Holiday Gift Guide // Stocking Stuffer Giveaway

Update: We have our winners! Chris’ stocking: @seewhatiwant, mine: @friend_fam_fit, Cash’s: @fattofit954, and Ruby’s: @littlemisssunshine0717. I’ve left you a comment on IG, so go check it now! And thank you so much to all of you who entered! 🙂

Alright guys, Christmas is a week away, and if you’re anything like I (usually) am, you’re doing a last-minute mad dash to the stores to stock up on gifts about now. In a rare Christmas miracle though, I was able to make my list and check it twice a little early this year?thank you, online shopping?and I MUST share!?I’ll be sharing in more ways than one…I’m sharing exactly what I’ve bought AND I’m literally sharing by?giving away?the stocking stuffers I bought! Yup, that’s right…?4 stockings = 4 winners! It’s def one of the biggest giveaways yet, and one of the most exciting since it’s my fave time of year!?Check out the video for a look inside of our stockings and for more details on how to win the Stocking Stuffer Giveaway! Deets to enter are also at the bottom of the post…

Couldn’t catch the video? No big deal! I’ve got the full list of items, all linked and ready to go, below:


Chris’ Stocking

Reebok Hat
Speed Rope
Rock Tape
Quest Bars
C4 Pre-Workout
Extreme Transformation

My Stocking

Tribe Affirmation Bracelets
Reebok Beanie Tank
Reebok Printed Leggings
Ankle Band
Extreme Transformation
Resistance Bands
MAC Lipgloss

Matix’s or Cash’s Stocking

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School
Book Light
Topps Baseball Trading Cards
Hot Wheels Cars

Marley’s or Ruby’s Stocking

Wet Brush
Sofia the First Infant Reebok Shoes (or similar)
EOS Chapstick
Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer
Sally Hansen Nail Polish

How to enter the giveaway:

  1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel here.
  2. Head to Instagram and tag 3 friends that would love one of these amazing stockings, then tell me which stocking you’d like to win (Chris’, Heidi’s, Cash’s, or Ruby’s)!
  3. You have until midnight tonight, December 18th, to enter, and 4 winners will be randomly chosen and announced right back here tomorrow, Saturday, December 19th.

Good luck, and happy holidays!



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23 Responses

  1. Your family is so inspiring! I love following along on your adventures and soaking up all of the knowledge that you have to share. Thank you for being you and making a difference in this world!

    I followed your YouTube channel and tagged 3 people on Instagram! I would love to win Heidi’s stocking ? They are all so amazing! Happy holidays to your family! ??

  2. Subscribed on youtube and tagged 3 friends on instagram. Would love Heidi’s stocking. Everything in the stocking woulf be awesome to try!

  3. I subscribed to your youtube channel and tagged 3 people on your Instagram also. I hope to win Heidi’s stocking!!!!! you guys are so awesome.

  4. I joined your YouTube following. We do not do social media at our house so I could not do the Instagram part. If I can still enter I would love Heidi’s stocking. Have a Blessed Merry Christmas.

  5. GOOD EVENING Heidi!!! I tried out for Extreme Weight Loss & Biggest Losers this year. I actually made a call back with my teammate on the BL17. We didn’t make it through. BUT…That didn’t stop me. I’m embarrassed to say I was 278, that was just September 2015. I’m now 239. I won’t lie it’s been extremely hard,especially with the holidays back to back. I’m doing the best I can. If you guys do another season, and I don’t finish losing my weight. I will try out for you guys. I need help. I’ve got SO many obstacles. My husband, he’s a sweetheart, but he is always bringing home candy… He does try. I need a partner to help push me. I wanna keep saving lives. I’m a volunteer firefighter. I love helping others. But right now, I’m dialing 911 and asking for help. Keep sending me the encouragements please! Thank you. Sincerely, From Southwest Louisiana, Lori Marie ((Hugs))

    1. Hi Lori Marie: Congrats on all those pounds you’ve lost — that’s awesome! You might find some things you can add to what you’re already doing in this post: Keep doing what you’ve been doing, and you got this!

  6. I would LOVE TO WIN Matix stocking for my son. He would be so excited. Thank you for all that you do! Y’all are the best. Merry Christmas!

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