I am (not) a Pinterest Mom

Every school year it?s the same story. In addition to being bogged down by endless school supply lists, back-to-school shopping, an exhausting re-boot of schedules, and extracurricular activities that won?t quit, comes the heavy burden of mom guilt. It sneaks up each fall and hits with enough earth-shattering force to send me weeping in bed all day with only my beloved Marshmallow Dream Bar to lend me comfort.

Why, oh why, does it seem like every other mom has hours to spend hand-carving bananas to look like dolphins for snack time and plenty of spare time to create insanely thoughtful teacher gifts with clever captions and perfectly-placed glitter? How is it possible that I?m the only mom that isn?t available for reading time every day, volunteer opportunities weekly, or organizing every over-the-top classroom holiday party? I can?t really be the only one checking the ?available to donate? box on the first day of school, so why does it feel like that?

It seems as if the community I live in is ruled by stay-at-home-moms. Working moms appear to be a rarity, and because of this, I am in constant battle with unnecessary feelings of inadequacies that what I am is not enough. Truly, I wish I was the type of mom who had the time to hand write notes in every lunch, or cut sandwiches to look like characters?but I don?t and likely never will. I have come to accept that I will never be a “Pinterest mom.” So this year, instead of feeling embarrassed and ashamed of the type of mom I am NOT, I am going to embrace and celebrate the Perfectly Imperfect mom I AM.

Maybe you are the perfect mom, and this blog doesn?t resonate with you one bit?but for those moms out there that do feel my thoughts of endless guilt to the core, please (I beg you) join me in my effort to NOT get caught up in the Stepford Wife mentality and give yourself permission to be the best mom you can be, whatever this may look like depending on your own individual circumstances. For some of us, that?s over the top craftiness and beautiful homemade lunches. For others, it’s barely having enough time to check over homework at the end of the night and setting out $2.50 on the counter for a school bought lunch. And guys? that?s okay! We are all Perfectly Imperfect, and MORE than enough. What is MOST important is that we are giving our all to ourselves and our families, and that we have good intentions in doing so.

This year, slap on your Perfectly Imperfect shirt, and proudly be who you are. Stay-at-home-mom, working mom, work from home mom, or anything in between. BE YOU. Be the best mom you can be and do NOT be sorry about it. We all have our faults, our small weaknesses, our downfalls, and I promise, no matter how put together and ?perfect? the woman next to you looks, she is looking back at you with the same feelings of insecurity. I assure you if you rush out of the door with last night?s makeup on in an effort to get your kids to school on time, or fail to prepare the cutest back-to-school craft, your children will still love you, and they will still be the smart, amazing kiddos you?ve raised them to be?Pinterest mom or not. So wear that Perfectly Imperfect tee loud and proud and be willing to say, ?I am the best mom I know how to be and THAT is enough.?

Now for the proof pictures that I am, indeed, no Pinterest mom (ha!). First up?Matix and Marley being dropped off for the first day of school?with Cash barefoot in his PJs. Not just any PJs?but mismatched PJs.


Now let?s take a little closer look at how Matix is dressed. Note that he is not matching, nor did I even attempt that fight at 6am. Not worth it. And no?I did NOT school shop for new clothes last year. We ran out of time, and my wallet didn?t think it was necessary.


Yes, Matix. Your parents do have an awesome son, with awesome style (according to you).

Last but not least?here is me. Wearing a workout outfit to the first day of school that YOU KNOW was not worked out in yet that day, but instead was the first thing I could grab to throw on as I rolled out of bed. I?m sure my twinsie friend was going through the same thing, whether she wants to admit it or not. 😉


I. Am. Perfectly Imperfect. It?s okay for you to be too. Join the movement, and get your shirt at Cents of Style by clicking HERE.




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  1. Heidi, You do such an amazing job balancing your life and being a great mom! You are such a great example to your children and are teaching them great values. I love your message of being “perfectly imperfect” and i wish more people would take it to heart. My wife and I love seeing your posts. They are so motivating and real! I remember when I met you more than 6 years ago now. It’s amazing where life has taken you since then.

  2. Love “perfectly imperfect!” It is a positive twist on something I say frequently. Pinterest and FB can be intimidating when all you see is the “highlight reel” of someone’s life. I love your candor; it reminds me a bit of Bad Moms!

  3. First, you sound like “Old Christine” (hehehehee), she seemed to be the only working mom at her son’s school, also. Second, the lady walking behind you and your “twinsy” has pajama bottoms on!!! So don’t fret!!! You are one of a catrillion moms out there, doin’ the best you could with what you got. Live it and love it!!!

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