would help us alot.
    Thank you both for being inspirational. You are always a pleasure to watch.

  52. Hey guys! I’ve looked everywhere online and in your book for my answer to my question but can’t find it. I had a total thyroidectomy and am wondering if the turbo carb cycling would be effective for me. I’ve gained 30 pounds in the last two years and nothing is helping!!! HELP!! I WILL work hard if it will help me.

  53. Hey guys! So I’ve been eating clean and exercising ever since I’ve had my daughter about 10 months ago. So far I’ve lost 53 pounds! I still have some more weight to lose but I keep pulling/tearing ligaments in my feet! I mainly do fast walking and do different machines at the gym! so I was wondering is there anything special that you do on extreme weight-loss that helps with not getting torn ligaments! I want to continue my weight loss but it’s getting kind of hard because I keep getting hurt! is there anything I can do to prevent this? any advice you could give me would be helpful??

  54. Hey Chris and Heidi! I’ve been doing Crossfit for 7 years and have noticed that you guys have been integrating Crossfit into the show over the last number of seasons, without actually talking about Crossfit (sort of like Fight Club!). How much Crossfit are you actually integrating into the programming for the participants, and why don’t you discuss it more openly on the show?

  55. Im overweight. 250 and ive been exercising..been doing pretty good. But i wanted to know is it really safe to drink 1 gallon of water a day to stay even more healthier? ? ?? ? and is it really necessary to portion your foods all the time when you’re trying to lose weight? . .PS have a fantastic weekend Powell family .

  56. I’ve noticed you and Chris do crossfit a lot. Do you follow the carb cycling diet? If so, which one cycle do you follow?

  57. Hey guys
    What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting?
    I find it difficult to eat 5 small
    meals a day is eating once a day ok for weight loss and keeping the calorie intake low

  58. When you said that the person’s transformation had an impact on their family and the people around them, I got butterflies in my stomach. It just kind of hit me in the face. I moved away a year ago and haven’t seen my friends and family since. In that time, I lost 75 lbs. I’m going home for vacation in 3.5 weeks and I know its going to be a shock when people see me. I HOPE if anything, that the shock will inspire and motovate someone I love to do it too, and I really hope they will include me on their journey.

  59. Hey Guys! Thanks for all you do. Heidi, you’ve shared here on your blog that you have bunions. Do you have special shoes, soles, inserts that you use? I use shoes with a wider box and even use toe spreaders to keep the toes aligned so shoes don’t rub on my bunions. Anything out there we may not be aware of? Thank you.

  60. do you find it hard sometimes to have to have some one stay with you or stay with them. also do you help more then one in a year

  61. I love the show!!
    I’ve heard that you can’t out-train a bad diet. I typically start my weight loss efforts with working out and then tackle the food. But I’ve had trouble lately with the food. What is the easiest way to start tackling nutrition to someone who is hesitant to change?

  62. Are you going to do a follow show on previous people that have been on the show? I don’t have a weight issue, but the show is beyond inspirational!

  63. Would you guys ever take a contestant doing the opposite of trying to lose weight? Like say someone who is extremely under weight and wants to get up to a healthy weight?

  64. Recent mom to twin boy n girl with a 2 year old boy n 3 1/2 year old girl already at home . I’m a stay-at-home mom, as you know never a dull spare moment. Trying to get back into an exercise routine, how do I find the time? 2006 I did a fitness competition, best shape of my life and since then I’ve gone from 115lbs and currently at 158lbs. How do I stay with it and not allow life to get in the way?

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