Q&A With the Powells: EWL Behind the Scenes

Chris and I feel so fortunate to get wonderful emails, questions, and comments from so many of you each and every day. As much as we wish we could sit and pen a response to every single one of them, the fact of the matter is that?time simply does not permit us to do this. If only I had 48 hours in a day…;). Instead, we’ve got something special in store. We’re taking our most FAQs – both personal and show related – and answering them via?video for you all!

Now where on earth do we even begin? Well, in honor of the May 26th premiere of Extreme Weight Loss Season 5, we’re answering some of your most commonly asked show-related questions.?Check out?the video below to learn more about why we do what we do on Extreme Weight Loss. Enjoy!

We didn’t answer your questions? Not to fear, help is here. This is far from the last time we will share “Q&A with the Powells” videos, and would love to answer YOUR questions! Tell us what you want to know in the comments below. 🙂



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  1. Hey guys
    What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting?
    I find it difficult to eat 5 small
    meals a day is eating once a day ok for weight loss and keeping the calorie intake low

  2. When you said that the person’s transformation had an impact on their family and the people around them, I got butterflies in my stomach. It just kind of hit me in the face. I moved away a year ago and haven’t seen my friends and family since. In that time, I lost 75 lbs. I’m going home for vacation in 3.5 weeks and I know its going to be a shock when people see me. I HOPE if anything, that the shock will inspire and motovate someone I love to do it too, and I really hope they will include me on their journey.

  3. Hey Guys! Thanks for all you do. Heidi, you’ve shared here on your blog that you have bunions. Do you have special shoes, soles, inserts that you use? I use shoes with a wider box and even use toe spreaders to keep the toes aligned so shoes don’t rub on my bunions. Anything out there we may not be aware of? Thank you.

  4. do you find it hard sometimes to have to have some one stay with you or stay with them. also do you help more then one in a year

  5. I love the show!!
    I’ve heard that you can’t out-train a bad diet. I typically start my weight loss efforts with working out and then tackle the food. But I’ve had trouble lately with the food. What is the easiest way to start tackling nutrition to someone who is hesitant to change?

  6. Are you going to do a follow show on previous people that have been on the show? I don’t have a weight issue, but the show is beyond inspirational!

  7. Would you guys ever take a contestant doing the opposite of trying to lose weight? Like say someone who is extremely under weight and wants to get up to a healthy weight?

  8. Recent mom to twin boy n girl with a 2 year old boy n 3 1/2 year old girl already at home . I’m a stay-at-home mom, as you know never a dull spare moment. Trying to get back into an exercise routine, how do I find the time? 2006 I did a fitness competition, best shape of my life and since then I’ve gone from 115lbs and currently at 158lbs. How do I stay with it and not allow life to get in the way?

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