You can do anything but not everything.

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I posted this simple quote on social media last week, and the response was so overwhelming as it seemed to strike a chord with many. I am reposting here for a little Sunday inspo. 🙂

A harsh reality that isn’t always easy to accept…especially when we see others on Instagram “doing it all” and handling everything with ease, almost Wonder Woman-esque. Oftentimes, we are left questioning ourselves, feeling completely inadequate, and wondering why WE aren’t capable of the same?

I’ve got to admit, I have quite a bit of guilt around this topic. More times than I feel worthy of I’ve been deemed Wonder Woman, the jack of all trades, or even #MomGoals by my social media following. BUT HERE IS THE TRUTH…I. Am. Not. No man (or woman) is an island. I do not do it alone. What I have created, the family I have raised, and any successes you have seen me accomplish are the product of more people than you could ever imagine. They say it takes a village…and it truly does. Behind every blog post, every product launch, every video, every competition, and every family member is an incredibly wonderful ARMY of people. Not just ordinary people, but people who work tirelessly…giving blood, sweat, tears, and so much passion to our mission.

So yes, I CAN do anything. But only with them by my side can I do EVERYTHING.

My friends, help is so hard to ask for and support is even harder to accept. But these things are critical to becoming the best possible version of ourselves. You cannot do it alone, and if you think you can, you are wrong. If there is one bit of advice I can give you is to drop the ego! You know, the one that is scared to let anyone know you don’t have your crap together as perfectly as you act like you do. Once you ditch that and accept the help that is just waiting for you, I can assure you the world will be your oyster and you will soar higher than you ever thought imaginable. #WatchOutWorld #GetReadyToFly #SkyIsTheLimit #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork



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18 Responses

  1. This message touched my soul. As an army wife, mom of 4 and autism mom….I?ve realized I can?t do everything. I was so use to doing everything myself that I wouldn?t let my family help me. There came a time that I didn?t have a choice but let them help.
    I had lost upper extremity strength; couldn?t brush my hair, teeth, feed myself…let alone carry my baby (now 2). I had spinal surgery 2 months after giving birth to #4 and that?s when I had no choice but to let them help. It wasn?t so bad. ??
    It?s been a road to recovery but everyday is a new day. I do what I can. ??
    IG- aixalinnette

  2. This is it! The article that’s really helped me focus on my own mental health! I’m a mom to an *almost* 1 year old little girl. I’ve always struggled with my weight until I found I was pregnant – my life changed. Working out and eating right was so easy – (I was also puking all day everyday from week 6 to the day I had her) so good food was the most important thing for me. I had Rylee in May and we had a hard summer for my family, I was hit pretty hard with post partum depression late summer early fall and while I’m still barely getting a grasp of the mom life. I’ve realized I can’t do everything by myself or for myself like I used to do (and I did it so well). Reading this post was not only helped me refocus but it’s helped me figure out HOW to ask for help. Because let’s be honest… waiting until you’re at a breaking point and then losing your cool doesn’t quite work. Thanks so much Heidi and Chris for all that you do – for everyone! [email protected]

    1. Hi Callee: Congratulations! You’re our winner! I sent you an email to the email address associated with your comment, so please take a look at it and get back to me so we can get your bands on their way to you ASAP. You’re going to love them – hope to hear from you soon!

  3. Hi Heidi and Chris,

    I really really hope you get to read this. I am commenting on this article because yes, it stroke a chord with me too, but I wanted to share something with you both.

    Four years ago I moved from Spain to Scotland to study an undergraduate degree in psychology, which has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I had never ever been a sporty person AT ALL but I could see the university gym out of my student accommodation flat and I started to work out and wow – for someone who has NEVER loved their body, and struggled with eating disorders, I couldn?t believe the impact working out had on my life and my confidence. I then also went through a tough breakup and realised I was using exercise to help me manage and it was incredible, I just felt so much better than I thought I ever would. This lead me to start YouTubing things related to exercise and that?s how I came across the Extreme Weight Loss show.

    All I can say is it changed my life – watching you both work so closely with people who needed ongoing support throughout their weight loss journey made me think ?What if I could do that but as a psychologist?? And googled ?sport exercise psychology?, only to find out this was an actual field of specialisation.

