Olympian Couch Potato Workout: Rio Edition

It?s my favorite time of the year! Well, favorite time of every four years?it?s time for the summer Olympics! Is there anything better?! Nope?I think not. Not on TV, at least. Every four years, the inner gymnast (or maybe child?) in me comes out, and I will randomly break out into back handsprings or handstand walks on the pavement, barefoot. Don?t believe me? Watch HERE. And yes, my husband thinks I am one of the kids. Now let?s hope these skills still exist in another 4 years!

Clearly, the games have me in a good mood, and they have me wanting YOU to be a kid too!! Hold on to your hats, ladies and gents, because this week, for the first time ever, I?m not only okay with you watching TV, but I am encouraging you to turn on that TV and plop yourself right in front of it. You heard me, it?s time to be a Couch Potato! Don?t get too comfy though, I?m about to hit you with a Couch Potato Workout that?ll have you channeling your inner kid and feeling like an Olympian in world record breaking time. Speaking of kids?invite your own to join in. My kids like to play this game more than anything. They get to watch their favorite athletes AND be athletes themselves!


Looks like Cash man has decided to commentate instead of participate….


Back to the workout…don?t be fooled?it may sound simple, but the fact of the matter is that your muscles’ fate is in the hands of the commentator. Stick with me, and you?ll see what I mean?

Here?s how you play: First, sit on your couch and grab the remote (it gets harder?don?t get too excited yet). Second, turn the channel to the Olympics (as if you weren?t already watching them). Third, turn on your best kid “listening ears” and listen for these keywords: USA, Rio, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Every time you hear one of these keywords, get your cute little booty UP off the couch and move! Here?s the breakdown:

When the commentator says, ?USA?
Do 5 air squats

When the commentator says, ?Rio?
Do 5 burpees

When the commentator says, ?Gold?
Do 5 push ups

When the commentator says, ?Silver?
Do 5 jumping jacks

When the commentator says, ?Bronze?
Do 5 sit ups

Sounds easy enough, but just wait until these reps add up! Your muscles will be burning, and the inner champ in you will be cheering, “Go get ’em, tiger!!” Report back, please!!!!




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3 Responses

  1. I came to you and your husband with a real serious problem and never received a response back that hurts I am at the point of life or death I need your all’s help now and not later!!!!!

    1. Hi Clesta: I’m so sorry about this, but you have to understand that Chris and Heidi truly would love to help everyone, and they try and answer as many social media replies as they can, but since they receive literally hundreds of responses to each post, that is nearly impossible. If you’d like to share your story here, I’d be happy to do my best to help you find the answers you need.

  2. Loved this! My husband and I were watching together tonight after we both indulged in a cup each (he may have had two, but I stuck to my limits.) of boom chicka pow popcorn, and I was reading your blog during a commercial, I made him get his cute little booty up after I read this allowed and we participated in your workout! Our little was in bed, or else she would have found it very fun! I love these little themed ideas you have and share with us! It brings out my inner child and makes me feel so good doing them!
    You & Chris are such inspiration Heidi, you don’t know it, but your a big part of my daily routine and I can’t thank you enough for letting me know that being a mom and a fitness fan is more fun then anything 🙂

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