The Glute Goddess’ “Best Booty On the Block” Workout

If you watched my “What NOT to Do at the Gym” video a few weeks ago, you may have noticed my sweet husband believes my butt obsession has gotten a little out of control. But after living over 30 years without a hiney, I can?t help but check the mirror every now and then to make sure it?s still there! But really, I’ve spent nearly my entire adult life chasing after what I thought was an impossible dream?achieving a more womanly and curvy body with shapelier buns!!! I had nearly resigned myself to the idea that maybe a nice backside just wasn’t in the cards for me…until I met THE woman herself…the GLUTE GODDESS (I call her)…Deborah Goodman.

Deborah 2

This mother of 6 (YES, SIX! With one set of twins!!), IFBB Bikini Pro, and contest prep coach at Pro Physiques? went from scrawny and skinny, to strong and sexy. I am lucky to have crossed paths with this gorgeous mama, as she is the one that kick-started my own booty transformation.

Deborah Collage

Her simple, yet effective, moves are easy enough for a beginner…but can be tough enough for even me…as you’ll notice in the vid. Best part of it all?? All you need is a sidewalk curb and a resistance band!!! FOR REAL. All of this can be done in the comfort of your own front yard while your kiddos play. Check out the video to my booty inspo + to see the full workout to help you get the best booty on the block!

If you can?t view the video but would like to get in on the booty-building action, here are the simple at-home moves she included in her workout:

  1. Walking Lunges: Self explanatory. Nice and easy walking lunges up and down the street! I aim for 20-30 lunges up, then 20-30 lunges on your way back.
  2. Side Hops: I am NOT so graceful with these. Simply squat, then frog jump up and to the side. Do this all the way up the street facing your house, then all the way down your street…still facing the house (to work the glutes evenly).
  3. Princess Lunges: Off of the curb (or for beginners, do not use curb), keeping your weight in your heel, lunge backward and to the left with your right foot. Kiss your knee to the ground, then stand up. Switch sides.
  4. Banded Squat Walks: These are amazing and I literally do these 3 times a week. LOVE them. Place a resistance band around your knees or your ankles. Squat down, placing weight in your heels, activating your glutes. Side step up and down the street, staying as low as possible. Deborah recommends using a resistance band, but if you don?t have one or feel like the band is too difficult, you can go without… just make sure and keep your heart rate up and feel the burn!
  5. Reverse Lunges: Similar to the princess lunge, but lunge STRAIGHT backward instead of to the side.

Do this workout once a week to begin, working up to 3 times a week. It’s important to make sure you skip a day between doing this workout to give your booty time to rest, recover, and build. Now get to work!!!



Connect with Deborah Goodman on Instagram: @deborahgoodman80

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