    Ever since, my drive to become an exercise psychologist helped me push through my undergraduate degree, and I graduated this June as the top student of my year. And on Tuesday I submitted an application to enrol in the Master?s course to become a sport and exercise psychologist and I have just received an offer for the best sport-science university in the UK.

    Therefore, although it may seem irrelevant to you, I just wanted to say a massive thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your show allowed me to find what my true passion was, and gave me the perseverance to work as hard as I could at university and outside of it – and now, I have confirmation that I will be taking the first few steps towards my dream career next year.

    Thank you for being so inspiring and for doing what you do, working with others, helping them realise their full potential through physical activity.

    Yours sincerely,


    1. Hi Clara: Congratulations!!! This is amazing!!! We have no doubt that you will change lives through your passion to help others – keep us updated on your progress!

  4. This is so true! I feel so guilty sometimes about feeling like I can?t do it all, but it?s nice to be reminded that I can do tons with the help of my village.

  5. I love this. Being a working mom is so hard and my biggest critic is myself. I always feel that I could have done something more. In this current world too mom judging is at its worst. This article was refreshing and reassuring. Thank you!

  6. I loved reading this post. I am also a mom of 4 and a bit of a perfectionist. I have a hard time giving up control sometimes. I am however, lucky to have a great support system. Life can get exhausting and sometimes you just have to let go and let someone else take the wheel for a minute.

  7. Heidi- i love all of your blog posts but I have to say- this one hit my heart. I’ve always been hard headed and people have always had this perception of me always succeeding and living such a great, happy, day I say, “perfect” life. Well- it gets exhausting trying to keep up other people’s perceptions of me! I spent the first 30 years of my life working so hard to fit in to other people’s perceptions – to belong to and with other people- that I stopped belonging to myself. I think I hit the wall when my mom died (of a long illness) and my dad died 3 mos to the day of my mom- from what should have been outpatient surgery.. and then 1 year later- less than 2 mos after being diagnosed with cancer- my brother- only in his early 40’s- died. I lost my family.. yes- I had a family- my husband, my kids.. but —I lost my family– and I lost myself. I couldn’t get out of bed, I couldn’t do what I loved which was being with my kids and husband and of course- working out… and during his time – I also panicked bc – here I was being human- being what I thought in my mind – was a failure- I no longer belonged to anyone else- this was me and me alone… but I came out of it all- With the love, patience and support of my husband and children. I learned that it is not only ok to lean on those you care for but it’s OK to let them know you need them.. and I finally realized I don’t have to belong to everyone but it sure feels amazing to belong to myself- make no excuses and have a family and close friends love me for that! Thank you so much for this blog post, Heidi.. soemthing I will always need to be reminded of! Xoxo

  8. Sometimes taking a moment to realize you can?t do everything, and for that fact, if you are doing everything you?re probably not doing it very well. Sometimes doing less IS doing more. I always joke that I can?t be a great mom and a great teacher at the same time (1st grade teacher?). It took me a few years to be ok with this. Now that I have accepted this, I feel as though I am a much better Mom and teacher!

  9. When Charlie was alive and ill. I had to learn to do a lot of things but then it became over whelming so I learned I can’t do everything. After a few years and breaking into pieces I had to sit and just ‘be’. Holding Charlie’s hand and letting the day go by and learning to let others help and support me. Finding the important things in life are important. Sitting and holding hands because there were no words and it comforted charlie.
    You can do anything but not everything without the help of others life is impossible most days. It takes a tribe ??

  10. I love hat you are so brutally honest and don?t put on a ?show? for the world. It makes the average woman (like me) feel better and relax more! It makes me realize that I?m not alone in my feeling of trying to be everything for everyone…and we just can?t do that without sacrificing ourselves in the process. Thank you for being so honest and an amazing role model for women! This is a great message for anyone!! ??

  11. I LOVE this quote! People tell me that I can?t say no. I have a tendency to spread myself too thin. This quote reminded me that I can do anything but not everything. Thank you for the reminder!

  12. this is very much recognisable 🙂
    I am a Flemish girl of 40 years old, mum of 2, husband with own business and I have struggled for a very, very long time to believe that I am ok as I am => not perfect but still more than okay.

    by reading this things I realise that I’m really not the only one struggling with this

    so as I read this, it is true: one cann’t possibly do everyhing all alone …

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